How to map lattitude and longitude on a map in j2me.

hi all,
i am new to this forum and new to j2me.
i am developing a pplication to track location of a gps mobile phone.
i am using wtk2.5.1 jsr179 to develop it
i know how to get location of a mobile phone but i cant find any method how to map those lat long coordinates on a map...
please help me out if anyone knows about it..

I'm afraid that this is large problem... and it's not related to J2ME.
The first question is whether you want to use some map provider and its API or you have a bitmap and you want to place a cursor of your position in the map.
In the first case find an API to use (I don't know any). In the second case you have to understand what the GPS coordination mean, know projection type of the used map, then find and use the transformation formulas to transform GPS coordinates to map coordinates and vice versa.
Regarding the GPS coordinates start here:
Regarding the projections - my map I tried to use in my application uses Lambert conic conformal projection
but it may differ from map to map.
Enjoy :-)

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    Problem solved.
    1. The cardinality of the nodes was not matching.
    2. Attributes were matched instead of matching nodes.

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    This question was posted in response to the following article: ml

    Typo in this section:
    Remove an unused map ID
    Your map files must be unlocked to use this option. To remove unused map IDs:
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    Right-click the Map Files folder.
    Select Edit.
    Do the following:
    Map Files Select the map files from which to remove unused map IDs.
    Select All Click to remove unused map IDs from all map files.
    Clear All Click to deselect all map files and not remove unused map IDs.
    The third point should read "Select Remove Unused Map IDs..." instead of "Select Edit"; then the rest of the topic makes sense.

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    Thanks in advance,

    Not sure about Google Maps but this is fairly easy to do with Bing Maps. I've used Bing Maps with SharePoint lists fairly regularly. Here are some blog posts:
    Once you have your sharepoint list connected to Bing Maps you can easily filter the list data based on the selected country if you have a country column in your list. If you want to take things a bit further an create a much cooler user experience you can
    also use the Bing Maps GeoData API to get the country boundaries and show them on the map as polygons. These could be color coded based on some metric, or set up as the clickable area on the map rather than a pushpin. Here is a blog post on how to use the
    GeoData API with the JavaScript Bing Maps control:

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    Yes we were having the performance issues when it is getting locked? in this what i want to know
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    sorry for the inconvience.. i m expecting the answer from here. if anybody wants some more info i ll let him know.
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    have seen posts referring to the chart example ( ; could someone help me with the following:
    1) How to add On Demand Application Process to a map page (step 4 in the demo)
    2) What is a hidden item and how to add it to a page (step 6)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    I am trying to do the same thing. I have got the get_data function working to create the desired output. However when I replace the xml <data> block with &P65_DATA, it does not work. If I display P65_DATA on the page, it has correct output. If I cut and paste the output into custom XML, it works fine. Anyone have come across this issue..any ideas how to fix it?

  • Is there any component in flex to show/edit digital maps, lattitude, longitude etc?

    Is there any component in flex to show/edit digital maps, lattitude, longitude etc?

    If I do this then I will have my video player in fullscreen disappear for a moment and then reappear out of fullscreen, and I want it not to disappear, but to just jump to the other state fully resized and repositioned with no glitching in between states.
    Than you will need to implement your own solution which meets your specific design goals. That's the nature of the beast my friend.
    As far as I know dynimic skin parts have another meaning - creating more than one instance at runtime. Also I've read just now (again) partAdded and partRemoved are called on component initialization and skin change. So basicly if I change the skin, it makes sense to remove the eventListeners from the old skin parts. But still, I've read on many places that if an object has event listeners attached to it it will Not be GC unless they are weak, so it will be stuck in memory forever.
    So looking at the VideoPlayer and it's skin parts, I'm not seeing any event listener being removed when I remove the instance I have of the VideoPlayer. Why is that? Why the component does not remove it's skin parts event listeners?
    Are you changing skins? If so, I bet the parts would be removed as expected. The partRemoved method is not being called because it's not needed. If you remove the parent component, than any reference encapuslated within that component are removed as well.Fire up the profiler if you don't believe me.
    I'm interested in the skin parts and states relation. With includeIn and excludeFrom you define in which states the component is added to or removed from as a child (element). So If I have a skin part which is required=true and I have 2 states from one of which it is excluded... whouldn't that result in a runtime error since the part is not there but it is required?
    I'm pretty sure that it only checks if the instance exists, and does not care if it has been created and added to the display list. I do not really know for certain though. This could easily be answered with a simple test.

