How to open a web browser from an windows phone app

Hi everyone,
I am pretty new to Windows Phone 7, and now what I am trying to do is to create a simple app. When a user click to start this app, a browser will open and show the content of a webpage from a specific address.
I tried to use a webbrowser object, but it seems like that doesn't sport cookies. So I need my app to open a real web browser (maybe IE mobile) to do the job.
Thank you.

copying from stackoverflow: "If you want to embed a browser window inside your application then use  the WebBrowser control.  Add an instance of the WebBrowser control to  your form then you can reference it in code using the name you
give  it.  (Default name is "webBrowser1")"
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  • How to open a web browser from java

    Would anybody please help me with this. I need to open a web browser from my java app but I don't know. What method I can use?

    You can use the Runtime class for this. It can run any command. So, you can run the .exe file of your Web browser.
    The following code will run Internet Explorer (assuming iexplorer.exe is in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer):
    import java.lang.Runtime;
    public class Explore{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore");
    }catch (Exception e) {
    System.out.println("Exception: " + e);

  • How to launch a web browser from a MAC java app

    I know, this topic has been brought up over, and over, however I couldn't find info regarding MAC environments. I don't have any former experience with MAC, but now I'm getting desperate for a solution. I need to be able to pop up the default browser showing a certain URL on MAC/OS from a java application. Any clue would be appreciated.
    Thanks a lot,
    michael berdan

    I wrote libraies that will do this:
    I also keep a list of other resources to help you out:

  • How do i seperate media browser from main window in Pro X

    How do i separate media browser from main window in Pro X, it only lets me drag project audio tab from main window..

    hello, this is usually caused by adware on your pc.
    please run a scan of your system with [ adwcleaner] & also manually check that you don't have any suspicious entries like 3rd-party-toolbars presently installed under ''firefox > addons > extensions'' (adware like babylon also might install some unwanted stuff that comes under the names "Browser Manager", "Browser Protector", "Bprotector", "Object Installer", etc.) or in the windows control panel > programs section.
    afterwards install the search reset addon - it will revert the most common customziations those adware programs do in firefox back to the default:
    [[Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page]]

  • Opening a web browser from an After Effects script

    This may be a stupid question, but is there any way to open a web browser with a URL from an AE script, other than explicity lanuching the browser app via a sys.callSystem() command?
    I'm asking because obviously scripts need to run on both Windows and MacOS, and the user's default/preferred browser isn't necessarily going to be IE or Safari. That and I'd need to find the file path of the browser anyway somehow.
    It's to display external help.

    system.callSystem() can launch a URL without specifying the specific app. This code user's default browser. The last line is the main deal, the other stuff keeps it universal for PC and MAC.
    function osCheck(){
              var op = $.os;
              var match = op.indexOf("Windows");
              if(match != (-1)){
                        var userOS = "PC";// User is on PC
                        var userOS = "MAC";// User is on MAC
              return userOS;
    var userOSVer = osCheck();
    if(userOSVer == "MAC"){
              var urlLaunchCode = "Open";//Mac based
              var urlLaunchCode = "Start";//PC based
    //urlLaunchCode = Open or Start / " " = keeps a space character separator / "" = Defines the actual URL path
    myURLButton.onClick = function(){system.callSystem(urlLaunchCode + " " + "")};

  • Can open a Web browser from the worksapce?

    we are using Adobe livecycle ES2.5, We are trying to add an action to our users to open a specific URL in a Web browser, is it doable?

    Thanks Nith,
    we did this before when using pdfs but in our case we are using Flex and we do not want to call the web browser from the flex we need it from the workspace directly,
    please see the attachment, when the user clicks complete we want to open the browser instead of submitting the form to the next step.
    any idea?

  • How do I sync my data from a windows phone to an iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2

    i need help syncing my data from a windows phone to a iPhone.

    Assuming you have your Windows Phone data synced to Microsoft's, or even Gmail,
    You can setup the or Gmail account in Settings->Email, Contacts, Calendars->Accounts->Add Account
    And it will download all data from there. Email, contacts, etc..
    Other than that, you will have to export all your data from the Windows phone, and then use iTunes to Sync whatever is relevant onto the iPhone.

  • How to open a new browser from applet

    I have a Applet that run in a browser. How I can open the second broswer from the Applet. Make sure the first browser for Applet is still existing. Thanks anybody help!!

    I think you might do something like this:
    try {
    getAppletContext().showDocument(new URL("", "_blank");
    } catch (MalformedURLException me) {
    Hope this work out for you...

  • Opening a web browser from a Java prog

    I am writing a pseudo-wordprocessor, and would like to be able to set a JMenuItem's action so that when a user clicks it, the system default web browser opens with the web page that I have selected. (e.g. open up a "Help" web page).
    The JavaDoc/tutorial doesn't seem to have anything on running external programs from within a Java program, so does nayone know how this is done?

    If you don't want to go the Java Runtime route and make your program a bit more cross-platform friendly, you could use the JEditorPane to render an html page directly in your application (assuming of course that you're using Swing).

  • Itunes - How do I change my browser from using Windows Exlporer to open itune, to now opening using Firefox

    Itunes - How do I change the startup browser to open itunes from Windows Explorer to Firefox. I changed my default  browser to Firefox. Now itunes won't open and the error message is "Windows Explorer has stopped working."  

