How to make safari open in full screen in Mountain Lion

I can not make safari open in full screen mode since I upgraded to Mountain Lion
It used to open in full screen mode, now every time I have to make it full screen each time.
Helps appreciated

gunafly wrote:
You can achieve this by going into system preferences>general>uncheck "close windows when quitting applications."  The apps will open fullscreen next time, even after a reboot.  One caveat, the window will open in the last session left...
Hope this helps!
Thank you, this resolved my question as well.

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    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <RDF:RDF xmlns:NC=""
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/unknownContentType.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/unknownContentType.xul#unknownContentType"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/setDesktopBackground.xul#menuPosition"
    value="CENTER" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#urlbar-container"
    width="467" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul#BrowserPreferences"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#toolbar-menubar"
    mode="icons" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="place:folder=TOOLBAR&amp;excludeItems=1&amp;expandQueries=0"
    NC:open="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentTags"
    width="77" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#addon-bar"
    collapsed="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/setDesktopBackground.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/setDesktopBackground.xul#menuPosition"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#main-window"
    screenX="0" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="place:folder=BOOKMARKS_MENU&amp;excludeItems=1&amp;expandQueries=0"
    NC:open="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#sidebar-box"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#sidebar-title"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#toolbar-menubar"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#nav-bar"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#PersonalToolbar"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#addon-bar"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#urlbar-container"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#search-container"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#TabsToolbar"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#navigator-toolbox"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentLastModified"
    ordinal="17" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#PersonalToolbar"
    mode="icons" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDate"
    width="112" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul#CustomizeToolbarWindow"
    height="471" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentTitle"
    width="111" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#nav-bar"
    currentset="unified-back-forward-button,urlbar-container,reload-button,stop-button,search-container,webrtc-status-button,bookmarks-menu-button,downloads-button,home-button,window-controls,social-share-button" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentVisitCount"
    width="103" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://mozapps/content/handling/dialog.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://mozapps/content/handling/dialog.xul#handling"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentTags"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentUrl"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDate"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentVisitCount"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentKeyword"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDescription"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDateAdded"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentLastModified"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentTitle"/>
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#places"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentKeyword"
    ordinal="11" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="place:folder=UNFILED_BOOKMARKS&amp;queryType=1"
    NC:open="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#search-container"
    width="775" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul">
    <NC:persist RDF:resource="chrome://global/content/customizeToolbar.xul#CustomizeToolbarWindow"/>
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#sidebar-title"
    value="" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#places"
    sizemode="normal" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/preferences/preferences.xul#BrowserPreferences"
    lastSelected="paneAdvanced" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentUrl"
    width="80" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#sidebar-box"
    sidebarcommand="" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDateAdded"
    ordinal="15" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#TabsToolbar"
    currentset="tabbrowser-tabs,new-tab-button,alltabs-button,tabs-closebutton" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://mozapps/content/handling/dialog.xul#handling"
    height="351" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="place:folder=22&amp;excludeItems=1&amp;expandQueries=0"
    NC:open="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="place:folder=29&amp;excludeItems=1&amp;expandQueries=0"
    NC:open="true" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/unknownContentType.xul#unknownContentType"
    screenY="369" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul#placesContentDescription"
    ordinal="13" />
    <RDF:Description RDF:about="chrome://browser/content/browser.xul#navigator-toolbox"
    mode="icons" />
    and I think i saw: browser.xul#main-window
    didn't see anything about dimensions.
    BTW~If I'm in Firefox, why does 90% refer to chrome?
    Thank You

  • I recently had some repairs done to my ATT U-verse connection, and now my Safari doesn't open in a full screen.  How do I reset that to open in full screen?

    I recently had some repairs done to my ATT U-verse connection, and now my Safari doesn't open in a full screen.  How do I reset that to open in full screen?

    Mountain Lion is set up to close windows when you quit a program instead of saving them. To change this, put Safari in full-screen mode, move the cursor to the top, open Safari menu while holding Option key and close Safari from the menu.
    If you want to do it automatically with all programmes, open System Preferences > General, and deactivate "Close windows when quitting an application"

  • How do I make a contact photo full screen when receiving a call

    I know this feature went away in iOS 7.1 and turned into the small round bubbles but it appears to have returned in iOS 8 and Apple is advertising it on their site in the Yosemite pictures. Does anyone know how to make my contact photos full screen again?
    Scroll down to Continuity:

    There isn't a setting but there is a trick (at least on earlier iPhones but I suspect the 6 as well). For the photo to be full screen it must be a photo taken on the iPhone and still resident there. If you import the photo to a computer, delete it from the phone and then sync it back via iTunes, it will not display full screen. If the photo was taken on a previously owned iPhone and transferred to your new 6, it will not display full screen. If it is any consolation, I think the circular pictures are better when placing a call as the full screen ones aren't very visible behind the outgoing call screen, at least with my settings.

  • Opening .pdf via hyperlink in excel always opens reader full screen

    Using excel 2003, I have hyperlink cells that point to files on my local machine, with names like "file.pdf".
    When I click on these links, excel launches acrobat reader (as expected) but for some reason reader *always* goes Full Screen no matter what I do.
    How do I make it open NOT full screen?  This is very irritating.

    You know I have to thank you for the solution as by asking your question you provided me with a way to solve my problem .....
    As double clicking a pdf file when the application is open with no open document works as I want it to (i.e. showing the new document in the existing acrobat window), so I decided to try out a plain vanilla shell instruction in vba instead of the AVDOC.Open statement ... and ....although not very programmatically aesthetic ....  it works.

