How to populate "comments" property of jpg files?

I have PSE 6 and am trying to determine if it's worth upgrading to PSE 9.  I mostly use PSE for the Organizer feature.  I use it to apply tags to jpg files.  I noticed that jpg files also have a "Comments" property that is exposed in Windows Vista and Windows 7 (along with the assigned tags).  I see that PSE can store "Notes" for a jpg but this information doesn't appear to be stored in the Comments property or in any other exposed property.
Is there a way to populated the Comments property of the jpg?  Is there anyway to see the Notes property in the jpg or is that text just stored in the catalog?
I haven't been able to find any additional functionality in PSE 9 over PSE 6 as it relates to the Organizer feature.  Am I missing something significant?

krhackbarth1 wrote:
Is there a way to populated the Comments property of the jpg?
krhackbarth1 wrote:
Is there anyway to see the Notes property in the jpg or is that text just stored in the catalog?
Just in the catalog.
The Notes and the Comments values are stored in different sections of the image's metadata.  Windows Explorer reads certain sections, PSE Organizer reads other sections, as well as using its own database for other data such as Notes.

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    This is written in AS2. When you post a question, it's a good
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    The same way. You will get a load of binary idata, and you have to handle that yourself. .. What, are you expecting libraries to read and somehow convert a .docx document to your taste? You need to look up what 'file format' means.
    (Oh alright, there /may/ be a standardized way in OS X to read a jpg and convert it into something OS X can use without you having to know the specifics.)

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    I need to use "create pdf from web page" because I need access to the options to change the page size, margins, and header/footer, which I can't seem to find when I just open an html file and save as pdf, etc.

    Do you have a particular URL that we can look at to see where the problem might be? As far as adusting margins and such from your browser, those would be in the browser print settings to provide that option. You also would need to check possibly to use the Print or Press settings file to get better graphic resolution. The settings file selection may also be important if you use PDF Maker in one of the browsers that use PDF Maker.

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    It's not built into the language. Your best bet is probably to put the CSV-Reading logic into its own class.
    Or find one of the thousands of classes that already implement such a thing.

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    Hi sreeram
    You can define your custom group render
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    <node label="Root">
    <node label="Folder a">
    <node label="item 1 a"/>
    <node label="Folder b">
    <node label="item 1 b"/>
    <node label="item 2 b"/>
    <node label="Folder c">
    <node label="item 1 c"/>
    <node label="item 2 c"/>
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    <node label="item 1 d"/>
    <node label="item 2 d"/>
    Here is my mxml file which i was trying:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><mx:Application 
    xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" creationComplete="XmlRpc.send()">
    public var XmlNode:XML=newXML();
    public function HandleXml(event:ResultEvent):void
    XmlNode= new XML(event.result.myTree.node);
    public function HandleFault(event:FaultEvent):void, "Error"
    <mx:HTTPService id="XmlRpc" url="Sample.aspx" result="HandleXml(event)" fault="HandleFault(event)"> 
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    Hi Wolfman,
    I do not understand what you are trying to say. My requirement is to fetch xml from .aspxfile and then use it to populate the tree structure in flex. It would be great if you could share me with the piece of code which suites my requirement. Thanks

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    Is it possible with FireFox?

    Added tips from Tip Merchant ($200 consulation fee)
    - on mac - command/ numeric keypad Enter turns the path into a selection. Option delete then fills.
    - an action can be setup to bring up Fill Path from the Path panel menu. Just pressing enter fills with FG color
    These are ways to avoid he paths panel altogether. Best way may be to use the TINY fill path icon in that panel as was pointed out by John

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    These are more internal "Subjects" so the IPTC subject codes don't work, and they don't fill in this area of the metadata anyway.
    Hopefully the question makes sense, thanks in advance for your help!
    Kristin Crawford

    One of the quirks in working with XMP metadata is that the names for the various categories of information appear to change between InDesign and Acrobat.  Thus if you put text in ID's "Description" it will show up in the "Subject" in Acrobat.  Note that Tomaxxi offers a free panel for IDCS5-6 that can makes these categories easier to access.
    As you already know, IPTC adds many more categories, and XMP's extensibility means you can add your own, or others Adobe does not include.

  • Uploading 300 dpi jpg file to CD

    Can anyone give me the correct steps I would take to:
    1.     Make sure my photo is 300 dpi (one will be 7" x 7")  other will be 5 x 7" and how to export it that way
    2.     How  change the title of my jpg file before putting it on the CD.
    I am worried about changing the name in aperture and then not finding the master.....   I am trying to enter a contest.  Thank you in advance for any help in this regard!

    Hi Joanna,
    A few things...
    I see you posted a thread a few days ago about exporting 300dpi, follow those steps for your first question.
    For your second question, refer to the Aperture Manual pg 660.
    You could also swing by any Apple Store and see if someone there can help you out.

  • I am suddenly having a problem when trying to open a .tif file in Adobe bridge. The picture opens in firefox. It never did this before. How do I get my .tif and .jpg files to open in bridge?

    I open Photoshop cs5 version of bridge. Go to a folder that contains photos in .tif, ljpg, etc. file types. When I click on a .tif or .jpg file that I want to open in the raw window of bridge (which it has done for the past year) in opens instead in firefox. How do I stop this from happening????

    It sounds like a problem with Photoshop rather than with Firefox. I suggest posting it on their forum @

  • How can I quickly view pdf files like I can do with Windows Picture and Fax viewer for jpg files?

    How can I quickly view pdf files like I can do with Windows Picture and Fax viewer for jpg files? I need to look at several thousand PDF files. It takes too long to open each one individually. The only thing I could think of is combining them into large groups and then using the Navigation index. But I like the way windows Picture and Fax Viewer does it because you can keep the files separate. Combining PDFs causes loss of individual file names. That would be a problem since I do need to have the individual file names.

    Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is a DLL and is started via a rundll32.exe call and can't be set as an application to handle images in Firefox 3 and later versions.
    Try to set Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as the default viewer in Windows, then it should be listed automatically in the Mozilla Firefox Browse dialog.
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