How to make a track as your ringtone in iPhone

How to get my favourite track as ringtone

There's an app for that.  Actually there's a bunch of apps for just that. Some are free others aren't.
Or just google 'creat ringtone iphone' and you'll get many different options.

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    enable logging on the server

  • I just got logic and need help i dont know how to make a track at all

    i just got logic and need help i dont know how to make a track at all

    Pancenter wrote:
    There was a time not too long ago when people respected the incredible amount of talent that contributed to this software...Everyone -wanted- to learn about the craft and "art" that goes into being a good engineer, musician, producer...etc.      
    Beginner's did enough reading and experimentation to at the very least, ask an intelligent question.
    Hey Pancenter there are still lots of us about.
    I wouldn't take the original post too seriously - I may of course be naive but it sounds like it could be a troll to me!
    I learn a lot from reading the posts of the likes of you, Erik, Bee Jay, sampleconstruct, noeqplease etc so I hope you guys don't become too dispondent when you see posts like these.
    By the same token, I hope the Logic team continue to use their talents to develop powerful software that caters for the professional user, while allowing Garageband to continue to do its (excellent) job of providing for its market.

  • How to make timecode track in transcoded file match original

    Using Compressor 4.1.3, when I make an H264 QT from a DNX36 QT, the timecode track does not replicate properly.  The first frame of timecode repeats for a frame which makes every frame after that read as one frame earlier than it is in the original file.
    For example, the first frame of the original file is 01:00:00:00.  In the H264, the 1st and 2nd frames are 01:00:00:00, and the 3rd frame is 01:00:00:01.  The 3rd frame should be 01:00:00:02.
    The DNX36 is a QT Reference movie exported from Avid MC  I am reading the timecode on the QuickTimes using QuickTime Player 7.6.6. This works correctly with Mac OS 10.7.5 and Compressor 3.5.3.
    The system I'm having the trouble on is Mac OS 10.9.4, Compressor 4.1.3
    Any ideas on how to make the timecode track of the transcoded file match the original?

    I'm not sure what you are getting at. Is a string child the contents of a node treated as text?
    If you are trying to match a child node regardless of case I doubt this is possible as the XML standard says an XML document is case sensitive so if your parser ignored case it would not be XML complient.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to make Different Tracks in a Recording

    HI there ...
    I'm just starting to make my way around GarageBand ...
    I have to do a recording tomorrow ... its an audition for a pianist. He's going to have to play some solos, scales etc ... all told it will be about an hour and a half of recording or more ...
    What I need to know is ..... Every part of the audition has to end up as a different track on the cd I make of it. For example the ten scales has to play would each be a track number ... his solo piece another number and so on.
    How do I mark tracks on the recording? Also ... if I set up the recording and just press record every time he plays ..... am I going to have enough space in the one project to record everything? I thought I read somewhere that garageband has a limit on the number of bars that it can record.
    Thanks so much for any help .......

    I just looked at Amadeus Pro on the web .... Does it do recording too?
    How many tracks can it do ....
    I don't think it's actually specified, but lots. (Actually I don't think this is what you are talkin aboujt, it can do numerous simultaneous tracks for mixing down: but yes, you can split a single recording into separate ones.)
    If I record on GarageBand ... can I use Amadeus to
    edit the GarageBand file? ...
    Yes - first export to iTunes then drag the file from iTunes to the desktop and then drag that to the Amadeus Pro icon in the dock.
    .... Cut sections out ... Mark tracks .... and burn a
    CD? ....
    Yes, yes and yes. The program is still in beta and I haven't actually tried the CD burning facility, but in any case you can burn audio CDs from iTunes.

  • How to make a disk of your iPhoto pictures ?

    how do you make a cd of your iphotos?

    For what?
    To share with other people, wo don't use iPhoto?
    File -> Export to a folder on the desktop. Burn that to disk with the Finder's Burn command.
    Do they use the same version of iPhoto as you?
    Share -> Burn

  • How to set my music as a ringtone on iPhone 6

    I Can't find it anywhere I checked my dads iPhone 5 and there it is, in sounds but seems to me iphone 6 im not finding it

    See here:
    How To Create Ringtone for iPhone on iTunes 10
    Best wishes
    John M

  • How to make a track your iPhone ringtone?

    Using the Apple iPhone 3G and iTunes 8, how does one set or create a track to become your choice iPhone ringtone?
    Paul hone-ringtones/

  • How to make a backup of your stuff? and Command+tab question

    First of all, is there an alternative to using a different Command+tab button? OR the F3 button to switch between windows? A lot of times I have more than ONE safari window open and I want to Command tab but Command+tab won't show the OTHER safari sites open. I use the F3 button also but is there another way to ALT+tab to DIFFERENT safari/firefox windows like on the Windows OS?
    I was just wondering if IN TIME, Mac's will start running slower (like PC's) as you put more programs in. I know from experience, even by just staying on trusted sites, in about 2+ years your windows vista/7 will be a little slower. How do I reformat a Mac (factory reset) and besides backing everything up on a DVD, is there a way to backup my files?
    Sorry for these nub questions, I only had this for like a month xD

