How to publish ABAP query to MSS/Portal

Can someone please guide me on how can I publish a ABAP query to web using MSS.

You can display the reports in the portal directly or through creating the iviews in the PCD content.
Directly Displaying the query in the portal options:-
Option 1. Go to the query designer >Open any Query>Select Execute.
The report will be displayed in the portal.
Option 2. Go to the query Designer> open any Query>In tool select Publish>To Portal.
Creating the Iviews:-
1. In your portal PCD content create the iview for the xisting query and assing the iview to page anf page to workset .
Assign th page to any role in the portal , through tis roles you can directly log in  to the portal and access the query in the portal.

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            I know how to create ABAP QUERY using transactions SQ01,SQ02 and SQ03.But after creating it how to and where to use it.

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  • How to publish visual composer model to portal content

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    I need information about how to publish visual composer model to portal content. does any one now???

    after doing deployment the model in the VC will be published in the Portal content.
    You can define the path where you want to publish the Model in the Portal under portalk content in
    (In VC) Tools->Options->Compiler->Deployment folder(mention the folder name in the portal content).
    hope you got my point.

  • How we create abap query

    how we create abap query can any1 tell me?

    Reporting tool :Standard reports
    Purpose :Provide solutions for your most frequent reporting requirements
    Advantages :Can be used immediately
    No developments required
    Limitations :Limited flexibility
    Output fields cannot be selected as required
    Purpose :Hierarchies are displayed as graphics
    Reports are executed using selected structures or substructures, that is, using preselected sets of objects
    Advantages :User-friendly method of displaying hierarchical structures
    Integration with InfoSet Query and standard reports
    No need to switch from one HR application to another if you want to execute reports from different applications
    Little training required
    Limitations : Limited flexibility
    Tool is used to execute standard reports and customer reports
    It cannot be used to create reports
    InfoSet Query
    Purpose :Intuitive, general SAP reporting tool used to create customer reports
    Enables you to create reports for all areas of HR
    When InfoSet Query is accessed from Human Resources (HR), the Query area and User group parameters already contain values and you can only perform ad hoc reporting. If InfoSet Query is accessed this way, it is called Ad Hoc Query in HR (see HR in InfoSet Query).
    Advantages :User-friendly interface
    Very easy to use
    No programming required
    If integrated with SAP Query, you can continue processing queries using SAP Query
    Set operations enable you to create sets of objects as required for which data must be output
    Can be included in roles using a suitable InfoSet
    Limitations :InfoSets and user groups must be defined in SAP Query before you can use InfoSet Query
    Multiline lists cannot be displayed
    SAP Query
    Purpose :General SAP reporting tool used to create customer reports
    Individual definition of user groups, InfoSets, and queries
    Advantages :Extremely flexible
    No programming required
    Queries can be provided in the SAP Easy Access menu
    Includes numerous options for aggregating data, performing calculations, and displaying graphics
    Enables you to display multiline lists
    Enables you to define one basic list and several statistics and ranked lists for each query
    Limitations :Restricted to data from the R/3 System
    Each HR query can process data from just one HR logical database:
    PNP: Administration, Time Management, and Payroll
    PCH: Generally for all areas, but particularly suitable for reporting on data from Personnel Planning
    PAP: Recruitment
    Requires much more training than other options
    Limitations:Data is extracted from OLTP systems, that is, real-time data is not accessed
    Business Information Warehouse
    Purpose :Analytical reporting tool used for information and decision-making purposes
    Advantages : Extremely flexible
    Facilitates complex calculations (calculation of averages, time series comparisons)
    Enables you to access non-SAP data
    Easy to use
    Uses OLAP technology
    Includes detailed Business Content (HR extractors, InfoCubes, key figures, and standard queries
    i think it is adhoc query not abap query

  • Error while publishing the query in enterprise portal

    Hi EP experts,
                        One of the user is executing the query in enterprise portal. The user is assigned to proper roles in ABAP BI system.
    But when clicking on the query the user gets the below error
    Full Message Text
    A message was generated:
    DP_1: Unable to load query Z_F2P_DP_ZDPM_Q0002 loaderr_query
    DP_1: Unable to load query Z_F2P_DP_ZDPM_Q0002 loaderr_query
    Z_F2P_DP_ZDPM_Q0002 "
    The user has S_RFC authorization in a general role but still facing the issue .
    Please suggest
    Rosandeep Acharya

    Have you created BI iView?
    If so you need to give the TEMPLATE=<template id>
    and preview the iview from portal.
    Hope this helps.

