How to increate the  R3trans processes during upgrade ...

I'm doing a Sap upgrade to ECC6+EHP4 and I selected the scenario "High resource use (minimal downtime, fast import, archiving off)" in the Configuration module.
The Downtime module is started  but I saw the gui does not allow to modify the number of processes it's going to use like :
I saw the XPRA_UPG phase is using 1 batch only, despite there are a lot of resources available.
As I'm planning others upgrade run in the next future for this sistem, I would like to know if there a way to increase the number of these processes, without changing the Scenario "High resource use (minimal downtime, fast import, archiving off)."
In this run the parameter MAXIMUM UPTIME PROCESS I suspect is set to 1; I would like at least to set it to 2 in the next run .
But I would like to continue to use this scenario "High resource use (minimal downtime, fast import, archiving off)." in the future, but increasing these parameters MAXIMUM UPTIME PROCESS and R3TRANS PROCESSES.
I read the 'Troubleshooting and Admistration Guide' but it's not described here; it seems the only way to change these parameter is to choose a completely different scenario (so called "Manual Selection")
How they can be changed ? Are they written in some file into the upgrade directory ?
best regards

Hello Roberto,
with this option ("High resource use (minimal downtime, fast import, archiving off)") it is not possible to change the key parameters that you're looking for.
For your case you should select the option "Manual selection of parameters". Please check the piece of log below to see the parameters you can change with this option:
>>>> Choose configuration <<<<
Select configuration
01)  -  Standard resource use (archiving off)
02)  -  High resource use (archiving off)
03)  -  High resource use (archiving on)
04)  *  Manual selection of parameters
: Manual selection of parameters
>>>> Archive Mode <<<<
Choose an upgrade phase for disabling the archive mode. For more information,
see the upgrade guide.
If the archive mode is disabled, all production operation has to be stopped.
01)  -  No disabling of the archive mode (Archiving on)
02)  *  The archive mode should be disabled in phase STOPSAP_TRANS
Choose the archive mode:: The archive mode should be disabled in phase STOPSAP_TRANS
>>>> SGEN Execution Mode <<<<
Choose an execution strategy for SGEN. For more information, see the upgrade
01)  -  Do not start SGEN during the upgrade.
02)  *  Fill table GENSETC with relevant loads, but do not run SGEN.
03)  -  Fill table GENSETC and run SGEN with low resource consumption.
04)  -  Fill table GENSETC and run SGEN with high resource consumption.
Choose the SGEN execution mode:: Fill table GENSETC with relevant loads, but do not run SGEN.
>>>> Batch Configuration and Upgrade Processes <<<<
You need to supply information about the batch server and the number of
processes used.
Enter the host name of your batch server:
Enter the maximum number of batch processes during the upgrade:
Enter the maximum number of parallel processes during uptime:
Enter the number of parallel import processes during downtime:
As you can see, all these parameters are editable with this option. You should consider it in your future upgrades, in my opinion.
Best regards,
Tomas Black

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