    Welcome to the Mac world!
    Mac OS let's you fully customize the keystrokes which you can quickly move between the windows you want. You will find these settings under System Preferences and Expose & Spaces under the personal area.
    When you are in here, you can assign a different keys, or secondary key, to active the show all windows (what you are currently using as F3). Under the All Windows selection, you will see the default set to F3. Here you can change it if you would like, say assigning the right or left shift key to open the show all windows feature. In the box to the right which should be empty, you can even assign extra mouse keys (assuming you use an external mouse) to do the exact same thing, which I find makes your work-flow much easier. Play around with the mouse settings to get what you like (I use my mouse to show all windows when I press the scroll wheel). Hopefully this will be a sufficient solution to your needs. Have a look here for more keyboard shortcuts:
    Regarding your second question, you will find that Mac's do not fall failure to the typical 'OS rot' that you see when using Windows in just a short year or two. The same goes for keeping your computer on for long periods. Where Windows will be noticeably sluggish after even a day or two of continuous use, Mac's can have an uptime of weeks without a drop in performance (a buddy of mine usually only restarts once a month unless the power flashes). You will likely only need to re-install the OS if something happens to the computer and it no longer functions properly. In this case, I recommend using Apple's build in Time Machine application ( however you will require an external hard drive. Time Machine takes a backup of your computer whenever you ask it and if you have to re-install the OS, it will restore everything to it's previous state.
    Hope this helps!

  • How to make free space on your start up disk

    I'm experiencing some problems with my MacBook Pro. Everytime I'm trying to save something or downloading something, it say my start up disk is almost full. And sometimes it tells me I have to quit applications to make space.
    How can I make free space, I mean, I can't have used all the memory on my computer already, I've only had it for a year. I'm guessing I've got a file that's taking up a lot of space. How can I identify it? And how can I make free space on my start up disk?
    Thanks for the help,

    Download and use either WhatSize or Omni Disk Sweeper to see what files are filling your drive. Trash them if you don't need them.

  • How to make arched tracks?

    I'm building Led boards for power leds mounted on a circular board.
    To go from one led's connection (series connection) to another one, I'd like to use circular (arched)  tracks...
    using the normal 0° / 45° / 90° tracks looks quite messy, and makes me loose valuable cooling space..
    Does anyone know a good ad simple trick to do so?
    Best regards
    Go to Solution.

    Hi Johan,
    I don't know of a way to make perfect spirals in Ultiboard, but you can use the arc tool. The arc tool continues drawing from the end point of the last arc if you don't leave arc drawing mode. This makes it easy to make spirals by attaching cirular arcs of increasing diameter. I suggest the following:
    Figure out the width and pitch of the spiral you are drawing
    Set the grid to cartesian with grid size of the pitch of your spiral
    Activate the copper layer to place the spiral on
    Select the arc tool
    Change the copper width to the width of your spiral
    Start placing copper, each end point of each arc should be directly opposite to the previous point
     I am afraid I may not be very clear. Here's an attachment that shows what I mean. It should work in Ultiboard 10.1.1.
    Hope that helps.
    Software Developer
    National Instruments - Electronics Workbench Group
    spiral.ewprj ‏9 KB

  • How do you manage tracks on your iPod using iTunes 7 ?

    Hi - On iTunes 7 what would be the best way to manage tracks / albums on my iPod.. It was so easy before but so complicated now, when I connect my iPod, iTunes just comes up with some sort of summary page. I can Sync but I can’t see any way of bringing up all the tracks on my iPod, then manually adding or deleting the tracks. I don’t wish to keep all of the tunes on my iPod but would like to keep some of them in my Library. I don’t want to delete tracks in my Library then sync but this seems like the only option?
    Thanks for any help!

    I have just found out how to do this:
    Connect your iPod:
    Under DEVICES you will see an arrow (on the left hand side, next to your IPod. If you are unable to display your songs the arrow will be pointing to the right. By clicking on this arrow it will point down, all of your songs will appear. Under Preferences uncheck Auto Sync then you can manually add / delete.

