How to make youtube video gallery auto play (&autoplay=1) work properly?

Does anybody know how to make youtube videos play when clicked on the thumbnails in the video gallery? I have added the auto play function in the iframe code
(<iframe width="600" height="335" src=" rel=0&autohide=1&showinfo=0&autoplay=1&theme=dark&color=white&modestbranding=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)
for both videos but both videos play at the same time. The videos stop playing at the same time when once clicked on one of the thumbnails.
Here is html test file and Muse project file to see what I mean.
Help would be much appriaciated.

Hi Vinayak,
Thank you for you response.
Here is a valid link.

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    I use Final Cut Pro X to make YouTube videos.  The sound is great when I watch the videos on certain computers, but muffled on others.  How do I fix this?

    You don't. You can't control how other computers or browsers play back the footage.  The best you can do is export a master file that plays great on your computer.  What youTube does with it, or how other computers play it back is out of your hands.
    Just like me with broadcast TV shows.  I deliver the most pristine version I can to the network. But then they convert it to a digital file that they then beam out to cable and satellite providers, who then compress it again to play on their systems. And then it arrives at grandma's house and plays on her TV. I have no control how my grandma receives the signal, nor how her TV is set up.  Unless I am nice and tweak things when I go visit. But I can't do this at every house that might want to watch my show.

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    when you create a new page iWeb lets you choose from some preset pages like the homepage, the blog, the video and the photo gallery.
    But the video page lets you put one or more videos in just one page.
    If you have many videos and you want to divide them in different categories like the photo gallery page do for photos, how can you do it?
    If you select the photo gallery and if you put videos instead of photos from your iTunes inside of it, it seems to do the job, but I can't use this trick cause I have not enough hosting space to store the videos, and infact I uploaded them in youtube and with the youtube widget the photo gallery doesn't work and shows nothing...
    Did someone know how to create a video gallery page (or something like that) with videos from youtube?
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    This is one way you could do it: PhotoPresenter Animated Slideshow Themes. The thumbnails can be as small as you'd like. This way none of the video files have to load before they play button is selected. Otherwise the page would take forever to load.
    How the button is created is described in this demo page: Opening Item in a New, Precisely Sized Window
    OR you could use a video jutebox like the one on this page:
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    Embedded YouTube videos don't play in non-YouTube web pages.  I can click the link in the top of the video to be taken directly to YouTube, and I can watch the video there, but when I click the big Play button in the middle of the video window, I just get a black rectangle.
    I tried uninstalling Flash player as suggested in another thread, rebooted my machine, and reinstalled Flash player, but that did not fix the problem.  This is a non-Flash player problem that Apple should look into.  I have not tried this on other browsers to see if I have the same problem there or not, as I do not use other browsers besides Firefox.  I would rather not have to use another browser just so that I can watch embedded YouTube videos.  I would prefer if Apple (or another knowledgeable user) can post the solution to the problem.  Thanks!

    In Firefox, click Tools>Add-ons. Make sure the Shockwave Flash plugin is enabled and "Always activated".
    If that fails, see: How to perform a "clean install" of Flash Player in Mac OS X  in the Adobe Forums. That will clear out the pluigins and allow a fresh install with the new plugin.

  • How to download youtube video in Mp4 format from safari ?

    Does anybody knows how to put link and when video plays just click on it and it will download. I had that option a while ago and cant find the way to make it again. Or if you know any other way....

    Using Safari 5.0.1 and Snow Leopard I used part of what I found online and stumbled across the final solution indicated by brackets {}
    From < l>
    Step 1: Download the videos
    1. Find your favorite YouTube video. This step is pretty self explanatory. Be sure to use Safari and search for your favorite YouTube Video. {Select 720 p or greater.}
    2. Next, you need to go to 'Window' and down to Activity. Click on 'Activity' to bring up the next dialog box.
    3. Once the dialog box has popped up you need to look for the YouTube page among all the page titles and files listed in the window.
    4. Once you locate it and expand all the activities going on in the page, look for the largest file size (this is shown in the right hand side). Most of the files found in a YouTube page are small files while most FLV files are several megabytes.
    Once you locate the largest file,
    What I found out:
    {Hold down the SHIFT OPTION key and double click on it. The video should start downloading in your download and be named videoplayback.mp4.}
    What I found out in the videos I tested is that if you did not use 720p or higher, SHIFT OPTION double clicking or just double clicking on the large file in the activity window downloaded an FLV file, which you then have to convert to mp4.
    Hope this helps.
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    Looking for a friend that doesn't use a computer.  I myself have downloaded some kids educational stuff and added to itunes and then put on ipod/ipad using firefox. 
    Is there an easy way, so they don't go to the photo roll??
    thanks in advance.

    There are some Apps you can use, but be careful they will only download these videos inside the App, so you won't ba able to play them in your video app or share them.
    Most popular is the app called "Video Download" but there are a lot of alternatives for free and even with more quality which you can pay for.

  • Youtube videos are not playing back

    Youtube videos are not playing back in Safari 5.1.7. I've also checked this in Firefox 16.0.2.
    I am running OS 10.6.8.
    Why is this happening? I need this capabilitiy for my work efforts.
    Thanks (in advance)!

