How to increase the files picked up by File Adaptor per poll interval

We have a scenario where in we post 80 files in the source directory and and the file adapter is configured for every 300 sec but i have noticed that the File adaptor is picking up one or two files per poll interval.Can some please suggest how to increase the number of files picked up by File adaptor
Thank You,

Did you mention all the files names in the Adapter channel. One thing you can do is use wild cards and file adapter picks most of them
In case if your files are huge, then I guess file size may cause to process few files during each poll

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    I had done the configuration and now i want to test the scenario but i dont now how to do that ?.
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    I think you should post your question Process Integration (PI) & SOA Middleware.
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            Shehryar Khan

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    If you have more drive space you can mount more space and allocate it to a mount point--this may take care of your problem, but if you are out of space and you are not buying any more drives.... then it's time for the install disks to come back out and configure more appropriately to your use.
    I have my work machine at home on a x64 AMD with 120 GB of drive. I gave 40 GB to Solaris just to be sure I could do basic installations and grow a little.
    Once your allocation is full you have 2 options... buy more and mount it, or reinstall... you choose.
    Well, there is a 3rd... you could unmount one of the other allocations and split it, then mount some of it back to your OS and some back to what it was before, but you are going to be plagued with this your entire lifetime of that install.

  • How to increase the number of files picked up by File adaptor

    Dear all,
    Can any one tell me how to increase the number of files picked up by File adapter.
    Pl post ASAP.
    Useful answers will be appreciated accordingly.

    Hi Srinivasa,
    there is no parameter for number of files to be picked..............if you have too many source files and you want to get them processed quickly, then you can specify a very small polling interval, then XI will pick your source files quickly..........but it will cause heavy load on the XI system which can lead to blockage of messages in queues........
    Rajeev Gupta

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    How can I increase the file size limit for outgoing mail. I need to send a file that is 50MB?

    You can't change it, and I suspect few email providers would allow a file that big.  Consider uploading it to a service like Dropbox, then email the link allowing the recipient to download it.

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    Are you using NI Vision IMAQ AVI Read Frame or anther method to read the AVI file?
    Matthew Fitzsimons
    Certified LabVIEW Architect
    LabVIEW 6.1 ... 2013, LVOOP, GOOP, TestStand, DAQ, and Vison

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    Can anyone please give a detailed instruction on how to increase the number of Recently Opened files in Dreamweaver CS6? I have read the forums everywhere and do not see a solution here that works. For me there is no: Menus/MM/File_RecentFiles.htm
    I mean I have a "Menus" directory but no "MM" directory inside that... also, if I create one... I still need a sample "File_RecentFiles.htm" to copy. Or maybe someone knows another solution?

    I don't have DWCS6, just DWCS4 and DWCC. When I go to Program Files(x86) > Adobe >  Adobe Dreamweaver CC (or Dreamweaver CS4) > configuration > Menus > MM > and then open the file named "File_RecentFiles.htm" at either location, this is the code...
    <html xmlns:MMString="">
    <!-- Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Macromedia, Inc. All rights reserved. -->
    <TITLE><MMString:loadString id="Menus/MM/File_RecentFiles/title" /></TITLE>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" SRC="../../Shared/MM/Scripts/CMN/string.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" SRC="File_RecentFiles.js"></SCRIPT>
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
    //--------------- LOCALIZEABLE GLOBALS---------------
    var MENU_RecentFile  = dw.loadString('Menus/MM/File_RecentFiles/MENU_RecentFile');
    //--------------- END LOCALIZEABLE   ---------------
    // -->  
    EDIT: It appears you should definitely have this file, unless something is wrong with your installation, or perhaps you are in the wrong directory?

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    i'm using cl_document_bcs->add_attachment to add the PDF file into the email. here, the file name is imported from i_attachment_subject which has a maximum length of 50.
    now my requirement is that increase the file name up to 128 characters. kindly give me some clues, please.
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    Try using below:
    Class          : cl_bcs (Business Communication Service)
    Method    : set_message_subject

  • How to increase the battery life of your N series ...

