How to publish an iCal calendar into an iWeb page?

I want to include an iCal calendar in an iWeb page. I know this should be VERY straightforward but can't figure it out. How do I accomplish this?

I'm having a problem getting the iCal to publish to iWeb, so that I can have a calendar on my website with rss feed for new dates. So I put in my mobile me account name, and I do have several calendars, but there's nothing that looks like I can specify which calendar. Please don't tell me that I have to use one calendar, because I don't want my personal with my court, my court with my work, my work with my kids etc. is there a way to maintain the "public" calendar. I'm confused.
Assuming this is doable, I did try the widget, but i keep getting an error message that page not found, we're sorry but we cannot find the ical you requested, its possible that it has been deleted or renamed.

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    I tried inputting the code into the blog.html page, but it will vanish every time I update iweb.
    So; how can I manually add code to an iweb page? Surely this is possible?

    Of course it's possible. Lots of us do that on our pages already. Two things to keep in mind...1. No way to do this via iWeb directly, so it involves editing the published html files, and 2. Because iWeb republishes the html files whenever you update the your webpage, you will lose your changes and have to redo them to add your HTML back.
    The general directions are as follows (using banner code as an example)...
    1. Decide where you want your banner and know exactly what dimensions you need.
    2. Insert a text box onto your page and adjust its size to exactly your dimensions.
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    4. Publish your page with iWeb.
    5. Find the html file associated with your published page (either on your iDisk or in a folder depending on how you published) and open it in any text editor (like Microsoft Word, or Textedit, or anything).
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    That's it. You should see your html coded element show up where you placed the text box.
    If any of this information is useful to you, please do me a favor and mark my reply as "solved" or "helpful" using the little buttons that you see in the title bar of this reply. I would appreciate it immensely. Thank you.

  • Embedding an iCal calendar in an iWeb page

    I'm designing a website to accompany the chemistry classes I teach. I *would like to embed the class calendar I made using iCal into one of the pages on my site. Is there a way to do this?*

    There is a way to do it but it won't fit very nicely. What you do is use an HTML snippet with iFrame code:
    <iframe height="XXX px" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes" style="width:XXX px;border:none" src="URL to page to be embedded"></iframe>
    You will have to adjust the height and width values to match the published iCal calendar. Since you can't resize the published iCal calendar it will be pretty big.
    A Google calendar, on the other hand, can be resized and made to fix whatever size on the page you want. Like this demo page: Google calendar
    There are applications that will sync iCal calendars with Google calendars.

  • Uploading an iCal Calendar into iWeb?

    I'm putting together a site for someone at the moment, I I wondered if you might be able to help me inbed an iCal calendar into an iWeb page please?

    Hi there,
    have a look at the following site
    I hope it helps.

  • I create a birthday calendar in iCal and then click on it in iphoto at the begining of the calendar project each year.  Some how the birthday did not populate the photo calendar.  Is there a way to add the birthday iCal calendar into the calendar project?

    I created a birthday calendar to use in iphoto for calendar.  When a new calendar project is started each year, I click on it in.  Some how the birthday did not populate the photo calendar this year.  The photo calendar is almost complete.  Is there a way to add the birthday iCal calendar into the calendar project? I would prefer not to start over.

    If you first select the calendar on the left, so that its background is highlighted blue/grey, when you make a new events they should be added to that calendar.
    Best wishes
    John M

  • Is there a way to merge several iCal calendars into one?

    Anyone know if there is a way to merge several iCal calendars into one Calendar? I've separated a few different calendars for things and want to merge all of those events into one universal Calendar. I asked Apple Support and they stated there isn't a way to do this. So, I'm throwing this out there in case someone knows a way.
    Thank you!

    Found the answer after troubleshooting on my own. I was able to do this on a PC by using Office 2007 and the calendar in there. I also had to setup Mobile Me to the calendar on my PC which was fairly easy.
    What you'll have to do is have Mobileme sync your calendar data with Outlook.
    Then after they sync in Outlook... manually select each imported calendar, choose to view all appointments, select all (to select all of your events), copy, then paste them into the main "Calendar".
    Follow this step for all of your calendars and it works like charm.
    The only thing left to do after you've copied them all is to delete the old calendars after you have all of the events copied.
    This may be able to be done in iCal too using similar methods, however it was really easy for me to do it in Windows with Outlook 2007.
    Just keep in mind that you want to view all events from each separate calendar and just copy those into your main calendar.

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    Unfortunately, this functionality was lost in the conversion from RTC to OIC. This feature was available because of a http web presence. Oracle did not license that component in OIC.

  • How do I copy a screen into photos or pages ?

    How do I copy a screen into photos or pages ?

    You can take a screenshot by briefly pressing both the home and sleep buttons - the screen should seem to flash and the screenshot should go into the Camera Roll album in the Photos app. Is that what you want to do ?

