How to make the current value default programmatically

How to make the current value default programmatically

Open a VI reference to the desired VI and use invoke mode with method: "Make current values default".
The VI cannot be running, so you need to set it from a different VI. (It also means, it cannot set itself.)
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  • How to make the current values in the frontpanel as standard values (in an exe-file)?

    There are some posts to this topic, but I couldn't find a satisfying solution to this.
    Simply example for what I am looking for a solution: The fronpanel includes one numeric input element. I start the VI, change the value of the numeric input element to an other value and than stop the VI. The next time I start the VI I want the numeric element to have the value that it had when the VI was stoped. Preferably, I want the value of the numeric element be setted up as "standard-value"  when I push a button (see the example attached).
    Go to Solution.
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    I put together a very basic example, which should give you the idea. Find it attached (this subVI only works with doubles).
    Of course the toolkits which Sam_Sharp mentioned are much more "pro" solutions with much more options...
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  • How to save the current Indesign defaults file?

    Hi, I've tried following the Indesign Classroom in a book but I find it left a lot to be desired for anyone new to this e.g ME!!!!. So can someone please tell me how I can save the current InDesign defaults file on a windows and if you can please do so like you would, for lack of a better word or term, an idiot because I'm fitting that description pretty well right now. Any help will be greatly appreciated and you will forever in my mind be a god, thank you =DDDDD.

    Hi, im not too sure (I thought it was a stock standard thing, sorry) so I'll fust give you the instructions my book has.
    To save the curren InDesign Defaults file, Follow these steps:
    1, Quit Adobe InDesigns CS5.
    2, Locate The Indesigns Defaults file.
         . In Windows, the InDesign Defaults file is located in the Documents and Settings/Users/Username/Library/ Application Data/ Adobe/ InDesign/ Version 7.0/en_US folder.
    3, Drag the Indesign Defaults file to another folder on you hard drive.
    When you launch Adobe Indesign CS5 after moving the InDesigns Defaults file to another folder, a new InDesign Defaults file is automatically created and all prefrences and defaults are reset to their original factory setting.
    Okay that's all of it and as far I can get is to the app data, for some reason my notebook doesnt have it and I've been trying to find other ways of getting to it but im having no luck. I would really like to avoid the Ctrl+ Alt+Shift thing because I'll apparently lose any saved settings that I might want to keep.
    Hopefully that all makes sense, thank you for responding and your time =3.

  • How to get the current values of LINESIZE and WRAP in SQLplus ?

    How do I get the current values for the SQLplus environment variables
    When I type
    SQL> show parameter LINESIZE
    nothing is displayed.
    Is there a command to show ALL existing current paramter values at once ?

    SQL> show linesize
    linesize 134
    SQL> show wrap
    wrap : regels zullen omgeslagen worden
    SQL> show pagesize
    pagesize 50000And you can issue a "show all" to see all settings at once.

  • How to display the current value selected in DDLB of another screen

    hi Experts
    I need some info regarding the dropdownlist in BSP.
    I have two screens . One screen contains the table view which contains a set of records.Each record has two columns.
    Second screen contains 2 drop down list.
    When i select one record and then press the submit button in the first screen .Then i want that the selected value of the selected record will display in the DDLB of the second screen. And then i can again select the value from the drop down list.
    For example:
    1st screen:
    record 1.
    col 1     col 2
    record 2
    col 1     col 2
    2nd screen
    So when i select the record1, then the current value of col1 and col2 should visible on the ddlbs of second screen first time. Then i choose other value from the ddlbs.....
    My Question is how to do the following
    "when i select the record1, then the current value of col1 and col2 should visible on the ddlbs of second screen".
    please provide some suggestions...

    You can use form with post method
    <htmlb:form method = "post"
                      action = "page2.htm"
                      target = "coding" >
    <htmlb:dropdownListBox id             = "labelAlignment"
                                               selection      = "<%= me->labelAlignment %>"
                                               onClientSelect = "document.forms[0].submit();" >
                          <htmlb:listBoxItem key   = "LEFT"
                                             value = "LEFT" />
                          <htmlb:listBoxItem key   = "RIGHT"
                                             value = "RIGHT" />
    So once you select col1 and col2 in your case its value is in page attribute say hold, this attributes needs to be defined in page2.htm also with auto checked. You can get the val selected in page1.htm
    If helpful rewards point.

