How to Map in SAP      ?

My client is Automobile industry.In the presales process my company delivers the goods to the dealer.On transit the goods are damaged.Instead of returning the goods the dealer him self repairs the goods and sends the credit memo to the company.The company will send the engineer for inspection and give the clearance certificate for the dealer.With reference to this we have to create the credit the customer.
How to Map it SAP....?
Plz send me the reply

Dear Prasad,
As you r not taking d goodS back (or dealer is not sending them back) thus it's not a case of a Returns. Also there is no issue with d invoice either thus even Invoice Corrrection Request will not b generated.
Thus it's a simple case of creating a Credit Memo Request for the required amount i.e the amount claimed 2 b spent by d dealer. This will obviously have a block which can b removed by d engineer who went for inspection (or some1else depending on d working of d organisation). Once the billing block is removed the dealer can b issued a Credit Memo in d usual way.
Hope it answers ur query.

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  • How to map the permits Scenarios

    Dear Experts,
    Good Morning  to Every to Body.
    I am confusing to map the permits scenario . In my client place they raise the Work permit request to the Safety Officer for getting the approval for doing their work.
    Based on working condition safety officer checks the safety precautions , after verification he approved it and handover to the workperson. if safety officer not satisfied with safety precaustions he deny to give the approving for start the work. this is one scenario. and this work permit valid only for that approved day only. if its not complete that day , next day again workpermit was raised by work person or incharge of the work.
    2. scenario : for any corrective action on running machine or predictive maintenance time , maintenance people gets the work approval from the Relevant department or Concerned persons. Ones relevant department head gives approved , then only maintenance people will start the work.
    i am requesting you please guide me how to map in sap with out complexity. i am waiting for you people response.
    please suggest me.
    thanks & regards

    There are 2 different type of permits.
    1. Safety Permit
    2. Work Permit
    Safety permit will be approved by Safety officer. This is your first scenario. Work permit is approved by Maintenance officer, that is your second scenario.
      IWO10007 Maint.order: Customer enhancement - permits in the order
    As permits are approved in IW32, through above mentioned User Exit, you can develop some logic to restrict the authorisation between Safety officer in case of safety permits & Maintenance Manager in case of work permits.

  • How we map?

    If a customer acheived a sales of  Rs10000 we want to give 10% dicount?
    How we map in SAP?

    Dear jyothi
    You can cofigure Rebate Agreement.  If it is for a particular customer, you can create Customer Rebate.  If it is only for a particular material, you can create Material Rebate.  TCode for Rebate Agreement is vbo1.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to create a map in SAP BI???

    Dear SAP BI Experts,
    I have a difficulties to make a map in BI and missed the steps procedure how to create a map.  I have an ESRI CD Map and Arc VIew application.  What is the first step if i want to create a map and is there any procedures or manuals from the beginning "how to create a map in SAP BI" ???
    So sorry for stupid question!!!
    Thank you very much for your time and help.
    Best Regards,
    Rudy (SAP BI Team)

    Hi Nirmansyah,
    Please check the below link.
    Hope this helps.

  • How to create interactive map in SAP Visual Business using SAP UI5 SDK

    Please tell me,
    How to create interactive map in SAP Visual Business using SAP UI5 SDK.
    Is it possible to create interactive map using VB Control in SAP UI5 SDK..?
    if possible please any one let me know.

    Hi folks, one question:
    We have our development close moved and now it is earlier than originally planned. 
    That means that we maybe can't finish our convenient API and you have to wait till we will release it - early 2015 is planned.
    But there is another option:
    Currently we have a API based on json. The developer has to create json and  to transfer it to the Visual Business control.
    This interface is more used as a low level API and we are developing on top the more convenient one. So all the features are the same.
    It will stay stable & compatible in the future and you can build on it.
    Do you want to use this interface?  
    Then I will publish the documentation.
    Let me know.

  • Java mapping how to use

    Hi I would like to know how to use logging within a java mapping.
    I know i have to use theese classes : Location, Category, ConsoleLog but i dont know how.
    1) How to load the P1, P2, P3 and P4 tags in the Error tag of the SOAP header watched in SXMB_MONI
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>Java mapping of application triggered an exception</SAP:Stack>
    2) How to load and activate log in the DIAGNOSTIC tag of the SOAP Header.
    - <SAP:Diagnostic xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">

    As already suggested, you can display custom messages using AbstractTrace.
    trace = (AbstractTrace)param.get( StreamTransformationConstants.MAPPING_TRACE );
                        trace.addInfo("G1-CYCLE is missing");
    For more on coding front refer:
    To get this trace seen in MONI, set parameter TRACE_LEVEL in SXMB_ADM to 2.

