How to make an icon image using Photoshop

I found out how to do this recently so I decided that I wanted to make a tut for those who don't know how to make an icon image. This icon image is for the libraries tab on your computer. Under the libararies tab there is Music, Pictures, Documents, and Photos
First you will need the ICO (Icon image format) Format extension for photoshop which can be downloaded here:
The download link and tutorial on how to install it is all in the link above.
Once you have that all set you can now launch photoshop to create your icon image. Once you have launched it, create a new document with the size as in the image below.
Create the image you want. I used a simple one by using the custom shape tool by pressing "U" on your keyboard and with the
basic blending options.
The reason why the image is pixelated is because it is an icon image. Since the image is only 256x256 pixels when you zoom in on it that will get you the pixely result. The reason why I zoomed  in is so you can see it. But don't worry this is no the end result. Just continue reading and you will see.
So once you have created the icon go ahead and press
file>save as>(under format choose the ICO)>and choose the name that you want to name it. And save it in your C: drive. You will see why to save it in your C: drive in a sec.
So now that you have created the icon and saved it now you can create the new library.
Name the library whatever you want I named it "Sample" for tutorial purposes. Notice how it gives you a default boring icon image for your library.
So now once you have created and named your library now it is time to get the icon image into place.
Go to computer/c: Drive/users/YOU/ And now once you have reached this area you will need to access a hidden folder named "appdata" to do so press "Alt" then a menu bar will show. Click
tools>folder options>and view. Find the option to view hidden folders then press apply then ok. Now we shall continue so AppData>Roaming>Microsoft>Windows>Libraries
Now you should see all the libraries including the one you just created.
[IMG] inal[/IMG]
Once you have reached your destination then open a new text document with notepad and drag the library you just created in notepad. The result should look like this:
once you have reached this point click at the end of the second to last line down then press enter and enter in this information
<iconReference>c:\"NAME OF ICO FILE YOU CREATED IN PS".ico</iconReference>
[IMG] l[/IMG]
Once you have entered that information go to file>save and the icon image should appear on the library you created.
Now you are officially finished. Go and spread the news and joy. Bye for now

It is Windows only because all those screen shots are exclusively Windows, the file structure and paths do not resemble those of the Mac in the least.  As a Mac user, there's nothing I could take from your tutorial.  Sorry, 
No drives named with letters like C: on the Mac, for instance.  No backward slashes either, ever.  No such paths either.  No "Notepad" on the Mac, we use TextEdit; but such a text editor is not remotely needed on the Mac to make and/or edit icons.  Etc.
Those folders are not even called "Libraries" on the Mac…  Nothing resembling your tutorial at all.
The icons in the Finder's Sidebar are not customizable at all in recent version of OS X.
=  =  =
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    Edited by: 987672 on Feb 12, 2013 12:15 PM

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    Or would it take a team of government type experts ?
    Ian the Paranoid.

    I would say encrypted disks are a safe option.
    However, with the coming rise of quantum computers, in the wrong hands, encryption for the near future will be all but nullified.
    Some safe measures to take for making your computer safer include: Changing your router's password, enabling firewall, reverse firewall, FileVault (make sure you don't lose your paswords) Firmware password, encrypted mail service, (If available from your ISP).
    These are just some of the obvious. There's more and I haven't used them all. But, it just helps to be informed and work with what you can.

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    Do you want to know how to print US patent images using Safari? Read on.
    When you access the "images" link of a specific patent on the website using Safari, the page you are viewing is only one small upper left tile of a huge patent image that is not sized to the screen. You can scroll and try to read the page but it's almost impossible. Try to print it out and you only print what's on the screen. Bummer.
    The fix:
    Place the cursor on the opened image (it may appear blank), hold down the CONTROL key on you keyboard and click on the image. Two instructions come up. Click on the "Save Image to the Desktop" instruction and a DImg.tiff file will be created on your desktop. Click on the .tiff file and it should open in the Preview program, then simply print out the image. Voila!!!!
    Click the yellow arrow in the left margin to access page 2 of the patent and repeat the previous instructions to create another .tiff file on your destop. Do every page and you'll have the patent available to print out one page at a time.
    You can then rename the files and create a folder for that specific patent so you can access it later without signing onto uspto site.
    It's odd that the ever compatible Apple does not provide seamless compatibility to view and print patent images on the US Patent and Trademark Office's website. Where would they be without protecting their own intellectal property? Let's hope the next version of Quicktime includes the appropriate ITU T.6 or CCITT Group 4 (G4) compression language.
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