How to integrate oracle webcenter with oracle webcenter Sites?

How to integrate oracle webcenter with oracle webcenter Sites?

This very much depends on what you mean by the first "oracle webcenter" and what kind of integration you are looking for.
Oracle WebCenter contains three main product lines:
- Oracle WebCenter Portal,
- Oracle WebCenter Sites,
- and Oracle WebCenter Content.
Since the newest version it is possible to store Sites' assets in WebCenter Content.
WebCenter Portal, where the name WebCenter originated from, is another front-end technology, so it would rather co-exist next to Sites than integrate with them. See this thread WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites Integration for more details.

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    How to integrate Crystal Report  with oracle JDeveloper 11g
    Regards ,

    I dont think that you can integrate Crystal Reports with JDevelpoer but you can use runtime libraries to your project to get crystal report functionality
    To know more please go through supported platforms
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  • How to integrate android application with oracle database using oracle mobile database server.

    I developed one web application using oracle database. I want to implement same web application in android. My problem is how to integrate android application with existing oracle database using oracle database mobile server. Can u please guide me how to install oracle database mobile server and how to integrate android app with existing oracle database..
    Thank you.

    In the Database Mobile Doc set there is an entire book that covers the Installation of Oracle Database Mobile Server.   Chap 4 of that book contains screen shots and all kinds of information that will help guide you through the installation.   We also have a doc on the different mobile clients.  Chap 2 of that guide covers installs and integration of an android app. 

  • How To Integrate ADF Application with Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Fmwk ?

    Hi All,
    I'm having ADF/ADF Face Application (using Jdev and want to integrate it with Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework.
    I want to generate audit records by using API and also want that Audit Policy
    for my Application will be visible and manageable through FusionMiddlewareControl (as well as othe admin tools)
    on the same way how it is for the OPSS services for example.
    Unfortunately i didn't find any detailed docs for the topics above. In the Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Guide,
    it is steated only that:
    "Stand-alone applications can be integrate d with the Oracle Fusion Middleware Audit Framework through configuration with the jps-config.xml file."
    , but nothing in details.
    Can somebody help with this, giving some more detailed info or links to the appropriate detailed documentation(if any) ?
    Thanks in advance,

    deepak - why not link to the real documentation instead of that site that illegally publishes stuff?
    Krasimir - I had a look at this a long way back, and didn't explore it much further because I reached a dead end in trying to figure out how it worked. It seems to me that the function is there and may be used internally within Oracle, but that it's not documented well enough for we mere mortals of the public to use it.
    Have you tried opening an SR with Support? They won't know, but they will be able to raise it up and perhaps find someone who does know - be sure to reference this thread in your SR if you go that route.

  • How to integrate Active Directory with Oracle Weblogic

    is there any Oracle Document that descripes how to integrate the LDAP Active directory with Oracle Weblogic 10.3
    Edited by: qasas on 28-Nov-2009 13:56

    weblogic docs (and there identity asserters) -

  • How to integrate Java SSO with Oracle Weblogic

    I am new to Oracle weblogic, but i want to do something like below.
    I want to use Oracle weblogic as application server and want to integrate Java SSO into it. I think we can do it using Oracle access manager but since OAM itself is massive drop this plan.
    I think we can use OC4j Java SSO into Oracle weblogic, but don't knw whether it is feasible.
    Can somebody please guide me solve this problem.
    Any suggestion or comment is most appreciated.

    weblogic docs (and there identity asserters) -

  • How to integrate Note Service with the webservice space?

    Can anyone please guide me how to integrate *"Note Service"* with the webcenter spaces. I need to implement "Personal Note" in my webcenter space application. Please can anyone give me article showing step by step procedure to implemennt note service with webcenter spaces or some sample examples.

    Already i have seen this document, here they did not mention how to get the "Note TaskFlow" in resource catalog. In Resource catalog I didn't find any component named "Note TaskFlow".
    To make it visible in resource catalog. What should I do?
    To integrate Webcenter Services(link, mail, notes, etc..) with webcenter spaces, what do i need to do? Itseems all services are in the form of taskflows. How can i make it enable and to bring it in resource catelog?

  • How to integrate Microsoft project to Oracle Project Management?

    Dear All,
    How to integrate Microsoft project to Oracle Project Management?
    I tried to find Oracle Project button in Microsoft Project to send Project plan to oracle projects. But I didn’t not found any button like Oracle project to upload.
    Can anyone please let me know what the prerequisites to integrate and how to import the same data in oracle Project Management Module from Microsoft Project?

    Please see "Oracle Project Management User Guide", Chapter 5.
    Applications Releases 11i and 12
    The following documents should be also helpful.
    Note: 277096.1 - **FAQ Integration with Microsoft Projects**
    Note: 236522.1 - Oracle Project Management Release & Installation Notes
    Note: 236585.1 - Oracle Project Management Documentation
    Note: 804746.1 - Is It Possible To Use Microsoft Projects Integration Without Oracle Project Management?

