How to pass value between models?

Dear all,
I use VC 7.0 composer to create dashboards. That include one overview dashboard (model) to show seven KPI in one screen and I also have seven detailed dashboards (models) to show the detail of each KPI.  Each dashboard has their own iView .   User will only need to pick a plant once at the overview dashboard and I expect the plant value will be passed to other seven detailed dashboards.
Since those dashboards are saved in different models, I just wonder is it possible I can pass the value from the overview dashboard model to the separated detailed dashboard models? The reason I donu2019t put all dashboards in one model because I need to have different reports assigned on the left of the screen for each dashboard in portal. If I need to accomplish this in portal, I believe I need separate iView(model) for each dashboard. Please correct me if I am wrong since I am new to portal development. Thanks.

I think it is possible to pass values between models.
Just creat on "Write-RFC" and one "Read-RFC"
The RFC has just the function to write/read a value into an customer table...
^^ We have tried this scenario and it works perfect.

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  • How to pass values between views in FPM - GAF

    Hi Experts ,
    i have a doubt in FPM how to pass values between views .
    For Example:  i am having 2 views -  1 ) overview , 2 ) edit  using  the GAF
    in 1st view (overview ) i have a table displaying the employee details , i will select a single employee from that table for editing .
    how to pass the selected employee details to the 2 nd view (edit ) .
    Thanks & regards
    chinnaiya P

    Hi chinnaiya pandiyan,
    Please follow below steps:
    1. To achieve this u need to create two context nodes in the component controller.
    2. Say one is EMPLOYEE_DATA and other is SELECTED_DATA.
    3. Set the Cardinality of EMPLOYEE_DATA to 0..n and SELECTED_DATA to 1..1.
    4. Add same attributes to both nodes. (probably all those fields that are required in table and/or in edit view.
    5. Map both these nodes to OVERVIEW view.
    6. Map only SELECTED_DATA node to EDIT view.
    7. Create table in OVERVIEW view based on EMPLOYEE_DATA node.
    8. Create edit form in EDIT view based on SELECTED_DATA node.
    9. While navigating from OVERVIEW view to EDIT view, read the selected element of EMPLOYEE_DATA node and copy it to an element of SELECTED_DATA node. This should be written in PROCESS_EVENT method of component controller inherited from FPM component.
    10. Now u got the selected data in SELECTED_DATA node which will be displayed in EDIT view.

  • How to pass value between two forms.

    Hi all,
    how to pass value between two forms(using :parameter),...

    To use parameters, create a parameterlist with the named parameters
      pl_id PARAMLIST;
      pl_name VARCHAR2(10) := 'tempdata';
      pl_id := Get_Parameter_List(pl_name);
      IF not Id_Null(pl_id) THEN
      END IF;
      pl_id := Create_Parameter_List(pl_name);
    END;In the new form you can then just access the parameters via :PARAMETER.MYPARAMETER;
    An alternative is the usage of globals:
    -- call the emp-form
    CALL_FORM('MYNEWFORM', NO_HIDE, DO_REPLACE);and in the new form use:
    ...The advantage of gloabls is that they can also return values back to the calling form, which is not possible using parameters

  • How to Pass values between one webdynpro application to another

    Hi ,
        I know How to Pass Values Between the Application by URL But For My Requirement NO need The Pass in URL Rather Than That Please any one TEll me How to GEt VAlues BEtween the application......

    If you dont want to pass values through URL, then you must have to use component Usage with interface node.
    Or you can try like this,
    by appending field value to url,
    Data w_url type string,
    w_value type string.
    get the url of calling aplication
    call method cl_Wd_utilities->construct_wd_url
    exporting application name = name of second application( to which u want to pass parameter )
    importing out_absolute_url = w_url.
    ***Make the value type compatible that has to passed with url.
    w_string = lv_pernr
    ***Now attach the parameter and its value with url that have to passed to 2nd application
    call method cl_http_Server=>append_field_url
    exporting name = 'pernr'
    value = ' w_value'
    changing url = w_url.
    then popup window for 2nd application with above url
    lo_window = lo_window_manager->create_external_application ( url = w_url ).
    lo_window -> open( ).
    ***now in wddoinit of 2nd application
    data lv_param type string
    lv_param = wdr_task=>client_window->get_parameter( ' pernr ').
    Now you can use lv_param in 2nd application.

  • How to pass values between pages?

