How to initiate right click functions of a pc mouse on track pad on MBP

I use the Microsoft Outlook Web App for work.
When Im viewing the website from work on a desktop PC I scroll down the left margin to "Calendar" right click the mouse and am given the option to create a new calendar.
How  do I do  the same thing from my Macbook pro. And if there is no such thing as being able to "right click" from mbp to get a pop up to appear that will allow me to create a new calendar --- how do I actually create a new calendar using this "Outlook" thing by Microsoft on my macbook pro.
thanks in advance.

All set.
Thanks anyways.

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  • How do I copy and paste an image form the internet to Keynote. I have done this successfully in the past by selecting copy and then paste by using the right click function and now am unable to do so. I am thinking it is an outdate OS problem...not sure.

    How do I copy and paste an image from the internet to Keynote. I have done so successfully in the paste by using the copy and paste right click functions but am unable to do so now. That was about a year ago that I attempted that I was able to do this. Thank you for your help.

    Some images are copy-protected.
    If all else fails, you can make a screen shot of the image: 
    With the image visible in your browser, press CMD-Shift-4 and your cursor will change to crosshairs.
    Position the cross hairs at one of the corners of what you want to copy and drag to the opposite corner, then release the mouse. An copy of the image will be saved to your desktop.
    You can now edit and use this image.
    Be sure to respect copyrights.
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  • How do I use Right Click Functionality in Captivate 5

    Hello there,
    I am trialing Adobe Captivate 5, with a view to purchasing it, and I have been loving it, but have hit a snag.  My Right Click actions are not working except with the web preview.  I noted from the manual a lot of restrictions and from reading here I am not able to change AS3 to AS2.  Does this mean Captivate 5 does not let you use Right Click options.
    I would greatly appreciate your help because I do love this software but if I can't create elearning with multiple Click Boxes and Right Click functionality, I may have to look elsewhere.
    Thanks again.

    I downloaded and unzipped the file you linked. On my work laptop with XP, IE 8, and Captivate 4, it ran perfectly.
    On my personal laptop with Windows 7, IE 8, and Captivate 5, it did not run. (I got the JavaScript line 81 error.)
    On my personal laptop, I created my own right click project in Captivate 5, published with accessibility turned off, and it would not run (line 81).
    I copied my Captivate 5 published files to my work laptop, and it would not run there either.
    I don't have any third party toolbars installed on either machine. I'm running Symantec antivirus on my work laptop (where your project worked but mine didn't) and AVG on my personal laptop (where neither project worked.)
    Is there something you did in your JS file? Or some little tweak you made in your Captivate project?

  • I can't use the right-click function on websites (i.e. Yahoo! Mail) because Firefox's context menu is in the way. How can I fix this?

    I can't use the right-click function on websites (i.e. Yahoo! Mail) because Firefox's context menu is in the way.

    Tools > Options > Content : JavaScript > Advanced > Allow Scripts to: [X] "Disable or replace context menus"

  • Right click function no longer works

    Using OSX 10.9.3 on my iMac. Processor 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3. Fairly new iMac, 21.5 inch, Late 2013. Just now, my right click function on my mouse does not work. I have checked my System Preferences and the right click is checked under secondary click. I did uncheck it, exit System Preferences, and then come in again and re-checked it, but that did no good.
    I did restart my computer last night before I quit for the day because recently I uninstalled Sophos Anti-Virus because it seemed to be caught in a loop that was not finished "cleaning up" but that is only change I have made. Aside from the Sophos acting wonky there were no other issues with the machine last night.
    The right click does not work in all programs, not just Finder. How can I get my right click function to work again? I use this function quite a lot and would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you!
    Royleen White

    Press and hold the Control (Ctrl) key while you click the mouse button. This is identical to right-clicking with a mouse. (Ctrl+click = Right click)
    You can try the following:
    •Click on and off the 'right click' checkbox in the Mouse System Preferences
    •Restart in Safe Mode
    •Reset NVRAM / PRAM

  • Mouse right-click function doesn't work in Bookmarks (Mac)

    I recently switched from PCs to Macs. No problem downloading Firefox and transferring old bookmarks and other settings, with one exception. With the PCs, when I right-clicked a particular bookmark under Bookmarks I got a series of 12 options (from Open, Open in New Window to Delete, Sort by Name, Properties). I used these a lot to delete bookmarks, change names, alphabetize lists, etc. I can now do most of these things under the Manage Bookmarks setting, but when I right click bookmarks now the new bookmark I click on just replaces the one on screen (ie, the right click does exactly what the left click does). I am using two different mice (Apple Mighty Mouse with Leopard, Microsoft Wheel Mouse with Tiger) and the right click function behaves as expected in other programs. Are these mouse right click Bookmark functions supposed to appear with the Firefox for Mac? If so, any ideas how to resolve my problem?

