How To Give a Validation In Prompt(OBIEE Answers)

I ahve the promt like
Name----------------<text box> Go
if i enter the name then the prompt will effect on the data.
if i didn't enter tha data in name textbox it should dispaly a meassge like:please enter a valid name:
here name comling from backend database to obiee answers
can u please tell me how to sort out this-----------------

Check this MOS note:
OA Framework Personalization and Extensibility Guide: Version 5.7+ (Doc ID 236618.1)

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  • Hi gurur's how we  give the validations to the table

    hi gurur's how we  give the validations to the table. plz help me

    Hi Sri...
    Please clarify your requirement.
    If you want to put some validation in a Z table,you can put your code in Table Maintenance Genereators Events.
    Go to SE11 --> Utilities --> Table Maintenance Generator --> Environment -->Modification --> Event
    Choose the Event and Put your code in corresponding routine.
    Hope this help.
    Piyush Mathur
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  • How to display a horizontal table in OBIEE Answers?

    Hi All,
    In one of my Client's report the table was aligned in Horizontal manner. I tried all the options in OBIEE Answers and found no option to convert the vertical table to horizontal table in OBIEE Answers. Is there any way to convert the vertical table to horizontal table. If so, please tell me in a step wise manner as i am new to OBIEE Answers it will be easy for me to create my report.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Hi Deva,
    As you said, I tried creating my table in Pivot view. But the only the measure columns are only retrieving values if the column is a CHARACTER column then no value is retrieved. In that column's aggregation rule only the first and last options are working. What to do to retrieve the values of a character column if it is placed in measure section of pivot table.
    Thanks in Advance

  • How to give dropdownlist validation using javascript

    I have a sharepoint list, In that list i have a dropdown field,in that field i have values <--select-->,ram, raj like this, when user selected the <--select--> value and then click on savs button, it has to show the validation message like user
    need to select the value like that,using javascript or jquery i need to validate that.

    Hi ,
    add the following code in by  editing page.
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function () {
    var value = $("select[title='dropdown column name'] option:selected").text();
    return false;
    Rajendra Singh
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  • How to give valid period for tcodes

    Hi all,
             i have a question how to give a valid period for tcodes.

    You can't.
    You can set validity dates for roles - you do this in the roles section of the user master record
    If you need a t-code to be locked for <b>everyone</b> for certain periods then you can look into a custom prog that uses tx SM01, though it usually is not a worthwhile control to mitigate the particular risk.

  • OBIEE 11g How to pass variable from one prompt to another prompt in dashboard page.

      How to pass variable from one prompt to another prompt in dashboard page.
    I have two prompt in dashboard page as below.
    prompt: values(Accounting, Operational) Note: values stored as
    presentation variable and they are not coming from table.
    Date prompt values (Account_date, Operation_date)
    Note:values are coming from dim_date table.  
    Now the task is When user select First
    Prompt value  “Accounting” Then in the
    second prompt should display only Accounting_dates , if user select “operational”
    and it should display only operation_dates in second prompt.
    In order to solve this issue I made the
    first prompt “Reporttype” values(Accounting, Operational) as presentation
    values (custom specific values) and default presentation value is accounting.
    In second prompt Date are coming from
    dim_date table and I selected Sql results as shown below.
    SELECT case when '@{Reporttype}'='Accounting'
    then "Dates (Receipts)"."Acct Year"
    else "Dates (Receipts)"."Ops
    Year"  End  FROM "Receipts"
    Issue: Presentation variable value is not
    changing in sql when user select “operation” and second prompt always shows
    acct year in second prompt.
    For testing pupose I kept this presentation
    variable in text object of dashboard and values are changing there, but not in
    second prompt sql.
    Please suggest the solution.

    You will want to use the MoveClipLoader class (using its loadClip() and addListener() methods) rather than loadMovie so that you can wait for the file to load before you try to access anything in it.  You can create an empty movieclip to load the swf into, and in that way the loaded file can be targeted using the empty movieclip instance name.

  • Concatenated Prompts in OBIEE answers

    Hello All,
    Can we have Concatenated OBIEE Prompts in Answers(Not in Dashboard)
    ex: Vendor_Number || Vendor_Name..
    it has to be displayed in this way when the user runs the request. either can go into the DB to process the request. This is something like Lookups in the Oracle EBS we have Value -- Description
    Can we achieve this in OBIEE if so How?
    Please help me.. thanx in advance.....

    Could you explain more clearly what your aim is here, is this a saved query to which users have access through Answers? If so why is prompting necessary when they will have access to the query criteria.
    You can concatenate the columns in the column formula, a filter on that coulmn would then require the value entered to be a valid concatenation of the two columns.
    It seems like an odd thing to do in Answers though, rather than a dashboard.

  • How can I  custom my date  in OBIEE.

    How can I custom my date in OBIEE.I want to see date in my user friendly format for Date Format MM/DD/YYYY to filter with
    leading zero(number) eg (01.21.2008) and not M/D/YYYY (1.21.2008) that i am seeing.I would appreciate it if you could give me a step by step process on how to do it in RPD.I know how to change the data format in my column propeties since i have more that 5000 columns that need changed.I am looking for a localised area
    that can take care of business.