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    The text below was written by our team's developer/architect. I am the help author who uses RoboHelp to write content and generate the help files, but I am clueless how it all gets generated and is deployed. Please help. We use RoboHelp 9. I use it in Windows XP and our app and help run on IE 7, 9, and Firefox (multiple versions).
    "Our application uses the numeric identifiers associated with the Map ID. For example, to get to the <appname>_home_page.htm file, we use the number 1053. <appname> = pecs, in this example.
    All of this is used in a call to a RoboHelp method defined in the RoboHelp_CSH.js file. The mehtod we are calling is the RH_ShowHelp() JavaScript method and the code to perform the call, when you click on Page Help, is this:
    RH_ShowHelp(0, ''/pecsHelp/index.htm>pecsHelp',HH_HELP_CONTEXT,topic);
    Topic is translated to the Map ID number for the page help. HH_HELP_CONTEXT is defined in the RoboHelp_CSH.js file. This method translates into a URL and from what I have seen, the URL that gets generated is this:
    Server and port get replaced with the appropriate values. I have no clue how id=1053 is supposed to get translated to mean "pecs_home_page.htm". If you check the PECS_help.h file, you will see the following entry:
    #define PECS_Home_Page1 1053
    Then in the RoboHelp alias file (PECS 3.0.ali), the following line is in the file:
    <alias name="PECS_Home_Page1" link="pecs_home_page.htm"> </alias>
    But both of these files are used during the WebHelp generation process and I don't know how the WebHelp generated files handle the Map ID and aliases."

    You need to assign the numbers you find in the pecs_help.h file to topics in your help. You do this in Context Sensitive Help > Map Files > All Map IDs. (From RH7, but I assume the location is similar in RH9.) This creates the entries in the .ali file.
    Peter Grainge suggests a couple of sites to read for a greater understanding here:
    (Although the second  site is based on RH X5, the basic concepts and procedures should be very similar. )

  • How can i store and use maps in 5800

    I was stunned when my new nokia 5800 hanged when receiving a operator status message after call which shows call duration, so i had to update my phone firmware using nokia pc suite.
    Now all of sudden the nokia maps icon seems to have disappeared, am trying to find out how i can download the maps to my memory card and access it for directions and not able to find a way to do the same.
    This link says
    To update the maps on your device:
    Select Options > Tools > Settings.
    Select Map > Options > Check for map updates.
    whereas the second option is completely different for me, when i select map and options i do not have "Check for map updates" option
    And the Nokia map loader in my pc suite dosent seem toopen the maps suite, nothing happens when i click the icon
    Are these because of my updation ? If so can i revert it back to my old one ? please help as am completely finding it different from the old one
    Message Edited by solofight on 27-Nov-2009 03:04 PM
    Go to Solution.

    here is a fundamental difference between the way every other sat nav manufacturers charges compared to the Nokia charging concept.
    Nokia requires you to renew your subscription but they throw in all the software and map upgrades for free.
    The rest of the world charges you for a sat nav unit, software and a set of maps which you can theoratically use forevermore but in practice you will get increasingly more frustrated as your maps slowly but surely go obsolete. When you finally get too frustrated you will be told that a new set of maps will cost almost as much as the cost of the sat nav.
    As maps are generally updated quarterly, you almost have the latest maps with Nokia Maps whereas map updates for other systems generally cost aroung €80 a pop. Do your sums and you will see it it isn't bad value at all.
    I have been using sat navs since 2004 and personally I think there is nothing more frustrating than a sat nav that is contantly leading you the wrong way around one way streets due to obsolete maps.

  • How can I get rid of Apple Maps and Put the Google Maps back?

    I wanted to know how to remove the Apple Maps and reinstall the Google Maps. The Apple Maps is a very inferior programme and not worth the space on the. Computer. It can't find anything. It's a complete waste of time.
    So my original question is, how to get rid of it, and put the Google Maps back?

    CHances are google maps are never coming back as part of the bundled OS. Apple and Google seem to have parted ways (possibly has something to do with Google having their apps on other devices from other manufacturers but no one knows for sure)
    Since preinstalled apps cannot be deleted, the most you can do is ignore the icon, shove it back on a back menu page (I have a 4th menu page on my iPad containing nothing but the bundled apps I consider worthless. I just ignore that page and never go there) and then put a shortcut to google maps on your iPad or find a third party map app you like better.

Maybe you are looking for

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