How to make SAPScript to display special character?

Hi all, 
        How to make SAPScript to display special character like character in 'Wingdings 2' font type? Now, I cant make SAPScript to display those special characters in the font type.
Best Regards,
Chee Boon

Insert your font with SE73.
Then set in sapscript with paragraph or character format so that yoyur charracter is printed with the font you wanted.
Gr., Frank

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    <title>Brunsfield e-Homes</title>
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    * This notice must stay intact for use
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  • How can i display special character?

    how can i display special character that come from DB.
    for example i have in field in Table that has this value <Id, r>.
    i want to print this value to the html. and replace the <,> to special character.

    "<" is "<"
    ">" is ">"

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    I think you need to download an app for that - do a search in the app store.

  • How to make create, edit, display form in a page fragment ?

    Hello everyone,
    I have a problem when I want to make create, edit,display in a page.
    Ok let's say we have created two pages,
    In page A we have 3 buttons, CreateEmp, EditEmp and DisplayEmp button and one text field as a parameter field to edit and display (let say employeeId).
    In page B we have form employee to create new employee, edit employee and display and a button AddMoreEmp (to add more employee without back to page A)
    in this case if button EditEmp is pressed in page A, so button AddMoreEmp in page B will be enabled
    if button DisplayEmp in page A is pressed , so button AddMoreEmp in page B will be disabled.
    Thanks in advance,

    I think what you are looking for is a comb field. It acts like a regular field but puts the vertical lines in between each character. You can turn the comb on in the object palette and indicate how many chars will appear in the field (so that it knows how many lines to draw).

  • Display special character for 'Artihmetic mean'

    I can't find the character for 'Arthmetic mean', it's 'x' with a line above, any ideas!?
    I've searched several font (Symbol, Wingdings etc) but didn't found that special character...!

    Oh, I do apologise. I saw the character on wiki and assumed it was a character, rather than a graphic.
    Usually, to create interesting unicode characters, you can combine diacritics. For instance, xbar is X followed by ¯;

     (might not display on unsupported browsers)
    However LabVIEW doesn't support this, and will print x ¯ and I can't find any info on how else it might be implemented.
    You might be able to find a hack in this document
    And in the meantime, you can kudo this suggestion
    - Cheers, Ed

  • How can I test for a special character in action script ?

    I have XML which I use within Flex. One off the values passed in is a special character (the infinity symbol). This displays great within the datagrid, but I want to do some other action script rendering based on this. How can I test this in an if statement.
    XML snippit
    var infin:String = data[column.dataField];
    if (infin == "&#8734;") // This is the bit I can’t work out
                    // Do Something here

    Hi schaerm,
    you have to dig deeper.
    An idea is this one:
    The red marked word is containing the unit - in a coded way. Somewhere in the LV help you can find the description of this coding (I remember a chapter on memory representations of all LV datatypes...). (There surely is an easier or better way - but the example is done quic&dirty.)
    You can also format the number into a string and analyze the unit here...
    Message Edited by GerdW on 02-07-2010 07:21 PM
    Best regards,
    CLAD, using 2009SP1 + LV2011SP1 + LV2014SP1 on WinXP+Win7+cRIO
    Kudos are welcome

  • How to find and remove any special character in filename?

    I have a files in various Windows Servers 2003 with a special character at his names, who are causing problem with backup software, i don´t know what character is because in explorer they are not shown and in command line they are shown only as interrogation
    mark and for this, i don´t know how i will find and remove then.

    I agree with Dave. We can try using
    chkdsk utility to check the file system and file system metadata of a volume for logical and physical errors.
    chkdsk, the following article can be referred to for more information.
    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

  • How to make tv as display, wireless-mac bk pro-2yr old tv?

    how do i make tv as display, wirelessly -mac bk pro 2009- and samsung 40'' 650t tv 2yr old,

    you need this for one thing
    or if your tv is near your router you should just plug it in directly via ethernet cat6.
    further reading about your tv and how it connects to stream content is needed.

  • SharePoint key word query, how does the "Query Text" query special character in a query variable?

    I have a no code sandbox solution, in a content by search web part, I want to return pages from the library except the page I am visiting.
    I have 2 pages:
    Page A, the title is: Page title without special character
    Page B, the title is: Page title with special character "a b c d ..."
    And then I use Title<>{Page.Title} in the query text of the CSWP.
    While I visit Page A, the CSWP returns Page B, it works as expected.
    But while I visit Page B, the CSWP returns nothing, expected result should be Page A. I just consider, whether the special characters in the Title of Page B breaks the query text.
    I can not find similar topics in the forum, Does anyone have idea?
    Many thanks!