  • How to make audio track respond to timeline

    I'm starting a project and need the ability to control the speed of an audio file playback using the timeline.
    There are specific events that happen at certain times in the song, and i need the ability to scrub forward and backward on the timeline, including the audio. is this possible?
    I have a mechanism to scrub through the timeline of a symbol, but i can't get it to recognize the audio track.
    I use this code on the stage in a "composition ready"
    var symDur = sym.getSymbol("timelinePlay").getDuration(); // Get the timeline length of timelinePlay. We'll reference this later in the code. var mySymbol = sym.getSymbol("timelinePlay"); // Get the symbol timelinePlay. We'll reference this later in the code. var scrubber = sym.$("scrubber"); // Touch this to scrub the timeline of timelinePlay var bar = sym.$("bar"); // Bar the scrubber follows sym.$("mobileHit").hide(); // Added an extra invisible div to increase the hit region for mobile (hard to grab otherwise) var dragme = false; // Set the initial dragme function to false // Detect if mobile device, and if so swap out mouse events for touch events. This is pretty much duplicated code with touch events swapped. if (/Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry/i.test(navigator.userAgent)) {     sym.$("mobileHit").show(); // Show the extra invisible div to increase the hit region for mobile (hard to grab otherwise)     $(function () {         scrubber.bind("touchstart", function (e) { // Enable the scrubber on touchstart             e.preventDefault(); // Cancels the default action of the mobile device - used to ensure our touch events are fired             dragme = true;         });         scrubber.bind("touchend", function () { // Disable the scrubber on touchend             e.preventDefault();             dragme = false;         });         scrubber.bind("touchmove", function (e) { // Make the magic happen on touchmove             if (dragme) {                 var touch = e.originalEvent.touches[0];                 var possibleX = touch.pageX;                 var leftX = bar.offset().left;                 var rightX = (leftX + bar.width()) - scrubber.width();                 var scrubWidth = rightX - leftX;   // Confine the scrubber to the width of the bar                 if (possibleX < leftX) {                     possibleX = leftX;                 }                 if (possibleX > rightX) {                     possibleX = rightX;                 }                 scrubber.offset({                     left: possibleX                 });                 var relativeX = possibleX - leftX;                 var stopTimeline = Math.ceil((relativeX / scrubWidth) * symDur); // Make the scrubber scrub the timeline length of timelinePlay                 mySymbol.stop(stopTimeline); // Stop the timeline of timelinePlay when the scrubber is released             }         });     }) } else $(function () {     scrubber.mousedown(function () { // Enable the scrubber on mousedown         dragme = true     })     $(document).mouseup(function () { // Disable the scrubber on mouseup         dragme = false     })     $(document).mousemove(function (e) { // Make the magic happen on mousemove         if (dragme) {             var possibleX = e.pageX;             var leftX = bar.offset().left;             var rightX = (leftX + bar.width()) - scrubber.width();             var scrubWidth = rightX - leftX;             // Confine the scrubber to the width of the bar             if (possibleX < leftX) {                 possibleX = leftX;             }             if (possibleX > rightX) {                 possibleX = rightX;             }             scrubber.offset({                 left: possibleX             });             var relativeX = possibleX - leftX;             var stopTimeline = Math.ceil((relativeX / scrubWidth) * symDur); // Make the scrubber scrub the timeline length of timelinePlay             mySymbol.stop(stopTimeline); // Stop the timeline of timelinePlay when the scrubber is released         }     }) }) 
    and have an group called 'scrubber' that contains a div called 'dot' and a box called 'mobileHit.' There's a horizontal bar that's not included in the 'scrubber' div (representation of a timeline) called 'bar' on top of which the 'scrubber' sits.
    the whole contraption controls a symbol called "timelinePlay"
    If there's any way to get the audio included in the timeline and give me the ability to scrub through the timeline /and/ audio, (imagine manually fast forwarding and rewinding a VHS tape) that would be wonderful!!!


  • How to make various tracks distinctly visible in fcpx ?

    I have to remember what material I have put in which track.....Is there a way to create a visual difference by color or name or something that in you multi track project you can just know that in this layer are the NG takes....or in this are the safety shots or something like visually becomes confusing when project becomes big.Or like one compound clips is lying in which are all the 'might be used' shots.....can I label it in someway that I can recognize the clip among hundreds of them.....??

    Custom Roles (and Sub-Roles) -- I know it sounds like a pain in the you-know-where... but it can be a timesaver if you have the discipline to set them up.
    When you select the role/subrole you're working on, the clips "light up" and are easily distinguishable from all other clips on the storyline.
    Below I have "old edit" highlighted (and the "new edit" clip thumbnails are minimized [see the small icon on the right side of the column is selected:])
    And below the "new edit" role is selected lighting up the clip on the storyline.
    You can command click multiple roles/subroles to highlight different wider-scoped aspects of your project.
    You can also change Roles for clips once their status has changed. There are a variety of ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to customize the timeline index a little first. If you go to the Clips tab and right click on the column title bar, you can set what is shown:
    I have Position and Roles showing (I don't use notes ordinarily nor the Active Angle as I don't do a lot of multicam.)  From this pane, you can shift or command click any number of clips in your storyline then go to any one of the downward turned triangles in the Roles column and change the assigned role for all those clips simultaneously.
    There's no way (yet) to set the colors of clips, but you can do a lot of very sophisticated organizational things with Roles.

  • How to make a Track matte on a text layer??

    I have two text layers stacked one above the other. The top layer scales up and blows up to reveal the text layer down. I have tried to use the Text Layer above to the down below but it disappears and does not show any effect. The same effect shows up when I have a simple image and a text above it, as I watched a couple of tutorials on various on line resources, but does not show anything if the layer beneath is alos a text layer created in after effects.
    I know I am wrong somewhere.
    Please help me sir.

    I'm sorry, but I realyl can't picture what you are describing. Please provide screenshots of your timeline and the result and tell us more about what's involved. Generalyl it doesn't matter how you create such matte effects - they work wit hal layer types - but you may be using a specific effect, layer style or otehr feature that breaks this functionality and may requirte pre-composing or otehr techniques to compensate.

Maybe you are looking for