    Anybody know how you pass values like ids between pages using buttons?
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    Why do you want to do this? You can access values from other pages so if you are on page 2 and there is an item on page 1 called P1_ID you can simply assign it to an item on page 2 by typing in P1_ID in the source value for your page 2 item.
    Or you could reference it direct in your pl/sql process by typing &P1_ID. (note the fullstop)
    If you did want to pass a value using a button you can do so by clicking on the button name in then scroll down to the section called optional URL redirect.
    set target is a - to page in this application
    then select the page you want the button to send you to
    then click the flashlight icon next to set these items
    you can then select the page item you want to send the value to and the page item you are getting the value from.
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    Danny Roach

  • How to pass values between two pages

    also see:
    In portlets, how to use a html form passing  values to the another page?
    htmlFormActionLink() method
    in common B/S developing, use html link add with a parameter or some parameters or we can submit it in a form to post values to another page .but how to do these in portal?
    I tried to write the code, but couldn't run at all!
    the provider.xml is still no problem!
    would you be so kind as to help me ?

    Hi Ravi,
            Using the call
    navigation->set_parameter( name='myparameter' value = myvalue ).
    you can set the page parameter myparameter to the value myvalue. This value can then be used for processing in the subsequent page.
    If the form field (in the layout part) and the page parameter are of the type string and are specified by the same name (in this case, myparameter), the following abbreviation can be used:
    navigation->set_parameter( 'myparameter' ).
    Using the set_parameter you can pass only the parameters of type string. If you wish to pass more set of values then you can call a method and then export the values of the drop down.
    Pls reward if useful.

  • How to pass values between nested i-views

    Hi All,
    I have created two nested i-views, one containing a form with a signal out and one with a table and a signal in. Once the form is submitted the values should be passed to the other nested i-view containing the table and the signal in.
    If I create the two i-views as primary windows and deploy the model, the values are passed between the two i-views. If I make the i-views nested windows and create another i-view that contains the two nested i-views, the values are not being passed.
    What am i doing wrong ? Any ideas ?

    Sorry for not explaining this before, i was in a bit of a hurry. What I did is the following. I have one main i-view containing two nested i-views. The nested i-views pass information using a signal out and a signal in.
    The thing I forgot was to connect the signal out with the signal in of the two nested i-views. After I had connected these, the values where passed correctly.
    Not sure if this is what you are after, but it worked for my scenario.

  • How to pass values between BSP pages?

      I have used htmlb controls within my BSP page. I need to pass the value that i provide in the first page to the next BSP page and display it. I used something like
    navigation->set_parameter( name = 'val1' value = val1 ) and navigation->goto_page( 'second.htm' ).
    Now, how should i read this value in the second.htm?. I tried to bring this value using the
    data ename type string.
    ename = navigation->get_parameter( name = 'val1' )
    in the onInitialization event. But its not working.. How should i go about it?. Do i have to set anything in the Page attributes?. Is it possible to change the text of a label at runtime?.
    Expecting an early reply.. suitable answers with code snippets will be rewarded..
    Thank you,

    Here's one way:
    I have page attribute  pa_error_no of 'Error.htm'defined as
         TYPE     CHAR3     3-Byte field
    In OnInputProcessing of page1.htm
         navigation->set_parameter( name = 'pa_error_no'
                                   value = '003' ).
         application->cv_page_next = 'Error.htm'.
         navigation->goto_page( application->cv_page_next ).
    Then in 'Error.htm' (I happen to use it in the layout)  you can reference it in OnInputProcessing also
          case pa_error_no.
          when '001'.
             if not ( application->cv_bp_number is initial ).

  • Pass value between model context

    i want to pass output of the one model contex attribute to another model context attribute input.
      > OutputNode1
        > Node1
           --Attr1(output model attribute)
    --Attr2(input model attribute)

    Hi Anumit,
    To copy data from master node to target node
    IPrivateDialogView.ITargetNode TargetNode = wdContext.nodeTarget();
    IPrivateDialogView. IMasterNode masterNode = wdContext.nodeMaster();
    int size = masterNode.size();
    for (int i = 0; i < size; i++)
    IPrivateDialogView. IMasterElement masterElement = (IPrivateDialogView. IMasterElement)wdContext.nodeMaster ().getElementAt(i);
    IPrivateDialogView.ITargetNode node = wdContext.nodeTarget();
    IPrivateDialogView.ITargetElement element = node.createTargetElement();
    WDCopyService.copyCorresponding(masterElement, element);
    catch(Exception e)
    or you can use this code also
    catch(Exception e)
    Re: Displaying Data in Table

  • How to pass values between user-exits?

    I have to use two user-exits for changing tolerance limit of POs. In one, I have to check for the condition and in another, I have to change tolerance limit.
    How to do it?
    Thanks in advance.
    Arun Mohan

    Hi Arun,
    Use EXPORT and IMPORT.
    Means EXPORT value from on exit and IMPORT the value from another exit.
    In One Exit :
    In Second Exit :

  • How to pass values between tabs?

