How to know Sales Organization and distribution channel for a material

How to know Sales Organization and distribution channel for a created material

For a single material means u can go mm03 7 select the material number 7 select the sales views then press f4 the details u can see.
For any number of materials u can go to se11 & give table name MVKE then select the required parameters & execute.

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  • Get plant from sales org and distribution channel

    Hi expert,
    how to get default delivery plant from sales organization and distribution

    thanks for your quick reply,
    i saw table tvkov which has field vkorg,vtweg
    but in tvko i found vkorg only .
    i don't get vtweg in tvko table,
    can u tell me which two condition i need to use ofr join,
    one is vkorg and the other one (?) i don't get it.

  • Can anybody tell me how to extract sales value and cost value for an materi

    dear all,
    Can anybody tell me how to extract sales value and cost value for an material sold .
    All the values of cost value and sale values are getting  stored in bseg-wrbtr field .
    How to identify them uniquely.
    Or there is another way to find the sale and cost values.

    Hi Mave!
    Normally there is no condition change, when something is sold.
    But sales price depends on sales conditions (not only price, but also surcharges, discounts, taxes - if customized).
    Nevertheless, after selling you have a invoice document, where correct values <i>should</i> be stored (see VBRP fields mentioned above). If here is a problem, then customizing of price determination is in question, not a programming of user-exits with MARD selection for costs (or some other tries to get a price).
    When you specify your requirements more in detail, you might get better answers - but currently only general hints are possible ('see in invioce / G/L accounts').

  • Assignment of plant to sales organisation and distribution channel

    What is the use of assignment of plant to sales organisation and distribution channel.

    Hi Kuntla,
    Please don't get offended. Your explanation is purely irrelevant. If I don't want to record from which plant the material has been sent and hence if I don't make the delivering plant assignment - what will be result. Can I create the sales order and make delivery. Is it possible. This  is one of the important assignments in SD configuration. I don't find fault in posting your reply. It is only for your response to others' replies to the thread. You can do this to their personal mail ids. Otherwise this will become a practice in this forum. Please take this in a positive angle.

  • BAPI to get customers filtered by sales org and distribution channel

    Hi there,
    I'm writing a little portal web-app on an MS platform to allow externals to place orders directly.  I have a problem that I need to get a list of customers (for ship-to) that is filtered by the same sales org and dist chan as my sold-to company and BAPI_CUSTOMER_GETLIST doesn't return this info for filtering.  What options do I have?
    Many thanks,

    Create custom RFC function module.
    Use table KNVV to get your customer list based on sales org. & distribution channel.

  • How to know the printprogram and output type for perticular standard script

    how to know the print program and output type for perticular standard script and wt the proceure we will fallow to modifie the standard script..if possible u have any sample code plz share with me.....

    Hi Phani,
    To know the print program and output type for a standard script we have a table called TNAPR. So just you go to SE11 and provide the table name as TNAPR and choose display option.Then go with display entries option and in selection screen you have to provide the form name for whic you want to know the print program and output type.
    To modify a standard script first of all you have to copy the standard form for which you need modifications into Zform. Once you done this you can modify the layout set as per your requirement.Then what ever the modifications you have done in layout set for that you need to populate the data.For this you also need to do some modifications to the print you have to options like directly you can modify the print program as per your requirement and other one is you can create a subroutine and do coding in that subroutine. Then you need call this subroutine in the Script this you can do modifications to the standard script........................... Reward me if its helpful..........
    Thanks & Regards.

  • How to findout Class type and Class name for a Material

    Hi all,
    How can we findout the Class name and Classtype assigned to a material. ( Varaint Classification for a material)
    MM03-> enterial Materil->Classification Tab

    check the tables AUSP
    check the below link
    Material Chassifications
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  • How to link Sales Order and WIP job for non-ATO items

    Hello All,
    My client's requirement is to link an Sales Order with a WIP Job as soon as it is booked.
    It is for FG and for a non-ATO item.
    The process should be to have SO booked and then it should raise a WIP job based on it if there ar no inventory stocks.
    Thanks in advance.

    You will have to write an extensive customization that will work similar to planning engine.
    It will have to look at order quantity and then look at onhand, reserved onhand, min-max quantities, safety stocks, move orders etc etc and then create a job if necessary.
    Are you sure you want to do it this way?
    Hope this helps
    Sandeep Gandhi
    Omkar Technologies Inc.
    Independent Techno-functional Consultant

  • Product is not valid for Sales org and distribution chain

    Hello friends,
    When i am saving the trade promotions , i am getting error message
    "Product XXXX is not valid for distribution chain XXXX, XXXX"
    I have maintained sales organization and distribution channel in commpr01 under sales and distribution tab.
    kindly help.

