How to make best videos/audios for Creative Zen/Zen Vision W/Zen Vision M/Z

4Easysoft Creative Zen Video Converter is an all-in-one Video Converter for Creative Zen software with high output quality and powerful video editing functions, which can help all the zen users to make the best video/audio effect.
First of all, let’s make clear what kinds of videos/audios can get the best effect in the zen players.
MPEG, WMV, and AVI (MPEG-4 SP, DivX, Xvid), while MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 are supported, but must be transcoded with the included software.
MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, and Audible 2, 3, and 4 formats.
Video resolution: 320×240; Video Bitrate: 500 kbps; Audio Bitrate: between 96 to 128 kbps.
Then, let me show you how to make a full use of this powerful converter.
Preparation:Download and install 4Easysoft Creative Zen Video Converter
Step 1: Run this software and add video/audio files.
Step 2: Select output video format from the profile drop-down list.
Click the “Profile” button to select the output video format from the drop-down list button.
Step 3: Customize output settings.
Click “Settings” button in the output settings area, you are allowed to customize the output parameters, specify output folder and select output format.
Step 4: Start conversion
Click “Start” button on right bottom of the main interface, you can begin the conversion. All the tasks of conversion will be finished at fast speed and high output quality.
Tips on editing videos:
1: Capture your favorite picture.
Just click the “Snapshot” button to save your favorite image.
2: Merge videos into one file.
Just check the “merge into one file” option if you want to merge the selected contents into one file As default the merged file is named after the first selected file (either a title or a chapter)
3: Select preference
Click the “Preference” button and a dialog pops up, you can select the output destination, the Snapshot foler, the format of the snapshot image. You can also choose to shut down your computer or do nothing after your conversion. You can also select the CPU usage.
4: Trim video
You can get any clip of your video and put it on your zen.
5: Crop video
You can crop your video by selecting your video mode, setting crop values, or drag the frame.
Ok, just enjoy movies and music with your Creative Zen player now!
More useful tools:
MP4 Converter is a powerful MP4 Video Converter which is designed to convert almost any video formats to MPEG-4 standard formats; WMV Converter provides perfect solution to convert common video formats to WMV with the best quality of picture and sound; Apple TV Video Converter is the excellent Apple TV converter software to convert all video files such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, MOV, RM, ASF, 3GP, VOB, etc, to Apple TV movies.
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Just wanted to mention - I bought the IR Remote thinking to make the player useful without navigation keys. Now I feel like I wasted more money instead of shifting to some other player by some other company with better customer service.

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  • How I Make a Video Template for iMovie?

    I'm doing a weekly video blog and want to use a similar 7 second intro for each blog with very minor changes such as the title of the blog and issue number. At the moment, I have to build the intro video from scratch everytime a make a new video. This is really annoying as it takes a good 20 minutes to put the intro video together. What's the best way to get around this?
    This could all have been easily avoided if there where just a "save as" function in imovie which would allow me to open the INTRO VIDEO everytime I want to make a new video, build on that, and simply save everything as a new project. But I can't find anything that allows me to build on previous projects and save them as new ones, or even import the raw contents of other projects into new projects!
    Help please!!

    Make your 7 second template.
    Or pick a movie that already contains the seven second template.
    Then, in the Project Library View, select the movie, and click FILE/DUPLICATE.
    You now have a copy of the movie with the template. Give it a name, like TEMPLATE.
    Delete everything that is not part of the template.
    Now when you want to create a new project, select the template in the Project Library List and FILE/DUPLICATE (or right-click/Duplicate, and change the name to your project name.

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    Adobe Captivate 7 Project How to make Rollover cations, audio, and video work in HTML format?

    Honestly, I don't even know why this is an option. The conversion to Flash is completely unusable.
    I have exported some things to Flash, and since I program in Flash all the time I was able to manipulate to work to some degree. Most text captions are built with multiple elements and completely fall apart.
    Sorry, I can't be of more help.

  • Does anyone here know how to make a background soundtrack for a Tai Chi Video?

    Good morning,
    Does anyone here know how to make a background soundtrack for a Tai Chi Video in Garageband. I have been looking around at the different sounds and music in Garageband but I have not been able to find anything that would go with the video.
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    I want to create something like this for a video I did for a fitness gym for a Yoga instructor and Tai Chi instructor.
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    you will not have to do any importing in GarageBand. Intalling Mainstage will extent GarageBands Loop Library and Instruments Library.
    After you installed MainStage the additional loops and Instruments will show in GarageBand just like all other Loops. you will simply see more loops.
    For example:

  • How can I record the audio for a radio station I'm streaming LIVE?

