How to manage multiple ipads in business

Does anyone have to manage multiple iPads in a business environment? These are my concerns:
Be able to push purchased apps to the devices
Be able to use fine my iPad from
Allow people to purchase apps on their own if they like
Does the number of iPads per apple ID exist for iPads too? I have 10 iPads to setup for users

With ten devices it could be a toss up over hand management & a MDM solution.  Check out the layered model.
Use VPP.  Select an MDM.  Read the Google doc below and nsdjoey write up.
IT Resources -- ios & OS X -- This is a fantastic web page.  I like the education site over the business site.
View documentation, video tutorials, and web pages to help IT professionals develop and deploy education solutions.
    scroll down after all the pretty picture.  Click on the words "For It".
    business site is:
    If necessary, scroll down until you see the Browse IT Resources button.  Click on button.
Joe Rowe's Excellent guides
IT managers who are new to configurator and managing a cart of ios devices: edit?pli=1
         [ original announcement  -- ]
Quick help presentation for students: yOE/edit#slide=id.g1b776944_0_224
good tips for initial deployment:
See nsdjoey writeup.  See third post.
Institutions in the USA and other countries can use the App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to buy Apps.
"Deploying a great quantity of iOS devices means creating a great quantity of Apple IDs. This script allows automated Apple ID creation from a spreadsheet."
There are three ownership models:
    Layered. combines personal & institution.
Watch this apple video on layered ownership.  It education based, but that's OK.

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  • How to manage multiple ipads and iphones on the same computer

    Any advice on how to manage multiple iphones (iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 & iPhone 3G) along with an iPad & iPad 2 on the same computer?
    Thank you

    The article that AnaMusic references assumes that you sync automatically I believe. Turn off auto sync and select whatever you want to put on each device. As Philly said, it really is a snap. I have never synced automatically and I never selected iTunes to start up when my iDevices are connected. I want the control over all of that.
    Launch iTunes on your computer and go to Edit>Preferences>Devices>Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. Check that box and then quit iTunes.
    Connect your iPad to your computer, launch iTunes, click on your iPads name on left sidebar under the devices heading and then click on the summary tab in the iTunes window on the right. Select - Sync only checked songs and videos. If you really want to "live dangerously" - uncheck Open iTunes when this iPad is connected. Now you can control what you sync and when iTunes starts up. iTunes will not start up when you connect the iPad and it will not sync anything on its own.
    Go into each tab in iTunes, Info, Music, Apps, .... All of them - check what you want to sync in each section. After you have made all of your selections (and you have checked all of the headings - Sync Music, Sync Apps and so on) click on Apply in the lower right corner on iTunes and the sync will take place.
    Do this with each iDevice and iTunes will remember what you selected for each device the last time that you synced. You can make changes to this configuration any time that you want for each device and if you do just remember to click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes in order to apply the changes.

  • How can I manage multiple iPads for different students?

    Problem: I need to manage multiple iPads for my students with special needs. I need to download different apps to different iPads and I'm not sure how to keep their apps separate but still keep ultimate control of the units (i.e. lock them from loading anything on the apps that we at the school district haven't approved).
    I need to be the only one doing updates, loading software, etc., and don't want to keep using my own personal iTunes account...any suggestions?

    If the presenter is using a computer and everyone else has an iPad this is very easy and free. Just use and on the iPad just download their free app

  • How to manage multiple users/devices/Apple IDs on a single computer

    I got my 8 year old an iPad mini for Christmas and I'm about to set it up but I need some advice on using multiple IDs on one computer. I have an iPhone 4s. I assume I will need another Apple ID for the iPad mini so she can use Facetime. How do you manage two devices with different IDs on one computer? Will my movies and music be available for the iPad mini ID? What happens when I plug the iPad into my computer? Do my iPhone apps on my account disappear? Do I need to log out of my iTunes store account? Is their a danger in mixing the two accounts? I was told to be careful if you plug another iPhone into your computer because it can wipe your phone and replace it with another users info if you don't log out/in correctly. It's very confusing so if anyone could give me some advice on how to set this up and manage two IDs and devices on one computer it would be helpful. Thanks:)

    This should be of some help.
    How to use multiple iPhone, iPad, or iPod devices with one computer
    Your daughter is too young to have an Apple ID because the minimum age is 13 years old. You can use her email address for FaceTime and Messages. You add the address as the contact address when you activate both of those apps. But both apps will still have to be tied to your Apple ID.
    I was managing 5 different devices with one iTunes library and all devices had their own unique content on them. It is not that difficult to manage.
    there is lots and lots of information out there on how to do this. Check some of these out for more information. nes%20library
    This will help with FaceTime and Messages. l

  • How to manage an iPad app project

    Hello all,
    The company I work for is thinking about getting into the iPad business. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction on how to project manage an iPad app project? I am very intrigued on how this works. Thanks!