  • Publish A Query in Enterprise Portal.

    Hi ,
    I am a BW Consultant and I want to publish a Query in the Enterprise Portal but I am not able to view any portal Roles while i publish .
    There are already some web templates already assigned in the portal roles.
    Please help.
    Nimisha Gandhi.

    Hi Nimisha,
    The publishing of a query as u said, requires the role properties to be edited for the visibility.Once u created an iview with the required query and assigned tht to workset inturn assigned tht to a role.
    Change the "navigation" properties of the role "set entry point" as yes by clicking the radio button.
    Then u need to assign the role to an User in the "User Administration"-> Identity manager>give the ID> click modify>available roles>choose the role u want to assign->add,..and when that user logs into the portal he will be able to c tht Query as a new tab .
    This will solve ur problem.Please reply for further issues.

  • How to retrieve ABAP query field metedata using SAP JCO?

    How can I retrieve all field details (such as field name, field description, output length field type) using SAP JCO for an ABAP Query?
    I have query name, user group, query area and infoset name with me.

    Please use the DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET (standard) Function Module to retireve the details which you have mentioned.

  • How to create ABAP Query for vendor open items

    My client has requested me to create ABAP Query for vendor open items . So that it will be usefull for the users . Could anyone help me with this. I will assign you points.Thanks in advance.

    Use Table BSIK <Open Items of AP > & BSAK <AP Cleared items>......
    For Query you can use SQ01.
    USE BSID & BSAD for AR open/clear items...
    LFA1, LFB1 are vendor master data tables
    This is FYI
    Hope this helps.

  • How to transfer ABAP query from one server to another server

    Hi all,
    I have a ABAP query in development server and i need to transport it to production server.
    I have attached a transaction to it using the program which got generated in the back ground
    from the abap query in the developemnt server.
    I have downloaded and uploaded  a ABAP query from one server to another server.
    But the program which got generated in the back ground in the production server is different from
    program which is generated in the development server.
    But my transaction is attached to the program in the development server.If i transport the transaction
    to production server,it is giving error since that program is not present in the production server.
    Am i going in the right way......? 
    Is there any problem in my upload/download procedure ?
    Is there any way to achieve my purpose ...............?
    Please kindly reply me at the earliest.

    You have different ways to call a query using a t.code. One way is to create a pgm with the following code and attach a t-code to it.
    data: gv_test type sy-repid.
        WORKSPACE        = ''
        QUERY            = GV_QUERY
       REPORTNAME       = GV_RNAME
    * For the dynamic excution of the called query assisgn GV_RNAME to <gv_test>.
    gv_test = GV_RNAME.
    SUBMIT (gv_test) via selection-screen and return.
    Alternate way is while creating T-Code you choose option Transaction with parameters.
    Transaction as START_REPORT and in default values table control at bottom give as follows
    D_SREPOVARI-REPORT = User group
    D_SREPOVARI-EXTDREPORT = Your Query name

  • How to transport ABAP Query

    Hi ,
        i would like to know if it's possible to transport ABAP Query from one server to another using CTS. eg: development server to test server. plus can we assign a transaction code to an ABAP Query.
    its very urgent.
    Plz respond.

    Hi Reddy,
    For the second part of question :
    When you create a abap query SAP generates a program at the background. You can copy that program to a Zprogram and assingn a Tcode to it.( You can add some more features to the report like drilldown etc.. )
    Your technical consultant should be able to help you out on this .

  • How to get the query name from  portal report name

    Hi Experts ,
    I am given a portal report Name and asked to do changes to the queries of that ,so how do i get the query name ,
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Nithya,
    You can get the technical name by selecting the role in the portal where the report is enclosed you will generally find the report in description then identify the report you are looking then double click on that you will get a window pop-up in that you will have details tab there click on the details the your Query technical name will be displayed.
    EX : zqry_w001 Then replace W with Q and seach in analyser or Designer.