  • How to make the layout as default in CM01

    Hi All,
    In CM01, i created my own layout for the report. But everytime i need to go to Settings > Detailed Cap. List > Get List Version and select the layout. Is it possible to make the layout as default?
    Sureshbabu G.

    To make the default screen layout,  In transaction CM01, after selection of period, click on Capacity Detail / Period. Then go to Menu Bar > Settings > Detailed Cap List > Save List version, then press Save.
    this will save the layout.
    i hope this will help you

  • How to make the same value be placed in many  variables.

    Hi all!
    I need help to make the values broght from ekpo-peinh: 1 2 3 4 5 etc...  get placed into many fields of internal table, for example:
    data: begin of it_size occurs 0.
            t90 like ekpo-peinh,
            t10 like ekpo-peinh,
            t11 like ekpo-peinh,
          end of it_size.
    And I need to make that all the values from ekpo-peinh be placed in order in it_size-t90 = 1, it_size-t10 = 2, it_size-t11 = 3, it_size-t12 = 4 and so on.
    So please if anyone can help me 'cause I don't know how to do that, I'll really appreciate it.
    Thanks for your time.

    Hi Guillermo.
    I'm not sure i understand completely, but here's part of a solution:
    data: l_comp type i,
    field-symbols: <f> type any.
    describe field it_size type l_type components l_comp.
    do l_comp times.
      assign component l_comp of structure it_size to <f>.
      if sy-subrc ne 0.
      move (value from EKPO) to <f>.
    This will populate, in order, your IT_SIZE structure with a value (EKPO-PEINH).  I'm not sure how this value is managed, but this should give you an idea.
    Jesse Thibodeau

  • How to read the current value of hyperlink java bean in multiple record,

    I have used a java bean for a multi-record block item. On When-new form-instance I m using fbean package as follows
    FBean.Invoke(hHyperlink,1,'setLabel','Abc Document');
    You can see that I am using the number 1 which is hardcoded,for which I will replace with a incremental loop and remove it. Now when I m using the When-Custom-Item-Event, I want to read the URL for the current instance.
    I m using
    vcEventData := Fbean.Invoke_Char('CONTROL.HYPERLINK',2,'getURL');
    to get the second record value , where in I want to avoid the hardcoded 2 or 1
    Thank you

    I recommend you these forums for your question:
    Forums Home » Oracle Technology Network (OTN) » Products » Database » JVM
    Java in the Oracle Database
    Forums Home » Oracle Technology Network (OTN) » Technologies » Java » Java Server Pages (JSP)
    Java Server Pages (JSP)
    Forums Home » Oracle Technology Network (OTN) » Technologies » Java
    Joel Pérez

  • How can I use "Make Current Values Default" Programmatically?

    When I use this method in a Invoke node, I get the error code 1000, then i can't use it in run mode?
    How can I modify the default values in a Built aplicattion, and save for the next time I load it?

    I've attached a small demo to show setting up the front panel control. The VI Change Control is the one you run. has one control on the front panel whose value is setup by Change Control Just unzip the file, keeping the two VI's in the same folder. You don't need to open the
    I've used this mechanism onlong with a config file when creating a Virtual Instrument Driver.
    Ray Farmer
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  • How to transfer the current value of a field of the table in a Java-variable?


    Use the ImmediateAccess class -- there's quite a lot of info on
    how to use it in the help.

  • How to make the Decimal values into Round off value

    Hi Experts,
    I have an internal table with 3 columns, the 3rd column having decimal values, Now i want to convert the values in to whole number, Ex: 15.67 will be 15.7
    Anyone plz help this.

    use following code
      wa_val type p decimals 2,
      L_ANDEC     like T006-ANDEC value 1,
      wa_val2 type p decimals 1.
      wa_val = '15.67' .
         DECIMALS            = L_ANDEC
          input              = wa_val
          SIGN                = '+'
         OUTPUT              = wa_val2
         INPUT_INVALID       = 1
         OVERFLOW            = 2
         TYPE_INVALID        = 3
         OTHERS              = 4
    WRITE:/ wa_val2.

  • Making Current Values Default While VI is Running

    Is there a way to 'make the current values default' while a VI is running?

