How to play the videos ,which are stored in server ..?

my requirements is : I want to play an video on web page(jsp) Which are stored on server we can impliment that ....
The video should not ask download and save option webpage it should start playing once i click on play similar to ...

Here you can find an applet example example
it is made with javafx
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  • How can I get INSTID_B for the documents which are stored using Store Business Document functionality

    Dear experts,
    I had activated the functionality of Store Business document and successfully stored documents in external server.
    My client have a custom function module which is used to send emails.In that FM they used SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1, SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 function modules.They passed Instance Ident(SRGBTBREL->INSTID_B)(eg: FOL33000000000004EXT39000000000026) as export parameter to the FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' and get the attachment details and content.
    Here my problem is I do not have entries in the table SRGBTBREL for the documents which are stored using the Store Business Document functionality and without INSTID_B I am unable to use the FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' to get the document details and content. Please help me to find INSTID_B for documents which are stored using Store Business Document functionality or please let me know if there is any other way to use FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1' for documents which are stored using Store Business Document.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kiran,
    You can use the following method to get the information. For example if you want to get BO documents for a customer
    CALL METHOD cl_binary_relation=>read_links
         is_object           = ls_lpor
         it_relation_options = lt_relat
         et_links            = lt_links.
    then fill  ls_por-instid with a customer number (KUNNR), ls_por-typeid = 'KNA1' and ls_por-catid = 'BO'.
    Table  lt_relat should contain a line option  for each document type (for example 'I' 'EQ' 'NOTE', 'I' EQ 'ATTA', 'I' EQ 'URL', ...
    In table lt_links you will get your information.
    Maybe some other methods of class CL_BINARY_RELATION may also solve your issue.

  • How can i send videoes which are not in camera roll via whatss app to others ?

    I am going to know that how can i transfer video which are not in camera roll via whatss app to others ?
    thnaks in advanced.

    Where are the videos?
    If WhatsApp supports sending videos from the Camera Roll only and that is your only option, that is it.
    Contact WhatsApp. They have a website.

  • How to identify the SQLs which are using the tables and new columns

    I m using oracle 10G Database in windows. Developers have added some columns in some of the database tables and were asking to check whether there is some impact on performance or not. I have not done this performance tuning before. Kindly help me how to proceed further.
    How to obtain the sqls which are touching the tables and the new columns? It would be really great if you can help me with this.

    You can try to use DBA_DEPENDENCIES to get PL/SQL objects using tables:
    However if SQL code is not stored in database in a trigger, a procedure, a function, a package or a view, it is impossible to retrieve all SQL code referencing some table from database dictionary: for this you would have to analyze application source code.

  • How to remove the tasks which are not manually recoverable?

    How to remove the tasks which are not manually recoverable?
    I tried performing manual recovery for the BPEL processes but there are few tasks which cant be manually recoverable..
    Could you please tell me how to remove those tasks and also tell me which information in the console is the task_id in the database?

    This article explains how to cleanup bpel process instances, you can find task instance id by searching for data in payload using api.
    Managing a BPEL Production Environment

  • Using Javax.print I have to print the data which are stored in resultsets.

    Using Javax.print I have to print the data which are stored in resultsets.
    Actually we ar working on a project where n numbers of records are fetched from database and stored in Resultsets. We made JSF pages which displayes the records in Web Browser.
    There is a link in that page. If we click that print link, It has to be printed all the records row by row using javax.print. It should act like Printer friendly in browser.
    Kindly send us any example code to proceed.

    Is it possible to access the cache datasource inside the script component which is available in the same data flow task??
    Thanks in advance,


    i dont know how to play the video on my ipod when i select it from the menu the song starts playing but there is no video all there is is a little picture in the top right hand corner can someone help please?

    the videos of course have to be in the correct format that's why an app like ipod itunes will be helpful in making your videos viewable you can even do the encoding yourself i might suggest checking out this helpful guide once your videos have been converted the videos may appear in the Movies part of your itunes desktop hopefull this helps

  • How to remove the buttons which are coming from a report?

    Hi All,
    I need to remove the buttons from an iview which is a sap transaction. when i execute the  report program which uses a ldb (PCH) shows a selection screen having all the buttons.
    We have created variants for this.Now i want to remove the buttons which are coming from the report to do this ?

    I think u r mentioning about the addition buttons that appear in the selection screen when using a logical database. for removing these buttons u can use a function module RS_SET_SELSCREEN_STATUS  for setting ur own pf-status
    do this in "at selection screen output" of the program..
    in the tables parameter, u have the option for giving the ok-codes that u want to remove. append all the ok-codes into this table.
    for getting the ok-codes u can use "tab" and go the button.. press F1. it will give the ok-code.

  • How to find the LoginNames which are only having the special chars %, @, .

    I have a table called LoginTable in that I have a column called LoginName
    I want to select only the LoginNames which are having the special charecters like %, @ and . how to write the query
    Please help me out.
    it is some thing like select LoginName from LoginTable where LoginName like (%, @, .) please correct my query

    Please use regexp_like, if your database is Oracle10g 10.1 or higher.
    how to search for '%' in data
    select * from LoginTable
    LoginName like '%\%%' escape '\'
    LoginName like '%@%'
    LoginName like '%.%'

  • How to play music / video on ipad stored on NAS?

    Hi All,
    I have a new i-pad and also an apple TV. All my audio-video files are stored on a NAS. I want to access the files directly from i-Pad, without any intervention from my PC? Is there any way to do this? 

