How to morph one photo into another?

Does anyone know how to do a simple photo morph in Flash CS4?  I have image 1 on keyframe 1, and image 2 on keyframe 25, but aren't sure what kind of tween is required or what to do with the tween.

You probably won't get what you expect (image morphing is not 'simple'), but...  What you need to do is select each image on the stage and choose Modify -> Bitmap -> Trace Bitmap.  The smaller you set the value in the panel that appears, to higher the image quality when it's done.  Then you select the first and choose Insert -> Create Shape Tween.

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  • How can I move part of one photo into another photo?

    In older versions of Photoshop you could see two or more frames in the work area and cut an paste parts of one photo into another photo by using the "move" tool after the area to be moved was selected. I am having trouble discerning how to achieve this action in CC. Could someone in the forum with this experience give me some steps to take to complete this process? Thanks.

    Thanks Trevor!
    Bill Coan (BillCoan Photographs)
    Moravian Falls, North Carolina
    336-928-0498 (c)
    336-903-8674 (h)
    On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 6:48 PM, Trevor Dennis <[email protected]>

  • How to include one view into another view

    Hi SDN's,
                   Could any please tell me,How to include one view into another view.
    In my requirment.I want to create a 'Z' view for an interface .In that  view i have to take,
    1) Ship-to-email adrr by
                              LIKP-KUNNR -> KNA1-ADRNR
                              KNA1-ADRNR -> ADR6-ADDRESNUMBER.
    2) E-mail addr of person who created the document.i.e
        LIKP-ERNAM -> USR21-BNAME.
       In both the case we have to pass ADDRESSNUMBER to ADR6 table.
    If we pass these condition it fails,B'Coz at a time it passes Two ADDRESSNUMBER and a PERSNUMBER.
    So i created two which fetches only the email addr of  person who created the document.and another view fetches Ship-to-email addr.
    Now i want to include the second view into first view . Is it possible?or please
    tell me someother way to get these email addresses in a single view.

    as per my knowledge, nested views are not possible. However, while creating a new view, selection method will not giv u option to select the already created view(S) except the tables..i think so.

  • How to import one photo into iphoto 11

    how to import one photo into iphoto 11 in the exact order i want it?

    How many orders do you need to import one photo?
    Perhaps you need to explain that again

  • How to call one  JSFF into another JSFF

    I am very new to ADf. Could you please tell me how to call one JSFF inside another JSFF. We have a common pop-up written in one JSFF. Is there any best approach to get this pop-up into other JSFF.
    Thanks in Advance.

    If you want to resue the jsff code, make use of bounded task flow with page fragment and then use it as a region.
    For more details you can refer:
    One more:

  • How to copy one schema into another

    I need to copy one schema into another. That means, all the tables, views, constraints, etc, and all the data as well.
    I have a dmp file of source-schema (created daily with expdp by our backup schedule).
    Can I use impdp to import this dmp file into dest-schema? I'm thinking about something like this:
    The dmp file was created with:
    expdp source-schema/pwd DIRECTORY=dmpdir DUMPFILE=myproject.dmp
    Create the copy on dest-schema with:
    impdp dest-schema/pwd DIRECTORY=dmpdir DUMPFILE=myproject.dmp
    (dest-schema is an existing schema on the same machine. I'll drop all the tables before executing the command. Is there anything else I should do first?)
    If this approach is not feasible, kindly suggest me an alternative.
    Thank you.
    Edited by: mgro on Apr 16, 2010 3:22 AM (changed 2nd command: expdp to impdp)

    Thank you both. Dean, I've made a note of your proposed command. May use it next time.
    In the end I used the following command and it worked for me. I added TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=REPLACE since the destination was not empty.
    First I ran these command logged in as SYS
    GRANT Import Full Database TO dest-schema;
    GRANT Create Any Directory TO dest-schema;
    GRANT Unlimited Tablespace TO dest-schema;
    There were some errors though. The import process complained about constraints referencing non-existent primary keys.
    It turns out that the source schema has some constraints that are marked with status DISABLED. These constraints either:
    - are not part of the DUMP file
    - are in the DUMP file but skipped during import
    Don't know if this is a bug or by design behavior.