    How can I record the audio for a radio station I'm streaming LIVE?
    I don't want to record the sound in my room, but only on the sound I'm streaming

    Grane Duke wrote:
    To reduce or make the room noise as low as possible (to get the best audio recording), I recommended the OP to try to record the radio live streaming audio in a silent room. Does it makes any sense to you....??
    No. Preferably one records using direct input.
    Your comment  It doen’t matter whether he/she is recording the audio from the macbook or any external speakers because if the room is noisy than obviously the ambient room noise will be recorded.  is pretty silly really. Think about what you just wrote.
    And you do have a bad habbit in your posts of over using ???????? & !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One is enough.

  • Can anyone tell me how to make a video clip in color transition?

    Can anyone tell me how to make a video clip in color transition like the opening of "Oh Brother where art though" ?
    You know the scene at the start where it starts off Black and White then as we move down the timeline it transitions to a rusty brown gradually.
    It's on the Apple site for FC Studio as a promo clip.

    how to do a keyframe trasition in the Color FX room
    I realize that you can "add" keyframes to the timeline in COLORFX, but I don't believe they are always observed, and then they usually disappear in retrieved projects, and aren't persistent if you leave the room. To remember where they are... you might mark in a keyframe on those frames in another room as a pathfinder. The behaviour is consistent with a creature of the six-legged variety.
    Method 1. If you are trying to taper the effect (any effect) in COLOR FX, the most linear approach is to render two versions of the clip; one "with", one "without" and do an opacity fade once you have returned them to Final Cut. This gives you the most control, flexibility, repeatability and consistency.
    Method 2. You may attempt to keyframe the bleach bypass settings within the node itself -- the preset that comes with COLOR doesn't have any controls, but the Nattress plugin does.
    Method 3. Set up a "blend" node with your bleach bypass feeding one of the inputs and leave the second input to default to the untreated video... keyframe a transition from "1.00000" to "0.00000" and that should work.
    Note: the keyframe timeline markers will disappear from the timeline if you exit the clip, but the effect is likely to persist. At least that was what was happening a couple of minutes ago... for me, the effect and blend performed the transition just like it was previewing when rendered. This strategy is subject to being created and rendered "on the spot right now", and I advise making sure you have your renderqueue settings ready to go... load the clip from the COLORFX room using the Mac command bar at the top of the screen and render it right away. Don't try to save it for later. Just Do It.
    An announcement went around about two weeks ago that Mr. Deakins' website was back up and running, so give him another try... poor guy has been swamped probably doing Dreamweaver maintenance... yeah, that must be it...

  • How to make the video looks greenish ?

    Hi there,
    Can I know how to make a video looks bit greenish ?

    Thanks Karsten,
    Can I know, if I have about 60 cuts on the timeline and I want all the 60 cuts to be greenish, how do I apply to all at one go (instead of having to do one by one for 60 times !) ?
    Thanks again
    Karsten Schlüter wrote:
    first 3 options coming to mind
    a) ready made: under Effects 'Nightvision' (switch-off the mask)
    b) almost ready made: under Effects, 'Colorize', set color to green
    b) Color Board, Color, push general to green

  • How to make youtube video gallery auto play (&autoplay=1) work properly?

    Does anybody know how to make youtube videos play when clicked on the thumbnails in the video gallery? I have added the auto play function in the iframe code
    (<iframe width="600" height="335" src=" rel=0&autohide=1&showinfo=0&autoplay=1&theme=dark&color=white&modestbranding=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)
    for both videos but both videos play at the same time. The videos stop playing at the same time when once clicked on one of the thumbnails.
    Here is html test file and Muse project file to see what I mean.
    Help would be much appriaciated.

    Hi Vinayak,
    Thank you for you response.
    Here is a valid link.

  • Best Video Card for non 3d/compositing work in Premiere CS4?