    I am creating an JFrame with two tabs. The first tab is where the user inputs data, and I want some fields in the second tab to import this some of this data (everytime the second tab is clicked). How would I go about doing this?

    Thank you Michael_Dunn. I have run into another problem unfortunately: I cannot seem to access the second panel from the action event method. I am attaching the code for the frame here for clarification
    public class SuperInputFrame extends JPanel {
        JTabbedPane tabbedPane = new JTabbedPane();
    public SuperInputFrame(){   
        JPanel inPl = new InputPanel();
        tabbedPane.addTab("Inputs", inPl);
        JPanel gaPl = new GeneticPanel();
        tabbedPane.addTab("Genetic Algorithm", gaPl);
        tabbedPane.addChangeListener(new ChangeListener() {
          public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e) {
    private void tabChangeEvent(javax.swing.event.ChangeEvent evt) { 
        System.out.println("Tab=" + tabbedPane.getSelectedIndex());
    }I am trying to copy the values from some of the InputPanel (called inPl and assigned to the first tab) fields to the GeneticPanel (called gaPl and assigned to the second tab). I have public methods in both panels that will do this for me, but when I type inPl.method() or gaPl.method() in the tabChangeEvent method NetBeans does not recognize the variables inPl or gaPl. Any ideas?
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  • How to pass values between applet and jsp

    I have a jsp calling an applet which needs to return value to the calling jsp based on the action. Once the applet returns value to the calling jsp, I need to put that value into the session so that I can use it for the other pages. Could anyone have suggestion how to do it. I am new to applet development. Appreciate your help.

    Why does it have to send the value back via the same JSP? Why not create a servlet to take input from the applet?

  • How to pass values between classes

    I have a login class and a DBUpdater class name tbl. I have declared username and string variable in both classes and two getfunctions in the DBUpdater class. But the values are not being passed.
    What am I doing wrong?
    The following code is from the login class.
    private void jButton1MouseClicked(java.awt.event.MouseEventevt)
    String username;
    String password;
    TSTT_Bill_Loader tbl = new TSTT_Bill_Loader();
    username = this.jUsername.getText();
    password = this.jPassword.getText();

    Hello, please use code tags next time you post code. You can do so by adding [code] [[b]code] round blocks of code. So
    class Code {
    private static final String codeHere = "code here";
    will be rendered as
    class Code {
      private static final String codeHere = "code here";
    You need to explain what is going wrong I don't think we will be able to offer much help.

  • Forms6i- how do i pass values between two forms

    Forms6i- passing values between forms
    I have two forms. FORM1 does a call_form to FORM2.
    How do i send values from FORM1 over to FORM2?
    I want the 2 values in FORM1 to be passed top FORM2 and displayed as a TEXT ITEM.
    But i don't know what is involved in passign vales between forms.

    Define Parameters in Form2, and pass parameters with the same name from Forms1 with the parameter list option of your call_form built-in.
    It is in the online help.

  • Passing values between event structure cases

    Hello everybody,
    I have a question concerning the event structure  - how to pass values (let's say a string / the state of a boolean control / the value of a numeric control value / an array of numeric values) between event cases ?
    There seem to be 2 situations here  :
    - when you need to pass the value of the control that triggers an event;
    - when you need to pass the value of a control which is modified in an event case.
    I have read the documentation but i still do not understand very clearly how to do this. Maybe you can point me in the right direction (maybe some threads on the forum that i have missed).
    Thank you very much !!
    (KUDOS for everyone who is interested in this )

    AndreiN2014 wrote:
    - when you need to pass the value of the control that triggers an event;
    - when you need to pass the value of a control which is modified in an event case.
    The first question isn't worded very well.  What exactly are you looking to do?  Are you looking for an event that specifically relates to that control?  If so, just drop it inside of the event and wire it.  Are you looking to trigger multiple events from the same control?  Ie, you hit the control, event1 is triggered which then triggers event2 ... ?  If so, you might consider taking a look at a different architecture.  I can think of very few cases where I'd prefer do this over something like having the button trigger a state and using the state machine architecture. 
    Others have pointed out the Shift Register.  This is the typical way to pass values between one iteration of a loop to another.  We can assume you have some sort of loop outside of the event structure to make it run a second time.  Put a shift register on this loop and the value wired into it will pass each iteration.  But, if it's just a random control, you can also just leave that outside of the event structure and wire it in as well.  This will provide the new value to the next occurrence of the event structure.
    You really need to define your problem before trying to solve it.

Maybe you are looking for

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