How to know received quantity field names  in MM

I know that purchase order quantity can be found from EKPO-MENGE. Is there a field name for PO quantity received in time and PO received late.
Received late is when the goods is received after the planned delivery date.

I resolved it by extracting the data from PO history table (EKBE).
In 2LIS_02_SCL extractor, I wrote a used exit that extracted PO quantity from EKBE table and compare the delivery date from table EKET.
Do let me know if you need additional information.

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    how can i receive the user name of the present operating system from SAP.Have any funciton to use?Thankyou!

    use sy-uname system field.
    report ztest.
    reward if solved.

  • How to know  columns and table name  whose column size are modified

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    09:35:50 SQL> desc dba_objects
    Name                            Null?    Type
    OWNER                                  VARCHAR2(30)
    OBJECT_NAME                             VARCHAR2(128)
    SUBOBJECT_NAME                         VARCHAR2(30)
    OBJECT_ID                             NUMBER
    DATA_OBJECT_ID                         NUMBER
    OBJECT_TYPE                             VARCHAR2(19)
    CREATED                             DATE
    LAST_DDL_TIME                             DATE
    TIMESTAMP                             VARCHAR2(19)
    STATUS                              VARCHAR2(7)
    TEMPORARY                             VARCHAR2(1)
    GENERATED                             VARCHAR2(1)
    SECONDARY                             VARCHAR2(1)
    NAMESPACE                             NUMBER
    EDITION_NAME                             VARCHAR2(30)LAST_DDL_TIME can be utilized

  • How to add get the field name for a newly added site column.

    I have the following:-
    Enterprise wiki site collection inside SharePoint server 2013.
    I added a new site column of type managed metadata.
    I opened the enterprisewiki.aspx page layout using the SP designer, to add the newly added site column to it.
    But I have noted that to add any site column I need to know the field name , for example the default wiki category column is referenced inside the page layout as follow:-
    <Taxonomy:TaxonomyFieldControl FieldName="Wiki_x0020_Page_x0020_Categories" EmptyValueDescriptionForTargetTemplate="<%$Resources:cms,enterwiki_nocategories_assigned%>" DisableInputFieldLabel="true" runat="server"/>
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    The “FieldName” should be the internal name of the column, you will find it at the address bar at the “Site Columns”->”Edit Column” page:
    Best regards,
    Patrick Liang
    TechNet Community Support

  • How to get error's field name when execute sql error

    I want to get the error's field name when execute sql error,but SQLException is not provide corresponding function to get it.
    How can I do for it?

    I believe the "unique constraint" error message displays the name of the constraint, not the column name, as you have posted.
    As far as I know, the only way to extract the column(s) would be to query the data dictionary using the constraint name provided in the error message.
    Also, as far as I know, there is nothing in the JDBC API that can return the names of the columns associated with a given unique constraint.
    Good Luck,

  • How to rename the column field names

    hello guys,
    i am retrieving my field names from the database and i view it thru HTML.
    When i view it,the column names are those which are given while creating tables.
    i want it as First Name,Last Name,Phone Number etc ...<%
    try {
         stmt = con.createStatement();
         sql="SELECT fname, lname, gender, email,phnum,sartweblink, sartaddress1, sartaddress2,sartcounty, country,sartpostcode,dob FROM Artist where artistid='" + sartid + "'";
         int colcount=rsmd.getColumnCount();
              <tr><td width="200"><FONT face=verdana size=2><%= rsmd.getColumnName(i)%>
    %>               </FONT>
        <font face=verdana size=2>
          <% while(
          %>i make use of metadata..
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    thanks in advance

    why not use alias:
    your query is
    SELECT fname, lname, gender, email
    and will be:

  • How to know the workflow object name assigned to a Transaction code

    Hi Friends,
    There is one workflow object assigned to one transaction code VKM1. How can i know the workflow object name assigned to that particular transaction. Can anybody help me?

    Please check t.code PPOMW
    Thanks & Regards

  • How can i read the field name in the internal table

    Hi friends
    i want to read the internal table filed name.
    my requirement is like this:
    data: begin of t_header occurs 0,
          end of t_header.
    loop at t_header.
    if the field name is priority i want to write some other
    logic here.....
    Please tell me how can i do this.

    data: wf_fld_cat type slis_t_fieldcat_alv .
    data: wf_repid like sy-repid .
    data: int_tab_name type slis_tabname .
    move: sy-repid to wf_repid  ,
            'INT_OUTPUT' to int_tab_name .
      call function 'REUSE_ALV_FIELDCATALOG_MERGE'
         i_program_name              = wf_repid
         i_internal_tabname          = int_tab_name
      I_STRUCTURE_NAME             =
      I_CLIENT_NEVER_DISPLAY       = 'X'
        i_inclname                   = wf_repid
        i_bypassing_buffer           = 'X'
      I_BUFFER_ACTIVE              =
          ct_fieldcat                  = wf_fld_cat[]
         inconsistent_interface       = 1
         program_error                = 2
         others                       = 3
      if sy-subrc <> 0.
    wf_fld_cat[] will hold the itab definition.

  • Quick Viewer SQVI: how to switch to Technical Field Names on select screen?

    Hi all,
    I have created in SQ01 a Quick view and want to see the technical field names (and not the descriptions) on the selection screen.
    In SE16 in the selection screen you go to
    -> Settings
    -> User parameters
    unter 'keywords' you find FIELD NAME / LABEL and you can choose.
    But in SQVI there is not that option.
    Only in the creation of the query you can 'switch between techniucal name and long text'.
    However if you execute and come to the selection screen then there is only the long text....
    Who knows????
    Thanks in advance,

    I also tried with different options but it looks like SAP does not have option to display technical fields in output, however we can see technical names while creating query.