    Hi all, I'm looking to optimize my system where I can to speed up the editing process. I edit 1080p footage from the Canon 5D MKII (h.264 MOV files)using half-res h.264 proxies, but CS4 seems to hang a lot in the timeline view and clips just disappear and instead show green. I'm switching to half-res MPEG-2 (.m2v) proxies now and so far that problem seems to have gone away (still testing), but when timeline display quality is at "High Quality" (vs. automatic) there's still some chop during slow pans (not seen with "Automatic" or "Draft Quality").
    Anyway, I'm looking for the weakest point in my system and suspect the video card. My system is an 2.66 i7 processor, 6GB 1333 ram, 1x160GB sata II HD (OS/Apps), 3x1TB SATA II RAID 0 (paging file, data), and an $80 ATI 4650 512 MB video card running Vista 64.
    So all that said, what's the best general graphics card for editing HD video in Premiere CS4? I don't care about 3d or compositing at this stage, just basic editing of unrendered (timeline playback) HD video, maybe sometimes 1-3 HD layers, some basic color correction effects (b+w, contrast, etc), dissolves, text overlay, some clip speed manipulation.
    Many seem to recommend the Nvidia quadro cards, but I haven't found any information to suggest they help with anything other than 3D/compositing, which I don't need (and therefore don't need to pay the premium).
    There's also the Nvidia CX card, but it's main feature is touted as encoding h.264, whereas I could care less about that and ideally need decoding of h.264 in the timeline to be better. I haven't seen any great reviews on this card of heard of average user testimonials, probably because it's $2k and it mainly marketed as "zoom more fluidly in photoshop, export h.264 4x faster", which seem like minor issues vs. "better realtime playback of HD video".
    I sort of rambled, but if any informed CS4 users can help answer the question regarding the best video card for general CS4 editing use (not 3d/compositing stuff) I'd love to get more insight.

    So in Media Encoder CS4, I tried encoding one of the clips that plays back the least smooth in the Premiere timeline (a slow pan across intricate patterns on a sand dune in death valley) to the following:
    Format: P2 Movie, Preset: DVCPRO HD 720P 30
    (this was the only format in media encoder that mentions DVCPRO HD)
    I noticed when trying to customize the setting, that there is no 30 fps option, just 23.976, 29.97, and 59.94. I just went with 29.97 as that was the closest to the 30 fps of the source MK II footage. The width and height were also unajustable at 960x720 for the DVCPRO HD format.
    Playing the output in the timeline view of Premiere was comparable in smoothness to the m2v file. I looked at my resource monitor during playback looking for bottlenecks, and the CPU does seem to spike at 100% initially when playing this clip back. I reverted to the m2v version and also saw the same CPU spike. I also reverted back to the down-res'd mp4 version, same spike. Moving display quality down to draft does allow for smooth playback here.
    So I guess there's something about this clip that is CPU intensive to play back in the timeline in any of these formats. The original 1080p version plays back perfectly in both quicktime and VLC player.
    Anyway, for now I think I'm content with using the m2v proxies as a big chunk of the clips are fairly smooth, and using a reduced quality display mode for clips that don't play as smoothly is accpeptable for now. At least so far I'm not seeing the hanging/video not displaying (and instead showing a green screen) that I was with the mp4 proxies.
    If anyone has any other suggestions as to how to get smoother timeline playback for these proxies (or the original h.264 .MOV files), however, whether it be a hardware upgrade (e.g. better video card) or a different proxy codec, I'd love to hear them and give it a shot.

  • Best Video/audio format to upload to YouTube

    Please recommend best Video/audio format to upload to YouTube, for a) upload speed, b) picture and sound quality.

    Emailing video can be a real drama.
    You can easily convert YouTube video if you have the free software MPEG Streamclip:
    Download version 1.9.3b4 and install in your applications.
    Open then File > Open URL and copy/paste the YT clip address.
    Then File > Export to QuickTime and select Apple Intermediate Codec for the compression.
    The converted file will import into iMovie.
    Regards, Z.

  • Best Video Settings For The iPad.

    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know this ? "Best Video Settings For The iPad".
    Kindly and in simple terms state the best possible settings to be use when converting videos for the iPad that optimizes the entire screen size/ area without a black borderline around your video. it's rather frustrating to have many technical jargons online without anyone giving real pointers at real values in conversion settings.
    Thanks in anticipation.

