How to pass and print files through LPT1 port using thermal printer

We are developing POS for a retailer store and we most probably finished it. We are using the following hardware interfaces for the development.
1) Receipt Printer with Cash Drawer
Brand: POSIFLEX pp6000 serial thermal printer
Power Rated: DC 24v 2.0 A
Model no: 3902c492
2) Barcode Label Printer
Brand : Monarch Paxar
Model No: M09642PMU
Serial No: 20123152
Brand: CE
Model No: 07010517
4) Barcode Scanner
Model no: A307911
5) Programmable Keyboard
Model No: 90319-000/0000
Serial No: 014693
6) Touch Screen
Model No: 11-81371-129
The problem is , we never get the printout of the receipt .But we generaed the receipt. And the cash drawer is not opening.We use the following code for printing the receipt
import java.awt.print.*;
import java.util.*;
class PrintManager extends Thread
String STR_OUT="";
boolean CD_OPEN=true;
FileOutputStream fos;
PrintStream ps;
//char[] CMD_CUT={29,86,66,250}; //cuts paper
char[] CMD_CD_OPEN={27,112,0,25,250}; //kicks cash drawer 1
public PrintManager(){
public void Init()
public void Init(boolean CDOPEN)
fos = new FileOutputStream("LPT");
System.out.println("nnnnnnnnnnnnafter LPT2");
ps = new PrintStream(fos);
System.out.println("nnnnnnnnnnnnafter LPT2");
// System.setOut(new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream("LPT1.txt")));
//System.setOut(new PrintStream(new FileOutputStream("console.txt")));
}catch(Exception ex)
public void run ()
}catch(Exception ex)
public void Close()
}catch(Exception ex)
public class PrintRcpt {
public static void main(String args[]) {
PrintManager objPM=new PrintManager();
//call Init always before calling start
objPM.Init(); //print and open cashdrawer
//objPM.Init("ZX",false); //print and do not open cashdrawer
//Below sleep is a simulation for time lapse between two sales- do not include this sleep in the final code
}catch(Exception ex){}
//before starting second sale, close the port connection opened by first sales
//this close should be called when the user closes the receipt print preview screen
objPM=null;//destroy the print manager object
You please post your suggestion for getting the printout from our POS system.

[url]Duel posted

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