    What I am about to post here is valid for any 3G phone or device regardless of model but it is particularly focused towards the N series devices and their power hogging features.
    Your battery life is dependant on many many things. How often you take calls on the device, the condition of your battery, the features you use on the device and so on and on. Therefore it is impossible to say that by following the information in this post you will get x amount of days battery life, but it will get you more time out of the battery than you otherwise would have got.
    So with that out the way, if your looking to increase your battery life then follow these tips and your battery should start looking a lot healthier.
    First of all lets start with THE big one. The one that is going to save you the most juice. Switching 3G off.
    Yep, you heard me right. Just by switching the 3G capability of your phone off you will add hours and hours to your battery life. How is this so? Allow me to explain...
    Due to the rather poor delivery of 3G in the UK by the network operators, it is rare for any 3G phone to maintain a constant 3G signal. Instead you will find that the phone constantly flips between 3G and GSM mode (Keep an eye on your signal one day). Even those of you on Vodafone who probably have the best 3G network coverage will find this is the case.
    Unfortunately, this constant flipping between the two modes sucks power from the battery like a vampire as it alters its reception state for the different modes and the constant flipping is..well...causing it do this constantly! It can sometimes even make your phone unavailable for calls for very brief periods as it trips from GSM to 3G and vice versa.
    If you need to use 3G for video calls or whatever then I'm afraid your just going to have to live with this but if you don't (And lets face it few of us do) then you can switch 3G off and increase your battery life considerably.
    To do this, go into the "Settings" application (Found in the menu somewhere, by default Nokia normally stick it in "Tools"), and then to the "Phone" tab. In there you will see an option that says "Network mode" and you have a choice of "GSM" or "Dual Mode" (I.e. UMTS and GSM). Set it to GSM and your phone will restart. Once it restarts it will be working in GSM with GPRS speeds only but really for most purposes this is fine.
    You have now just extended your battery capability considerably. You can further extend it by going to the "Connection" tab, going into "Packet data" and changing it to "When needed" so it is not constantly checking for a data connection.
    The second big change you can make is to turn your phones wifi scanning capability off. The last time I looked not all Nokia's phones that have wifi capability can have their wifi cards switched off entirely but if you can, turn it off except for when you need to use it. Wifi is a power hog.
    The next big change you can make is to lower the screen brightness settings on your phone. The less bright your screen is the less power is being used to light it up. Nokia by default leave the screen brightness at something like 50%. Lowering this a bit more will conserve more juice. Before you do this though please consider the fact that lowering the brightness setting will have a big impact on your ability to see the screen clearly in sunny conditions although you will be fine in the dark as you can't lower the brightness that far.
    To lower the brightness, go to the settings tool in your phone and into the display option (Hidden in a subcategory called "Personalisation" on the N95). It won't hurt to set the power saving time out to 1 minute and the backlight time out to 10 seconds while your here (Although these are the Nokia default so they should already be set to this).
    Finally in regards to the screen, although they may look pretty, animated screensavers use more battery power than the standard blank screen with time and date so avoid them if you can.
    It also helps to keep Bluetooth switched off until you need it although the power savings are minimal in comparison to the other changes but every little milliamp counts!
    Using the above methods I generally get about 3 to 4 days with about 3 hours talktime on my N95 without using Bluetooth, GPS or anything like that (I might be able to get more but so far I have not paid attention to the battery state before I put it on charge). If I am on a long train journey I can get about 4 hours worth of full screen video and about 2 hours talktime over the period of about 24 hours before it needs a recharge. As I said at the start of the post your mileage will vary greatly depending on how you use your device.
    Hope this helps.
    Useful links: Phone firmware update | Nokia support site

