How to open Adobe Media Encoder CS5 in Windows

Please excuse my ignorance but how do you open Adobe Media Encoder?  I've searched everywhere and cannot find a solution.  In Adobe help,it says it's in the start menu under all programs but all I have been able to find is a folder with a bunch of dll files.  If I try to export a clip from Premiere Pro, It doesn't open, no error message or anything, simply nothing happens.  I found an update but that still didn't do anything, still no luck in finding it.  Thanks in advance for any feedback. 

On my computer folder structure is...
Program Files... Adobe... Adobe Media Encoder CS5
Includes (along with a lot of dll files)
Adobe Media Encorer.exe dated 8/6/2010 size 1,848 kb

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  • How's Adobe Media Encoder CS5 working for you?

    This is the first thread on the new Adobe Media Encoder forum, so I thought that it would be appropriate to open it up by just asking a general question:
    How is Adobe Media Encoder CS5 working for you?
    Please be sure to install the Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (5.0.1) update. Instructions for updating are included in this post about the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.2) update.
    If you're having a specific problem that you want help with, or if you have a specific question, please start your own thread on this forum. This thread is intended for general feedback about how Adobe Media Encoder CS5 is working out for you.

    First of all IT IS GREAT and I use it a lot I also used the CS4 version before!
    But I have to report two issues about version CS5:
    1. I bought the English version of the production premium CS5 but I have a German operating system (win7 64bit) all other adobe application are in English except Adobe Media Encoder it shows up in German language! Not a show stopper but should be fixed.
    2. Recently I wanted to encode a video into an h264. I made some custom settings for that and the encoded video played very stuttered in Microsoft Media Player 12 (like 12fps instead of 25fps [settings were set correct in AME]) but fine in Quicktime and VLC Player (execpt for the gamma bug but that's an other story...)
    I did a lot of testings and found the issue! Sometimes when you change a lot of the h264 settings (don't know when it happens exactly) Media Encoder seems to not set the fps correctly allthough AME shows 25fps in it's settings this setting is not encoded into the final file!
    Quicktime and VLC seems not to care about the missing information but Windows Media Player gets confused.
    It does not happens when using a preset in AME it only happens when changing a lot and using custom settings!
    You can see the missing fps setting when right clicking the encoded file and choose properties (german:Eigenschaften) switch the tap to Details and there is no fps setting in the stuttering files but when encoded with a preset in AME there is the correct 25fps setting!
    I have attached a screenshots to demonstrate it:
    My workaround so far was to choose a preset with 25fps and close to my desired settings and change as few as possible - Fingers crosses and with a chance of 3/4 I was able to encode a working file containing the fps setting in it which plays perfect in Microsoft Media Player!
    I hope you take a look into this issue because if you have a long file and you have to encode it again because it fails....... uiuiui
    Thanks Todd for the possibility to give this direct feedback to Adobe
    This is real support!

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 Mac Will Not Open!

    As of late, my AME has not been able to open at all. I really don't know how this happened.
    My specs
    Macbook Pro 13" Mid 2010 model
    Processor 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    4GB Ram
    Mac OSX 10.8.3
    I keep having crash errors reported bad access. And then I try to start reading the debug code, and then I fall over. And I usually do well with reading crash reports.
    Any ideas? I have tried loading with default preferences and removing all third-party plugins.

    I have the same problem since I update my mac book pro Mac Lion 10.7.3
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 doesn't have a preview

  • Adobe media encoder cs5.5 fails to open queue for premiere export

    Adobe media encoder cs5.5 fails to open queue when exporting from premiere CS5.5. I'm using a standard Mpeg2 setting, and choosing the immediate export option works just fine. Upon choosing the Queue option, Adobe media encoder will show its splash screen.... Then nothing. Anyone else have this issue?
    Premeiere CS5.5
    Asus Board
    Core I5 2400K
    16GB Ram
    Nvidia GTX 560Ti (software hack)
    2TB Internal dedicated Video Drive

    Thank you ExactImage, if that is your real name.... I was able to reset AME 5.5 by holding down the Ctrl+Shift+Alt keys whilst starting the program. Your help is appreciated.

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5 hangs when adding files of varying HD resolutions.

