How to publish a single slide?

I have a Captivate project with about 20 slides, and I want
to publish a single slide at a time. That is, I want to make 20
separate SWF files. Is there a way to do it without having to
delete 19 of them and publish one at a time - deleting all but the
one I want each time?

Hi benhenny
I'm not sure why anyone would want to do it this way, but I'm
sure you have your own reasons.
I think you could do it like this:
In the Filmstrip or the Storyboard, select all slides except
Edit the properties and hide the selected slides.
Publish the single slide.
Unhide the next slide.
Hide the one you published earlier.
Publish the single slide.
Repeat the process until all slides have been individually
Hopefully this helps... Rick

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    many SWF files, including the skin.swf file, but this one I know
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    Hi there
    Given the date I'm sure it's something that got lost in translation during the forums upgrade.
    See if the link below helps.
    Click here
    Cheers... Rick
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  • How to publish a single site

    I have several sites in iweb, including travel, wedding, teaching, and research. However, every time I make a change to a single page within one of these sites, and then publish to a folder, all four sites are published. This wouldn't be so bad, except that my travel site has TONS of photos, and thus it takes at least an hour to publish the site.
    Can anyone tell me how to publish just one site to a folder?
    powerbook g4, ibook g3, imac g4   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Hold the phone -- since iWeb is storing the Domain info in Users>username>Library>Application Support>iWeb then wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that different users could have different Domain files, and thusly different sites (from iWeb's point of view)?
    It would seem to me that an easy workaround would be to create a different User account on your box for each of your sites, and then maintain them in iWeb that way. Of course, you'll want to make sure that your media resources (eg. pictures, movies, sounds) are available to all those users (I keep all my multimedia on a separate hard drive from my OS and applications for exactly this reason, but you can also do it by granting privileges to folders).
    I haven't tried this out, but it makes sense on paper.
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    Screenshot of ftp window will help. Alternatively you can export the pages as html and then upload to your server using any FTP client.

  • How can I change the background of a single slide?

    I applied a theme to my keynote presentation but now I want to change the back of a single slide. How can I do this??? thanks in advance!!!

    While you are at the slide that you want to change:
    Open Inspector
    Go to the second tab, named "Slide"
    The last option is named "Backround"
    You can choose a color, a gradient or an image fill from there
    And that's it.
    Hope it helps you
    Dimitrios Karamitros

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    As PowerPoint is not an Apple product (a lot of Mac users avoid Microsoft stuff) you may get faster and better help by using the MS Office:Mac forums here:
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    I would like to put 2, 3, or 4 “pictures” on a single slide, and program them with transitions so that they could pop-on or dissolve one at a time.  Is it possible to put more than one image placeholder on a slide?

    Yes. Just copy-paste the placeholder that the theme has, multiple times.

  • How to modify a Master Slide on a single page.

    I am wondering how to modify the master slide on a particular slide.
    Like in InDesign when you hold shift + ctrl you can select items from the master page and modify them on that particular page only, without making the changes to every page where that Maser page is applied.
    Trying to figure out how to accomplish this simple task in Captivate 5. (Windows 7)

    As far as I know that option is not avaiable.
    You could duplicate your master slide, make the changes to it, then assign that new master to the individual slide.
    This works if there's only one, but if you had many variations of master slides it would get unwieldy after a while and defeat the purpose of using master slides, IMO.

  • How can I add sound to a single slide?

    I would like to add sound to a single slide so that it plays while the slide is being shown. Is there a way to do that in Lightroom 5?

    In Lightroom, you would have to create a slideshow using that one slide. Then you would add the sound to the slideshow.

  • ICal Server - want to publish a single calendar

    I'm missing a basic concept on iCal Server i think.
    I just want to publish a single calendar to the public with NO passwords.
    Calendars exist on the iCal Server on 10.8.5 using login credentials from Open Directory where users
    can create calendars, share calendars, etc.
    When you go to the Web site, it first asks for your login and password.
    How do i link a calendar to a public location, or make a calendar publicly accessible?
    Thanks in advance
    Tim Far

    So with no responses to the above question, I've had to rtfm...
    It appears from my reading of the somewhat limited documentation on iCal Server on 10.8.5, since I have chosen
    to apply security to the Wiki's and Calendars to use OD on the server; I cannot open a public viewable Calendar along side the secured ones.  ( I may certainly be wrong, but I haven't been able to find out how.)
    So I took an easier approach, as I wanted 1 public calendar viewable and subscribable by the public.
    The local iCal server will be used privately for local secure business, while the Public calendar will be
    maintained on the local Admin's desktop, then shared publicly to Google calendars, where I set up a simple secure acount.  This gives me 4 benefits.
    1. A public viewable webpage of the calendar - for those with iCal or iPhone (droid population, or browsers)
    2. An dot.ics subscribable link  for those with iPhones, iCal compatibe calendars
    3. An embedded link for our education web site, to show the Public calendar inline on our own website.
    4. The ability to publish to said Google calendar , from the locally managed desktop.
    This may have been obvious, or not; and potentially othe ways of accomplishing the same,
    Any thoughts or goctcha's ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • MS Project 2010 Server - How to move a single MS Project plan and SharePoint Project site from a PWA server to another PWA server (one at a time)

    MS Project 2010 Server
    How to move a single MS Project plan and it's SharePoint project site from a PWA server to another PWA server (one at a time)
    I have 2 Project PWA servers, i know how to copy all the databases (Publishing, Draft, Reporting, archive, content) from one SQL server and copy it to the other PWA server so both server can be identical.
    I need to only move a single project from a PWA server to another, 
    Moving the Project plan, actual time data, SharePoint site with all it's content
    Is there a 3rd party tool that can be added on to the server to help me move single project plans? to different PWA servers?

    Visit my friends at FluentPro and try FluentBooks
    they have a 2010 version also.
    Hope that helps,
    Thanks, Eric S. Pcubed

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    How can I publish one single site from iWeb to my .Mac account without publishing other sites that I have on iWeb?
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    I use iWebSites to manage multiple sites.. It lets me create multiple sites and multiple domain files.
    If you have multiple sites in one domain file here's the workflow I used to split them into individual site files with iWebSites. Be sure to make a backup copy of your original Domain.sites files before starting the splitting process.
    This lets me edit several sites and only republish the one I want.

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    Export the slideshow from iPhoto
    Then upload it to Facebook via their own uploader.

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