How to Map the Unit field  in case of DSO and INFOCUBE

Dear Experts,
I have a issue ,Please help me to solve this
I have DSO as provider ,
And, i have to map transformations  btw the Datasource and DSO.
In generic Data source,  i have unit fields like BASME,MEINS (Quantity units) & STWAE (currency field)
and normal Quantity fields  like KWMNG,OAUME(quantity related),OAUWE (value related).
In DSO data fields as Key figure info objects like  0Quantity (which have 0Unit as unit of measure) and some other  key figures which have there respective unit of measure in info object  definition.
So you Please tell me how to map the Quantity ,Amounts, unit fields to key figures that we have.
(How it will be for both DSO and Info cube is there any difference?)
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Navasamol ,
If it is works ,will u please tell me what is the difference ,if the transformations btw data source and DSO and
what is the difference btw data source and info cube and btw DSO to Infocube or cube to cube .
And i have  seen the Quantity fields  and there respective unit fields are mapped directly  to key figure info object
in case of Info cube . Its working fine .
If only 1:1 mapping allowed in DSO data fields key figures and there respective unit of measure characteristic.
why this difference btw DSO and Info cube can any one explain me in detail.
Expecting your valuable suggestions.
Thanks & Regards,
Anjunath Naidu
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    Hello Pabitra,
    I had a similar issue in my Project.
    Please verify if the SMOD enhancement MBCF0002 (EXIT_SAPMM07M_001) is active in your system.
    If this is the case, verify from two angles:
    a) Whether the Enhancement was accidentally activated - If yes, then De-activate the same
    b) If there is some logic coded in the User Exit, but, the Text is somehow not determined...even the existing content in the text field (input to EXIT_SAPMM07M_001) will get vanished.
    Hope that your problem will be resolved by this.  Pls reward points.
    With Regards
    Vijay Gajavalli

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    try this
    in LAYOUT
    <htmlb:inputField id = "vname"  disabled = "False" value = "<%= v_visitor %>"/> <font color="red" size="2"><b><%= page->messages->assert_message( 'vname' ) %></b></font></td>
    in oninputprocessing
      event = CL_HTMLB_MANAGER=>get_event( runtime->server->request ).
      IF event->name = 'button' AND event->event_type = 'click'.
        button_event ?= event.
        case event->id.
            when 'select'.
               if v_visitor = ''.
                 condition = 'vname'
                 message   = 'Visitor Name can not be blank'
                 severity  = page->messages->CO_SEVERITY_ERROR ).
                    here u can write ur when ur field getting filled
    give marks if it is helpful

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    We try to use BADI BBP_SAPXML1_IN_BADI (there is no method for SC), and BADI /SAPSRM/BD_SOA_MAPPING (z-fields is empty)
    Someone can tell how to map user-defined field for SC?
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    Evgeny Ilchenko

    Hello, Julia
    We have found solution our problem
    We have enhanced standard service in a new enhancement name space and defined own enhancement elements in our namespaces. Then these enhancement elements refered to the SAP standard Enterprise Service.
    But In our new interfaces were different  XML namespaces
    When we have correct an error we could use the next BADI

  • How to Hide the Parameter field at run time....

    I have a parameter field which behaves differently depending on the User logged in.
    It has the LOV coming from following SQL.
    SELECT customer_name FROM Cust_mast;
    If the user = 'INTERNAL' then the Where clause will be
    WHERE cust_id in('DELL', 'SBC', 'BANK')
    Else there will be no WHERE clause or the parameter field
    should be hidden in the parameter form.
    So my questions are:
    1) How to hide the Parameter field during Run time?
    OR OR OR
    2) How to change the LOV select statement during Run time?