    Kindly and in simple terms state the best possible settings to be use when converting videos for the iPad that optimizes the entire screen size/ area without a black borderline around your video.
    It is impossible to answer your question without knowing both the aspect ratio of the source file and your personal preferences for displaying it on a 4:3 iPad screen.
    Basically, you have two options here when converting files of one aspect ratio for display on a screen of another aspect. You can distort the original display to "fill" the ipad screen. (E.g., you can make a widescreen movie exactly fill your iPad screen but then people and objects will look tall and skinny.) The other option is to convert at the original aspect ratio and simply use the iPad "zoom" option to force your widescreen movie to fill your 4:3 screen by scaling the height of your movie to fill the screen and allowing the left and right edges of you movie to be cropped from your view. You have no other choices here other than living with the defaulted black areas.

  • Best Video Forma for Logic (?)

    Dears All,
    what is the best video format for Logic actually ?
    I am receiving all kind of video file such as mp4, QT, AVI etc and i want to reconvert for a optimal performance. So, what is, in terms of format size etc ?
    Very, very thanks in advance.

    Charlie the Tuna wrote:
    Thanks, pancenter, I never would have known this. Compression on the fly? Once I convert/export a file doesn't it simply become a smaller file? If there's compression on the fly, isn't a large file being compressed even more?
    Once you export the file to a compressed format, the codec that does the compression also has to decompress on playback. The DV file is not compressed, it is the native video/audio format, there is no translation when playing.
    An audio example: A 5.5Meg mp3 file is actually a compressed 47.6Meg Wav file.
    In order to play the compressed format the computer (PC, Mac whatever) has to have a codec or audio player of some kind that converts the mp3 to it's native 44.1, 16-bit Wav format. Depending on the codec, it will require some CPU to decompress and play in real time.
    So no, it doesn't just become a smaller file.
    Nothing is free!

  • Best video card for Archlinux?

    What is the best video card for Archlinux distribution?
    Is it possible to make Radeon HD 4870 work somehow in Archlinux, the same way like it works in Ubuntu?

    Just see what drivers are you using with your ubuntu install? Catalyst/xf86-video-ati/radeonhd and install the same on arch.

  • What is the best video converter for high quality MPEG-4 for Apple TV?

    What is the best video converter for high quality MPEG-4 for Apple TV?

    Handbrake won't convert AVI files, But there are many more than those mentioned that will
    The choice of conversion software is a personal choice, I have around a dozen applications that will tackle AVI's, however VisualHub is not one of them, not because there is anything wrong with it but rather I have enough such applications in my arsenal already.
    I would use mpegstreamclip in most scenarios for what you are wanting to do but maybe not always. It is a good idea to have a few applications to choose from as not all do the same thing. mpegstreamclip has a few more options than some bog standard applications without becoming overburdening with choices.
    You might want to try a few applications yourself before deciding on the software for you. isquint is a free limited version of visualhub, you might want to give that a whirl to get a feeling for visualhub.
    Be aware though that quality conversions do not happen quickly, claims of being faster than other applications may well be correct, but are usually a trade off against quality. Again you need to choose your software to reflect your preferred balance between speed and quality.
    Here's how I use mpegstreamclip, but your AVI's may well be low quality, you shouldn't set the bitrate any higher than your source file and likely lower, you shouldn't increase the frame size either.
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  • How do I generate redemption code for creative cloud?

    how do I generate redemption code for creative cloud?

    On October 27th 2014, you have purchased two CC (one complete &one photography) under the same Adobe ID. That is the reason you are being asked for a code because under one Adobe ID only one CC can be activated(twice).
    Please contact Adobe Support or you can inbox me privately the CC order number  that you would like to cancel.
    You can also check if the host file has Adobe entry or not as if Adobe entries are there then also CC can ask for serial number. You can check the host by the followinh method.
    Creative cloud do not need a serial number. it will be using your Adobe ID on which you have purchased the creative cloud membership.
    So you need to login with your Adobe ID and password to activate the cloud membership.
    Log out & log back in of the CC Desktop App.
    In case it is not signing in successfully please try the following:
    I don't know which operating system you are working on so i am giving you some steps windows and MAC OS:
       In windows 7 navigate to following location:
       1. look out for "Hosts" file
       2. Open it with notepad
       3. Check if you have any entry for Adobe
       4. Remove the entries and try again launching any product from CC
       1. Please click on "Go" and navigate to /private/etc
       2. Open "hosts" file and check out for any entries for
       3. Remove the entries and save the file
       4.  try again launching any product from CC
      Please refer to Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number
    Hope it helps you.
    Cannot license Illustrator CC after buying subscription

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