    I'm having similar problems to you all.  Chrome and Firefox will play YT videos back perfectly.  But for some reason certain users' entire channels that were working fine in Safari on Thhursday 1st Nov 2012 had stopped working by the next day!  After upgrading Flash and resetting the cache etc it was a bit better but still some not working.  I then downloaded the 6.0.2 update (again after a bit of aggro as some error message kept popping up, then after a while it worked ok).  Now still some videos refuse to play in Safari.  Latest FF browser seems OK and not too slow.  I have always liked Safari though and am a bit annoyed that I've had to to make FF my default as it's a bit ugly.  It may be a YT problem rather than Apple.  Once upon a time in the hazy crazy days of Tiger and Leopard I had no Apple problems.  Now lots of very minor but basic issues keep popping up! 

  • Youtube videos doesn't play until fully loaded

    Youtube videos doesn't play until they are fully loaded. It doesn't work for ANY streamed video, not just Youtube. It happens on both Firefox and IE. I tried to uninstall Flash and re-install it, but it didn't help. The only thing that solves it is restarting the computer, but it just returns after some time.
    How can I fix it?

    Hi, This is the info on the hardware acceleration and system requirements. 
    The video card affects playback:Although Flash Player can display high-quality video and images by itself, hardware-accelerated scaling uses the video or graphics card on your computer to display images and video more clearly and quickly than Flash Player can on its own.
    Not everyone can use it and that's why turning it off helps. Since you have it turned off, then this no longer affects you.
    They may be some add on in the browser that is causing this. Kaspersky had been using a URL Advisor that is an "extension"
    but whether you have it I don't know. In IE, in the manage add ons, look for "Show"(very light text) and look in all 4 categories for it.
    In FF, it may be in the extensions. I'd look in all, addons, plugins & extenstions.
    If you find it, disable it. If you don't find it, then all I could suggest is to disable all IE add ons except Shockwave Flash Object and Java and see it there is an improvement. Then do the same with FF.
    Hope you find out what is causing it.

  • Can i capture and record a youtube video that is playing on my screen using quicktime?

    How can i capture and record a youtube video that is playing on my screen using quicktime?

    Hi Paul, QuickTime X can record video and here is the tutorial for you: I'm wondering why you don't just download it using some free YouTube downloader, easy and fast.

  • Youtube videos will not play on Ipod touch 5 after ios update

    YouTube videos will not play on my IPod touch 5 after I updated the operating software. Any suggestions on how to fix? I uninstalled and reinstalled the YouTube app.

    What exactly happens when you try?
    Apps crashing
    iOS: An app you installed unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won’t open
    Contact the developer(Google)/go to their support site
    Restore from backup. See:
    iOS: How to back up

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    how to download youtube videos on Macbook Pro?

    If I told you how, I'd also have to get rid of this thread.  We can't discuss how to circumvent copyright restrictions, and many Youtube videos have just that.

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    You cannot. Doing so would violate YouTube's Terms of Use.
    Best of luck.

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    You know the scene at the start where it starts off Black and White then as we move down the timeline it transitions to a rusty brown gradually.
    It's on the Apple site for FC Studio as a promo clip.

    how to do a keyframe trasition in the Color FX room
    I realize that you can "add" keyframes to the timeline in COLORFX, but I don't believe they are always observed, and then they usually disappear in retrieved projects, and aren't persistent if you leave the room. To remember where they are... you might mark in a keyframe on those frames in another room as a pathfinder. The behaviour is consistent with a creature of the six-legged variety.
    Method 1. If you are trying to taper the effect (any effect) in COLOR FX, the most linear approach is to render two versions of the clip; one "with", one "without" and do an opacity fade once you have returned them to Final Cut. This gives you the most control, flexibility, repeatability and consistency.
    Method 2. You may attempt to keyframe the bleach bypass settings within the node itself -- the preset that comes with COLOR doesn't have any controls, but the Nattress plugin does.
    Method 3. Set up a "blend" node with your bleach bypass feeding one of the inputs and leave the second input to default to the untreated video... keyframe a transition from "1.00000" to "0.00000" and that should work.
    Note: the keyframe timeline markers will disappear from the timeline if you exit the clip, but the effect is likely to persist. At least that was what was happening a couple of minutes ago... for me, the effect and blend performed the transition just like it was previewing when rendered. This strategy is subject to being created and rendered "on the spot right now", and I advise making sure you have your renderqueue settings ready to go... load the clip from the COLORFX room using the Mac command bar at the top of the screen and render it right away. Don't try to save it for later. Just Do It.
    An announcement went around about two weeks ago that Mr. Deakins' website was back up and running, so give him another try... poor guy has been swamped probably doing Dreamweaver maintenance... yeah, that must be it...

  • How to make the video looks greenish ?

    Hi there,
    Can I know how to make a video looks bit greenish ?

    Thanks Karsten,
    Can I know, if I have about 60 cuts on the timeline and I want all the 60 cuts to be greenish, how do I apply to all at one go (instead of having to do one by one for 60 times !) ?
    Thanks again
    Karsten Schlüter wrote:
    first 3 options coming to mind
    a) ready made: under Effects 'Nightvision' (switch-off the mask)
    b) almost ready made: under Effects, 'Colorize', set color to green
    b) Color Board, Color, push general to green

  • YouTube videos do not play

    Hi All,
    Before I pull the plug on FireFox, I'll try once more. YouTube Videos do not play. They start then stop with the cryptic error message "An error has occurred.... Other videos play fine. YouTube videos play fine on that other browser. I've tried all the suggestions in this forum, my PlugIns were uninstalled and re-installed, Firefox was uninstalled and re-installed and No, I do not live in India. Anybody have any idea what's wrong. What's Google doing that Mozilla can't figure out?

    Do you have the latest version of Flash Player? Download Flash Player at and install it. Also, is your internet slow? Try changing your quality on the video to low when the video starts to see if it does the same thing.

Maybe you are looking for

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