How to go about capacity planning for storage ?

Hi Experts,
How to go about Capacity Planning? For  instance if clients wants to upgrade to new server and new storage and asks us how much additional storage do you need for next 5 years, how can calculate the amount of storage.
I don't have any baseline info about the server of past years. Where can I start and any scripts you guys use for doing capacity planning?
Appreciate your help.
Thank you.

Please see this link:
SQLAuthority News – Storage and SQL Server Capacity Planning and configuration...
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  • Capacity Planning for Workflow Manager

    Some information is available regarding highly available Workflow Manager implementations but I cannot find any information regarding when or how you should perform capacity planning for the workflow manager.
    A few questions are jumping out at me.
    When would we want/need a dedicated Workflow Manager server? (I can understand if this was shared between multiple farms this may be a benefit but what about from a pure capacity perspective).
    Are there any case studies or documentation that we can use as a baseline estimation for capacity for the workflow manager?
    Generally speaking for a small/medium farm deployment is it expected that this service also run on the application server?
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    That would really depend on what kind of workflows are being run and the traffic being generated by the users. If you have long and complex workflows, you will need multiple nodes in the farm to handle.
    Our tests with very simple workflows on a 16-core 16GB machine with SQL Server on a diff machine showed that it could handle 400 incoming messages per second and 65 workflow executed per second. Now if you have complex workflows, it may slow down further.
    If you have one msg per user per second - it may mean 400 users handled per second. But I wouldn't make that conclusion - u must test your farms against your scale needs and accordingly plan your farm capacity
    Hope this helps
    Ravi Sekhar

  • Capacity planning for DB, pctfree pctuser

    What is segment, pctfree, pctused ? want to clear my concepts...
    Secondly how we can do capacity planning for Database growth?

    The simplest and most accurate approach is
    - Create the schema
    - Load it with a representative amount of data (i.e. 1-2% of the expected data volume)
    - Measure the amount of disk required
    - Multiply by an appropriate factor to determine the eventual size
    You can also do back of the envelope calculations, taking the average row size of your larger tables, multiplying by the expected number of rows, then adding an appropriate multiplier. Probably in the neighborhood of 2 to account for indexes, empty space in the table, etc., but this is very application specific.

  • Capacity Planning for Hyper-V individual host and Cluster

    Hi Experts
    I need to know some basic idea about Capacity planning for Hyper-V which requires Capacity Planning for Hyper-V individual host and Cluster.
    I got attached info on websites but still not clear. Can someone link me to an effective website or help me to calculate the required sizing. W
    Regards Suman B. Singh

    You might want to check out these websites:

  • Can anybody give me the formula for Database capacity planning for 10gR2?

    Hi ,
    I want to learn how to make database capacity planning for production in 10gR2. Here i need any formula to plan the capacity.
    Can anybody help me?

    There is no perfect world. There is no perfect application. If I am permitted to say, there is no perfect CAPACITY PLANNING. In this world, we strive hard to achieve near PERFECTION
    so ther is no particular formula to plan capacity planning.
    or post your rquirements for the DB and wait for some reply

  • Constraint capacity planning for Un-Routed items in ASCP

    Hi All,
    Is there any possibility to create constraint capacity planning for items which do not have routings in ASCP?
    I tried by setting Bill of Resources (BOR) in Aggregatin tabbed region in Plan option. But i could not get an expected result. Kindly help me out in this.
    Murlai R
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    Dear ,
    To answer the question for Capacity requirement planning on sales order I would say that MRP does  only materials planning based on demand and reciept  but never does Capacity Requirement Plannig .MRP generates Planned Order  and susequently , production order can be genreted and farther you can carry out capacity requirement planning based on the work cente available capacity , requirement and load for those MTO orders .
    But there are SAP business suit like APO-SNP APO PPDS which carriy our details scheduleing and caapcity check based on the demand situation : Sales Order ,Independent Order  and does capcaity vaialbality chek for those demands while planning .
    Now , here is the answer of your question :
    1) Can Capacities are Scheduled as per priority given in SO automatically. : Not possible  through  SAP MRP but in APO-PPDS, APO-SNP-CTM , Herustic model .
    2) Can revised availability dates will be reflected in SO. : It can be reflected as per the ATP chekc , Replishmenet Lead  Time and re-scheduling horizon maintained in OPPQ-Carry all overall plant parametres.
    3) Which reports will be useful for understanding consolidated availability date of material for given sales order/s. : You can check through MD04/MD05 or in sales order -Availaibility check -Schedule Line -Availaibility date .
    Hope your are clear about the requirememt .
    Edited by: Jiaul Haque on Jun 5, 2010 1:59 PM
    Edited by: Jiaul Haque on Jun 5, 2010 1:59 PM

  • Capacity Planning for workcentre  employees

    I need to do the planning for my capacities on SAP MRS board but before that I need to understand the capacity planning like Capacitive planning, abstract planning etc. or in other words like if someone can explain the step by step how to do the capacity planning, explaining all this will be a great help.