    I've seen questions similar to this related to CS4 but never explained very well, and my CS4 for mac worked fine.  I am unsure if this is a new problem or a windows specific problem but here is the situation, if you need more information I will gladly provide it.
    For the past week or so I have been encoding 1920x1080i mov files (h.264/aac) to 1280x720p (vp6/mp3) flvs.  When I stick to that single HD format in the AMC processing que everything works great. However, when I add older HD content into the AMC que, content with non-standard presets, the program hangs.  I tried to import about 15 files last night and the program just sat there all night in a '...NOT RESPONDING' state.  The video's have different audio and video settings and it's little difficult to pinpoint exactly what they were.  Some are 1440x1080, some are 1280x900, some have PCM audio some of mp3. 
    Now I temporarily resolved this issue by simply using cs4 master on my mac pro which worked great.  However I have noticed a huge speed increase in CS5 64bit AMC.  It takes 2-3 hours to encode 1 flash video on my mac pro (dual quad core xeon 2.9Ghz/32GB ram) with CS4.  It takes ~20 minutes on my windows 7 station (single core 2 quad 3Ghz/8GB ram) with CS5.
    How to replicate:
    If I drop a single file into the AMC CS5 que, regardless of the resolution, frame rate, or sound codec; it will import.  If I then add another file with a different resolution AMC will hang and become non-responsive.  It never crashed but I can't wait 12+ hours to see if it accepted a job or not.  As I said before this problem was not observed on CS4 for mac - it worked flawlessly, albeit a little slow. 
    Software used:
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5 windows 64bit
    Adobe Media Encoder CS4 mac 32bit
    System specs:
    Windows 7 home:
    Core 2 quad 3Ghz
    8GB ram
    80GB SSD x25-m
    nVidia Quadro 580
    OSX 10.6.3:
    Dual Xeon 2.99Ghz
    32GB ram
    4 7200 disks in 4TB raid 0
    Radeon HD 2600
    Matrox MAX h.264 compressor card
    Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time
    -Michael Emanuel

    Hi Michael,
    Sorry to hear you're having problems with Adobe Media Encoder.  I'd like to get some more information about the problem so I can better understand your workflow, and potentially try to recreate the problem.  For what it's worth, I often import files of different resolutions without any problem, so I want to find out what's different about how you're using AME.
    Apologies for the long list of questions; the small details can be important.
    -- After you import the first file, what else do you do in AME?  Change the preset?  Change the settings?  Change the output destination?
    -- What are the properties of the files that are causing the problem?  You said it happens on "non-standard" files, but can you describe the specifications for one or more files that cause the problem?  Please include file type, length, frame rate, frame dimensions, field order (if applicable), alpha mode (if applicable), and audio type and rate.  If you know more the bitrate, both video and audio, that would be nice, too.
    -- If any of the files are small enough, could you post a couple online that I could try on my machine?
    -- How were these files generated?  What application created them?
    -- Where are the files stored? A local drive, a network drive, a removeable drive (USB or Firewire), etc.?
    -- Which Adobe application or suite do you have installed?  AME a limited set of options if you're using Flash or Web Premium compared to Master Collection, Production Premium, Premiere Pro, or After Effects.
    -=Adobe Media Encoder QE

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5 - 5.0.1 update

    When I try to update AME CS5 using Adobe Updater, I get this error message:
    The following updates were unable to install. If you wish to install these updates, please fix the problems below and retry:
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5 has been moved or deleted improperly. Please launch or reinstall the application to update the location and try again. To remove the product from the system, please uninstall product using the aliases under "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers"
    A few problems with this - there isn’t an AME uninstaller alias. Also there isn't an installer on the retail DVD, so I wouldn't be able to reinstall anyway. This is further complicated by the fact that the 5.0.1 update is not available online for download. Maybe I'm missing something here, and this is just a stupid mistake on my part.
    I have launched and used AME as well as checking that it is installed correctly (correct location) in my current configuration – still no luck with the auto update.
    Is there a way to tell Adobe (or Adobe Updater) the location of AME, so this install will complete successfully?
    Has anybody else seen this issue?
    Has anybody else resolved this issue?
    Any help is appreciated -
    System Config:
    MacBook Pro 5,1 (15-in, late 2008)
    OS 10.6.4
    2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo
    4GB 1067 MHz DDR3 RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 512 MB (and GeForce 9400M 256 MB)
    Adobe CS5 Master Collection (all current release except AME)
    AME (64bit)