    Edit the following parameters in OracleBI\web\config\localedefinitions.xml
    - Search for the locale that you want to customize by looking for the tag *<localeDefinition name="en">*
    - Customize the following tags as you require
    <property name="dateShortFormat">MM/DD/YYYY</property>
    <property name="dateLongFormat">dddd, MMMM dd, yyyy</property>
    - Restart the presentation server

  • How to use the validation work in Both TAB and Mouse keys in Forms6i

    I have a validation script once it's validated it should execute the query.But using When-Validate-Item i can't use execute_query.I am able to use the validation in Key-Next-Item trigger but if the user moves the cursor using mouse then it's not working.
    How to use the validation script working in Both Scenarios(Tab and Mouse keys).
    Can anyone please give inputs to rectify the above issue?.

    So you have multiple fields, but on at least one of them if it's valid you immediately want to execute the query?
    You could create a hidden field in a control block Query_Now default 'N'. In a WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM on your item, if it's determined to be valid, then set Query_Now to 'Y'.
    In a WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE at block level, check if Query_Now is 'Y'. If it is then execute the query (and set it back to 'N').

  • How to use the validation.xml in struts validation?

    Can any one please help me, how to use the validation.xml in struts validation? possible please give me simple example.
    Edited by: SathishkumarAyyavoo on Jan 31, 2009 12:03 PM

    These 2 are the good articles for the beginners to do validation things in Struts. you can follow any one of them.
    1. []
    2. []
    All the best.

  • Switch Section in a dashboard based on the selection of Prompts (OBIEE 10G)

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement : I have to switch Section in a dashboard based on the selection of Prompts (OBIEE 10G).
    Lets say I have 1 report in section1 and another report in section2 of a dashboard. I have a dashboard prompt,now say when the user does not select any value in a prompt I have to show section1 and when he selects values in a prompt then I have to show section2 of the dashboard. I tries this using Guided Navigation Link and presentation variable but there is a limitation that I have to select only one value in the prompt as i have created presentation variable.
    But the client wants the prompt as Multi Select. in this case I can 't use the presentation variable.
    How can I fulfil this requirement.Please let me know.

    How you create your multiselect prompt? Is it based on a column? Using multiselect prompt you'll get an issue in this case. The prompt behavior with choosing all values and choosing nothing is equivalent. But your requirement has different behavior lines.

  • In BSP how to give the input field as mandatory?

    Hi friends,
    In BSP how to give the input field as mandatory?
    In BSP i want to validate the input field (example checking the material no is valid or not)
    if this material no doesnot exit means i want to pass error message.What is the code for that.

    try this
    in LAYOUT
    <htmlb:inputField id = "vname"  disabled = "False" value = "<%= v_visitor %>"/> <font color="red" size="2"><b><%= page->messages->assert_message( 'vname' ) %></b></font></td>
    in oninputprocessing
      event = CL_HTMLB_MANAGER=>get_event( runtime->server->request ).
      IF event->name = 'button' AND event->event_type = 'click'.
        button_event ?= event.
        case event->id.
            when 'select'.
               if v_visitor = ''.
                 condition = 'vname'
                 message   = 'Visitor Name can not be blank'
                 severity  = page->messages->CO_SEVERITY_ERROR ).
                    here u can write ur when ur field getting filled
    give marks if it is helpful

  • How to create a validation for the project coding mask

    Would just like to ask how to create a validation for the project coding mask wherein the WBS elements hierarchy will be checked against the template saved. For example,
    project coding mask is XXXX-XXXXX-XX-X-X-X-00-X
    mother WBS should be XXXX-XXXXX-X and lower level WBS would be XXXX-XXXXX-XX.
    The validation should not allow a mother WBS to be XXXX-XXXXX-XX.
    How can we go about this?

    Hi Jacquiline Bersamin,
    You can use validation with the combination of the level and the coding mask.
    In the validation:
    Pre requisite: WBS level = 1
    Validation: Prps-posid = prps-posid :1-12:
    Message : Error
    If required you can give the parameters for your detail error message.
    Please let me know if this does not work.
    Srinivasan Desingh

  • How to use the validations and exceptions  in BPEL

    How to use the validations and exceptions in BPEL.
    pls provide one sample example to give the exceptions and validations in BPEL

    For example you can create a simple BPEL Process and you can throw an error during running process. If input data is not valid and format is not correct you can throw error using throw activity and using catch activity you can catch particular error. The catch-all will handle all the error occurred with the scope.
    you can also refer faulthandling section in the link for more information related to exception handling.

  • How to display Date Calendar in Oracle BI Answers Prompts (parameter)

    I'm still new to OBIEE.
    How to display Date Calendar in Oracle BI Answers Prompts (parameter)?

    While creating Dash Board prompt choose the control to 'Calendar'.
    I think it is not possible to provide 'Calendar' control using Prompts tab while creating request.
    It is possible to write Java Script for a Column of data type 'char'. So, cast the date data type to char.
    Go to: Column Properties --> Data Format
    Choose override default data format to view the available options in the drop down list.
    I would be very happy if anybody acknowledge me that I am wrong.

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