    Thank you for your feedback, Daniel.
    I have some updates, and found the root cause: if the field value contains special characters, the CSWP will not render the double quotation marks around the field value.
    View the page html source, and then find the text "QueryModification", you will see what happen:
    Query Text Input: Title<>{Page.Title}
    1. While the page title is "Test Page 1" (without special character), the rendered query text is
    Title<>\"Test Page 1\". It works as expected.
    2. While the page title is "Test-Page-1" (with special character "-", of cause we have more special characters on production), the rendered query text is
    Title<>Test-Page-1.  The double quotation marks are not rendered by the CSWP, so the query text are broken. It does not work as expected.
    If I make the query text as Title<>"{Page.Title}"
    1. While the page title is "Test Page 1", the rendered query text is
    Title<>\"\"Test Page 1\"\". It does NOT work since the
    quotes are duplicated (no sure why CSWP duplicates the quota mark),
    2. While the page title is "Test-Page-1", the rendered query text is
    Title<>\"Test-Page-1\".  Quotes are correct, but it does NOT work as expected still.
    The expected rendered query text (view from the html source) should be
    Title<>\"Test\\\-Page\\\-1\". (Here is test url: <a href="http://server/_api/search/query?querytext='Title<>"Test%5c%5c%5c-Page%5c%5c%5c-1"'&rowlimit=10">http://server/_api/search/query?querytext='Title<>"Test%5c%5c%5c-Page%5c%5c%5c-1"'&rowlimit=10)
    From the above information, I can say the CSWP not handle the special character correctly ("\" is not inserted before any special charactor).
    Is there any setting in CSWP can be used to resolve above problem?

  • Display special character on web page

    Is it possible to display the special character < or > in a bsp page ?
    I try to do it but it seams to be interpreted as HTML and nothing is printed.
    In material description in purchase requisition we have < material desc > and I would like to show this in a tableview.
    For the moment I delete the special character in a string variable but it does'nt correspond to my need.
    Thanks for your help

    You could try something with special characters :
    e.g. this code
    &#171 material &#187 
    produces this output
    « material » 
    Best regards,

  • Display Special Character

      I have developed a report which display the result in ALV.  I found that the character '&' was converted to another symbol.  Is there any FM or thing that can resolve this?? Besides, when I put '&' in the forum search, it returns error.  Does SAP support special character??

    Hi Kit,
    You could try something with special characters :
    e.g. this code
    &#171 material &#187
    produces this output
    « material »
    Even better is this one &#60 material &#62.
    kindly reward if found helpful.

  • Domain User profile displays special character "?" in command prompt.

    HI All,
    In our organization, there is one domain user in his profile it shows special character "?". which is stoping JAVA application to Run.
    When you see it in windows explorer, c:\users\username. I am not able to see any special character.
    But when i am login to command prompt and check it shows c:\users\username?> Here at the end of the user name i am seeing "?". Which is giving problem to run JAVA application. I checked user profile ( Firstname, lastname , givenname)
    and there i couldnot able to see any space or special character. The only thing i can see in adsiedit user properties in "TextEncodedORAddress" attribute it shows 
    C=US;A= ;P=abc;O=Exchange;S=User?;G=xyz;I=M; 
    When i check this properties i can see the same in exchange user properties in X400 address. 
    I try to edit and remove the  ? but again it is creating new address with removing ? but reply as it shows with the user name with special character. As i dont know from where it is getting the special character.
    Any help for this will be appreciated... 
    Thanks & Regards,

    check out this link, it might help:
    Moving and Renaming User Accounts
    example from link above:
    Listing 7.19 Renaming a User Account Within the Same OU
    Set objOU = GetObject("LDAP://ou=Sales,dc=NA,dc=fabrikam,dc=com")
    objOU.MoveHere _
    "LDAP://cn=BarrAdam,ou=Sales,dc=NA,dc=fabrikam,dc=com", "cn=LewJudy"
    Every second counts..make use of it. Disclaimer: This posting is provided AS IS with no warranties or guarantees and confers no rights.
    IT Stuff Quick Bytes

  • How to check for black rectangle special character

    hi ,
    i have a field that contains the black rectangle special character and when i copy it to the pl/sql's screen it's showing the square bracket. -->
    however when i saved the view it turns from to . and this has disrupted my check as follows
    field1 = '2AAC1234.11some-other-words'
    substring(field1 , instr(field1 , '')) -- i am expecting it to return 2AAC1234.11
    instead it returns me 2AAC1234 because the has turned in "." once i save the query. pls advise
    tks & rgds

    Get the ascii values for using ASCII function.
    and then INSTR function use CHR fucntion with the ASCII value you get fron above query.
    SELECT CHR(n) FROM DUAL; it will return ''
    here n is the ascii value for ''
    Arun Gupta

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