    02-May-200701:14 PM
    bixby wrote:
    no keffa it is a cop out from nokia
    its not unfai as its a premium device with a premium price
    the n95 battery is atrocious
    dont change the post content as the title is 'How to increase the battery life of your N series device'
    your talking about nokia phones specifically
    the networks are not to blame
    they do not make the handsets : Nokia do !!!!!!!!!!
    I'm going to choose my words carefully here...
    I would never deny the battery on the N95 is not really up to the job of powering the N95 with its power hungry features. To put the same battery into a phone that has WiFi, GPS and a large 320x240 screen, the same one that goes into the E65 which has comparatively nothing compared to it is a bit pants.
    However at no point was I criticising them for the band hopping problem. I labelled the post as how to increase the battery life of your N series device because this is a board for the N series devices. It was a simple choice of wording and not intended to be cutting in any way and I did make a remark that the details would be true of any 3G device at the top of the post.
    What I was trying to point out in my second post is that the constant band hopping the phone is being forced to do that is draining its battery so much more quicker than it would if it had a constant signal of one kind or another isn't quite Nokia's fault.
    They build it to conform to a laid out specification for 3G. However if the network operators cannot be bothered to roll out their 3G infrastructure adequately enough that the phone can find and remain locked onto a 3G signal that is usable then what are Nokia to do other than offer you the capability to turn 3G off until you need it (Although note to Nokia: That **bleep** reboot the phone does when you do this is entirely unneeded and you know it).
    Blaming Nokia for this would be like blaming the manufacturer of your radio for failing to pick up radio because the radio station does not have any transmitters within range of your radio's receiver.
    Finally...this band hopping is exhibited by all 3G phones built by Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc, from their most budget 3G model to their priciest piece and is the reason that all phones with 3G capabilities have batteries that do not last for any respectable length of time because these phones are also having to band hop between 3G and GSM.
    Finally the proof is in the pudding. Turn 3G off for a few days. See your battery improve. Then (Although admittedly this will be harder to do...mcuh harder) find an area where you get a fairly decent 3G signal constantly. Again, see your battery improve. Try it with a different 3G phone...different manufacturer even. The same will be true.
    So I stand by my comment, the network operators and their woeful 3G rollout are the villains costing you a fair chunk of your battery and Nokia cannot be expected to mitigate this....but a better battery would be nice all the same...
    Useful links: Phone firmware update | Nokia support site

  • How to increase the size of bootcamp partition in macbook-late 2009

    How to increase the size of the bootcamp partition in macbook late 2009, without using any third party softwares.

    Pick yourself up by your own bootstrap too?
    Reinstall after restoring to HFS only then.
    You want something that works, then spend the $20 on Paragon CampTune or WinClone 3.

  • How to increase the performance in server 2008 R2 for RDP users

    My application take to much time to load. If anyone double click on mail client the exe file will appear in task manager but it will open after 5 mins. how to increase the performance.
    My sever configuration is as below,
    SC2600 Intel  motherboard with total 24 core processors and 32 GB RAM and 8 TB Hard Disk. RAID 5 is configured which has two lungs one is 167 GB for C drive and other is 4.5 TB for D drive.
    There are 28 Thin-clients connected to server through L300 N computing Thin-clients.
    Thin-clients connect to V-space server installed in server for RDP users to get connected.
    we have installed around 20 applications including printer and scanner driver. And apps are has below,
    Firefox browser, windows mail, Adobe acrobat XI, canon printer and scanner drivers, Epson printer and scanner driver, E scan anti-virus, office 2007, v space, power ISO, win-rar,Tally and e token drivers and some backup software's.
    Below  are the services and features enabled,
    AD, File services, RDP, web server, Hyper-v, .net frame work.
    Is there a way to increase the performance .
    Very slow performance.

    what would you suggest on  hardware configuration must be for  above mentioned applications and services with those many users.
    how many cores and ram size is required.

  • How to increase the attachment size of a portal

    We have a portal developed using JSP.
    We have an option for attaching files. Now the maximum limit is only 5 MB. So we thought of using FTP so that we can increase the attachment limit. But we are not able to attach files more than 1 MB.
    Could you please help us in resolving this. Any idea how to increase the attachment size limit?
    Thanks in advance

    See what Patrick Yee has posted.
    how to create own page format in smartforms immmedia

