How To Make Android Icons in Photoshop

How To Make Android Icons in Photoshop for my web.

Hello, you will have the information of the size and specifications on

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  • How to make an icon image using Photoshop

    I found out how to do this recently so I decided that I wanted to make a tut for those who don't know how to make an icon image. This icon image is for the libraries tab on your computer. Under the libararies tab there is Music, Pictures, Documents, and Photos
    First you will need the ICO (Icon image format) Format extension for photoshop which can be downloaded here:
    The download link and tutorial on how to install it is all in the link above.
    Once you have that all set you can now launch photoshop to create your icon image. Once you have launched it, create a new document with the size as in the image below.
    Create the image you want. I used a simple one by using the custom shape tool by pressing "U" on your keyboard and with the
    basic blending options.
    The reason why the image is pixelated is because it is an icon image. Since the image is only 256x256 pixels when you zoom in on it that will get you the pixely result. The reason why I zoomed  in is so you can see it. But don't worry this is no the end result. Just continue reading and you will see.
    So once you have created the icon go ahead and press
    file>save as>(under format choose the ICO)>and choose the name that you want to name it. And save it in your C: drive. You will see why to save it in your C: drive in a sec.
    So now that you have created the icon and saved it now you can create the new library.
    Name the library whatever you want I named it "Sample" for tutorial purposes. Notice how it gives you a default boring icon image for your library.
    So now once you have created and named your library now it is time to get the icon image into place.
    Go to computer/c: Drive/users/YOU/ And now once you have reached this area you will need to access a hidden folder named "appdata" to do so press "Alt" then a menu bar will show. Click
    tools>folder options>and view. Find the option to view hidden folders then press apply then ok. Now we shall continue so AppData>Roaming>Microsoft>Windows>Libraries
    Now you should see all the libraries including the one you just created.
    [IMG] inal[/IMG]
    Once you have reached your destination then open a new text document with notepad and drag the library you just created in notepad. The result should look like this:
    once you have reached this point click at the end of the second to last line down then press enter and enter in this information
    <iconReference>c:\"NAME OF ICO FILE YOU CREATED IN PS".ico</iconReference>
    [IMG] l[/IMG]
    Once you have entered that information go to file>save and the icon image should appear on the library you created.
    Now you are officially finished. Go and spread the news and joy. Bye for now

    It is Windows only because all those screen shots are exclusively Windows, the file structure and paths do not resemble those of the Mac in the least.  As a Mac user, there's nothing I could take from your tutorial.  Sorry, 
    No drives named with letters like C: on the Mac, for instance.  No backward slashes either, ever.  No such paths either.  No "Notepad" on the Mac, we use TextEdit; but such a text editor is not remotely needed on the Mac to make and/or edit icons.  Etc.
    Those folders are not even called "Libraries" on the Mac…  Nothing resembling your tutorial at all.
    The icons in the Finder's Sidebar are not customizable at all in recent version of OS X.
    =  =  =
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  • How to make a template in Photoshop CS5?

    How to make a template in Photoshop CS5?

    That would probably depend on what you mean exactly.
    A template for what, which structure, …?

  • How to make this in Adobe Photoshop CS5? PLEASE Help!

    Hey guys, i reallllllllly  want to know how to make this image in adobe photoshop.... the cone around the forecast track. Can you guys please show me how to do this? Id greatly appreciate it!

    There's a lot implied here, but you're not going to get around having to do the following in general:
    Use an unmarked map as a background.
    Draw shapes on layer(s) above the background and make them partially transparent.
    Obviously the key is to draw shapes that express the "cone of uncertainty" exactly as you want it to look, and with a minimum of fuss.
    I'd suggest drawing shapes with Path tools, then filling the shapes, applying a stroke (for the edge border), and using masking to hide parts you don't want to show (or which overlap with the other parts you're drawing).
    Are you needing to do this over and over or just once?

  • How to make gif file in photoshop?

    hi there,
    I have online marketing site, I want to change my logo to dynamic using GIF file, after 1 sec it's will change to another picture.
    I draw 2 logo, but I don't know how to merge it into 1 file .gif in photoshop, i'm using photoshop CS5, can you help me out.
    Logo 1:
    Logo 2: I added my hotline on it.

    Hello there!
    To make a GIF in Photoshop, create a new document with a layer for each image you wish to use. Then you go Window > Timeline, which is where you create the frames for your GIF animation. To create frames, you select the option "New Frame" from the drop down menu available to the far right of the Timeline tab. For every frame you make, make sure to hide the layer(s)/image(s) you don't want seen by clicking on the eye next to the desired layer(s). Repeat the process until you create your desired timeline.
    Filters, effects, delays between frames, etc. can all be done during this process.
    Hope that helped!

  • How to make animated blood in Photoshop CS6?

    I am wondering how I can make animated blood using Photoshop CS6. I have looked for tutorials and can't find anything. I want to make a render look like it's crying blood, so the blood would be running down the cheeks and dripping off the chin. Please help!

    There isn't going to be really an automated way of doing this. Animation in Photoshop is very simple. You can basically animate just position and scale (also Layer Effects, but that generally isn't as helpful). You could, of course, hand animate this by drawing each individual frame like traditional animation. Each frame of animation would be a separate layer and you could animate the layer visibility. Or you could draw the last frame of blood flow on one layer and animate a mask that slowly reveals the blood trail.