    I have Maverick and this approach does NOT work.  Mu music videos (loaded via my Mac) are in the Video app but I can neither make a playlist with them nor delete them.  In General, etc the IPAD displays music (as a group - not individually), photos (ditto) and individual apps.  Still stuck with the same problem.
    These problems are really no-brainers.  Apple should maintain a database with easy, clear, instructions for doing such obvious tasks as deleteing videos for each version.  That does not seem like a hard task.  You select your OS, device and click "Delete video".  Much better than all these random suggestions that are not OS dependent.

  • In iPhoto, how can I find the videos which are used in iMovie?

    My overall goal is to split my iPhoto library, because it's taking up half my HD. (Proud dad, taking too many burst photos and videos of the little guys). I'll put the videos and older-year photos onto an external drive.
    Problem is - I can't figure out which iPhoto video clips are in my Huge Home Movie, which has about 5 minutes from every month from 2008-2011.
    Is there a way that I can find them? Perhaps I can flag or rate them in iMovie? Perhaps a smart album in iPhoto?
    iMovie '11 (9.0.9)
    iPhoto '11 (9.4.3)
    Willing to upgrade to newer versions if they solve the problem.

    Restore solved it!

  • How to see the tables which are in the physical layer of SampleAppLite rpd

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to OBIEE and I installed OBI Apps with Oracle 11g in my laptop. I tried to create reports using the OracleBIAnalyticsApps rpd. How can I know from which schema the tables are coming in the physical layer of the repository so that I can create a connection pool to the database. I got the default SampleAppLite rpd when I install the OBIEE but I am unable to see those tables in the database schema which are used in the SampleAppLite physical layer. Can anyone tell me how can I see the tables in the database which I see in the rpd. Actually my question may be wrong as I am new to this field, so please let me know if this is a wrong question. As I unable to express my question correctly. Thanks.

    For the OracleBIAnalyticsApps rpd - the tables are under "Catalog" then "dbo" in database "Oracle Data Warehouse" in the physical layer. The RPD comes out of the box with the required connection pools - you dont need to create any. The connection pools "Oracle Data Warehouse Repository Initblocks Connection Pool" and "Oracle Data Warehouse Connection Pool" in "Oracle Data Warehouse" read the data from the business analytics warehouse that you created in a schema name of your choosing with the DAC. All you need to do is edit the user name and password and the data source name with a connect string - which is the local net service name to your database for default call interface OCI 10g/11g assuming you used an Oracle database for your warehouse. One way to test the connection pool is to right click any table/alias then "Update Row Count".
    BTW Using the Admin Tool open the OracleBIAnalyticsApps rpd then do "Tools" then "Utilities" then "Repository Documentation" then "Execute". This will create a spreadsheet showing you all the mappings from the presentation to business to physical layers.

  • How to find the tables which are the candidates for gathering stats in 10g

    In 10g how can we find the tables, partitions which are the candidates for gathering the stats.
    I want to findo those tables, partitions and gather the stats on daily basis.

    The probem you describe has been posted about before. There are known issues with the default dbms_stats parameter settings for some environements.
    What you can do is just go ahead an manually submit dbms_stats commands with appropriate parameters for tables that have not been analyzed or modify the maintenance window to give it more time.
    I would rather just generate the missing statistics myself then the job can continue to run in the normal maintenance window. Since the job should be looking only for tables that meet the stale requirements then once everything is analyzed it is likely the job can keep the statistics updated in the default time allowed.
    Be warned that the default parameter settings do not work well for some tables in some environments and if that proves true for your shop you can generate workable statistics on a table and then lock them so the nightly job ships regenerating the statistics for that table. You would then manually unlock, generate, and lock that statistics for that table as necessary.
    HTH -- Mark D Powell --

  • How to copy the bookmarks which are created in SAP BW 7.3 to New SAP BW on Hana System?

    We have requirement of moving the Bookmarks from SAP BW 7.3 system to New  SAP BW on Hana System.
    Please let me know if it is possible?  If possible  how to do it.?

    Hi TMS,
          Are you talking about Web template bookmark or QueryDesigner bookmark?
    If yes then in both the cases its is stored in your client machine as a browser favourite.This has nothing to do with HANA or BW system.So you can transfer browser favourite file from one system to other.
    If you are talking about in anyother context please be precise and more elaborate .
    Thanks & Regards

  • How to clear the message which are in scheduled Status in PI 7.3

    We want to clear/cancel the message in Message monitor which are in scheduled status in PI 7.3.
    It only a JAVA Stack System , We have been trying to  clear the message manually but it take more time resulting into performance issue.
    Is there some other way we can clear it from Database level.
    Our Database is Db2 9.7 with Fix Pack 5
    Can anyone help me in clearing the message at fast speed ?
    Thanks in advance
    Amit Shedge

    First we check the status of Message
    a) db2 => select count(*) COUNT, status from sap<sid>db.bc_msg group by status
    110        DLVD       
    641623   NDLV       
      2 record(s) selected.
    Then we update the status of Message to Failed
    select count(*) COUNT, status from sap<sid>db.bc_msg group by status
    183      DLVD       
    641623 FAIL       
    d) Then we started the Standard deletion Job in NWA
    1 STATUS     
    98 DLVD       
    And the message got deleted.
    Thanks & Regards

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