  • How to merge one library into another library?

    In iPhoto  9.6, is it possible to merge one library into another library? Or otherwise, import individual pictures, from one library into the other library? All of this happening on the same computer.I understand that this feature was covered by Aperture but that this is no longer supported under Yasemite?

    The current version of Aperture can merge libraries (I have no idea where you got the incorrect information that it can not)
    The paid version of iPhoto Library Manager - -  can
    Those are you only two choices

  • How can I swap or cut & paste a head from one photo into another for a holiday photo using aperture or photoshop?

    I've got an almost perfect family photo that I need to swap one face in as my son was not looking at the camera and I can't redo the shoot.  Anyone know how to take a headshot from one pic and swap it into another using Aperture or Photoshop?  Thanks!

    select the head with one of Photoshop's selection tools
    When doing this, I find it quite helpful to create an intermediate image with a transparent background that contains only the head to be pasted into the second image. First I paste the head onto this transparent background, scale it, rotate it or skew it to make it fit into the other image, adjust the lighting, then select it.
    To be able to paste the head seemlessly into the second image (and without aliasing effects), I make the border of the selection soft (⌥⌘D); my Photoshop has a german interface, so I am not sure about the english localization, this command must be something like "selection -> modify selection -> soft border".
    I would not bother to get the lighting and color excactly right in Photoshop, that is  far easier with the "dodge" and "burn" brushes and color adjustments in Aperture.
    To do this completely in Aperture, you would have first to combine both images into one (for example by creating a book page), then use the retouche->clone tool to stamp the head from one image to the other. I use this occasionally to stamp a face into a flower bud or for  similar effects. However, for this to work you need a plain background and nearly circular shapes to be pasted.

  • How to add one DC into Another

         I have created one DC ,now I want to use this DC into another.
         My application is like:
         I have one i/p field and beside it one button which calls another DC.So how     to   do this?

    This link will solve your problem.
    WebDynpro DC -create and use
    Correct steps to use Java class in WD Java DC from another WD Java DC
    For any queries feel free to ask.

  • How to put one photo into multiple events

    I want a single photo to appear in more than one event. For example, I would like to be able to create one large event, (lets say for an entire trip), but also create individual events for each day of the trip. I cannot figure out how to get a photo to show up in more than one event.

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions.
    Duplicate the picture is the only way to do this with Events. Events are a very crude way of organising. They reflect exactly the folders in the iPhoto Library on the HD.
    Albums, on the other hand, are much, much more flexible. A pic can be in many, many albums and use no extra disk space whatever. So can create an Album for the trip, plus one per day. Just drag the photos to the to albums.
    But even easier: Create a Folder - (File -> New Folder) and name for the Trip. Then a Smart Album based on date. So File -> New Smart Album: Date -> is -> Whatever. Then drag the Smart Album to the Folder. Repeat for as many days as you need. Click on the Folder, see them all. Click on an Album within the Folder for a specific day.

  • How to insert one document into another in microsoft word?

    I would like to set up a word document such that the document has embedded in it another document shrunk down a bit to make room for additional comments and information which I will add on the side. I've been looking to see if word 2007 has this feature
    but have had difficulty finding it. Is it possible to take an entire document and insert it as a resizeable object into another?
    Some of my research suggests that I might be able to accomplish something of this nature with publisher, and while several people in my office do not have publisher and we'd prefer if it were doable in word, instructions for publisher would be appreciated
    as well if Word 2007 cannot do this.