    You know, i try to read these posts really quick because i do this at work
    (my boss doesn't mind because i learn things too). Anyway, my dyslexic mind
    interpreted the subject line as initialize to default values. Sorry. Craig,
    i think that's twice you corrected me. Thanks.
    But now i have a question. Why would you want to set the current values
    to default? So after stopping then re-starting the program it starts with
    the last know values? (i know, thats really 2 questions). The way i do
    this is to use the simple configuration read and write vi's to some ini file.
    On program close, write the values. To make sure this is done, take the
    stop button away from your users and use a front panel quit button that will
    execute the write code before calling labview exit. Obvisously, on program
    start, read from this file to return your controls to the last know states.
    Hope this helps, sorry for the confusion.
    "Craig Graham" wrote:
    >Uh.. perhaps I missed this. Certainly you can set default values via>property
    nodes, but I was under the impression only for a VI that isn't>running or
    locked for running- i.e. in the hierarchy of another VI that is>running.
    Am I mistaken?>>Hence a VI can load settings into another VI's front panel
    controls, set>them as default and then use an "invoke node" to run the VI,
    but there's no>way a VI can set its own front panel defaults unless you use
    some horrible>method whereby it launches another VI, via "invoke node" since
    the>hierarchies must be independent, the other VI aborts the first, sets
    the>font panel defaults and then relaunches it, using "invoke node" before>killing
    itself.>>jared wrote in message>news:[email protected]>>>>
    Yes, you have to use property nodes. This will only work in the>development>>
    enviroment. If you compile into an .exe it won't work. This was discussed>>
    last week or the week before on this group. Search using keywords from>your>>
    subject line, i'm sure you'll find alot of info. I also created a sample>>
    of how to implement this in an .exe. If this is something you would like,>>
    email me and i will respond with it attached.>>>> Jared>>>> "Peter T"
    wrote> >>Is there a way to 'make the current values default' while a VI

  • Make current values default

    Hello ng,
    Can anyone tell me how to programatically make
    the current values of all controls on a panel the
    default values?
    Furthermore, can I set all controls back to their
    default state programatically?
    Charlie Solomon
    Raytheon Systems Co.
    [email protected]
    Sent via
    Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

    Are we talking about LabVIEW 5 here? If so check out the VI Server
    In the Functions palatte under Application Control you can open a VI
    reference to
    a VI with Open VI Reference and then using the Invoke Node you have both
    "Make Current Values Default" as well as "Reinitialize All to Default
    These functions match exactly the same commands in the Operate menu.
    [email protected] wrote in article
    <7qkdgv$di6$[email protected]>...
    > > For every control you want to set back to a default value, make a copy
    > > of it on your front panel, and set the default value. Now, when you
    > > want your control to go back to default, set it via a local variable
    > > ("Copy of Control A" -> 'Write' local of Control A
    > Thank
    s Rick,
    > That would work for resetting controls to the same default values every
    > time...I should explain my app better: I have a subvi that pops up
    > a "setup" panel, allows the user to change some controls, then gives
    > the option to Save or Cancel. Save button should make the current
    > panel values the new default, so that next time the app is closed and
    > reopened these new values will be in place. Cancel button will undo
    > the changes and reset the controls back to the default state.
    > Only thing I could find in the Help was some reference to
    > a "Make_Current_Values_Default" DLL, but no info on how to find it or
    > access it.
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    CIT Engineering Netherlands
    a division of Test & Measurement Solutions

  • How to make the LV front panel controls the current value through the program is set as the default value when the next time you open?

    How to make the LV front panel controls the current value through the programis set as the default value when the next time you open?

    Try this: Re: How to make a VI remember the latest control value?
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  • Reversing the Make Current Values Default command

    I was working with a labview program this evening and had been using the 'Reinitialize all to default' command under the operate menu to clear all of the waveforms on my screen.  However, I accidentally chose the 'Make current values default' command and cannot erase what shows up in the waveforms.  I am sure there is a simple fix to my problem but I couldn't figure it out.  I tried rewiring parts of my block diagram do exclude the waveform graphs with the hope that the waveforms would go away but realized that the graphs weren't wired so nothing was going to change.  Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You,
    Go to Solution.

    There are a few simpler ways than closing and reopening the VI.
    If you realized the mistake right (or soon) after you did it, a ctrl+z will undo the operation and you have your old defaults back.
    If you are past that stage, a simple "menu...file...revert" will revert the VI to the last saved version. No need to exit and reload.
    If you accidentally saved it with the new defaults, "right-click the operations...clear graph", make default, save VI again.
    Good luck!
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