How to launching a perl script by the "begin" script of a jumpstart

Hi all,
i have an urgent pb with my solaris jumpstart, let me explain to you :
i want that the begin script launch some perl script, but i have a problem
here is my "begin" script:
echo "Begining ISO FLAR based jumpstart."
echo ""
echo "Starting Ullink Configuration"
env > /tmp/env
/bin/sh << EOF
/usr/bin/perl /cdrom/.archives/admin-scripts/
EOFmy perl script use a STDIN
with this configuration, the perl script is launching but it runs in a loop indefinitely with an error "use of uninitialized value", because (i think) a value is return to the begin scritp and not to the perl script.
well, on a pre-installed solaris, if a launch the begin script, it happens the same thing, it runs in a loop, BUT if i comment the line "/bin/sh <<EOF" and "EOF", it works.
at this step, i say "ok it's cool my script is working", but when i use it during the jumpstart instalaltion, the perl script does not start, without any particular error.
here is my perl script, if you want to test :
#!/usr/bin/perl -w^M
# Set Hostname for Ullink Jumpstart^M
use strict;^M
sub hit_enter {^M
    print "Hit enter to continue\n";^M
    print "\033[2J";^M
sub get_hostname {^M
    my %towns_list = (^M
        'Paris' => 'PA',^M
        'New-York' => 'NY',^M
    my %sites_list = (^M
        'Office' => 'OFC',^M
        'Redbus' => 'RED',^M
        'Telehouse' => 'TLH',^M
        'DTC' => 'DTC',^M
        'iAdvantage' => 'IAD',^M
        'Nutley' => 'NUT',^M
        'Level3' => 'LV3',^M
        'Equinix' => 'EQX',^M
        'Tata' => 'TAT',^M
        'Switch-data' => 'SWI',^M
    my %usage_list = (^M
        'Production' => 'PRD',^M
        'UAT' => 'UAT',^M
        'DMZ' => 'DMZ',^M
    sub select_list {^M
        my $counter=-1;^M
        my %hash_list = @_;^M
        my @keys = keys %hash_list;^M
        # Clear screen^M
        print "\033[2J";^M
        print "In which country this machine is hosted or will be host and will be used ?\n\n";^M
        # Get all keys from hash^M
        my $key;
        while ($key = each %hash_list ) {^M
            print "$counter - $key\n";^M
        print "\nChoose the number corresponding to your choice :\n";^M
        my $choice_number;
        chomp ($choice_number = <STDIN>);^M
        # Verify answer^M
        if (($choice_number =~ /\d+/) and ($choice_number <= $counter)) {^M
            # Add choice to chosen hostname^M
            my $chosen=$hash_list{$keys[$choice_number]};^M
            return $chosen;^M
        } else {^M
            print "\nYour answer is not correct, you need to enter a number between 0 and $counter\n";^M
    sub srv_number {^M
        print "\033[2J";^M
        print "What is the server number ?\n";^M
        my $server_number;
        chomp ($server_number = <STDIN>);^M
        if ($server_number =~ /\d+/) {^M
            return $server_number;^M
        } else {^M
            print "\nYour answer is not correct, you need to enter a number\n";^M
    my $full_hostname = &select_list(%towns_list).'-';^M
    $full_hostname = $full_hostname.&select_list(%sites_list).'-';^M
    $full_hostname = $full_hostname.'SRV-';^M
    $full_hostname = $full_hostname.&select_list(%usage_list).'-';^M
    $full_hostname = $full_hostname.&srv_number;^M
    sub write_hostname2tmp {^M
        open (HOSTNAME, ">/tmp/set_hostname") or warn "Couldn't write $_[0] to temp file : $!\n";^M
            print HOSTNAME "$_[0]\n";^M
        close (HOSTNAME);^M
    print "\033[2J";^M
    print "Is $full_hostname the correct name for this server ? (y/n)\n";^M
    if (<STDIN> =~ /y|yes/i) {^M
    } else {^M
        print "Would you like to retry (r) or set manually the hostname (s) ? (r/s)\n";^M
        if (<STDIN> =~ /s/i) {^M
            print "Type the full required name and hit enter when finished :\n";^M
            chomp ($full_hostname = <STDIN>);^M
        } else {^M
# Start configuration^M
print "\033[2J";^M
print "\n########################################################\n";^M
print "#\t\t\t\t\t\t       #\n";^M
print "#\t\t\tULLINK\t\t\t       #\n";^M
print '#  Solaris Environnement Installation for Datacenters  #';^M
print "\n#\t\t\t\t\t\t       #";^M
print "\n########################################################\n\n";^M
print "Before starting installation, you need to enter a set of informations.\n(answer to all questions, you can Ctrl+C to stop now)\n\n";^M
&get_hostname;^Mthank for your help
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Hi Manju,
You can try the following command and check if any helps:
Get-Exchangeserver |where-object{$_.AdminDisplayVersion -like "Version 15*"} |Get-MailboxStatistics | Ft -auto -wrap DisplayName,database,servername,*size*,*time*
Best regards,
Niko Cheng
TechNet Community Support

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    Message was edited by: Jan Voortwist

    {quote:title=Jan Voortwist wrote:}
    Maybe a stupid question,{quote}
    On the contrary ...!
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    1 - Do you have a region that starts at the very beginning of the Track? Say bar 1?
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    Message Edited by noxus on 11-14-2006 08:07 AM

    I programmed a small example.
    If you have further questions do not hesitate to come back...
    (Additonally I added the screenshot in term of that you do not have LV 8.20)
    Attachments: ‏12 KB

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    If this helped you resolve your issue, please mark it Answered

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    Hope this helps.

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    chances are they are from a fade.  have you zoomed in really really close and checked if there is a small fade in or fade out?  happens to me all the time, and with the fade out, you can't do anything to fix it (that I've found) except replacing the clip from your Browser.  See my similar question here:
    Hope that helps.

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    Sorry but your video does not seem to play.
    I was going to suggest, that what you want to do is actually very easy. If you have already created the TTS audio file and have it on the slide, just drag the audio file to the right on the timeline for a second or two. That will delay the start of the audio just the same way it does for any other object you want to appear at a given point.

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    Alternatively, is there a way to re-order the sequence of the triggers/ images on the page?

    You can add the new image and after that select the trigger and Drag it to the left of the first image.
    Please refer to the video :

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