  • Not clear how to make button iconic

    i am not clear how to make button in forms iconic and where that icons come.where i have to kept that specific icon.what is the path of the directory where to keep image

    Just to add a little on what Gerd said, for web deployed forms your icon files must be of type .gif
    You cannot have .ico files in web deployed forms
    For more information on Web deployed icons read [url]Webicons
    If you're using client/server technology, you also specify the UI_ICON registry and put your icons under that directory. In client server you can use .ico files

  • Does anybody know how to make a selection in Photoshop Elements 13 without having the width / height box drag from the cursor?

    I've recently upgraded from Photoshop Elements 10 to Photoshop Elements 13 and the selection tool dragging this little box behind it whenever I make a selection or move a selection is highly irritating. I tried to google for how to not have it shown and I read all the descriptions in the manual about selections, I found nothing.
    The following image is what I mean. I want to get rid of the box that says W: 98 px H: 69 px, is there any way to do that? I know I could get used to it but if there is any way to not have it, I would love to know about it.

    I have encountered this same problem.
    The only fix, and an unstable one at that, is to alternately pan the screen and then drag the text box such that as it moves to scroll off the screen it remains on the page.
    The reason this becomes unstable is that at higher zoom levels selecting this text box may also cause it to disappear completely from the page. At this point one has to zoom out find it and attempt to repeat this frustrating maneuver.
    In my experience this effect extends to changing pages and alternating levels of zoom.
    Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
    Windows XP
    8.5 x 11 Portrait
    Unfortunately there are bugs with the bug tracking form, so the write up submitted to Adobe was lost.
    "We're sorry, we encountered an error processing your request."

  • How To Make Translucent Text In Photoshop?

    Hi, I was wondering, how would I make translucent text like this: on top of an image In photoshop? I am a bit new so step by step instructions would be awesome. Thanks!
    EDIT: I just realized that this is probably not in the right section! SORRY!

    This is not the effect you show, although your example shows a mirror image of text. 
    There are a lot of stuff you can do with PS, and everyone at one time starts at zero.  But today there are lots of online tutorials and YouTube how to videos to guide you.  When stuck with specific questions here is the place to answer.  Setting down with a 1 through 30 steps is too time consuming.

  • How to make moving image in photoshop?

    Hello,guy's i am the webmaster of  my website i want to make images which move like ads in google.Tell How i can make that in photoshop

    Are you talking about an animated GIF or Flash ?  What version of Photoshop, and do you have other Adobe products? p-cs5/

  • How to make a gif using Photoshop

    i am getting problem in maing Gif Image in Photoshop 7.0 Actually i want to make a gif image for my Dad on Happy Fathers Day 2014

    you could try this: and/or How to Create an Animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop Elements

  • How to make the icons bigger in windows 8.1 64bit?

    i'm the new user of cs6.
    when I open the AI or photoshop, the icons are too small in left and right side.
    i tried to change the revolution but it still nothing change.
    anyone can help me?

    You are using a High Resolution display. Support for such displays are in Photoshop CC 2014 Windows where the UI size can be increased by 200%.
    As of now nothing can be done for CS6.

  • How to make iPhoto sing with Photoshop

    I'm having trouble getting iPhoto to recognize the edits I made Photoshop to RAW files. The photos are loaded into iPhoto and PS is set as the external editor. When I make the RAW adjustments, PS will save an XMP file in my library but the changes don't reflect in iPhoto. If I double click the image in iPhoto it will load the revised photo in Photoshop. Any ideas?

    Really you need to choose between Lightroom and iPhoto.
    They are both designed to manage your photos, and using more than one manager can cause confusion - especially when they are quite unaware of each other. By that I mean that LR has no understanding of the iPhoto Library and Photo can make no sense of the xmp files that LR produces.
    My 2 cents: Lightroom is a pro level app and much more powerful than iPhoto, especially when dealing with RAW files.
    There is a plug-in - - which facilitates moving processed pics from LR to iPhoto, for those occasions when you may need to do something in iPhoto.
    I don't want the photos to be copied to the lightroom library.
    You can set any folder to be the Library. You can decide where to store he files.
    I want Lightroom to reference the files in iPhoto.
    That’s just plain impossible.

  • How to make color consistent from Photoshop 5 to Photoshop 6?

    Hi, I recently upgraded from photoshop 5 to photoshop 6, and the colors printing out so differently.
    In phothsop 5, the color management setting was on Photoshop Manages color, Adobe RGB (1998) and Relative Colorimetric.
    But on 6, Adobe RGB (1998) under Printer Profile is missing.  How can I set up the color management so the colors print out consistent?
    Thank you.

    What printer? What profiles? What system? Sorry, but your post is not particularly useful. You have to be much more specific.

  • How to Make Editable Pdf from Photoshop

    I have more psd page design.  I want to make a editable pdf from Photoshop.
    Gurpreet Chauhan

    Please define "editable"? Do you mean "fillable", so that a person can easily type in the blanks? That doesn't seem the right job for Photoshop.

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