    This forum is for use of devices and software only. Not supporting for development. Please use the developer discussions for these questions. (see other posters link)

  • How to manage multiple sizes of the same image?

    I recently took up LightRoom for all the good things it does. One of the things I need to do, however, is to create and manage multiple sizes of the same image needed for different purposes. I always found this cumbersome. I totally expected that the LR library would offer a solution for this but I looked and I didn't see anything. Sure you can export and resize in the process but then you're on your own. Am I missing something? Isn't there a better way? What does Adobe have in mind for best practices and how do you handle this?

    I can't speak for 99jon, but when I need multiple sizes, I export at the desired sizes, and then make use of the exported photos (upload, e-mail, whatever) and then delete the exports. Thus, there's really no need for me to keep track of the photo at this specific size, knowing that if I ever need it again -- unlikely -- I can regenerate it with the export pre-set, so I put no effort (zero!) into keeping track of photos at different sizes.
    The idea of adding it back into the catalog doesn't get me excited, and I would advise against it. I don't need this, and I don't see the benefit of keeping this particular size export for the long-term. As I said, I can always recreate it — but maybe you have such a need to keep these exports long-term and recreating it at a later point in time doesn't meet your needs? Can you explain?
    By the way, you can't resize a virtual copy, so that won't work here. The only time you can resize is on export.

  • How to manage multiple locations for Item (Management warehouse locations)

    Is there any way, with UDF and Formated Search, to manage multiple locations for Item in the same warehouse
    I must have several (at least 2) locations for the item in the Warehouse and that  i enter in goods receipt and have track of this location and search possibilities at sales order by item and WHS.
    read carefully and imagine how (Management warehouse locations)
    I added a user table '@Location' who linked to a user field 'U_Location in Item master data --> lnventory data line and an ather user field 'U_Location' in sales order
    I met the value of location in the table (list of locations for any warehouse), I select the location of each item while receiving merchandise in the user field of inventory data line (Item M data) and this value appears in the sales order 'U_Location' user field ( only the location value in the default warehouse for this Item)
    create an user field 'location' in Good receipt PO to fill it while receiving merchandise that appears in the sales order to give possibility to find/select the location of the item at this order and in Item master data
    I think we will use all these tables and there is a relationship between all.
    a piece of code has been proposed, but it is not so simple
    SELECT T0.U_Location FROM [dbo].[OITM] T0 WHERE T0.ItemCode = $[$38.1.0]

    I believe you are talking about defining BIN's (locations) within a Warehouse.
    This is quite possible and has been explained / discussed on this Forum a few times in the past.  Though I am completely clear on how you would like to implement this I could give you some guidelines..
    Creating a @location UDT is correct to maintain list of warehouse locations
    UDF in Items - Warehouses (Item Master ..Inventory Data Tab..Rows)
    UDF in Marketing Document Rows (When you add a UDF here U_Location then this will available in all marketing documents, both AR and AP)
    You will define a location for an Item in the Item Master....
    In the can use FMS to list the location/s for the Item being received from the Item Master and the User can Select it.
    In the Sales Order, you can select the location from which the Item could be picked..
    Let me know if your process / ideas are different

  • How to sync multiple iPads on stage?

    I have a band. I'm interested in moving from sheet music folders to iPads. There are several sheet music / page turning apps. I want to be able to sync the iPads together from one "master" to several "slaves" - turning pages, selecting songs, etc.
    Some apps claim to have this capability, but provide little explanation.
    I'd very much like to determine:
    a. If this is possible?
    b. If so, what equipment is necessary beyond the iPads? Would I need to create a WiFi network on stage? Would this be reliable? Would all iPads need to be the same model?
    If anyone else is doing this already - band, church, pro or school ensemble - any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    If I go with method #3 in the article How to use multiple iPods, iPads, or iPhones with one computer can I still plug in 10 (or more) iPads into a 10 port USB hub and it will go through and sync each iPad with a different name with it's respective itunes account automatically or will I have to manually do this?

  • How to manage multiple version of PLSQL application in database?

    Hi all,
    What are the recommended approaches for managing multiple version of plsql program in a single database?
    We can't afford to have different db instance for different version due to server resource.
    We need to keep different version so that easier to support our users who are using different version of our application.
    Please advise.

    Hi Guido,
    Yes, I thought of that as well. If really so, then schema name will have to be different.
    Anyway, just exploring if there's any other possibilities.

  • In OEM 12c, how to manage multiple incidents at the same time?

    Is there a way to manage multiple incidents at the same time? For example, if I want to assign owner for multiple incidents in the incident manager, is there a way to do this? Thanks for the help.

