How to make rows read only conditionally

Hi All,
I have a query region and when i select it shows the data in a table region, now based on a particular column i want to set the entire row read only.
Please let me know if it is possible.

Hi All,
I have finally figured out a way, i have created a SPEL attribute and set it to the read only property to all of the view attributes, and as soon as the query is executed i am filtering the rows based on my column criteria and set the value of the SPEL attribute to true.
Thanks again.

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  • OA Framework,how to make field Read-Only which is used inside Switch case

    Hi all,
    Using Personalization in OA Framework, when I am trying to make field read only, which is inside Swich statement ,then that field get automatically hidden.but my purpose is to make that field read-only not hide.
    My field name is Proposed Annual Increase Amount .
    The Personalization swtich case lookslike this :-
    Field Name Shown
    Switcher: Proposed Annual Increase Amount Yes
    Message Text Input: New Annual Amount Yes
    Message Text Input: Annual Pay Rate Yes
    Message Styled Text: Pay Rate

    Can you be a bit clear on your requirement. If you have a switcher to display a field based on some condition, the other fields will not get displayed. I did not get as to what you mean by "my purpose is to make that field read-only not hide.".
    Are you talking about the case, when the "New Annual Amount" (or) "Annual Pay Rate" fields are displayed conditionally, you want them to be read-only and not editable. If this is the case, set the read-only property of these fields to true.

  • SRM 7 Header Delivery Tab-- how to make fields read only

    Hi Experts,
    We are upgrading from SRM 4 to SRM 7.
    In SRM 7
    Create Shopping Cart--> In General Data Click the link Set_Values --> Go To Delivery Address/Performance Location tab
    All the fields here are input ready, how can we make these read only?
    Thanks a ton

    Please I need help too on this :
    When I try to create a SC I get the default address as below which was the og unit address :
    It is picking the address from the Org unit :
    Now If I check the user attributes That I have now added address number data should have been populated .   The attributes address are also seen correctly below in the attributes section below :
    The attributes address are also seen correctly below in the attributes section below :
    However when I create a SC 1001000515 created in test it has Delivery address as blank stored :
    Please can soe  one guide me is this a bug ?

  • How to make fields Read only on all tabs in one go with the help of feeder classes in SAP EHS?

    I have a requirement where once we press SAVE button i have to make all the fields read only in tabs highlighted below.Which is the best method to do it.?
    There are number of fields in all these tabs and we want to make them read only on particular Action event.How to do it?

    Hi Vimal,
    As I understood you reformulate this question at this page. I will try to help you there.
    Kind regards, Aliaksandr.

  • How to make files read only

    I want to make files read only.  Any workaround is welcomed.

    t quinn wrote:
    I am glad to give some help but I am still confused because we are having different experiences. I have been able to lock Tables on my mac and have that lock respected in iOS for a long while now. Easy to unlock, impossible to relock.  With the most recent upgrade I can lock tables after tapping the upper left dot to select the whole table and going to "arrange" in the paintbrush.
    When you say worksheet are you meaning the entire file? When you say file lock are you meaning password protection? You can see I am confused.
    Based on what ElMagoElGato has described, password protecting would be of no value to him. Once the file is accessed, it is in edit mode. Unless I'm really missing something.
    Files I have imported from Mac iworks apps with elements locked stay locked for me in iOS. Not sure what the problem is.

  • How to make JTextArea read only

    I want to make JTextArea read only so that you can only append text at design time and not at run time and so the user can not delete text in the text area.

    You can use the setEditable(boolean) method. I think that it's the best way.

  • [SOLVED] How to make file read only and stay?

    I'm using gnome 3 and want to make the recently used.xbel file (in .local/share) read-only/locked. I've tried making it read only and it just reverts to normal when something tries to write to it. How do I do this?
    Last edited by sudokill (2011-04-29 19:41:51)

    Worked great, thanks. No more recent documents at all

  • How to make form read only

    is it possible, and if so how, to set a form to read only. i will have 2 oracle responsibilitys. 1 group will enter the data and save it . the other will only be able to view the form as read only.
    any ideas is helpful

    This can done using SPEL , Make a VO with transient attribute with boolean Type.
    For one responsibilty set this attribute value to true where you want readOnly behaviour.
    code should be like that
    OAViewObjectImpl pVO = YourPVO();
    OAViewRowImpl pVORow = (OAViewRowImpl)pVO.first();
    If(Check for responsibilty)
    pVORow.setAttribute("IsEditMode", Boolean.TRUE);
    On page level set spel for disable/Readonly property for item for them you need show as readonly
    Hope it will help you.

