How to install facebook  or twitter  widget in Oracle WebCenter Sites?

Hi All,
I have Installed Oracle Webcenter sites on WebLogic Server. Its working fine and I am able to access avisports and FirstSiteII. Now I want to integrate with facebooK and Twitter Widgets.i am following documentation. I started facebook external application I created app in facebook apps and I am trying to update file but I am notary able to fine the file in installation directory.there they mention production server/delivery system.
i think i created /installed in simple way I mean (only sites).
can i integrate with facebook or other social n/w? if yes please provide me some tip for that some blog link or doc.
tel me one thing for this integration is its possible to integrate webcenter sites with facebook or other social n/w with out complete system like all components( mobility server or others).?
please give some proper guide lines to get solution for this same.
Siva Sankar

here is the solution.

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    Try autofixing the box ( Menu->CustomerSupport->InHomeAgent) . Also power cycle the router. If it's still giving you an issue after that let us know.
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    How to integrate oracle webcenter with oracle webcenter Sites?

    This very much depends on what you mean by the first "oracle webcenter" and what kind of integration you are looking for.
    Oracle WebCenter contains three main product lines:
    - Oracle WebCenter Portal,
    - Oracle WebCenter Sites,
    - and Oracle WebCenter Content.
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    I've imported this appliance (and others) on Windows 7 32-bit on a Lenovo W500, on an iMac, and on a MacBook. The one error you should encounter during the "import appliance" step is a path error related to shared folder (the canned/hard-coded path in the ovf file points to a place that is not likely to exist on your computer, so just comment out the D:\TEMP\Host path, or make it for that matter).
    <!--SharedFolder name="Host" hostPath="D:\TEMP\Host" writable="false" autoMount="true"/ -->
    <!-- /SharedFolders-->
    You can alter system set memory_target=300M scope=both and set your VM memory to 2.5GB and everything will run fine (using the vmctl script to start up what's needed). The "1" option is all that is needed for the tutorial shown in the documentation. If you run the admin server, you will see things run a good bit slower. Part of the tutorial assumes you know about UCM and how to take the UCM content in the sample files and upload those into the repository. You can delete the file already loaded and then do a single file upload to "re-load" the various directories/folders for the menu/home/etc. Upload the png and other files into the same folder (menu.html, menuBanner.png, etc. all go into the same Menu folder). It's not worth the time to set the bulk upload because you have to go out into UCM and dig around the admin settings, stop/restart, and so on. You can also use the contentadmin user (welcome1) to do the file upload.

  • How to integrate Events from Siebel application to Oracle Webcenter portal

    We have a requirement where one application resides in Siebel and the poral is running on Oracle Webcenter Portal. Here we want to see the events/appointment which are created in Siebel Application, should be visible in Oracle Webcenter Portal's calendar as soon as user logs in. It is a Hospital portal, and appointments are created in Siebel Application and when Doctor logs in to portal (running on Oracle webcenter portal), user should be able to see them on his Calendar/event.
    Please help me how to go ahead with it.

    Hi All,
    Not sure that I agree with my friend Yannick on this. I think that you can change to point to a different DBMS. You might be able to do this by reconfiguring the Siebel server and give SQL Server as your DBMS and then give the correct SQL connect into. At worst case I think you can change the server data source named subsystem. You will need to change the DLL name and well as the connect info. If the reconfiguration does not work your best bet would be to compare the settings from your server data source for Oracle to a known good server data source for SQL Server.
    BTW, why would you make this change? As a database Oracle can’t be beat. 11g is incredible.
    Robert Ponder
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    Ponder Pro Serve
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    As a last resort provided that you backup essential data first, you could always reset device to "Out of box" state by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by yourself); you would obviously have to forego restoring "settings" to device afterwards.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

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    Hello ec:
    Welcome to Apple discussions.
    As far as I know, you cannot download Safari and reinstall it successfully. Install Safari from your software install DVD and then run software update.
    I do not use Hotmail, so I have no information about that platform.

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    I've come across some web pages created with iWeb (I believed) and it has a small section/square with the creator's *Twitter updates*.
    Is there such a widget readily made in iWeb, or I have to created with some perhaps, complicated script or html text?
    Thanks and cheers

    Hi all
    Ha ha ha I got it... after Googling. Using Twitter's own HTML code found in its widget page
    Thanks all

  • How to install and configure OIM with 11i Oracle Applications(

    We are currently having Oracle Applications 11i ( Instance.
    I need to install Identity Management (OIM), SSO and configure these to 11i instance.
    Can you please provide me below,
    - What are the documents to be followed.
    - What are the pre-requisites to install OIM, SSO.
    - Where can i get the software of OIM, SSO and any pre-reqs.
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    Thanks in advance.
    Kishore K.

    What is the last Oracle support date of 11i (Oracle Applications ? I mean no new patch for bug fixing, no Oracle Expert answering Customers' Questions via Metalink.
    I understand that to use Extended Support of Oracle Applications, we need to pay additional fee. What are the fees? Are we free upgrading to Oracle Applications 12g and Database 11g at anytime? Any constraints? I believe you got an answer in your other thread -- what is the Lifetime of Extended Support of Oracle E-Business Suite Release
    For the fees, no one can tell except your Oracle Sales representative.
    If we want to upgrade to Applications 12, Database 11G from Oracle Applications and Database, what are the hardware requirements and software requirements? Check the installation manual (which I believe you can find by yourself) and old threads for similar discussion --
    How long will it take Oracle to ship Software to us? Usually 3-5 business days.
    Atif, please read the links/docs before posting similar questions, posting questions (which we already discussed many times in the forum before) across the forums is just a waste of your and our time.

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    i would like to install siebel sales crm on my linux machine and intigrate it with oracle application r12. i need some kind of doc id or metalink id from which i can get all information.Kindly help on the same.
    Vishal Joshi
    Edited by: Vishal Joshi on Jan 25, 2011 3:15 PM

    Most of these integrations are prebuilt. Look for AIA/PIP.
    If you check out the presentations from OOW there were session on how other customers have done this.
    Robert Ponder
    Lead Architect and Director
    Ponder Pro Serve
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  • How to install ADF Runtime libraries to an Oracle Application Server 10g?

    - JDev 10.1.3 (production) installed on my Win XP station.
    - OC4J 10.1.3 Standalone installed on my Win XP station.
    - OAS 10.1.3 (not OC4J Standalone) installed on a Linux SuSe server.
    - I have admin credentials for the OAS but don't for the server.
    Is it possible to install ADF Runtime from OAS Enterprise Manager? If yes, please, let me know. If not, I will have to bother server admin in order to copy those files. In this case, ca I rely on the log html file resulted from the install I made on my local OC4J instance in order to select the needed files?
    Thanks in advance.
    São Paulo - Brasil

    As far as i know the ADF libraries can be updated via the solution you gave :
    Tools -> ADF Runtime Installer -> Oracle Application Server
    but this only applies for an OAS installed on the same machine where jdev resides
    for OAS in UNIX like systems i'm not sure if this can be done
    as far as i know the libraries must be copied manually but i can't confirm this theory
    i would like to know if it's possible to update the libraries from the Wizard on jdev installed on a windows machine to an OAS installed in UNIX?

Maybe you are looking for