How to programmatically make pages of a book visible or invisible

My portal page has three placeholders: Left, center and Right.
In the right there are simple static pages giving some information and news that
are irrelevant
to the whole quesry so dont bother about them.
In the center placeholder, I have put a book which has four pages. The labels
of these pages are
: pageA,pageB,pageC and pageD respectivbely.
In each of these pages there are simple portlets which just display a different
static msg so
that i know that the different pages are displayed
In the left placeholder, I have put a portlet which consists of a simple pageFlow.
The page flow
consists of a sinlge jsp called index.jsp. Index.jsp has four anchor tags, which
display which
pagelabel and also pass the page label as a paramter within those tags. For e.g
this is one of
the anchor tags:
<netui:anchor action="showPage">PAge A
<netui:parameter name="pageName" value="pageA"></netui:parameter>
Similarly, there are three other anchor tags. Now, clicking on this anchor tag,
the function
showPage of the controller is called. In showPage, I have written code to specifically
show the
particular page in the book present in the center placeholder.
The code i have written is as follows:
protected Forward showFunction()
request = this.getRequest();
String functionName = request.getParameter("pageName");
//following line gets the context for the entire main page
pageContext = PageBackingContext.getPageBackingContext(request);
/following line gets the list of children contexts in the main page
list = pageContext.getWindowBackingContexts();
/following snippet get the book context of the book in the centerplaceholder.
int size = list.size();
for(int i=0; i<size; i++)
if (list.get(i) instanceof BookBackingContext)
bookContext = (BookBackingContext) list.get(i);
//following line I get the context if the page i want to display
pageContext = bookContext.getPageBackingContextByDefinitionLabel(functionName);
//I set that page as the Active page
     return new Forward ("success");
But the code does not work!! The default page of the book which is display when
the portal file
is opened for the first time which ever link is clicked. I have been at this program
for 5 hours straight but the thing just wont work. PLEASE HELP !!!

To do it properly you need something like this:
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    You ought to be able to do it by adjusting the Content Height in the Page>Layout inspector.
    If that's not working, check and see if you have any text, graphics, or widget boxes at the bottom of the page (especially something that might be "invisible") and move it up higher on the page. The pages won't shorten if there's an object below the designated content height.

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