  • Publishing BW query to Enterprise Portal

    Hi Experts,
    I am BI Consultant , I created a 3 New BW Queries,thefront end report requirement is to published the report to the enterprise portal.
    I managed to create a iViews, role and folders for my bw queries. However I am difficulties in achieving the current portal display of the existing BI Reports.
    The Image will have a better view of what the requirement would be:
    First Image below
    From This View ---> Tab 2 (This Contain my work which it holds my 3 new Queries)
    This tab has only detailed navigation pane on the left side window
    Second Image Below
    To this View --> Tab 1 (This Contains the existing Layout which I intended to do).
    This page behaves by when clicking the report name, it calls the page of the report and puts up the selection screen of the report in the new window page. The report name has description below the report name/link.
    I am looking for step by step procedure on how to create this kind of display in the portal
    Thank you very much,

    Second Image Below
    there is only one picture Im able to see
    I am looking for step by step procedure on how to create this kind of display in the portal
    Even if there would be another image, Its not very clear what are you trying to reach following the delivered description. However, I have the suspicion your issue is related to the navigation behaviour / look&feel. SAP is not delivering any step by step to meet any exact customer scenario, excepting very common cases. They dont do this for clear reasons: if you would combine all possible customizing options as cartesian product, you will get a nearly infinite matrix. Instead of this they delivering well descripted generall information about how SAP Portal navigation behavious under which circumstances, you could try to follow that

  • How to publish the BI reports in portal

    Hi All,
    By Using  URL , how to create the iviews and how to assign to workset,folder and to page , how  we can create individually.
    Thnaks & Regards,
    Edited by: sathish kakumudi on Jun 13, 2010 2:10 PM

    Hi ,
    Thanks for quick and valuble responce,
    Basically  I do not have  knowledge on this , earlier i use to send the URL lins to Portal consulatants and they use to publish in portal.
    Now here there is portal consulatant, but i should deliver the same.
    I created the folder
    under that as per your information created the three sub folders with BW, ROLE< Work Set
    and created under BW one i view .
    But for linking as you said add to work set is not appearing when i do right click on the i view.
    as mentioned the below , portal conete studio  all the work where should i perform.
    You create worksets in the Portal Content Studio using the Workset wizard, and then build structure hierarchies and assign content objects to the worksets in the Workset Editor.Right Click on the created Subfolder u201CWorksetu201D and choose the menu item Workset
    I am giving trouble to you , i do not know that is why iam giving trouble to you. please can you  elobrtae step by step.
    Thansk & Regards,

  • How to show ABAP ALV report in Portal iview?

    I have a ABAP report developed in ALV grid. Now I want to show it in EP iview. How can I do that? What type iview I shall use? And any step by step procedure/doc will be really appreciated.
    Alternatively is it possible to create a HTML tabular report similar to that of ALV grid and show it in EP.
    How complex will it be?

    To add to padmakar's remark. You can use a transaction iview but it has limitations.
    First of all: You can use a transaction iview with or without Gui. If the user has a sap gui then 1) you make a transaction for your ALV 2) create a transaction iview defining the alv transaction + with gui output
    If the user has no gui. Then it will only work if your ALV is made web enabled ( so not on 4.6c ).
    Other alternatives are to create a BSP + bsp iview instead of a list. Or use Webdynpro.
    Hopes this helpes somewhat,

  • How to disable GLOBAL query variants in Portal (ANALYSIS Template)

    Hello Experts,
    Does anybody know how to disable the saving of global query variants on the selection screen?
    Currently if anybody goes in and saves the variant with Description and puts something in the Technical Name, it saves that variant as global, so that everybody can see it. If they put something in the description only and leave the technical name blank, then it saves the variant as local. Therefore, how would I go about disabling the saving of global query variants?
    Thank you,
    Message was edited by:

    This object S_ALV_LAYOgoverns the way ALV layouts are saved.
    For more info see the OSS Note 601803.
    Hope This Helps
    Anand Raj

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