  • How to map Resource related billing through sap pm

    Hi all,
    I have a new requirement from one of my client.
    one plant(says A) provides the maintenance workers to other plant(Says B).
    Plant A charge on hourly basis to plant B. Workers fill time sheet daily.
    Then how to map this scenario through sap pm.
    i guess it should be done through work center. kindly share.

    For scenarios where the plants share the same company code, then you execute and settle your work orders as per normal.
    Typically this involves the sending (from work centre) and receiving (settlement) costs centres posting actual costs.
    The cost centre managers can then determine how much to back-charge. This task is often performed by the Finance Team.
    For scenarios where the plants do not share the same company code, then you have a few options:
    Resource related billing (see link above)
    Plant A creates a PR/PO against Plant B. Then plant B creates a Sales Order against Plant A. This can be automated. The PR/PO could be linked to the order directly, or via a contract, or not at all..

  • How process flow of a foundry industry is mapped in SAP

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please tell me how to map process of foundry industry in sap for PP module.

    Hello All,
    Can anyone please tell me how to map process of foundry industry in sap for PP module.
    Thanks in advance

  • How is u201CCheques in Transitu201D process mapped IN sap B1

    How is u201CCheques in Transitu201D process mapped in SAP Business One > Banking Transaction.

    I am afraid there is no function in current B1 to map u201CCheques in Transitu201D process.

  • What is Investment allowance on asset. and How can we map into SAP?

    Hi all,
    I want know what is investment allowance on asset and how can we map into sap?
    Thank you in advance.

    hello chandu ,
    In order to encourage substantial investment in plant or machinery clause 5 of the Finance Bill, 2013 seeks to insert new section 32AC in the Income-tax Act, 1961 to provide for deduction for
    investment in new plant or machinery by a company.   It is allowed over and above the depreciation rates.   This is for tax calculation purpose for availing this benefit so many conditions to be fullfilled.   In sap this can be handled through development only.  n.selvakumar.

  • Letter of Credit mapping in SAP R/3

    Hi all,
    Scenario is:
    Import PO is raised to a vendor
    Based on the PO Letter of Credit is issued to the vendor for partial quantity.
    Based on the Letter of Credit, the vendor will supply the goods for which the L/C is opened.
    Then the Customs duty is paid and GR is done.
    How to map this scenario in SAP?  How to map the L/C in SAP.  How to create link between L/C, PO, GR & customs duty.
    Please give your inputs.

    After the PO has been created in SAP, from the finance side, they will post LC the functionality is similar to bill of exchange or as a noted item. While posting the transaction, in the reference field PO number will be maintained.
    Once the Goods are received at port.
    Customs duties has to be paid, for this you have to post an invoice through tcode: MIRO for the customs clearing agent with reference to your PO(For customs duties you have to maintain appropriate condition types in PO and against these condition types, custom clearing agents number(vendor number) has to be maintained. All these condition types are to be created with condition category 'delivery costs').
    For imports PO -- GR based-IV should not be checked becoz before receiving the goods you have to clear the custom duties.
    Then once the goods are received you will post the GR and the you will post the invoice for the material vendor.
    Then from the finance side, they will clear, whenever they post the clearing transaction to the vendor, LC realted transaction gets reversed automatically. Bank account will be -ve and your vendor account will be +ve.
    Note: Tracking of LC has to be done manually as the functionality is not complete in SAP.
    Hope this clarifies.

  • How to map DEPB discount in import pricing

    Dear All,
    One of my client requires DEPB discount to be mapped in SAP.
    In this DEPB discount (value) will get reduce from the customs duty and same will be reduced from the material account.
    Description                 - value   - vendor          - material cost (loaded on material - 117)
    material value              - 100    ( Vendor - X)   - 100
    basic custom duty       -  20     (Vendor - Y)   -   20
    CVD/Cess/Shcess      -    5     (Vendor - Y)
    cess on custom duty   -    2     (Vendor - Y)   -    2
    DEPB discount           -   -5     (Vendor - Y)   -   -5
    How we can accomodate DEPB discount in pricing procedure. Rest procedure is working fine.
    I want to create new condition type and assigned in pricing procedure to have above effect.
    Please suggest if anybody has came accross the above requirement.

    better create as cdn type in import pricing schema with from to step, so that it will deduct the % as required.
    I think ur suggestion will suit the purpose

  • How to map business process and enterprise service?