    This is currently not supported. This support will be available as part of the next patch set release.
    Please note that you can use Incident rules to assign owners to incidents as they come in or get updated.

  • Managing multiple IPAD's

    I run a small business and sync various IPAD's and IPHONES on the one AppleID.  I am not sure what to do when I sync with apps that people have purchased on their own accounts.  It seems to transfer it to my APPLEID but that creates problems later with updates etc for staff that may have left.  How do I just sync company apps/music but not transfer theirs onto my computer and not delete them either??  What is the best way to handle this? 

    Apps that are downloaded are tied to the Apple ID they were downloaded under.  So, if you're giving your employee's the Apple ID password and they download apps, your kind of stuck managing those apps. If you don't want people downloading apps, to your ID, they should sign out of that ID, and use their own ID to download apps.  That way, when they leave you can update the iPad using your ID and delete the Apps they downloaded on their ID and their apps won't be tied to your master ID.

  • Software to Manage Multiple iPads

    I have been given the task of managing a large number of iPads and wondered if there was an application or software package for the Mac or Windows to allow me to manage these as an administrator. iTunes is OK for a small number of devices, but I am looking for something more along the lines as centralised administration console.
    Any advise is greatly appreciated.

    MDM  -- Mobile Device Management  
    Airwatch, Meraki, MobileIron, Profile Manager on OS X Server, or Zenprise
    For a comparison see this page:
    Meraki -- A free MDM   [ expect lots of email and phone calls about upgrades ]
       Read the product overview.  Click on "get started now" to sign up.
       Video's on how to setup and use Meraki. nager/
    Apple Configurator and Apple Profile Manager
    "Apple Configurator makes it easy for anyone to mass configure and deploy iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in a school, business, or institution."  Limited to Macs.  Connects via USB cable.
      "Profile Manager lets you configure OS X and iOS devices so they’re set up to use your company or school resources and have the settings, apps, and books your organization requires. Profile Manager creates settings and preference bundles for devices and deploys them to devices via the Mobile Device Management (MDM) service."  Requires OS X server.
    fyi the best you can do for seeing what is on the remote ipad...
    "teamviewer allow IOS support with real time screenshots function"
    by CESNET

  • Can I manage multiple iPads with the same Apple ID?

    I have a client that will have 4 iPads at a trade show to use as displays for a small animation about their product. We will need to install a kiosk app from the app store on all iPads. I'm confused about how Apple IDs fit into all of this. Will I be able to use the same Apple ID for all 4 iPads and install the kiosk apps on all 4 devices? I realize I might have to pay for the app 4 times, which I'm fine with.
    I found the iPad Configurator app, but since this is for a client, I dont want my work computer being used as the "main" computer to control them. Do I have any other options? I guess I'm looking for the best way to get the same apps on 4 different iPads using one Apple ID if that is possible. Thanks for any info!

    Yes - you can use the sasme AppleID on multiple iOS devices, and install the same apps. You can downoad the apps directly to the device (via WiFi) and not neccessarily need to synch them.

  • How to manage multiple macs

    I tried posting this in the server forum but didn't get a response. Perhaps there is a better place for this. My family has two MacBooks and two mac minis and would like to manage them more effectively. If an update appears, then we have to download and install it four times. We also have purchased software and would like to somehow manage/coordinate the licenses. It would be helpful if we could somehow create a network or use the mac server software to manage updates and software more effectively. Does any one have suggestions on how to do this?

    You can add multiple user accounts to the system in the Users & Groups system preferences, where you can set an account to have full administrative priveleges, or more limited "Standard" or parentally controlled "Managed" accounts. In addition, you can enable the "Guest" user, which resets itself to factory defaults whenever it is logged out.
    In this manner your data and those of the other users is kept separate, so an evil sister in law can be given either limited access where no data or settings will be changed (the Guest user), a restricted account intended for kids where you can control application access and time allotments (parental controls), or provide all access except for administrative tasks (a standard user), or finally full access as admin.

  • How to manage multiple resources in multiple project?

    We are a very small company that has migrated from an in-house TFS solution to using VSO to manage our projects.  One issue we are having is being able to look at outstanding tasks and resources allocated across multiple projects.  What I'm looking
    for is one place where I can see how many hours a person is allocated for a given week for all projects.
    Thank you for your help!

    Hi Curtis,
    You can create a single team project and create teams for each of you project. Then you would be able to monitor all team progress etc using root team project and each team progress can be separately monitor. If you use parallel iterations across all teams
    this would be more effective.
    For team capacity you can set full capacity to root level and divided capacity levels to each team.
    Scaled Agile Framework is explaining similar concept here for more complex situations in below article. But you can use a simplified version of it.

Maybe you are looking for

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