  • How to install apex 4 with Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities

    Hi all,
    Does any one know how to install apex 4 with Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities ?
    I follow the instructions but there's no directory called ORACLE_HTTPSERVER_HOME\Apache and ORACLE_HTTPSERVER_HOME/ohs/modplsql/conf/dads.conf
    I don't know where's dads.conf file to make change
    Please hellp me on this case
    Thanks & regards

    A little bit odd is an understatement. The first time I found I had to download over 1Gb of stuff to run a simple web server I practically fell over! Hopefully, the Apex Listener team will update it to have backwards compatibility with mod_plsql and we can ignore trying to install Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities...
    However, until then the TNS Names error generally means that there isn't a TNS alias set up for the database you have referenced in the mod_plsql dad. If you open up the dads.conf file you should see something like
    PlsqlDatabaseConnectString localhost:1521:databasealias
    If you then open a command prompt and do TNSPING databasealias you should get a response like this
    Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
    Attempting to contact (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)
    (HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVICE_NAME = ***)))
    OK (20 msec)
    If you don't it means you need to add it in.
    Hope this helps

  • How to connect google maps with oracle

    Hello people ,
    i read an artical there is a way to connect google maps with oracle .
    can anyone give us lesson or more information to do that ?
    regards .

    I guess, using Google for the same should be the best way to find the solution for it,

  • Is there a way to integrate Oracle UCM with Oracle ESB

    Is there a way to integrate Oracle UCM with Oracle ESB similar on the lines of BPEL integation ?

    maxsap wrote:
    ..AndrewThompson64 : as far i can understand this is only for viewing purposes like adding a filefilter (please correct me if i am wrong) and can add double click support, i want my program to be able to add some sourtcuts to the right click menu (e.g. winrar add this " add to archive"," compress and email"...) is this possible using java and jnlp?It is for 'open' or 'print' for specific file types. The associations are set up at time of installation so that if a user right clicks a claimed file, the OS should offer to send the document to (possibly a group of programs which include) our application.
    I am not sure what you mean by "program to be able to add" shortcuts. Do you mean the application might need to do this after first being installed?
    What exactly are the menu items the program tries to add? e.g. 'open', 'print', 'add to archive', 'crash & burn'...

  • How SAP QM is comparable with Oracle's Agile PQM solution ?

    Hi QM Gurus,
    I would like to know how SAP QM is comparable with Oracle's Agile PQM Solution. Request you to please share your experience. Regards, KrishnaM
    Edited by: Krishna. Madduri on Feb 29, 2012 12:00 PM

    SAP QM supports you both internally and externally. It provides complete support, from product and process planning in research and development (the planning phase); through procurement, production, and sales and distribution (the implementation phase); to service and usage (the usage phase).
    Please go through the below link to know more about the functionality  in SAP QM

  • Integration of Oracle Apex with Oracle Applications R12

    How can I integrate Oracle Apex with Oracle Applications R12? The requirement is like by clicking a menu the user will see an apex report without giving again the user name and password. By simple menu attachment it's asking for apex login credentials. But I want it will redirect to the apex page without asking for user name and password.
    Please help.

    Have a look at this thread.
    Installation Procedure for APEX
    Installation Procedure for APEX

  • Oracle VM with Oracle E-business suite Release 12.1.1

    We are migrating our Oracle E-business suite from IBM Power 5 AIX 6.1. to OVM Intel (x86_64) bit, we have tested the migration in our test environment. We want to know how good or bad is OVM with oracle e-business suite in production environment, and if anybody is working on production environment with the similar configuration in Production environment then please share your experience with us
    Thank you
    Shahrukh Yasin

    Hi Sharukh,
    Virtualization of course the trend in modern era, and I personally advice you to have a thorough testing on performance and specifically simulate workloads and check the behavior. I don't personally go on to support Virtualization on Production environment as it incurs additional cost like CPU usage, memory usage borrowed by other environment being virtualized. And as it does not directly work with the hardware. May be some will be against this point, but I see as if it incurs additional resources. Being said this, I am not completely against Virtualizationas long as it is not a heavy 24/7 environment. I would go on to support the ideology, saying it's best to choose the right technology to right environment.
    Please refer following links for more information:
    Using Oracle VM with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i or Release 12 (Metalink Note 465915.1)

  • Oracle Portal with Oracle Web Cache

    How can I configure Oracle Portal (or Web Cache) to work together?
    I have installed and started both of them. Now, Web Cache works fine with standard html pages (for example Apache docs) but after trying to reach portal the url is redirected to standard port - on which Portal runs (Web Cache works on 1100 and Portal on 7778).
    So it seems that portal pages are not cached.
    Web Cache:
    Application Web Servers:
    hpwin 7778 100 30 5 / 10
    Where can I find any information about that?
    best regards

    Portal PM, I thought you said that this solution would not work. Everyone I have heard so far has said that you cannot configure webcache to work with Portal documents. Does this work or does it not?
    Read the messages below from the bottom up.
    It's not possible to do that today.
    In 9.0.2 (the next release) we will be using WebCache configured out of the box so you won;t need to, however, till then you cannot use webcache with Portal 3.0.x
    Portal PM
    Title : re:Oracle Portal with Oracle Web Cache O/S : N/A POST: REPLY (W/QUOTE)
    Author : Agus Jaelani Type : Question
    Date : Feb 4, 2002 23:11 PT
    please try using this configuration on http.conf
    Port <webcache port>
    Listen <apache listen port>
    ServerName <webcache hostname>
    you must running ssodatan script again.
    Note :
    this config only make portal work together with webcache.
    Title : re:Oracle Portal with Oracle Web Cache O/S : N/A POST: REPLY (W/QUOTE)
    Author : Krzysztof Jungowski Type : Question
    Date : Feb 5, 2002 06:58 PT
    Thanks a lot. It works.
    best regards
    Krzysztof Jungowski

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