  • How to increase the length of internal table dynamically

    How to increase the length of internal table dynamically depending on the number of fields fetched into the internal table ?
    The requirement code :
    types: begin of t_data,
             form          like zscr_data_hdr-form,
             werks         like zscr_data_hdr-werks,
             matnr         like zscr_data_hdr-matnr,
             verid         like zscr_data_hdr-verid,
             lot           like zscr_data_hdr-lot,
             lot_qty       like zscr_data_hdr-lot_qty,
             udate         like zscr_data_hdr-udate,
             utime         like zscr_data_hdr-utime,
             zuser         like zscr_data_hdr-zuser,
             processed     like zscr_data_hdr-processed,
             defect        like zscr_defect_data-defect,
             vornr         like zscr_route_data-vornr,
             fld1          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld2          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld3          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld4          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld5          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld6          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld7          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld8          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld9          like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld10         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld11         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld12         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld13         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld14         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld15         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld16         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld17         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld18         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld19         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld20         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld21         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld22         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld23         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld24         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld25         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld26         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld27         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld28         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld29         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld30         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld31         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld32         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld33         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld34         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld35         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld36         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld37         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld38         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld39         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld40         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld41         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld42         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld43         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld44         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld45         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld46         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld47         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld48         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld49         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld50         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld51         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld52         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld53         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld54         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld55         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld56         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld57         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld58         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld59         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld60         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld61         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld62         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld63         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld64         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld65         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld66         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld67         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld68         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld69         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld70         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld71         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld72         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld73         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld74         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld75         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld76         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld77         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld78         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld79         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld80         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld81         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld82         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld83         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld84         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld85         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld86         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld87         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld88         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld89         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld90         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld91         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld92         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld93         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld94         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld95         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld96         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld97         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld98         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld99         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld100         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld101         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld102         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld103         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld104         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld105         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld106         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld107         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld108         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld109         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld110         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld111         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld112         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld113         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld114         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld115         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld116         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld117         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld118         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld119         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld120         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld121         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld122         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld123         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld124         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld125         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld126         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld127         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld128         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld129         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld130         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld131         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld132         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld133         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld134         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             fld135         like zscr_defect_data-defect_val,
             dayst         like zscr_data_hdr-dayst,
           end of t_data.
    In this fld1 to fld135 are defined in internal table.
    But if the number of fields are more than 135 then the program is going to short dump.
    Some times fld1 to fid170 or more fields will be there in my internal table.
    Please suggest me how to make my requirement dynamic and display this data fetched into this internal table onto a .XLS file in the presentation server ?

    You can try to use the type string:
    form like zscr_data_hdr-form,
    werks like zscr_data_hdr-werks,
    matnr like zscr_data_hdr-matnr,
    verid like zscr_data_hdr-verid,
    lot like zscr_data_hdr-lot,
    lot_qty like zscr_data_hdr-lot_qty,
    udate like zscr_data_hdr-udate,
    utime like zscr_data_hdr-utime,
    zuser like zscr_data_hdr-zuser,
    processed like zscr_data_hdr-processed,
    defect like zscr_defect_data-defect,
    vornr like zscr_route_data-vornr,
    fieldxx type string,
    dayst like zscr_data_hdr-dayst,
    end of t_data.
    So you can save you informations of every fld<n> concatenating their values into fieldxx.

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    when i tried to change the value of abbovementioned file in oracle_home /forms/server/formsweb.cfg of the application server file , the file does not have the applet wdth and applet height values. in fact this file does not have any applet information..
    pls guide
    thanks with regards.

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    how to increase the cache size?
    i am using safari 4.0.3

    HI and Welcome to Apple Discussions...
    I know of no way to increase the cache size but it's easy to empty it. File/Empty Cache or
    Ctrl + Alt + E.

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    Hello, I'm new to iPhone4 and I just migrated from Nokia. I would like to know if it's possible to set the mobile language to English and set the typing language as a different language (for instance Italian). It's a common feature in all Nokia Mobil

  • Any comments on iPhoto '08 performance?

    Hi guys I'd like to make a purchase decision about iPhoto '08 and the one feature that I need above EVERYTHING else is speed. iPhoto '06, is really slow to load, and eats up ALL my computer's resources, effectively making every other app disk thrash,

  • 10.7 Install Issues

    Having issues with downloading and installing 10.7 for the first time.  Also first-time user of the Mac App Store. I purchased 10.7, downloaded the installer and tried running it from the /Applications folder.  When it launched and the computer resta