  • How can I get my safari screen to open in full screen mode

    My Safari screen open with a small window, can I set it to open in full screen every time I click on Safari

    You need to enable the program to resume what it was doing. so go to:
    System Preferences > General > Uncheck "Close windows when quitting an application".
    then go to safari, size the window how you want it, in your case put it in full screen, and then quit the program. when you open up safari again it should be in full screen view.
    Hope that helps!

  • How to make apps. open full screen at start up in Mavericks?

    Hi everyone,
    Last week i just bought a mac & im new to mac osx. i just wanted to know when i put some apps like calendar to start at login,i put them in full screen mode but when i restart osx, it will open in regular window not full screen,interesting thing is, some apps like mail & utorrents open full screen at start up but some apps like safari & calendar dont,
    is there any way to make any apps to open in full screen at start up or even when everytime u open app from dock. i searched google but couldnt find any real solution for this issue.
    if you help me ill be gratful,sorry for my bad eng.

    If you want to open all applications you want in full screen, open the apps and put them in full screen. Then, go to System Preferences > General, and untick "Close windows when quitting an application".
    By doing this, when you reopen the apps they will open at the point where you left them when you closed them (in full screen)

  • How to have new Safari windows open in full screen?

    I am wondering if it is possible to have new Safari windows take up the full screen. For example, if I click on a link that opens a new window, I would like that new window to take on the fully maximized setting of the window it came from. So even if the website code says the window has to be 50% screen real estate, I would like to be 100% every time automatically.

    Welcome to the forums!
    Yet another great thing that Glims can do!
    If you want to fix your Google search to a specific Google location, I recommend that you download and install the free plug-in Glims:
    which not only does that but much more equally useful stuff! (Such as automatically deleting Flash cookies, enabling Safari to run full-screen, and more.)
    (It adds items to Safari Preferences).
    Not only does it already list a number of search engines and regions, but you can also add any other search engine not already listed in Glims by using the method described here:
    Just enter the name you give the search engine in the name field, and the URL for it in the Query URL field.
    When you have it, the setting is in Glims Preferences/General

  • Gallery Images: How to make clear PNG's open in full screen with a white background?

    So in the Life on Earth textbook, there is an image of an ant that has no background, so when you pick it up, you can see the text below without the standard "white box" around it.
    I've scorwed the internet looking for answers but couldn't find any.
    Please see the photos snapped from my phone of this:
    Unfortunately... When I try to achive this, my images open on a black background.
    I can achive the pick up.
    Would really appreicate the help. Thanks...

    Well, if I put a white background in my image, it opens in full screen with a white background. But has a white square when I pick it up:
    This is with a 2028 x 1496 image same as above, just no background - came out of Illustrator - and this has the effect I want, as the first post but still opens to full screen with a black background.
    Thanks for the help... Hope to get this one figured out!

  • Can we make an App always open in Full Screen?

    Is there a way to make certain Apps (ie: Safari & iTunes) always open in Full Screen as default?

    The same with mine but i know how to solve. hope it helps.
    go to system preferances -> general -> uncheck close windows when quitting an aplication.
    that works for me though. So everytime i close my safari and reopen it will still in fullscreen.
    Have a good one.

  • How do I make Safari open PDF's using installed Adobe Acrobat 7.1.0

    I would like to force Safari 3.1.2 to open all PDF links using Adobe Acrobat 7.1.0. How do I accomplish this? I have no problem making Safari use the Adobe Reader, however, I would like to use the full Adobe Program so I can save and download interactive PDF forms I have filled out on the web. Using the Adobe reader, you can only download the form itself - all supplied information using the form's interactive features are lost when the filled in form is downloaded.

    Hello, Carolyn:
    Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, it is not working for me. I have both Adobe Acrobat v. 7.1.0 and Acrobat Reader v. 9.0.0 running on my computer. In either program's preferences both programs are availabe when I choose the program to display PDF files in the browser (Safari). There is no problem setting Safari's PDF handling to the default value.
    When I choose Acrobat Reader to be the program to display PDF files in the browser, Safari will indeed use Acrobat Reader. However, when I choose Adobe Acrobat v. 7.1.0, Safari does not use the Adobe Acrobat program to display the PDF file, rather the file is displayed by the PDF handling features built in to Safari. I have found no way to make Safari use the full version of Adobe Acrobat. PDF files residing on my computer opens without difficulty using my copy of Adobe Acrobat v. 7.1.0. Do you have any other ideas that would help solve this problem?
    RaFoFa (Ragnar)

  • Make Flash player window full screen automatically, when it's opening

    Hi, all.
    It's today I joined Adobe forums so, I don't know much about community guidlines and functionality here. So, pardon me if I do any mistake or something.
    This is my problem...
    I'm creating an interface with Adobe Flash Catalyst and I want it to be written to a CD and distributed to clients.
    When I publish swf, I cannot find an option to make flash player full screen.
    I want my SWF file to be opened in full screen mode when the user opens it.
    To the best of my knowledge, I think, I cannot do it with Catalyst as it doesn't have coding facilities.
    I hope Flash Builder is helpful with kind of times. But I know nothing about FB. Do you know how to do it with Flash Builder ?
    ( I mean, open my Catalyst project in Builder, then make the edits or something to make Flash player full Screen when opening )
    Thanks a lot,

    TextI have the same problem my flash player which is 9
    doesnt work properly when i switch to fullscreen really
    sucks.Can someone help us???

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