How to include Sap Work item in email by FSCM workflow WS01700044

In FSCM Dispute Management, we have a requirment to include the sap work item in the email being sent by the workflow - WS01700044.
The underlying task in it is TS01707928. This Task sends an email to the outlook as well as work item to SAP inbox.
We want to include Sap Work item in email being sent to the outlook.
This will help the users to process the workitem directly from the email instead of going to SAP Inbox to process the work items.
Please suggest the possible ways.
Thank you.

For you kind of requirment you have to use tcode SWNCONFIG.
Through SWNCONFIG you can sent workitems to external email id.(exa. lotus notus/ outlook)
Gurprit Bhatia

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  • How to include sap work item in the email sent by workflow - WS01700044

    In FSCM Dispute Management, we have a requirment to include the sap work item in the email being sent by the workflow - WS01700044.
    The underlying task in it is TS01707928. This Task sends an email to the outlook as well as work item to SAP inbox.
    We want to include Sap Work item in email being sent to the outlook.
    This will help the users to process the workitem directly from the email instead of going to SAP Inbox to process the work items.
    Please suggest the possible ways.
    Thank you.

    Sadly, I believe this will require a bit of development to make it happen. The project I'm on now...we are finding that to get it to do what we want it to do, a development to customize the email message to include all the case fields is required.

  • How to include SAP login link in the workflow notification email ?

    How to provide a link in notification email triggered thru workflow to outlook   ??
    This link should take the user to correct SAP system logon screen.....
    kindly help ! urgent !!
    thank you

    Hi Rita,
    U can use RSWUWFML2 ABAP report.
    check [|]
    Sagar S

  • How to retain the work item in inbox of user if user press the icon cancel?

    we  are using a text editor in approval section of workflow where the user needs to enter the reason for apporval or rejection.
    the requirement is how to retain the work item in inbox of user if user press the icon cancel? there are two icons in editor,one is ok(tick marg) and cancel(cross mark).
    so when user dont enter any text in the editor and press on cancel icon,then approval/rejection should not authorize and work item will remain in the user's inbox .unless and untill he enters the text.
    i have tried   LEAVE TO TRANSACTION 'SBWP'.leave program etc but nothing is working.
    please guide me.

    Go with Sangvir Singh suggestion.
    It also looks neater from a Business Process Modeling perspective. You continue the process flow only when a change has occurred.
    Kind regards, Rob Dielemans

  • Executing Batch work Item: Transaction brackets of the workflow has been da

    I am integrating workflow with the HR Processes and Forms using HCM.
    The process is new hiring and in configuration I have given the workflow name which is copy of the standard workflow(WS18900008). The event used is draft_created.
    When I execute the process and press the Save Draft, everything goes fine, the workflow gets completed but for the step Save Form Data(WS17900260) throws the following error:
    Executing Batch work Item: Transaction brackets of the workflow has been damaged.
    The task is TS17900108.
    Not able to understand what is this error and to which it is related.
    Pls help.

    Look for SAP Notes as this is SAP standard code.
    Short Text
    Transaction brackets of the workflow has been damaged
    When executing the workflow with the ID , the transaction brackets were destroyed by a commit command ('C') or a rollback work command ('R'). This command ('') was stopped from the implementation program of the object type. Access takes place, for example, when a condition is evaluated or when the container operation is executed. Access may only have a read character which is why a commit or rollback work command is not necessary.
    System Response
    The system has written a log entry. Uncontrolled commit or rollback work commands can affect the restart function of the workflow system. This restart function is only necessary in the case of errors. The current workflow instance is executed further.
    Check the implementation program of the object types and remove the corresponding ABAP instructions.

  • How To send SAP SCRIPT AS an email.