  • How to make schema read only ?

    i want to make a schema read only when users connect to database they can view it update and insert must be restricted to all users how it can be done
    There is XYZ schema in that I have around 200 roles assigned
    anyone have idea pleas do update

    clcarter wrote:
    Or if the schema is all contained in one tablespace ...
    alter tablespace <tblspc> read only;could do the trick ... ;)Of course, then NO user could do any updates . . .
    Don't really know if that's what the OP wanted ...

  • How to make DFF Read Only ..

    Dear Friends,
    I have 3 segments in the Additional Personal Details DFF in HRMS. I want to make only the 2nd segment read-only not all the segments.How can we achieve this can any one pls let me know about this ...
    with regards

    Review the following documents and see if it helps.
    Note: 438215.1 - How To Make DFF Segments Read Only Using OAF Personalise
    Note: 750679.1 - How To Make Only Some Of The Segments Of A Descriptive Flexfield Read Only On OA Framework
    Note: 149452.1 - How do you make a descriptive flexfield display only?

  • Interactive Form - How to make fields read-only through the code?

    Simple question but i can't seem to figure out how to do it. I have an interactive form that have editable fields. How do I toggle fields to make some of them read-only through the code. Please provide cold sample. thanks a lot.

    <b>Nagarajan Kumarappan:</b>
    I know how to do that but that's setting the value at design time. Mine has to be done at runtime(when the page loads) because there are a lot of condidtions determining which fields should be and should not be readonly. therefore I have to do in the code. Any by saying code I mean Java not java script or formcal.
    <b>kushagra mittal:</b>
    are you talking about regular webdynpro input fields? I am asking for that. I am talking about input fields inside my adobe interactive form embedded on the webdynpro page.
    I think what needs to be done is to disable context attributes like Nagarajan Kumarappan suggested but do that through Java which I don't see any tutorials show that.
    still looking for help.

  • How to make fields read-only

    While I may allow a customer to see their billing address, I don't want them to change it.  How can I make certain fields read-only?

    Hi Thomas,
    If you are using 2007, find the ~/common/controls/accountaddressblock.ascx and make the templatefields that hold the delete button and the edit button invisible.
    <asp:TemplateField Visible="false">
    You will probably also want to make the add button invisible.
    If you are on 5.9, this may not work.  I think the address block is also used in the admin area.

  • How to make fields read only in acrobat 9?

    hi folks
    I have created a form in Adove livecycle 9. Some fields should be read only from the start. So i have set the property .access 'open'. In versions of Adobe 8 this works, but in version 9 it won't so i think it should be done via another solution. Does anybody know how?
    kind regards,
    Anton Pierhagen

    Post your problem in the forum for LiveCycle Designer.

  • How to make fields read only after form is filled in

    I am creating forms to be used within our company.  The customer srv representative (CSR) would fill in the form and send it to the customer for signature and initial.  There are a few issues I can't solve.
    1)  I need to make the rate & services fields read only after the CSR initials the form

    Will the CSR have Acrobat or just Reader, and what type of computer will the CSR be using (Windows/Mac/mobile OS)? If just Reader (Wind/Mac), this is possible by setting the fields to read-only with JavaScript. The problem is this can't be considered secure, even if using a password as discussed here: Password-protect and hide one form field
    With Acrobat you have the ability to flatten certain fields, which makes it a bit more difficult to change the "fields".

  • How to make vtable read only

    Hi ,
    I have a problem where our tests are panicing due to a corrupted
    vtable. The corresponding object is always the same and the corruption
    pattern is also the same. It is not reproducible on demand and the
    complexity of the code makes it difficult to debug using usual methods.
    I was wondering if there was someway to force the vtable of the
    offending object to be readonly and thus catch the culprit in the
    act. Some investigation makes me think it won't be as easy as
    editing the elf section and moving the whole vtbl into .rodata. The
    vtbl has to be written to once (?).
    Is there any way this can be accomplished with compiler/linker flags
    or directives?

    If you can find the address of the vtable, you can use mprotect() from within your code to mark that memory read-only. But that's a pretty big hammer, as it will mark the entire page of memory read-only, which probably encompasses a lot more than just your problematic vtable.
    You're better off running under a real memory-checking product.

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