    Available Capacity:
    Capacities is driven from the work centre settings in the Capacities tab (specifically the button at the bottom of this tab). These values determine the length of the working day, breaks, number of workers and efficiency - resulting in the daily amount of hours available at the work centre.
    Capacity Usage:
    Order operations are then created and loaded with work centre and hours, and dependent upon the operation control key settings, will then start to "consume" some of the above daily capacity.
    Here is a comprehensive PDF document on the subject
    Hope this helps..

  • Capacity Planning for OBIEE

    I am looking for some information on how to do capacity planning for obiee imlpementation. Any pointers would be much appreciated.

    Check out this document:

  • Step by step on how to create organizational structure(plan) for workflow?

    Hi Experts,
    Can anyone send me a step by step process on how to create organizational structure(plan) for workflow?
    Thanks a lot in advance.

    You can use the following accessible transactions to process your organizational plan:
    Transaction     Name of Transaction
    PPO5                     Change Attributes
    PPO6                     Display Attributes
    PPOCE                      Create Organization and Staffing
    PPOCW                      Create Organization and Staffing (WF)
    PPOME                     Change Organization and Staffing
    PPOMW                     Change Organization and Staffing (WF)
    PPOSE                      Display Organization and Staffing
    PPOSW                      Display Organization and Staffing (WF)
    PP01                      Maintain Plan Data (Menu)
    PP01_DISP      Display Plan Data (Menu)
    PP03                       Maintain Plan Data (Actions)
    PP03                       Execute Action Directly
    Deepa Kulkarni

  • Capacity Planning for External Procurement Material

    Hi, I have the following requirements.
    MRP Scheduling is getting executed material level (material no, plant) with scheduling type 2 which means lead time scheduling using MD02 Transaction Code. This is works fine for the Inhouse Product. In order to achieve lead time the functional team has maintained the necessary routing/workcenter configs.
    The business needs the same functionality "Capacity requirements calculation" for the external procurement material. Business is willing to maintain routing/workcenter config.
    Currently standard program (MD02) is not considering the Capacity planning for the external Procurement material.
    Could you please suggest is it can be controlled through programming.
    Kindly suggest the function modules for Capacity Planning - materialwise, plantwise.
    Please suggest.

    Hi Giri
        I think the requirement is not mentioned clearly. Capacity is required only if the material is assembled/produced in house.
    Anyway try this. Set the Procurement type to X in the MRP views in material master. You might have to define your custom material type so that it does not force the procurement type to F. Try the feature called "Quota arrangement". The idea is to define the material in such a way that it can be procured externally or produced in house. With quota arrangement you can say what % has to be bought and what % to be produced in house. If it is produced in house then you can have capacity requirements.

  • I've read that Promise Pegasus2 series does not sell replacement parts. I'm buying the new MacPro but am concerned about spending $2K for storage that may break and cannot be fixed. What are others buying for storage for the new MacPro?

    I've read that Promise Pegasus2 R6 thunderbolt 2 series does not sell replacement parts (no replacement parts for any of the Pegasus line). I'm buying the new MacPro but am concerned about spending $2K for storage (12tb version) that may break and cannot be fixed (am told that one must purchase a new unit if a part breaks). What are others buying for storage for the new MacPro? Thanks so much for your help.
    Discussion about this issue at olt-2-raid-array.html

    I've used the original Pegasus R6 units for a couple of years now and have been very pleased with them.  On the two occasions I've had to call on their technical sujpport, I've found them readily available, knowledgeable, and very helpful.  In one case it involved the reset of a unit after a power failure at an inopportune time; in the other case it was a question about upgrading disk drives to higher capacities (1 Gb gto 4 Gb).  I was pleased to learn that their tech support people were in California and as good if not better than upper-tier AppleCare reps. The hardware itself has functioned flawlessly so far.