    Hi Srinivas,
    the error is raised from the trade promotion CCA check - raised from method CL_CRM_MKTGS_PD_CCA_CHECK_HDLR~CHECK. There are the following checks performed:
    * There are several checks to do based on the distribtion chain
    * Execute the checks and identify which products fail which check
    1. *   Determine if the product passes the distribution chain check
    2. *   Determine if the product category 1 of the product assignment
       *   passes the product category check
    3. *   Determine if the product category 2 of the product assignment
       *   passes the product category check
    4. *   Determine if the product group of the product assignment
       *   passes the product group check
    5. *   Determine if the sales status of the product is set to blocked
    You may also need to check the sales and distribution data of the product category or product group of the mentioned product, if this is assigned to any.
    best regards,

  • How to restrict sales group and sales office in va01?

    in transaction "va01" ,I want to restrict "sales group" and "sales office", but there is no
    relative authorization object. I create a role named "z1000test001" with va01 , there are only "division","sales organization"
    and "distribution channel" which could be restricted.
    the authorization object with va01 is : V_VBAK_VKO.
    and I find another authorization:V_VBKA_VKO ,which contains:"sales group" and "sales office",
    but this one seems have no relationship with va01.
    Is there any method to restrict "sales group" and "sales office" in va01?
    Could anybody help me?

    This has been discussed before and there's a solution available.
    Have a look at this thread: Authorization for Sales Office and Sales Group

  • Plant assigned to sales org and dist channel

    Hi All,
    Can we have multiple plants assigned to a given sales organization and distribution channel?

    Hi Rakesh
    u can assign multiple plants to a given sales organization and distribution channel

  • Palnt assigned to sales org and dist channel

    Hi All,
    Can we have multiple plants assigned to a given sales organization and distribution channel?

    Hi Rakesh
    Yes you can certainly have multiple plants to one Sales Organization and Distribution Channel.
    To explain in brief, in one Sales Organization, you can have different categories of customers like OE Domestic, OE Export, Domestic Retail, Retail Exports etc.,
    For each and every customer, you would be despatching materials from various plants by consolidating the cargo.  Hence, you can have multiple plants for one customer which is nothing but one sales organization.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Need to add Loading Grp and Transportation Grp for a material

    Hi Friends,
    I want to add the loading grp and transportation grp for a material using transaction MM02 but I am unable to do so. Also would like to add a few more views like plant storage and accounting view for the same material using MM01 but I am unable to see these views in the selection box.
    Can anyone please tell me how can I do so.

    Goto OMS2 and then double click on the material type and now select the required views in User Departments Tab.
    To add loading group and transportation group you have to enter the Sales organization and distribution channel in MM02

  • How to authorization sales office and sales group in VA21 and VA01 t-code

    I need to authorization sales office and sales group in va21,va22,va23 and va01, va02, va03 to control users access the sales order.
    I found some articles how to resolve this problem.I have created new authorization object Z_VBAK_ VKO, and add these fields to the object: VKORG: Sales Organization, VTWEG:Distribution Channel, SPART: Division, VKBUR:Sales Office, VKGRP: Sales Group, AUART:Sales Document Type, ACTVT:Activity
    I have add the object Z_VBAK_VKO to va01, va02, va03 in SU24 translation.
    I test the authorization , but fail, va01 and va02 do not check the authorization.
    Why? what can i do? please help me .

    Dear Wu
    I think you are using the concept of Master Roles and Derived Roles.If ur using then create a master role and derived role for the authorisation group you want. And in the derived role assign the specifics to the respective logins ID. If you want to attach the authorisation to the T-Codes Va01 or VA21 etc then you have to use Exit.
    Correct me if i am wrong.

  • Reg  fbl5n   sales orgnization wise & distribution channel wise balence

    we are using ECC 6.
    our SD persons required sales organization wise& distribution channel wise balence in FBL5N.
    the total list is available. sales organization wise and distribution wise not available.
    how i can solve the problem
    sambasivarao ch

    Either you can generate based on the number range / Reconciliation Account through dynamic selection (if the account group for customer codes is defined at distribution channel level logic).
    Otherwise, you are required to use any one of the following fields in the customer master creation :-
    Industry / Search Term /Accounting Clerk etc. with a identification of the required combination.
    Hope this will meet your requirement

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