    Can someone explain to me why it's possible in Chrome on Mac, but not on Firefox? This is my 2nd biggest complaint about FF on the Mac, only surpassed by missing favicons in bookmarks. Chrome does both very well.

  • Right click function in Java applet...

    Hello, how's it going? I'm currently working on getting a pocket pc to load java applets through a web browser. I am currently using Netfront 3.0 for my browser and it contains JV-Lite 2 as its JVM. The applet loads and is functional. However, I am having issues with 'right clicking' functions. This particular applet is used as an interface for a building automation controller and it is necessary for right clicking to function (there are menus specific to functions that can only be accessed by right clicking). What are my options for fully functional java in a pocket pc web browser? Any help would be appreciated.
    Take care!

    public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent event){
    if((event.getModifiers() & event.BUTTON1_MASK)!=0)
    //left clicked actions
    elseif((event.getModifiers() & event.BUTTON3_MASK)!=0)
    //right clicked actions

  • Apple mouse right click function stopped working

    After 4 and a half years my Apple mouse right click function on my iMac stopped working.  However the mouse works perfectly on my other iMac.  The apple store said the problem is in the iMac.  Any ideas how to fix this?
    Thanks, jpm3577

    First log into another user account on your Mac and see if it work correctly there.  If not boot into Safe Mode, Mac OS X: Starting up in Safe Mode, and try there.  Also try another USB port on the Mac if it's a wired mouse.

  • The right click function has stopped working on by trackpad

    The right click function has stoped working?  any idea how to remediate?

    It could be as simple as not having the two-finger secondary click function enabled in the Trackpad seetings in System Preferences.
    Does Control-Click work? (holding the CONTROL key, while clicking)

  • HT3986 How do I right click on Windows installed using Bootcamp?

    How do I right click on Windows installed using Bootcamp?

    It should work the same way it does in OSX, but for it to work correctly, you need to install the Boot Camp drivers in Windows. You can do this by using the Boot Camp Assistant in OSX, then creating the "Windows support software (drivers)" package. Follow the instructions there, then use the resulting thumbdrive to install the drivers and apps into Windows. Then you should be able to two-finger-click the touchpad or right-click your mighty mouse or other two-button-enabled mouse. for more info on this.
    Caveat: I've done this, and I've found that the two-finger-click in Windows is iffy. That is, it frequently triggers a left-click function instead of right-click. :-/

  • Right click functions no longer work since update

    I'm active with Pinterest, and when I would see a photo I wanted to add to a board, I was able to right-click it. There was a choice "Add This", which provided a range of sites -- including Pinterest.
    The Add This right-click function is gone since the update. How do I get it back?

    Lemme tell you.
    '''Try Firefox Safe Mode''' to see if the problem goes away. Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode, which disables most add-ons.
    ''(If you're not using it, switch to the Default theme.)''
    * You can open Firefox 4.0+ in Safe Mode by holding the '''Shift''' key when you open the Firefox desktop or Start menu shortcut.
    * Or open the Help menu and click on the '''Restart with Add-ons Disabled...''' menu item while Firefox is running.
    ''Once you get the pop-up, just select "'Start in Safe Mode"''
    '''''If the issue is not present in Firefox Safe Mode''''', your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one. Please follow the [[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]] article for that.
    ''To exit the Firefox Safe Mode, just close Firefox and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.''

  • Downloaded 3.6.13 today and now I can not use my right click function when trying to open a new tab!

    When browsing the net I can not use my right click function on a link to open a new tab. How can I fix this? It was working fine until I downloaded 3.6.13 Firefox this am.

    I un-installed the yahoo toolbar and my problem was solved!!!!

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    Now when we the user right clicks on Datagrid Item , i want to show an Alert ??How  to capture 
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    Please suggest ,thanks

    Thanks for the resonse , I did not understand what is context menu and how it it associated with Datagrid's right click , could you please elobrate ?? Thanks .

  • How does one right click using the iPad?

    how does one right click when using the iPad?  I am needing this in a citrix app

    You can usually just tap and hold on certain things to access the right-click menu. It works in almost all cases. :)

  • How to disable right click in a transaction?

         How to disable right click in transaction.
    i.e, While in CRMD_BUS2000111, in partners tab, when we right click, a pop up window appears. I don't want this to happen. I don t want the window to pop up.
    How can this be achieved witout changing any standard code?

    Hi Amit,
    Tcode - CRMD_BUS2000111

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