How to move an itab from one view to another??

Quick. I retrieve a range from select option in one view? How can i move this range table to another view?
Currently, this is what I am trying,
In the contexts of the two view involved and the component controller i have a node 'TEST' with an attribute range that is declared type ref to data.
No syntax error, but when i read the context node 'TEST' in the other view, the value is initial.
Thanks for your quick responses and bright ideas!!

Hi Thomas,
Here's what I did now. Created an assistance class 'ZCL_WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE' derived from 'CL_WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE' with an attribute, 'my_range_table type ref to data'.
I assign/attach this class 'ZCL_WD_COMPONENT_ASSISTANCE' to the webdynpro component, by inserting it as an attribute in the component controller. As follow:
Now in the view one I insert code.
In the view 2.
  create object wd_assist.
rt_carrid = wd_assist->my_range_table.
rt_carrid is still initial.
Please sort out, if I am not doing correctly.

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    Please ensure to read note #[1540435 |]and to decide which update strategy/scenario you
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    If you have any problems with the library in the new account you might have to download and run BatChmod on the library to reset the ownership and permissions to the new account owner for all of the files in the library.  User the settings shown in the screenshot below:
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