    Thank you for using 
    Word IT Pro Discussions
    From your description, I understand that 
    you would like to know to how to add a Word document into another Word document in Word 2007, and you can make some comments besides the embedded Word documents.
    If there is any misunderstanding, please feel free to let me know.
     Thank you for your inquiring.
    To insert a Word document to another Word document in Word 2007, follow the steps below:
    In the Word document, click the
    Insert tab.
    Click the
    Object in the Text group.
    object. Then click the Create from file tab.
    Click the
    Browse button to select the Word document. Also, check the checkboxes before:
    Link to file and Display as icon.
    OK to save the settings.
    Please take your time to try the suggestions and let me know the results at your earliest convenience. If anything is unclear or if there is anything I can do for
    you, please feel free to let me know.
    Best Regards,
    Sally Tang

  • How to Include one iView into another iView

    Hi All,
    My requirement is to have 3 input fields across many iviews. on entering the values in those fields, i will invoke a Web Service Model.
    I dont want to keep these 3 fields in all iviews, rather i am planning to create one iview with 3 fields integrated with model and call this iview in many other iviews.
    How do i achieve this in wed dynpro coding. In JSP, there is a concept called "Include Jsp Page" . Is there any similar kind of functionality in WD.
    Kindly guide me .

    In the portal, create a page and place the iView having the three input fields on top. Place the second iView below. Keep differing the second iView for every page. In this way you can make the iView with 3 input fields only in the desired pages. You can use EPCF to invoke / navigate to another iView.
    Srinivasan T

  • How to merge one library into another?  Followed directions with no luck.

    3.4.3 library add/merge problem. 13"rMBP trying to add (in this case) a 900MB library into my larger 200GB library. I have tried dragging and using the menu items with no luck. The pop-up display says merging and when done I don't see the new project in the larger library.  Right before the operation is complete I see the project (library) title fly from the project list back to the finder. Very confusing. Has anyone else heard of or experienced this problem. Thanks.

    Does the library that you want to to merge into your other library contain images or projects that already are in your main library? In that case you may not see a new project, but the new images may be merged into the older projects.
    Or are all images in the library that you want to merge are new images? Is the file size of your Aperture library larger after merging?
    There has been a buggy behaviour reported, that merging does not work, if all new images have been imported from the Photo Stream.

  • How to move one array into another...

    Move the values in temp[] into scores[][].
    int temp[]= {34 ,24,78,65,45,100,90,97,56,89,78,98,74,90,98,24,45,76,89,54,12,20,22,55,66};int scores = new int[5][5];

    well last try... :)
    some chars just dont display... when I use [ _pre_ ]
    public static void main(String[] args)
    int temp[]= {34
    int[][] scores = new int[5][5];
    int k = 0;
    for( int a=0; a<scores.length; a++ )
    for( int b=0; b<scores[a].length; b++ )
    scores[ a ][ b ] = temp[ k++ ];
    for( int a = 0; a<scores.length; a++ )
    for( int b = 0; b<scores[ a ].length; b++ )
    System.out.print( scores[ a ][ b ] + " ");
    In case you're wondering, this is my reply from the Advanced Topics forum decoded into a "New to Java" forum answer. ;) Also an illustration of a bug in the code brackets.

  • How do I move a layer from one photo to another photo

    I am trying to move the sunset from one photo into another photo.

    You can also duplicate layer from one document to another in this way: right/Cmd + click on layer and choose: Duplicate Layer. In Duplicate Layer dialog from Document drop-down list choose name of the document to which you want to send duplicated layer. Duplicated layer will be inserted above currently selected layer (group) in document to which you are sending (duplicating) it. You can use same technique for multiple layers or group.

Maybe you are looking for

  • How do I hide the grey space between pages in a document?

    I am still trying to learn Pages after using MS Word for many years and I am unable to find how to eliminate the space between pages in a document on screen. I should add that after reading a lot of reviews re: versions of Pages I ordered a CD of iWo

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    My i pad2 is incapable of searching for past e mails. What can I do without talking about lions bad cougars and the like. Keep it simple please

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    Hello, I am able to select the values across a column,but not in a row.  Can we highlight a row in WebI??? Thanks NIvas