    Any one knows how to send sap script output to users in the form of an email.
    Is there any other way to send it apart from sending the script output to spool and converting the spool to PDF and send that PDF to user?
    It would it helpful for me if u can let me know any peace of code as an example for the same.
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    This may be too late but here is a really easy way
    Here is a snippet of code that will help you out.
    You can use the OPEN_FORM of the SAPscript to have a device type of MAIL instead of PRINTER
          Form  OPEN_FORM
          Open SAPscript form to send to user
    *--- Set recipient
      GW_COMM_VALUES-ADSMTP-SMTP_ADDR = '[email protected]'.
    *--- Set NAST details as these will not currently be set....
      GW_SNAST-ANZAL = 1.
      GW_TITLE = 'Mail Header Title'.
    *--- Set sender and recipient details
          PI_COMM_TYPE              = 'INT'
          PI_COMM_VALUES            = GW_COMM_VALUES
          PI_REPID                  = SY-REPID
          PI_SNAST                  = GW_SNAST
          PI_MAIL_SENDER            = SY-UNAME
          PE_ITCPO                  = GW_ITCPO
          PE_MAIL_SENDER            = GW_SENDER
          OTHERS                    = 4.
    *--- Open SAPscript in MAIL mode for e-mailing
          DEVICE                      = 'MAIL'
          DIALOG                      = 'X'
          FORM                        = SapScript Form Name
          LANGUAGE                    = SY-LANGU
          OPTIONS                     = GW_ITCPO
          MAIL_SENDER                 = GW_SENDER
          MAIL_RECIPIENT              = GW_RECIPIENT
          CANCELED                    = 1
          DEVICE                      = 2
          FORM                        = 3
          OPTIONS                     = 4
          UNCLOSED                    = 5
          MAIL_OPTIONS                = 6
          ARCHIVE_ERROR               = 7
          INVALID_FAX_NUMBER          = 8
          SPOOL_ERROR                 = 10
          CODEPAGE                    = 11
          OTHERS                      = 12.
    When you have finished your SAPscript and call function CLOSE_FORM make sure you do a COMMI WORK after the call of this function.
    You should then see the mail created in SOST.
    Kind regards

  • How to send a work item ( Mail ) as open tasks in WEB UI

      I have a requirement as to send a WF work item of mail text to WEB UI as open tasks.  Upon click of te link; the mail txts comes there with the link detials to the service contract number and service contract quotation. Upon click of the links it need to redirect to the respective documents.
    The requirement is as such that 60 days prior to the contract end date we need to trigger a mail that 'the contract expires in 60 days,do you  need to renewal it'. This text need to go to the WEB UI respective agent of this mail as tasks. Upon click of the task description link need to navigate to the mail text with the details of the contract and quotation numbers in link. upon click of the lnk it needs to navigate such that they can change accordingly and the contractrenewal process is completed.
    How to acheive this one.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Satish Akkina

    Sending Mail to Outlook : U need the Following things done for this:-
    1> Use the Mail Step in the WF and Choose the Receipient as the E-Mail Address and Give the E-Mail Address there.
    2> Check the Configurations that need to be done in Transaction SCOT. SMTP Server Settings are done to get the Desired Results.
    From the external mail, they should have the flexibility to approve or reject PO.
    To get Workitems in Outlook..!!
    Problem in transferring the workitems into OUTLOOK
    Workflow Items in Outlook
    Let me know if u still face any issues.

  • How to include JAVA work in a maintenance cycle

    Good Day;
    Would anyone know where I can find documentation on how to include JAVA changes in a Solution Manager / ChaRM maintenance cycle?
    I understand that a transport can be created for JAVA work.
    Thanks All
    Don Newton

    You will first need CTS+ configured to create the java transport.  Check this out for portal..
    Once that is configured and assuming you have Charm configured, I believe it's as easy as adding the system to your project.

  • How to direct the Work Items in SBWP to different folders

    Hello All ,
    Is there a possibility of having a rule on the SBWP , so that the work items coming in to the inbox can be placed in different folders based on some grouping .
    I see 4 kinds of grouping :
    Grouped according to task
    Grouped according to content
    Grouped according to content type
    Grouped according to sort key
    Is there any help on how to use this . Any example given ?
    Do we have any other groupings on the workflow inbox other then the above ?
    Thank you very much for your valuable input ...