  • How to automatically rename duplicate field names?

    I'm trying to merge mutiple PDF files into one but some PDF files have duplicate field names. Is there a way that Acrobat can automatically rename those duplicate field names so that they remain unique during merging?

    Ok I found it :-) how to create a template thx ++
    I used that JS script with it (with my template name) :
    var expTplt = getTemplate("ajout_suivi_therap");
    This works perfectly (new page under the last one, new names for fields) when I test it on my acrobat 8, but it doesn't work anymore on reader 9. Here is (in french !) the error message I have from the console :
    NotAllowedError: Les paramètres de protection interdisent l'accès à cette propriété ou à cette méthode.
    Template.spawn:2:Field Ajouter_page:Mouse Down
    If I try a translation of it :
    NotAllowedError : Security settings prohibit access to this property or method.
    Template.spawn :2:Field Ajouter_page:Mouse Down
    Do you have an idea ?
    Do I have to activate an option when saving the file ?
    Thx !!

  • How do know open quantity  for a  sales order  (patially  delivered)

    Hi  Gurus,
    I have requirement to  know  open quantity for  sales order and it was partially delivered.
    Any table  to know partially delivered qty of a material for a  sales order.

    Check This Table  VBBE for open order quantity
    You can find open Qty like this
    Open Qty  = Delivery Qty (LIPS-LFIMG) - Order Qty (VBAP-KWMENG)

  • How to dynamicly create a field name AND access it

    I am trying to build a code block that will access what amounts to a table structure inside a table. I have 38 occurances if a set of 3 fields. (Source system had an internal array/occurs clause that was converted for our ODS into individual fields) I am returning a single row as a row type and have addressability to all fields. What I am trying to avoid is coding my logic block 38 times, 1 for each occurance.
    FOR X IN 1 .. 38 LOOP
    V_CAT_CD_X := 'CAT_'||X||'_CD';
    End Loop;
    The following is the display of the correctly built field:
    --> Loop Cat CD: CAT_1_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:1
    --> Loop Cat CD: CAT_2_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:2
    --> Loop Cat CD: CAT_3_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:3
    --> Loop Cat CD: CAT_4_CD Rec count:1 Loop counter:4
    My problem is that my row cursor PP1 is addressable hardcoding PP1.CAT_1_CD or PP1.CAT_2_CD ect, however I am having problems using my created string to access the field.
    What do I need to do to gain accessability via this method?
    I do have the ability to select the column names from the system tables but even then, I am lacking addressability to my ROW type using the selected field name.

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for:
    SQL> ed
    Wrote file afiedt.buf
      1  declare
      2  my_cur SYS_REFCURSOR;
      3  v_rec mytest%rowtype;
      4  cursor c1 is select column_name from all_tab_cols where table_name = 'MYTEST';
      5  v_sql_stmt VARCHAR2(1000) := NULL;
      6  BEGIN
      7  v_sql_stmt := 'SELECT ';
      8  FOR I IN c1 LOOP
      9  v_sql_stmt := v_sql_stmt||I.column_name||',';
    10  end loop;
    11  v_sql_stmt := RTRIM(v_sql_stmt,',');
    12  v_sql_stmt := v_sql_stmt||' FROM mytest';
    13  open my_cur for v_sql_stmt;
    14  LOOP
    15  FETCH my_cur INTO v_rec;
    16  EXIT WHEN my_cur%NOTFOUND;
    17  dbms_output.put_line(v_rec.a);
    18  END LOOP;
    19 close my_cur;
    20* end;
    SQL> /
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    SQL> Edited by: AP on Nov 17, 2010 5:29 AM

  • How to know the all user name from system/system login

    hi all,
    i want to know the all user names from system login who are the existing user like

    Using DBA_USERS will give more details
    select * from dba_users;Regards

  • How to know querry level fields from which tables in the source system

    Hi Experts,
    let's say we've two fields in the querry e.g: Actual GI Quantity, Actual Value of GI
    This fields from PP Querris level how would i know from which table we're getting data is there any easy process to find out please drop your suggestions..
    Next doubt is when generate querry e.g. PM Module we don't know exatly what're the available tables & fields technical names but in my currently project using SAP Delivered Infocubes & Querries at the moment  & generating querries but when we test in the Portal it's shows some fields '0', X. I've to check in source system weather it's having any values or not.
    Can anybody drops your valuable words

    Hi all,
    I'm a colleague of Maarten, and I think maybe we didn't explain well enough what we want. So let me try to elaborate:
    We want to obtain the reference (within the SOAP-Body of the XI-message) to the attachment which contains the main payload (at least, in XI itself). This reference seems to have gone missing, once our adapter module (after having gone through XI) is entered (and, by the way, before we enter the SOAP-receiver-adapter).
    The JAVA-representation of the XI-message seems to hide the fact that in XI itself, the main payload is an attachment, referenced from within the SOAP-Body.
    Nevertheless, we would like to obtain/retain(?) that reference, in order to put it in our own to-be-created-additional-attachment, which would go (via the PayloadSwapBean-module of SAP) into the SOAP-body of the final SOAP-call, and should then reference the 'new attachment' (which was (in XI itself) the main payload).
    So, I think both answers (up to now) don't help us much (however: thanks for your reaction anyway of course).
    So, maybe someone has another idea?
    Regards, Fred

  • How to know primary key column name form a table name in sql query

    Suppose I only know the table name. How to get its primary key column name from the table name?

    Views don't have primary keys though their underlying tables might. You'd need to pick apart the view to determine where it's columns are coming from.
    You can select the text of the view in question from user_views.

Maybe you are looking for

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