How to install new font file in the device when deploying J2ME application?

i would like to know how to install the new font file in the device when deploying J2ME application, side-by-side.
Is that possible to seamlessly install the new font file with the application .jar package.

No, there is no way of installing new fonts.

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  • Question: how to install new fonts in Premiere on Mac

    Someone, please tell me how to add new fonts in Adobe Premiere!
    I use MacBookPro with OS X Lion.
    As trying to add fonts reffering to the previous discussion like ,
    I realized that it was unavailable because I cound not see "Install New Font" in "Window".
    Is there a good way to solve this problem?

    In Mac OS X, double-clicking on a font file (i.e PostScript, Font Suitcase etc.) should launch the Font Book application, that window will have a Install Font button. You may have to Quit PrP and re-open for font to be available.

  • How do install new fonts from Squijoo templates

    How do I install new fonts from a Template from Squijoo??  Also I am getting an error message when I try to download templates to my laptop that file is not the right kind of file???   My desktop computer has no problem doing this.

    Installing fonts is an operating system issue:

  • How to install new Fonts

    Hi everybody,
    only with one question, i need to create a new style for my SAPscripts printing and when i create my Paragraph(SE72) and try to use a size for times new roman font, the system send me a message informing that there isn't this font size for <b>times new roman</b>,
    question, somebody knows, how to add new sizes? or fonts to my SAP client!? or what can i do, if i need a specific font size and my SAP doesn't have it.
    Regards and thanks

    Check the below link:
    Create a new font type with the spool administrator (SPAD)
    When you need some different fonts other than those available in the standard SAP system, you'll have to create those different fonts size manually for the device types that you are using.
    SPAD - Spool Administration
    Full administration
    Device Types - ZHPLJ4  (then click Device Types)
    Utilities -> For device type -> Copy device type
    Print Controls - Copy an existing Print Control and change the ControlCharacter sequence
    SE73 - SAPscript Font Maintenance
    Printer fonts - Change
    Double click on the ZXXXX device type
    Font family   COURIER
    Font size     030
    Characters per inch 21.00
    Print control 1 SFXXX
    Print control 2 SFXXX

  • File Adapter polls all the files from the directory when deployed again

    File Adapter polls all the files from the inbound directory irrespective of the timestamp when deployed again.
    For ex. when the BPEL process with file adapter is deployed, it starts polling the directory based on the timestamp as and when the directory is written with the files. I did not opt for deleting the files after read by the File Adapter.
    But, when BPEL process is modified and deployed again, this time, the file adapter picks up all the files in the inbound directory and doesn't consider the timestamp.
    My guess is that it should not pick all the files but based on timestamp only.
    I guess I can observe the same behavior if I bounce the Application Server also
    Do I have an option to achieve this?
    Sasi Bhushan.

    try this:
    1- create a File object for the directory. (look at isDirectory() )
    2- create a File[] that represents the files in that directory. (.listFiles())
    3- if (file[x].isDirectory()) {recursive method call;}
    4- else {
    process file;
    If you want more help--do some work on it, and come back with specific questions relating to specific lines in your code and specific error messages you've been receiving.

  • How to install new fonts using code in java?

    How to install font in a system using java, provided i know the font file's address. Is there any specific class/method available for this purpose? Copying the file to windows/font directory will work for windows, but I think it wont be generic to all operating system. So is there anyway to install a font using code?
    I also want to know how to make the font available only until my application window is open, It must be available to all other external applications like photoshop, word etc., When I close my window it must un-install automatically or be made not available to other applications. Any suggestions? Please do help! Thanks in advance...

    I have already tried the above, But the font created using input stream is available only to my application* and is not viewable in photoshop.*. I realize this. Like I said, I know of no method that will register/deregister the font with the system. You'll have to create your own method that takes the operating system into account.
    String os = System.getPropery("");
    if(os.equals("Windows Vista")) {
    }else if(os.equals("Windows XP")) {
    }else if(os.equals("Windows NT")) {
    }else if(os.equals("Solaris")) {
    Digital Unix
    HP UX
    Mac OS
    Mac OS X
    Netware 4.11
    Windows 2000
    Windows 95
    Windows 98
    Windows NT
    Windows Vista
    Windows XPYou'll need the standard font directory for each system. I think all the window ones are C:\Windows\Font\ . Each OS probably has its own little quark (like having several font directories or throwing different security exceptions). Undoubtly it's going to require some research and a bit of trial and error. You can probably work some magic with Runtime.exec(...) as well.
    The alternative would be to google for some libraries that offer similar functionality, or promt the user for the system's font directory and save the location of the directory in a file somewhere for future use (so the user dosen't have to specify the font directory everytime he/she starts up the application).

  • How do install new fonts into photoshop?

    Trying to add new fonts to my Photoshop. How do I do that?

    That will depend on whether you have windows or a mac. Each OS has its own font folder, that is the location you need to install the fonts. The next time photoshop starts, it should see the new fonts.

  • I knew this once but forgot how to install new fonts.