    As said above, the work items are automatically directed to these folders according to rules briefly explained here (and you can't change the rules): [sap library - workflow - inbox|]
    In case you don't have work items in your inbox, use transaction SWUI_DEMO: used to start several demo workflows
    If you want a custom business workplace, see demo transaction SWLD_INPLACE1: a custom business workplace with one container (program of 210 lines)

  • How to include non database item in the query

    I have a Master-Detail form. where in the detail block one of the field is text item 'X' attached the list of values(Y). Master block includes non database items which is based in the decoding result of the database items for example:
    Gender(Male, Female)>> non database item
    Gender_id(M,F)>>database item
    the form is created based on the template.fmb form for apps. When I run the form in the query mode, i can query about any database item while including query about others non database item does not affect.
    how to can i modify it so this could be handled??
    I know that one way to avoid this issue is to create a view with all my desired field.
    but there should be away to override the build in query used by oracle apps...
    any one has a link, source, document... etc that help on this??
    any idea how to do it without creating a view??
    thnx alot

    Hi HST,
    You can code the handling in POST-Query of the corresponding block to retrive the corresponding data depending on the Queried data.

  • How to determine (sub)work-item in bpm

    Hi all,
    is there a way to determine the actual workitem in a bpm. I want to map this workitem in a xml-structure and send to a receiver just for log function.
    Best regards

    Hi Mathias,
    i dont know any standard way to get the work item no into the XML. But for your case should the message ID enough, coz you select the message and click on link PE to navigate to the work item.
    <a href="">Special Access to Mapping Runtime Constants</a>

  • How to re-execute Work-item !

    Hello Friends,
    I need to figure out on how to re-execute an work item if my workflows is struck up somewhere in between..
    For eg there was a problem somewhere in the middle of workflow( say some agent Determination was improper...) due to which my workflow is stuck up in between........
    How do i get myself out of this issue ?
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    Hi kar,
    but rule will come into the picture only if error will in agent determination.... if there will be error because of some othr reason then
    after restart ..... whole workflow will start or only from faulty workitem?
    Regards dev

  • Cannot execute work item from email after autoforwarding

    Hi All,
    I just beginning with workflow. We configured autoforwarding work items by using report RSWUWFML.
    After running the report, can receive mail in outlook.
    The mail saying
    ' You can execute it using the link below:
    But I cannot execute the link. How to solve this issue?
    Your help appreciated.

    Hi Aditya,
    In my system, the report's option 'with executable attachment' is grey out and I cannot select it.
    I would try to upgrade the report to a newer version and then try again.

  • How to forward a work item from user inbox

    We are trying to find a way to remove work items from a users inbox. the workitem has not been opened
    and also it is possible that the work item is in more than 1 users inbox.
    we want to remove the work item from only the 1 user and leave the work item in the other user's inbox.
    Gaurav Maini

    Hi ,
    U can see the workitem of the user by the table SWWUSERWI giving user id.
    select the workitem id.
    Go to the transcation SWIA.
    Forward the workitem to your inbox.
    This will not appear in user inbox anymore

  • Notification of Work item via email other than SAP mail

    Hi folks!!
    I am new to workflow.
    We have implemented workflow for Purchase Orders and getting workflow notification into SBWP-Workplace.
    Now we want to send notification to the private e.mail address, for this I have already made setting through T.Code SO13....Automatic forwarding.
    But the workflow notification is only appearing in SAP-Workplace and is not appearing in private mail box.
    Kindly guide me if there is any other setting required for this
    Best regards

    In SO16 Tcode in the Mail Sys GRP tab you should select the radi button send to home adddress of the user. Please note that this address is the email address maintained in SU01d along with SAP User Id.

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