    You can change Firefox's proxy settings under:
    * (For Windows) Tools (or [[Image: New Fx Menu]]) > Options
    * (For Mac and Linux) Edit (or [[Image: New Fx Menu]]) > Preferences
    * Under the Advanced > Network, click "Settings" in the Connection category

  • How to open a web page from a BSP ? Or swap from the actual URL to another?

    I have a BSP, executing some data loading. It works fine.
    I am trying to enhance it by adding a call to another URL, at the end of the program.
    The same code works when I execute it from transaction SE38. However, when this is executed from the BSP itself, the return code of the function CALL_BROWSER is 2.
    I made som debugs, and the CALL_BROWSER function executes another function which is WS_QUERY. And there, SAP seems not being able to find wich system it is running on.
    Has someone done that before?
    Here is the code of my BSP (the same that works in SE38):
    DATA : appname      TYPE string,
           ls_page_name TYPE string,
           cb_true      TYPE boolean,
           cb_false     TYPE boolean,
           url          TYPE string,
           c_url(2054)  TYPE c.
        MOVE : 'ZPC_STKVTES'     TO appname,
               'zpc_stkvtes.htm' TO ls_page_name,
               'X'               TO cb_true,
               '-'               TO cb_false.
            application          = appname
            page                 = ls_page_name
            ib_additional_params = cb_true
            ib_in_subgui         = cb_false
            ic_preview_type      = 'B'
            url                  = url.
        CONCATENATE url '&bps-design_messages=X' INTO c_url.
            url                    = c_url
            window_name            = ' '
            new_window             = 'X'
            frontend_not_supported = 1
            frontend_error         = 2
            prog_not_found         = 3
            no_batch               = 4
            unspecified_error      = 5
            OTHERS                 = 6.
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    > Thanks, but can I use such technology within Abap?
    YES with report programs or dialog programs but not in BSP framework
    > I use the Event OnProcessing of the BSP to execute
    > many tasks, and then only I want to open or swap to
    > antoher URL.
    in that case you can either use
    navigation->goto_page(<url>) .
    or if you want to open the page in a new window.
    inoninputprocessing after all your processing done youc an set a varialbe say opennewwindow = 'YES'
    and in the layout write this code.
    <% if opennewwindow = 'YES' . %>
 '<%= url %>', target='_balnk');
    <% endif . %>

  • Share Image,Link and Text to Social Networking App from My Windows Phone App

    I am developing windows phone 8.1 silverlight app where I want to share Images,Links and text to Social Networking App Like Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp and Instragram.
    In Share content contains A Image of App Icon, A Link of App website and I invitation Text.
    There are Five buttons
    Share by Email
    Share by Facebook
    Share by Twitter
    Share by Whatsapp
    Share by Instragram
    Problems which I faced
    I can not attached image to Email. How it is Possible.?
    I can only open whatsapp from my App. But can not share to this
    I have used Share task but in list of app there is no whatsapp and instragram app ( I know there is no official app for instragram but it is Instragram Beta app)
    Please guide me how can I share my content to all above app

    Please see this sample application:
    You cannot control what appears in the share UI.  The Share UI Will show all applications that have registered to receive the type of content you are sharing.  So if a particular application is not appearing, then it is not registered as a Share
    target for that content type.
    I would run the sample on your phone for the various content types.  it should give you a good idea of which apps are registered for which content type.
    Bret Bentzinger (MSFT) @awehellyeah

  • Closing Web Browser from an Applet

    Does anyone knows how to close the Web Browser from an Applet ?
    Also Is there a way to close a browser which is intantiated from using ApplteContext ().showDocument ("....","_Blank").

    Hi kavinjir!
    Using class netscape.javascript.JSObject is possible to interact with javascript which can easily close the window browser but I'm afraid about the newest one because it isn't a child window. If this newest window contains an applet both (applets) can interact and send/receive "messages" to trigger an event (e.g; close via javascript again).
    Best Regards.

  • Open the WebI report from Xcelsius dashboard

    Hi All,
    I would like to know how to open the WebI report from the xcelsius dashboard.
    Looking at the previous posts I followed the following steps to implement the same but that is not working.
    Inserted the component URL button and used the folowing link:
    But this is givingerre: " Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"
    Also, tried the copying the reprot link, but that is opening the Infoview login page.
    I want the report to opened when we click the URL button.
    Could someone please provide me a solution.
    Thanks in advance.

    did you try passing the iDocID parameter? When prompted did you try to login to InfoView and check whether Report gets displayed?
    Ideally the URL should be as below:
    If you want to bypass the logon screen,you need to modify the OpenDocument.jsp to pass logon token to the above URL i.e.token=+token where the +token is being retrieved by sdk.

  • Open web browser from java application to specific page

    I used the code from to open a web browser to a specific URL. That worked great! However, I run into a problem if the URL targets a specific page, for example, "" would give me an problem with the shortcut problem. Any ideas how to get around that?
    The command rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler would work fine, except anything ends with .htm or .html.

    It looks like url.dll doesnt like .htm or .html files. For more info look here:
    For some reason it is confused by the 'm' character in .html which is odd considering it has no problems with .com
    So if you want to keep using url.dll, do something like this:
    replace ".htm" with ".ht%6D"

Maybe you are looking for

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