    I did install the Adobe Support Advisor before posting. ASA was a little quirky on the Mac as well, but I finally got it to work; however, it reported no issues. Thanks for the suggestion though.
    What I ended up doing was moving the AME directory to the root level on the system - and then back to it's original location in the Applications folder (same location it has been in). This must have updated something on the OS side because once I ran the updater again - all updates installed successfully.
    I'm not sure how the issue came about, but it appears that the OS or Adobe had some incorrect information in a config or installer log file somewhere and by moving the folder out and then back it was resolved/updated.
    thanks -

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5 not encoding

    I'm following lessons from Flash Professional CS5 Classroom in a Book. Chapter 8 is where I met Adobe Media Encoder CS5, but couldn't go any further with the lesson because as soon as I drag the to AME I get the message
    "Adobe Media Encoder Debug Event.
    Adobe Media Event has encountered an error
    I then click "Continue" and I get the Windows window saying "Windows is checking problem..." I click close to close the Windows window and it also closes AME.
    I open AME again and I drag my own Windows Media Files to see if it will work. AME works for awhile and then stops with the exclamation mark inside the yellow triangle under "Status" I click "Status" and I get this log messages:
    - Source File: C:\Users\Rubens\Videos\Isnt she lovely.wmv
    - Output File: C:\Users\Rubens\Videos\Isnt she lovely1.f4v
    - Preset Used: F4V - Web Medium (Flash 9.0.r115 and Higher)
    - Video: 360x264, Same as source fps, Progressive
    - Audio: AAC, 96 kbps, 44.1 kHz, Stereo
    - Bitrate: VBR, 1 Pass, Target 0.40 Mbps, Max 0.60 Mbps
    - Encoding Time: 00:00:00
    11/24/2010 11:04:56 PM : Encoding Failed
    Error compiling movie.
    Unknown error.
    Pramod: 1. Please log into your Adobe account.
    Pramod: 2. Once you log into your account, you will see tabs ' Purchases, Support, Community and Account Information.
    Pramod: 3. Click 'Customer Support Portal' under support tab.
    Pramod: 4. Once you click on 'Customer Support Portal', you will get the option 'Get Support'.
    Pramod: 5. Under 'Get Support' tab you will get the tabs 'Technical Support, orders & Returns and Serial Number'.
    Pramod: 6. Click on Technical Support and Choose issue type other.
    Pramod: 7. Choose product as Additional Products.
    Pramod: 8. Click on 'Continue'.
    Pramod: 9. The last page is 'Create a support case
    You will be receiving an email regarding the webcase, once our product experts look in to your issue.
    rubens: OK, I copied your instructions and will follow it
    Pramod: Once you get the email mail, you can check in support port (in Adobe account) for details.
    Pramod: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Can anyone help me with some clues of what I'm possibly doing wrong?
    Thank you

    I have the same problem since I update my mac book pro Mac Lion 10.7.3
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 doesn't have a preview

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 does not preview video in Lion 10.7.3

    In response to a question in the Adobe Forums about this [ ], Adobe said:
    Apple changed something in 10.7.3 and we thought we worked with them to find all the fall out.  This one slipped through.  We will work with Apple to determine how we can address this.
    Are there any updates on when this will be fixed? Not being able to preview video in AME5.5/MacOS 10.7.3 is a serious bug. I have to go back to an earlier version of AME on a Windows machine to encode FLVs.
    Adobe Media Encoder CS (64-bit)
    Mac Lion 10.7.3

    I have the same problem since I update my mac book pro Mac Lion 10.7.3
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 doesn't have a preview

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 (5.5.1) update available

    The Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 (5.5.1) update is available. This update fixes a few major bugs.
    After you've installed the update, let us know how it works for you.

    I am working on my home computer after (or before) business hours, so phone support won't work for me. I have sent crash reports with my email if they want to contact me for details.
    MPEG Streamclip is working like a charm (same files, same codec), so I know it's not the files or the codec (I am using Avid's DNxHD).
    I have actually managed to crash AME with a single enqueued file (that is enqueing that single file crashed AME). The file plays fine and as I said, Streamclip has no problem with it...
    iMac 21.5" i7 (12,1) 12GB RAM, MacOS Lion 10.7.1

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1 Update is not applicable

    while running the update manager, i got the message:
    the following updates were unable to install. If you wish to install this updates, please fix the problems below and retry:
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5 5.0.1
    Update is not applicable
    anybody else received this?
    Any idea what or how  to fix?

    I am also having the same issue.
    Everytime this update is coming and im unable to update it...

