How to make Widescreen Videos Display correctly in iDVD?

I shot video with my sony dvcam in 4:3 format. PAL.
I took this video and edited it in iMovie and Exported as follows:
DVCPRO PAL; Aspect: 16x9 25fps.
Size: 720x576 16:9 (i do not preserve aspect ratio).
I take this quicktime movie file and drop it into iDVD using a non Widescreen format menu (but i go ahead and choose it to switch to widescreen when it asks me).
I have 10 small videos i do this too and out of the 10 only 2 actually play in widescreen. The other 8 start off by displaying grey side vertical bars on either side of the screen then proceed to move into a 4:3 aspect.
Why is this happening? Why only 2 work? What is happening to the other 8?
Each of the .mov files i am using display in widescreen when i open and play in QuickTime.
(i have checked using QTPro and all the aspects are set to 1024 x 576 (PAL) for each movie.
Can anyone point me some clues as to what is happening?

OK found my solution.
Something in iDVD was not translating the .mov file correctly and not showing my .mov files in proper 16:9 format. It did so with 2 of them but not the other 8.
So i found a work around that made it work perfectly.
I made a new iMovie file in widescreen format. Closed iMovie. Then did a "view contents" function (cntrl click on iMovie file and "view contents"). Next i dropped the 16x9 .mov file into the Media folder. Open the iMovie file again and move the .mov file from the Trash into the Timeline. Save iMovie file. Then i dropped the iMovie file into iDVD and now i have my 16x9 movie with no problem.
I had to make these different aspects and formats because i needed 4 DVDs of each movie:
Fullscreen PAL
Widescreen PAL
Fullscreen NTSC
Widescreen NTSC
Glad i got it all to work out OK.
Also be sure to select the correct fps in the iMovie preferences before making a new iMovie. And deselect the "pillarbox and letterbox" option.

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    Message was edited by: John Cogdell - added NOTE

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    4Easysoft Creative Zen Video Converter is an all-in-one Video Converter for Creative Zen software with high output quality and powerful video editing functions, which can help all the zen users to make the best video/audio effect.
    First of all, let’s make clear what kinds of videos/audios can get the best effect in the zen players.
    MPEG, WMV, and AVI (MPEG-4 SP, DivX, Xvid), while MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 are supported, but must be transcoded with the included software.
    MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, and Audible 2, 3, and 4 formats.
    Video resolution: 320×240; Video Bitrate: 500 kbps; Audio Bitrate: between 96 to 128 kbps.
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    Edited by: user11254370 on 2009-6-9 下午11:58

    Just wanted to mention - I bought the IR Remote thinking to make the player useful without navigation keys. Now I feel like I wasted more money instead of shifting to some other player by some other company with better customer service.

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    For direct recording into YouTube or other Flash based video web sites, use Flash Settings to select between available microphones and cameras.
    If you uneed help, see Adobe's microphone suppport info at  Adobe Help for selecting your webcam is here:
    Only external (Firewire) iSight (out of production for several years) has a built-in microphone.  If your Mac has a built-in iSight, it also has a separate, built-in, USB Mic.
    Either kind of microphone can be selected in your  > System Preferences > Sound > Input settings.
    If you want to use an external iSight with a Mac that also has a USB mic for some purpose other than recording directly into YouTube or another Flash based web site, you can usually select which mic to use depending on your desired purpose.
    Many apps that can recognize multiple microphones allow you to select which micriphone either via a menu choice or the app's speparate Preferences... settings.  As one example, here is how to select a mic in QuickTimeX:
    Each app works its own way, and some apps can only access the curreent System Preference setting.
    A side note for other readers who are using Mac OS X Lion 10.7.x:  Neither FaceTime Version 1.1 (258) from OS X 10.7.1 nor the current Version 1.1.1 (262) from OS X 10.7.2 can use external iSight's Firewire mic.   The firewire camera works, but the Fireiwire mic is not available for selection in FaceTime > Video.

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