    Recently, I read some documents about ESA. I'm confusing about the relationship between business process and enterprise service. In other word, how to map the business process to enterprise service after the business process is analyzed? Is there any methodology/rule to define business process and wrap them into service in ESA?

    Hi Sherry,
    I like to add some of my thoughts about that discussion. From my point of view ESA is much more than just another BPM or Enterprise BPM. ESA is adresses six key areas and I think all of them are really needed:
    - <b>People Productivity</b> as the word itself's about portals and productivity.
    - <b>Embedded Analytics</b> has to integrate transactional and analytical content.
    - <b>Service Composition</b> is used for model-driven service composition and services orchestration.
    - <b>Service Enablement</b> is about a Enterprise Services Repository filled with business meaningful Enterprise Services and service patterns for enabled objects. Excactly this is where SAP has years of experiences.
    - <b>Business Process Platform</b> is about service enablement of all application platform objects and engines. This is the place where "BPM" for core business processes resits.
    - <b>Life-Cycle Management</b> has to cover the deployment, configuration, operation and change management for ESA based processes.
    Therefore the term "BPM" is located in serveral layers of an ESA approach. On the level of <u>Business Process Platform</u> BPM is providing the choreography for core business preocesses.
    At <u>Service Enablement</u> BPM needs to compose out of granular services (I would say "atomic" services)
    buiness meaningful services (here we have "molecular" services).
    The third level where BPM could be used is <u>Service Composition</u> because exactly this is the place
    where serveral Enterprise Services could be combined to a process representation.
    To come back to the discussion:
    1. The question should be how to indentify business meaningful services which could represent single process steps. ATP check, Credit card check, ... could be examples. In theory this service could be out-tasked, defined more flexible etc. This means that processes needs to be evaluated for Enterprise Service candidates. Afterwards you can check against SAP's Enterprise Services Repository for already existing Enterprise Services. The evalution for enterprise services candidates will be supported by the metodology mentioned by Kaj and David.
    2. I think domains in this context should be motivated by business and/or functional areas. Depending on the granularity. For example Order Fulfilment Services, Master Data Services, Search Services... These kind of serices can be combined again to services such as "Search of Master Data" (Search Service + Read Master Data Service) etc. or can be used to generate UI to be used in a ESA application.
    Your thoughts?
    Very best regards

  • How to map back charge process

    Hello friends,
    I need help to map below scenario in SAP:
    We have third party business process, where vendor V1 is supplying material to customer. When customer receives material; V1 invoices us and we make payments to V1.At this point PO is closed for vendor V1.
    Now if customer faces any problem with material, then we call local vendor V2 to repair or service the material. What ever charges come from local vendor is suppose to reimburse by vendor V1.
    Now how can we link V2 vendor invoice amount to V1 invoice. What will be the document flow? How to map back charge process . 
    We have considered adding negative line items to the existing PO but understand this is not possible once payment has been issued and the PO is closed.
    We have considered creating a u201Creverse sales orderu201D but do not want to create a separate order or handle the vendor under a separate sold-to account (as a customer)
    We have considered a manual FI invoice but do not want to handle the vendor under a separate sold-to account (as a customer)
    Seeking valuable inputs from experts.

    Hi Raghavendra
    Yes V2 exist in SAP, right now we create new purchase order to V2 for services for material at customer location, after his service we do payment to V2 and same amount is charged to V1.
    While charging V1 , we need to treat V1 as a customer( sold to party ) , which we donu2019t want , and direct clearing from FI is also not fusible as we again need to treat V1 as customer ( sold to party ) .
    Our requirement is to map using some credit memo or debit memo or any other documents.


    Hi All
    When the Idoc is sent from ECC to XI after checking the message in the SXMB_MONI I get an error saying:
    What is this error and how should I go about resolving it?

      The most probable reason is that your idoc has failed in the mapping step.
    Take the xml payload of your message from SXMB_MONI and paste it the test tab of your Message Mapping.
    Then you can run the mapping in the test tab of the message mapping, which will point you to the exact reason for the mapping failure.
    Ravi Kanth Talagana

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