How to open logic reference manual in preview, not acrobat?

the reference manual always opened in preview before, but now it defaults to acrobat reader, and i have a much harder time searching info in that program.
i'm using 7.1.1

Select the .pdf file in the Finder, press command+I to open the info window and change the app under 'open with'.
I'm surprised you find it harder to search for info with Adobe Reader though. I find it's search engine much more comprehensive. (you can even search a specified group of .pdf docs, if you like. i have all the Logic pdfs in one folder and search the lot at once, sometimes, if I'm not sure where the info I want is.)
It's true it can be a little slower though.
Or do you only have the old Acrobat Reader installed ? (Current version is Adobe Reader 7.0.5)

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    Answered in your other thread.

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    You can do both...
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    "I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link."

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    You can eject the tray by holding the mouse button down while it boots. Try a USB mouse & keyboard if you have one, but a bluetooth one should work.
    If the mac is booting correctly you should get a dialog asking you to pair the mouse & keyboard if the OS cannot detect one that is paired. I think some startup key combinations work via bluetooth.
    A known working USB keyboard is really the answer if you need to trouble shoot startup issues I'm afraid.

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    hi friends,
    i got the solution. i am using one external api of adobe acrobat, through which i am able to stream pdf document in form of byte array into acrobat viewer,without writing data in any file.
    so my work is done.. :)

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    Uncheck both boxes
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    See the little window to the right of:  Opens pages in tabs instead of windows:  Click the little arrows and select NEVER! 
    Now you have to insert a checkmark in the 1st box:  (Butterfly) - click opens link in a new tab
    The below instructions will revert back to tab instructions, Do Not Worry.  All Is Good.
    The fact that you have selected NEVER, means that NOW, the links will open in Brand New Windows!  Yeah!!!
    Close the Preference Window and click away. 

    vveena123 wrote:
    Hi everyone,
    I immediately need help,plz help me.this is not the way to get help around here
    try stating the problem professionally, without the assumption that your problem is important to others
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    Does anyone know how to have a link within a form open a new instance of a browser?

    Answered through email:
    I don´t understand your problem. You have not tried the component mentioned in my replies, right? You have tried Launch URL component from WD Native. Because if you have, you would ask such a question. This component is a u201Cgroupu201D of a text field and a button. That means, that fits your problem completely IMHO. Place the component on your form layout, Set the presence of the text fox inside this Launch URL and you will see what address is being launch when clicked on the button.
    You said you have your address in the text field. So this is the same. Just change the source where the button takes the URL from or copy the value from your form into this one.
    Hope this helps.
    p.s.: looks like you have absolutely no exerience with JS coding.
    That means you need to read first and code later, right? Start here:

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    I have a vb requirement like this:
    We have pdf files generated on a server and put in path like http://servername:port/pdfReports/report.pdf
    Desktop applications need to show these files.. we have an acrobat reader control on one of the forms and trying to load the pdf.
    We want this to be implemented for clients who have older versions of pdf readers like ver 5, 6, 8, also.. not just 9
    opening a file on the control like below works.
    objPDF.LoadFile "c:\temp\test.pdf"
    but network paths or http paths dont work.. what methods should be used ? and can anybody provide some sample code in vb if available.. so it is easy to understand dependencies.

    There is no support for direct opening of an http/network-based path in the control.  You need to use a standard web browser control instead and give it the URL for a PDF.

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    fileDialog.getDirectory() + fileDialog.getFile()

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    If you have this problem again in the future, you also could try this if a Reset is too disruptive (i.e., you have a lot of add-ons to reinstall): [ When I go to open firefox it shows up on my tool bar but not on my screen where is it?]

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    If i click yes, then an error message pops.
    It seems like those PDF are interpreted as Application files, which is strange.
    Please let me know if you have heard about this before.

    From Cnet:
    Adobe's popular PDF file format--known to anyone who's ever called up a tax form on the IRS Web site--has generally been considered immune to viruses. But a new virus carried by programs embedded in PDF files raises concerns that the format itself could become susceptible.
    On Tuesday morning, Network Associates' McAfee antivirus division became aware of the first virus--known as "Peachy"--that uses PDF to spread, said Vincent Gullotto, senior director of McAfee's Avert group.
    Fortunately, those who are simply viewing a PDF, or Portable Document Format, file aren't vulnerable. The virus spreads only by way of Adobe's Acrobat software--the program used to create PDF documents--not through Acrobat Reader, the free program that is used to view the files
    Here's the page:

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    Hi there,
    I have a print form scenario where the form is opened from an ABAP web dynpro and should open in adobe reader. However the client has an older version of acrobat installed and the form is opening in this by default.
    Is there a way to force it to use reader ? thanks for any advice

    Of course you should be able to change this on the OS level. Like File types (or right mouse, open file, last option + check use this for all the documents of this type).
    But... I was not able to change this myself. Or maybe was but any time I have used the Acrobat, it changed this setting back to Acrobat. That is clearly because Acrobat feels "something better" than the Reader:))

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    How to open my Mac?

    It's not something most would want to attempt and it will definitely void the warranty if it's still covered. Assuming you've got a fairly current iMac:

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