  • Bandwith Capacity Planning for 100 user SSL VPN Facility

    What are things we should conisde while doing the  bandwidth capacity planning for SSL VPN Facility for 100 users  ?       

    Hi Surya,
    This is not an easy question, since there are so many things to consider that I may miss some of them.
    1- In case you are planning to use an ASA, check this to find the ideal throughput for you:
             Compare Models
    2- What type of traffic? TCP or UDP?
         If TCP
              Make sure you avoid fragmentation, adjust the MSS value if necessary.
         If UDP
              If fragmentation must happen, then set the DF bit to clear to allow it.
    3- Make sure the clients always negotiate DTLS (which is by default).
    As mentioned in the document above:
    "Maximum throughput measured under ideal test conditions.
    VPN throughput and sessions count depend on the ASA device configuration and VPN traffic patterns. These elements should be taken into consideration as part of your capacity planning."
    Please rate any post you find useful.

  • Capacity planning for a 2 million hits / day site

    I am doing a feasibility study for a 2 million hits per day
    e-commerce site.
    We are looking at various vendors but would prefer an
    Oracle solution.
    One option I am looking
    at is a three-tier server architecture with instances of
    Oracle Application server running on one set
    of machines and instances of Oracle 8/8i running on a second
    set of machines.
    Macromedia generated HTML would be auto-translated to PL/SQL
    cartridges to generate the relevant WRBXs.
    Has anyone any experience of the performance issues /
    robustness of this type of large-scale
    In particular, I am looking for some hard numbers / capacity
    planning model on:
    Number of instances of Application Server;
    Number / type of Application Server boxes - SpecInt / Flt and
    Number of instances of RDBMS / parallel Oracle;
    Number / type of RDBMS boxes - SpecInt / Flt and memory; and
    External communications bandwidth.
    Any advice, personal anecdotes, recommended sites, or
    literature references much appreciated.
    Ajit Jaokar

    1. Do cross forest authentication Go through Global Catalog?
    Yes, cross-forest authentication relies on Global Catalogs of both forests.
    2.  Do Global catalogue cache ad object info if they are in different Forest. If not, how does the authentication request flow across the forest?
    GC doesn’t cache information for objects from another forest. However, once a user has been authenticated and authorized, its service ticket remains (on the local machine) for a while before it logs off. The authentication request
    is first received by the local DC, then GC, when GC couldn’t find a match in its own forest, it checks its database for trust information, if there is a name suffix matched, the authentication request is passed to the corresponding forest.
    3. Is this calculation still the same when considering cross forest trusts?
    Yes, establishing forest trust doesn’t consume much more space, because GC doesn’t store information of another forest.
    4. Do we need to consider any other memory requirements in a cross forest trust environment?
    Not really, as I mentioned above.
    More information for you:
    Accessing resources across forests
    Best Regards,

  • Capacity Plan for Partially Confirmed Order

    Hi Guys
    Can any one please guide me on Capacity Planning (CM29) how to:
    1. Plan to plan a partial order. Or in other terms: how to plan a part order in wk1 and rest in wk2
    2. If the process order is partially confirmed, then how should supervisor re-schedule it again for later date!
    3. Ideally what should be followed:
      a. Schedule the Planned Order on CM29 and then Convert them to Process Order , OR
      b. Convert the Planned Order and then Schedule the Process Order on the CM29 screen
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Mehdi,
    Once order status is PCNF you cannot create lot with inspection type as 03. You need to reverse all the confirmations/Goods issue and activate 03 inspection type in material master, maintain MIC related data in routing and do Read Master data. Then system will create inspection lot.
    For 03 inspection type manually inspection lot cannot be created. Once order is released inspection lot will be automatically created by system.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Capacity planning for inspection

         I would like to plan for capacity required to complete inspection lots at our labs. This should include inspection types for 01, 03, 04 and 08. Is there a way I can do this in SAP ? I am planning to use an enhancement and create a planned order for every inspection lot (1:1 relation). But I don't know how that will work. Does anyone have any ideas ?

    Hi GS,
    I think that's a good question, might not have been explored much.
    I think, you can try to utilize the potential of "Quality Work Center" attached to inspection operations, and activate Machine and Labor as capacity categories, use relevant formulas and try the standard Capacity planning process for PP.
    For more details, please go through the links -
    2. Capacity planning - ERP Operations - SCN Wiki
    3. Capacity Planning (PP-CRP) - SAP Library
    Please do further search on this subject and work with PP consultant to use this functionality. Finally share your results once you are done

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