  • Adobe Media Encoder cs5 - No audio

    I am using Adobe Media Encoder cs5 version on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 32-bit machine.  None of the wmv or avi files I try to encode have the audio track encoded.  I have tried encoding with both the "F4V - Match Source Attributes" and "FLV - Web 640 x 480" presets.  Neither of these encode the audio output at all.  The audio track plays correctly in Windows Media Player.  Has anyone else had this problem?

    Very interesting data, Wayne.  Very interesting.
    > I am not sure how to encode to the other formats using AME, so I could not complete these tests.
    Sorry, that's my fault.  Ignore that test.  I didn't realize you are using the Web Premium suite.  The other formats I referred to are only available if you have Premiere Pro, After Effects, or the Production Premium suite installed.  (I knew this by subconscious deduction, actually, since those products require a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or Vista and you stated that you're on XP 32-bit.  It just didn't trickle out to my conscious brain.)
    Let's back off for a second and review what we know.  Please correct me if I'm wrong about any of these points.
    You have WMV and AVI source video files.  The audio in the AVI files is encoded as PCM or MP3.
    You can hear the audio in these files when you play them in Windows Media Player.
    Encoding these files to FLV, F4V, or H.264 appears to complete successfully in AME CS5.
    You can not hear the audio of the encoded files in Windows Media Player, Adobe Media Player, or VLC.
    Inspecting the encoded files in VLC and Audacity shows both that an audio track exists and that there is a waveform in that track.
    Using a different user account on the same machine does not exhibit the problem.
    Encoding your source files on a different machine using AME CS4 (your colleague) or AME CS5.5 (my computer, with the sample you posted) does not exhibit the problem.
    So, yes, this is most intriguing.  The difference in your ability to hear your source files but not the encoded files is most curious.
    I do wonder:
    If you take one of your encoded files to a different machine, does the audio play? (If you post a sample, I'll try it here.)
    Since Audacity shows a waveform for the encoded files, can your hear the audio in that application?
    The only thing I can think of that is unique about the formats that you are using AME to encode to (FLV, F4V, and H.264) is that those formats all use compressed audio.  MP3 in the FLV format, and AAC in F4V and H.264.  (FYI - F4V is simply H.264 insided of a Flash video wrapper.)  What could be unique under your user account related to that?  I don't know.  Possibly if there is a utility on your machine related to compressed audio, that might be intercepting the audio stream in some way.  Do you have any software designed for capturing compressed audio from the Internet?  Or it could be related to the audio card drivers on your machine.
    It might be worth sniffing around the %appdata% folder on your account and temporarily disposing of the folders for other programs.  If you can isolate something that way, you may be on the right path.
    You might also want to run msconfig (Start > Run > msconfig) to disable background applications and services that could be hijacking the audio.  Go to the Startup tab there, clear everything, reboot, and see what happens.  If that works, start putting the services back one-by-one until you find the culprit.

  • How to register adobe media encoder cs6

    Please anyone could explain to me how to register Adobe Media Encoder CS6. When I installed the new AP 10. I began to prepare my presentation and when I tried to import a video from my hard drive to a slide. It prompt a message Thanks for using AP 10. The product you have installed have not been registered yet. ....
    Thanks in advance

    El 25-08-2014, a las 2:05, Jay13 <[email protected]> escribió:
    How to register adobe media encoder cs6
    created by Jay13 in Adobe Presenter - View the full discussion
    Hi terapaca,
    Is your AP 10 licensed? if not can you please License it and then Check.
    If it is  licensed and still you are getting the same issue then please do the following.
    Please provide us with the Screen shot of the prompt and "oobelib.log" file.
    The location of "oobelib.log" is :-
    If you are using windows:
    C:\Users\<User name >\AppData\Local\Temp
    just open the run the window and type %TEMP%
    For Mac
    /Users/<user name>/Library/Logs
    Please provide the above files so that we can look into the issues soon.
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    Start a new discussion in Adobe Presenter by email or at Adobe Community
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  • How to enable Adobe Media Encoder in Nvidia Contol Panel

