How to make iCal Server events viewable on the web calendar?

I can create, edit and view events on the web calendar.
I can create, edit and view my own events via iCal.
How can I set it up so we can see all the calendars from our group on the web calendar? It's empty now other than what's entered via the web calendar.
Is there really no integration between the two?

I too thought web group calendar was subscribe only in iCal until I ran across the procedure at
in the 4th comment down by protean. With a couple of additions I was able to post an event to the web group calendar and have an update on the web post back to the iCal calendar. My additions were needed to get the results as posted in the comment:
1) make sure Enable Calendaring is selected for all group members,
2) refresh iCal to ensure all group members are visible in the Personal Server Calendar Address Pane before adding the group calendar account,
3) add all members in step 3 of the procedure including yourself, however, if the owner of the group (e.g. diradmin) is not a member then don't add it,
4) prior to step 6 of the procedure you can verify the group is visible as in step 8 in the Personal Server Calendar delegation before deleting the group account; if not visible then you don't have to start from scratch, just work with the group account from step 1,
5) the group calendar shows up in the left column list of calendars under Delegates calendars.
So I got this to work.
Then I setup a location in with Delegates as the group. It shows up in iCal under Delegates calendar with the error notice
'Error While Refreshing Access to account "location title" is not permitted.'
So there is no calendar available for the location in iCal. The personal iCal account shows the Delegation of location and the Show checkbox is selected. The group is allowed to select the location on the web calendar and in the server iCal calendar. But the location doesn't indicate conflicts in the availability pane. Can someone tell me what might be missing?

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    Plese share your knowledge.

    According to your post, my understanding is that you wanted to make a color events Calendar.
    We can achieve it using the OOB method by creating the Calendars Overlay.
    You can also use the JavaScript to achieve it.
    more reference:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Jason Guo
    TechNet Community Support

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    How do I give them their own calendar?
    In iCal, I go to Accounts and try and enter the info but it fails every time. I tried the dns name like so: "" but it generates an error. But the user can log in to the web calendar for groups. Where is the users individual calendar located?
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    I was getting the same error when I tried to subscribe to a calendar using:
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    I found that if I added a trailing slash to the URL then it would work :
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    Best Regards
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    write a servlet on ur server side for handling clients data and also it response back once data to another..
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    always think abt optimiztaion of data send/recieve for speed.
    Akash Kumar & Nagendra
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Indiagames Ltd

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    read-only mode (for 11g physical standby)
    A mode in which a database can be opened that allows queries, but disallows modifications.
    A physical standby database can be opened read-only so that queries may be performed. If a license for the Oracle Active Data Guard option has been purchased, a physical satndby database can be open while redo apply is active. This capability is known as Real-time Query.
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    Good luck,

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