How to make button background color chnage

In my custom application having 12 buttons, out of  12 buttons one button should look totally differance than other buttons like button background color to red color.
we found two solution even though  those are not adopted to my solution
1. CSS technic for application, its changing whole application insted of one button inside a iview.
2. client is not happy with  button design  like STANDARD/EMPHASIZED/PREVIOUS/NEXT

You can also use the imageAlt, imageFirst,imageSource properties of the image to enhance the button.
and to change the background you can change the portal theme.

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  • How can i make a background color linear?

    i want to put a background color have a linear effect, but im not sure how to do that. i want it so that it will fit the entire browser screen. i dont know a lot about backgrounds, i know that i can make a background color fill the entire browser and make a image repeat itself to fit the browser, but thats all i know.

    WOW...this is exactly what i have been searching for over tha last 2 weeks but i finally found out how to do it perfectly.
    I found the solution after analyzing a site i visited that had the effect i wanted.
    Herez a sample of the page i created with the effect...exactly as you drew it....but with diferent colours,lol.
    I have also attached bg.jpg with this post as well as the CSS i used; but to see them in action use the above link
    Now all u need to do is create a sinlge strip of image....say 1000px wide by 10px high. On both exterior sides of this image place your linear colurs from outside inwards to cover say 100 or do this exactly on the other side.....this will leave a central region with white colour.
    Now name it bg,jpg.....use CSS to place it on your my case;
    body { margin : 0px;
    background-color: #eeeeee;
    background-position: top center;
    background-repeat: repeat-y
    also change the background-color to one that nearly matches your linear img color.
    Hope this helpd

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    Hi All,
    I accidentally changed existing background color of a tab Canvas to ' gray' which is not matching with main canvas (which has default).
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    In the property palette of the tab page, click on the "Background Color" property and click the "Inherit" button on the top of the property palette, this will revert the value of the property to the default when the tab page was created which is <Unspecified>.
    But if your tab page has inherited the color from a property class it will revert to what was specified in the property class.

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    Hi friends i hv devoloped simple java app using javax.swing.JFrame in which on click button event i open new child window using JFrame to draw some image.
    i set childs background color as setBackground(Color.lightGray);
    but the problem is,child window takse its background color same as its parent window.(i.e. main window's color or desktop ).i get this problem in jdk 1.6.but it is working fine in jdk 1.5.
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    thanks in advanced.

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    You've got a whole keyboard, so learn how to use it.

  • How do you change background color?

    How do you change background color in Pages?

    Make a rectangular shape the size of the page, color it and send to the background, save as a template.

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    How to highlight ADF table row based on column value?
    Found by searching

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    JDesktopPane desktop = new JDesktopPane(); //(textArea);

    Try the method setBackground. For me it's work.

  • How to make buttons work in Interactive Adobe Forms

    Hi Experts,
    I am new to interactive form. Though i have worked in normal/non-Interactive form, i do not know how to make buttons work in interactive adobe forms using ABAP  (I don't know JAVA). Can any one help me out and walk me through to how to code in ABAP to make buttons work.
    Kind Regards,

    Please refer to my earlier post ... You will get an idea
    Please refer to the below thread for detail solution
    Sample Interactive form example ?....urgent...

  • How 2 set the background color in j2me

    Can any body tell me how to set the background color to midlet.??

    if you are using Screen then you can call its setBackColor()
    or if you are using Canvas then you can call
    where g is the Graphics instance of Canvas,for further information consult documentation

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    How can a text background color be saved in TextEdit?

    Care to share which OS you are using?

  • Does anyone here know how to make a background soundtrack for a Tai Chi Video?

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    you will not have to do any importing in GarageBand. Intalling Mainstage will extent GarageBands Loop Library and Instruments Library.
    After you installed MainStage the additional loops and Instruments will show in GarageBand just like all other Loops. you will simply see more loops.
    For example:

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    Hello Evry one.....
    plzzzzzzzzz help.
    how can i control background colors with display items
    in registry.dat
    like app.ui.requiredFieldvABGCOLOR=255.0.0
    how can i control background colors with others items ????

    The iPhone has a "remote" app that lets you control Keynote on a Mac, but not on another iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).
    There are some apps that let you control limited content on another iOS device - but the content has to be within the app. You might check out SyncPad - perhaps you can import the presentation into it and then control it on the iPad.

  • Not clear how to make button iconic

    i am not clear how to make button in forms iconic and where that icons come.where i have to kept that specific icon.what is the path of the directory where to keep image

    Just to add a little on what Gerd said, for web deployed forms your icon files must be of type .gif
    You cannot have .ico files in web deployed forms
    For more information on Web deployed icons read [url]Webicons
    If you're using client/server technology, you also specify the UI_ICON registry and put your icons under that directory. In client server you can use .ico files

  • Button background color

    i know this is stupid but how would u make a button with the same background color as a JPanel default color
    Edited by: dxb222 on Jan 27, 2008 9:04 PM

    if the button is directly on the panel

  • How to set a background color to view

    Hi All,
              i creared a view with 2 textboxes and a button.These elements are in TransparentContainer.I set the background color to the TransparentContainer.By setting color to the TransparentContainer it is comming at the center and the 4 sides of it is displaying in the normal background color of the browser
    i didnt find any color options for the view called RootUIElementContainer.the width and height of the view are setted to the browser means 1024*768.
    Just like sap editor which we get by the link i want to get my view .....
    I want to set color to this RootUIElementContainer element which effect the whole view...not the containers or groups which i add under this RootUIElementContainer
    Padma N

    hi Padma,
    For changing the background colour you will have to make the change in the theme.
    You can download the theme editor plugin for eclipse from SDN. With this plugin, you can make changes to the default themes , save as a new theme
    Or if you are using portal, then goto system administrator, theme editor, select SAP Streamline and change the color in Screen areas -> application, then save the theme with different name.
    Best regards,

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