    Hi Ram,
    Is there any way to play with the sql query SELECT using DECODE ?I'm not sure of this part, maybe someone else can suggest a way.
    However, what you want can be done in 2 other ways:
    1. Build 2 reports. Both reports will just be duplicates of each other, only difference being that the 'LoV where clause' will be different. Now you can fire the appropriate report in many ways. For example, if the customer is alreay logged inside your custom application, and therefore you already know whether the user is internal of external, you can design your button or link which launches the report to contain logic such that one of the 2 reports is fired depending on who the user is.
    1. Use a JSP parameter form, not a paper parameter form In this case, just build an HTML parameter form in the web source of your report. Use Java logic to populate the LoV drop-down list. When you have to launch the final report, just launch the paper-layout of the report. For example (you will have to modify this):
    <form action="http://machine:port/reports/rwservlet?report=ParamForm.jsp+..." name="First" method="post">
    <select name="selected_customer" onChange="First.submit()" >
    <option value="">Choose a Customer Name
    <rw:foreach id="G_cust_id" src="G_cust_id">
         <rw:getValue id="myCustId" src="CUSTOMER_ID"/>
    <rw:getValue id="myCustName" src="CUSTOMER_NAME"/>
    <option value="<%=myCustId%>"><%=myCustName%>
    In the code above, you will have to make sure that your report's data model defines 2 CUSTOMER_ID's (like CUSTOMER_ID_INT and CUSTOMER_ID_EXT). These 2 will be internal and external Cust ID's. Use Java logic to show one of them.

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    Can any one tell me How to handle currency & unit fields in call transaction? & how to dael with error for this fields? whith some sort of coding.
    Thanks In Advance.

    Hi Pravin,
    The same topic has been discussed in the following thread:
    How to handle currency & unit fields in BDC recording method?
    Chandra Sekhar

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    Hi everybody,
    While printing a Payment Voucher through F-58 and FBZ5(reprint), there are two output devices, the first one is - printer for forms and second is - payment advice printer.
    In our case we have configured the cheque printing and payment voucher printing seperately. The cheque goes to first printer(kept mandatory field) and the payment voucher goes to second printer. One of our plant does not print the cheque from SAP, they only print the payment voucher because the cheque is manually prepared. How do I avoid the cheque printing. Is there any way out to print only the payment voucher through F-58 and FBZ5
    Please guide me how to tackle it or how to remove the mandatory field setting in the output control screen?

    As of my understanding, there is no relation ship between the Sales Organization and this mandatory partner function.
    Here are few suggestions.
    1. Since Partner functions are defualted and made mandatory in the Partner Determination Procedure so you have to remove this Mandatory option for PE from the Partner Determination Procedure that is AG if using standard one.
    2. If you are using a single partner function than , Copy and create a New partner procedure and a new account group . Where in one you can default PE as mandatory and in another one you make a optional where it can be choosen manually while creating the customer.
    Follow the path to check for entries :
    SPRO > sales & distribution > Basic Function > Partner Determination > set up partner determination > select for customer master > select the partner procedure you are using AG as standard > then partner function in procedure > here maintian the check as required like, Mandatory or No check for Non Mandatory .

  • Hi gurus how to provide the table field validations

    hi gurus how to provide the table field validations , plz help me

          Say you need to provide valdiation for WERKS(Plant) field.
    Goto SE11. Find the domain of the field. (Say WERKS in our case.) now goto the domain, click on value range. Now at the bottom you will find the value table. Note this table (T001W).
    In your report, at selection screen, you need to validate the field against this table. like this
    At selection-screen,
    select single werks from T001W where werks = p_werks.
    if sy-subrc NE 0
    message e000 with 'Plant not found'.
    Reward points if useful.

  • How to map the node which i have created dynamically into the view

    Hi All,
    Many thanks to all ur answers in advance.
    I have created a node dynamically.I want to display the fields which i have fetched in that node.
    i dont know how to map the node which i have created dynamically into the layout of the view.
    Other than Using ALV is there any other way to do.
    for example usin table control

    use the reference variable of view to access the corresponding UI element and then use the method of that UI element to do data binding with context node.
    for ex:
    Context node = flights
    element = inputfield, ID = inp_name
    data view type ref to if_wd_view.
    data lr_inp type ref to cl_wd_input_field.
    lr_inp ?= view->get_child_element( ' INP_NAME' ).
    use following methods of input field to define the data binding.
    BOUND__PRIMARY_PROPERTY( ). " for input field it is value property.
    Get the reference of view from wddomodifyview method as importing parameter(view). Store this parameter as controller attribute.

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