    I have SCAL( sure cuts a lot) for my Cricut machine( a computerised cutting machine used mainly in crafting.
    I needed some clearer fonts to use with it BUT now I have forgotten how to make them available to my Apps.
    Please can someone refresh my memory.
    I have unzipped them all and loaded the actual new fonts into a folder on my desktop.
    How do I get them from there into an accessible place.?
    Dragging them had no effect.
    Thank you

    *Thank you very much* that worked fine.
    will have to record how to do that in case I forget again.
    Happy Sunday

  • How to install transport request files into the SAP system

    Hi Experts,
                    I want to install transport request files into my SAP source and target system . I am from BW/BI background so can anyone help me out with the step by step procedure for the above installation.
    Thanks in advance

    What I understand is, you want to transport request from one server to another.
    for example, Development to Qualtiy or Quality to Production.
    For this your transport system must be configured. Please search or google for "How to configure Transport System (STMS)".
    If you want to copy transport request from one system to another system which is not in your landscape, you need to physically move/copy transport request (cofile and datafile) to the target system in /usr/sap/trans/cofiles and /usr/sap/trans/data
    Then import that request using SCC1.
    You can alos perform TEST import for result.
    Rajesh Narkhede

  • SQL Server 2012 Management Studio: How to install AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file to the Databases of my SQLEXPRESS?

    Hi All,
    I just downloaded AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file from to my C:/ Downloads folder.  I don't know how to install this AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file to the Databases (in Object Explorer) of the \SQLEXPRESS of my SQL Server 2012 Management
    Studio.  Please kindly help, advise and respond.
    Thanks in advance,
    Scott Chang

    Hi Olaf Helper, Thanks for your response.
    As you  and https// instructed, I tried to attach the AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file (Using SQL Server Management Studio) to my Databses. After I did Steps 1 & 2, (in Step 3) I clicked on
    Add, and tried to locate the AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file in my C:/Users/e1enxshc/Downloads folder: this mdf file was not there in the "Select the file" box!!!??? I am pretty sure that mdf file has been downloaded into that "Downloads"
    folder.  I am lost completely.  Please kindly help, advise me what it is going wrong in my "Attach" the mdf file to my Databases of SQLEXPRESS, and respond.
    Scott Chang
    Hi Prashanth,
    I cannot find/locate the in my internet websites to do the "Attach" task I need badly. Please tell me where I can find/locate/access that website>
    Scott Chang
    P.S. I moved the AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf file to my C:\Temp folder and did the "Add" again. It located the mdf file. I added the AdventureWorks as the name of Database in SQLEXPRESS, then I clicked Add. I got the following fatalerror:
    Failed to retrieve data for this request. (Micosoft....)

  • How to install new fonts on 10.6.8?

    When I attempt to add new fonts to font book, it crashes. I've restarted and tried initiating from font book, from the font itself...nothing works.

    Font Management in OS X

  • How to install new reboot drive with Snow Leopard when new drive is unformatted and the only thing displayed is to choose to run the OS disc? It is impossible to choose disk utility as nothing happens.

    Mac Pro (2006) running Snow Leopard crashed. Geniuses were certain it was bootable HD. Installed new HD and pressed option key with Snow Leopard in optical drive. Chose "Mac OS Installation Disc." Disc runs once for a minute, stops, runs again, then nothing. It is impossible to choose disk utility to format the disc as absolutely nothing but a black screen is visible!

    pull all your drives so you just boot the DVD
    If you have an ATI 5770 you cannot boot with less than 10.6.5
    Ideally you would go through phone system and buy Lion, download and SAVE and create a Lion Installer media (DVD and flash memory are possible).
    If you can't boot the DVD alone, let us know as gives a better idea.

  • How to install new font on safari for windows??

    i have problem when i go to certain international sites.. for eg:
    in the help section the site provides the required font mlkr0ntt_TTF.ttf
    no luck just wont work..

    I have requested the website, for their input on the issue.. Would love to see if a unicode font would solve the issue on Safari. The very reason I brought up this issue in this forum was to get a solution. Its not that I am unable to view the website in Internet explorer and Firefox.. I love using Safari and want to make it as my default browser, but issues like these prevent me from doing so now. When I started using Firefox, i remember facing similar issues.. and then came a Firefox Add-on developed by PCMan (Hong Jen Yee), yuoo2k from Taiwan, called IE tab ( I was thrilled to be able to even run the Windows Update from a Firefox browser.
    Safari Developers are you taking notes..??
    Friends, I expect to watch Apple come out with an AD similar to the 'Get a mac - Refree' in future when comparing with IE and Firefox.

  • How could install a exe file to C:\Test using LV8.0 Application builder?

    I built a project file and created an installer. But the proble is I don't know how to setup the project properity to install the executable file into the folder C:\Test. Can anyone help me?
    The attached is the project image.
    14.JPG ‏89 KB


  • How to download a pdf file from the server from an strut application?

    I wan to download a pdf file from the server side to local system. Please help me how i use the down load option.

    Read up on the Struts download action [1].
    And next time, please post in the relevant forum, one of the web-tier ones [2].
    People on the forum help others voluntarily, it's not their job.
    Help them help you.
    Learn how to ask questions first:

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