How to map 64 bit bars in Fcode plugin driver on Solaris T5440

Hi all,
I am trying to develop a FCODE driver for my NIC card on Solaris T5440.
The card has 3 different memory mapped io regions.BAR1 is 16k 32 bit
and BAR2,3 128K 64 bit and Bar4,5 64bit 128k.I could successfully
map the BAR1 and BAR2,3 and read the contents .The mapping for
BAR4,5 succceeds but the access causes the fault.I checked the
PA programmed in to the BAR4 by dumping the config space
and verified it with map? on virtual address got using map-in for
BAR4,5.It seems ok but no idea why its faults.Any help regarding
this is highly appreciated.
OBP version used : OBP 4.28.11
\ Instance Values
0 instance value reg_base1
0 instance value reg_base2
0 instance value reg_base3
: map-regs ( -- )
\ enable the memory access
my-space 4 + dup " [email protected]" $call-parent
h# 146 or swap " config-w!" $call-parent
h# 200.0014 >phys 1000 map-in to reg_base1
h# 300.0018 >phys 20000 map-in to reg_base2
h# 300.0020 >phys 20000 map-in to reg_base3
The first 2 mappings work fine but 3rd one faults everytime
i try to access some data .Is there a space limitation sicne
i am mapping almost 272kb ??

There isn't a way to -change- the actual disk names returned from format, at east that I've ever heard of.
When I discussed the lameness of the QLogic disk names I was told they Sun was planning on reintroducing the standard c#t#d# convention at some point in the future.

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    Regarding the GPS coordinates start here:
    Regarding the projections - my map I tried to use in my application uses Lambert conic conformal projection
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    I do not think that I am completely focused into this completely, so let us see if the following is going to help.
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    The menus (main and scene) take their origin in .psd files on the hard drive and strict nomenclature and structure for Layers Palatte. And, the buttons on the menus trace back to the menu markers on the Timeline, main menu marker and order of placement of scene markers. The scene thumbnail will only appear when there is a scene marker on the Timeline to which it.
    In view of all that
    Where have you already inserted this "image (button)"...into the Layers Palette of a Photoshop document or other? Is this "image (button)" in a structured Layer Group in the Layers Palette with sublayer groups, text layers, graphic/background layer"?
    Let me give you an example
    If you have a button (with thumbnail) on the main menu and you want that to open to a specific scene in your movie, then you use a main menu marker on the Timeline at the spot that you want that button to target.
    If I am getting closer to what you seek, then please further clarify the DVD navigational envisioned scheme.
    Add On...I did not see the exchanges between us and SG until after I had posted mine. I thought that your discussions were concluded. Please excuse the interruption.

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