    Hi everyone,
    I am having a serious issue.
    Adobe Media Encoder is showing enabled gpu acceleration (Cuda). However,
    Project: small test file. 35 seconds in length.
    Composition: After Effects with Camera Rig, expressions = 4
    Lights = 2 . "Camera Rig " 3D text.
    Length 35 seconds
    Dell Precision M6800 Workstations X 2
    System Build: Windows 7 pro , OS SSD, 32gb Ram.
    Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro K4100M     .
    As the project is imported to Adobe Media Encoder
    Set to 1080p h.264.
    Ame indicates for a 35 second file will take 25 hours to render. !
    Also and a big one is AME is running the system CPU at 100 %.
    Lastly the Nvidia Quadro is set and enabled for running on Open CL.
    Somehow Adobe Media Encoder is not running or being pushed by the graphics card.
    Any help would be appreciated. I have been in touch with Adobe support and they are checking into this as well as Nvidia level 2 support.
    Thank-you very much for any input on this.
    Things are pretty much at a stand still until a resolve is found
    Best regards,

    On my computer folder structure is...
    Program Files... Adobe... Adobe Media Encoder CS5
    Includes (along with a lot of dll files)
    Adobe Media Encorer.exe dated 8/6/2010 size 1,848 kb

  • Adobe Media Encoder (CS5) has encountered an error (WinFile.cpp-759)

    I have a 714 MB Xvid file that I want to split into smaller pieces. I have gone successfully through a similar process earlier with a larger Xvid file using the same version of Adobe Media Encoder (CS5). It appears that no matter which output video format I choose, the process crashes with the following error message shown in a new pop-up dialog:
    "Adobe Media Encoder has encountered an error. [..\..\Src\Win\WinFile.cpp-759].
    (Even the source program file line number 759 in the above error message is always the same, regardless of my chosen output file format.)
    The only option available from this point onwards is the "Continue" button. When I click Continue the program terminates with the Windows program crash message "Adobe Media Encoder CS5 has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. <Debug> / <Close program>"
    My search for other similar problem reports revealed that some user(s) has/have experienced a very similar problem in CS4, but the source line number was slightly different in CS4. Both problems are probably caused by the same error in Adobe's software. The small difference in source line numbers is probably due to some (minor) and probably unrelated changes to this C++ source module (WinFile.cpp).
    It might of course be the case that this particular input video file has some rare encoding or other embedded problem. However, the fact that I can view the video without problems using Windows Media Player does not support this theory.
    Apart from this message board I could not find any other avenue to report this bug to Adobe (without paying for support - which I am obviously not going to do as this is clearly a programming bug in the software). Hopefully some Adobe developer responsible for Media Encoder maintenance will read this forum from time to time and would subsequently inspect the source module for any obvious defects. I could supply the source video file with which this problem can be reproduced at will.
    Jouni Juntunen

    CS4 Adobe Media Encoder & FMLE are two different softwares - you can post your query here:

  • Adobe Media Encoder CS5 doesn't work anymore (WHY? WHAT's WRONG?)

    The system I use is Adobe Production Premium CS5.
    I have often used Adobe Media Encoder CS5 started from the export of a film sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.
    On the 31st of December 2013 my computer crashed and dumped more or less at the end of a process of Adobe Media Encoder CS5. There was no complete output.
    Since then this program Adobe Media Encoder CS5 cannot start up anymore.
    It stops at the start-up saying that the program does not work anymore and that there will be looked for a solution. But then it finishes saying that it will be reported if a solution becomes available in the future.
    I have tried the following:
    - Run Adobe Media Encoder CS5 (exe) from directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS5 => same problem.
    - Stop security control AVG while not online with internet => run Adobe Media Encoder CS5 => same problem.
    - Reinstalled complete Production Premium CS5 suite => same problem.
    - Removed complete directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS5 and then reinstalled Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 => the full directory C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder CS5 with contents was there after the install, but subsequent running of Adobe Media Encoder CS5 => same problem.
    - Removed complete contents of D:\mediacache\database\Media Cache and D:\mediacache\Media Cache Files => same problem.
    What more can I do ??????
    I would be very grateful for a solution.
    Regards, Arie de Jong, Rotterdam

    Hi Jim,
    Thank you very much for the suggestions for a solution. First I considered
    re-installing Win 7 Pro, because I did not have a fall-back point
    predefined. So I could not try to reload a previous system environment. But
    for your information the following.
    Yesterday my son suggested that there could be some corruption in a control
    file of Adobe Media Encoder, because re-installing that program did not
    give a solution. Obviously that then would have to be a file which is not
    affected by a program re-install.
    What he then did for me is to remove directory
    Users\owner\ AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder    (he actually
    renamed it to hide that directory for Media Encoder).
    Thereafter we ran program Media Encoder from Premiere. The result was that
    a new directory ......\ Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Media Encoder with proper
    control files was automatically generated and the problem was solved.
    Regards from Arie de Jong

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