  • Integrating an interview into my iweb page

    Hi Guys,
    Could anyone give me any ideas about how I could integrate an interview into my iweb site. It is a long text (currently in ms word format) w and so putting it as one continuous block on one of the iweb pages would just be too much I was thinking of some kind of pop-up windows (more PDF-ish?) with navigation arrows, but I can't seem to come up with anything.
    Here's the site as it stands:
    Any tips please?
    Thanks in advance!
    Ben (Brazil)

    Hi QTK!
    Just a quick question, where will the pdf document reside? Will it automatically copy the file into the folder of the published site?

  • How can I make a backup of my iWeb page, How can I make a backup of my iWeb page

    How can I make a backup of my iWeb page? Is iWeb also disappearing on June 30?

    Here are some Apple help sheets about backing up your files:
    And I found this one written by an independant guy very thorough and helpful:
    iWeb is not going away, but I would be skeptical about how much longer Apple keeps it around. 
    If you are looking for a new place to host your website, I use and would recommend Little Oak (  They are a Mac hosting company, and are even offering a discount right now for iWeb users ( e-29-2012)

  • How do I publish an iCal calendar now that MobileMe is inactive?

    I was publishing a calendar to share with some friends using iCal and MobileMe. Now that MM is not available, updating that calendar is no longer possible. So I tried to unpublish it, but was not allowed, only could leave it on the server. Now I can't publish again because the only option is on MobileMe in iCal (Version 5.0.3 (1605.3)). And there doesn't seem to ba an update yet. Am I missing something?
    I got the following when I tried to re-publish my calendar on MobileMe:
    The calendar “Name” couldn’t be published.
    The request for calendar failed.
    The server responded with “503”

    I have a similar problem, albeit for different reasons.  My calendar at work is on MS Exchange, which only supports "On My Mac" calendars, not "iCloud" calendars.  I was able to publish my work calendar for use on my devices outside the office using iCal calendar publishing through MobileMe.  (As an alternative to jumping through several layers of security when I'm not in the office just to see my own calendar!)  But that no longer works, MS doesn't support synching to iCloud calendars so I'm not sure how to do this now that Apple has killed iDisk/MobileMe.
    I think there would be an opportunity for someone to either write an Exchange to calDAVE widgit or to to offer a hosting service for former MobileMe calendars...

  • How can I combine multiple calendars into one calendar?

    I've been using iCal for a very long time, upgraded to iCloud, when it was fully operational.  In addition to my personal calendar, I have used several different calendars for different kinds of  business activities.  However, I am not at a point, where tracking different business related activites is no longer necessary.  So, I would like to know how to combine all the unnecessary calendars into a single business calendar.  I want to be able to transfer my entire calendar history from all the calendars to a single calendar.
    Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

    For each calendar, from the File menu choose 'Export...' then 'Export...'; from the sub-menu. This will create an .ics file at the location chosen in the Export dialog.
    From the File menu choose 'Import...' then 'Import...' from the sub-menu. A navigation pane will open: navigate to and choose your exported .ics file.
    You will get a pane with a drop-down menu - choose the calendar you want to add this data to.
    Be aware that this procedure can't be undone.

  • How do you restore iCal calendars in Time Machine

    I recently updated to iCloud from Mobile Me and when I opened iCal I noticed that the Mobile Me calendars and the iCloud Calendars were the same, so I deleted all my Mobile Me calendars and to my horror realized after reopening iCal that all the caledars were deleted in the iCloud calendar as well.
    How do I restore those calendars via Time Machine? I am running OS X Lion and although I have made the terminal change so I can see my user Library folder, within Time Machine it does not show up.

    Well, I guess they're not really ical backups, per se.
    When i went to migrate MobileMe to iCloud, it said "make sure you back up your calendars first" and I almost didn't do it because I figured I have TM if I need it, but decided just to be safe...
    so I did file>export>export for each calendar.
    Then after the migration seemed to go smoothly, I deleted them.
    Then got into this snafu.
    Fortunately, was able to TM back to the desktop from right before I erased them.
    so I restored them, then imported them one by one, and so far it looks like everything is good.  Knock on wood.
    It's still frightening to me though that an accidental deletion from the cloud turns into a day of screwing around to restore things!!  It shouldn't be that easy to just permanently erase so much important data. I shouldn't have to manually export all my calendars every day if I want a backup...

  • Publish multiple ical calendars with different colours for each calendar

    i am wanting to publish either multiple iCal calendars or a calendar group online so that the colours are preserved for different calendars. it would seem that the MobileMe published calendars still only support one colour (blue). could someone recommend another method of publishing read only iCal calendars online, preferably free, but i don't mind paying a small amount

    Dear Ruben
    I would love to know how you can make some events Private.
    We use ical and sync to Google Calendar, but when I create events in iCal, there is no option to make it private.
    We have created a CalDAV connection to Google Apps Calendar, so any help about why there is no check box for Private would be appreciated.

  • Imbed ical calendar into webpage

    is there a way to set up an iweb page so that an ical calendar uploaded to mobileme can be shown? currently, i just have a page that says "click here to view the calendar," but i would like the actual calendar to be shown on the page.

    I found a way on my site. You can view it at
    In iWeb, choose an html snippit and add this code.
    <iframe width="800" height="1200" frameborder="2" src="+*add in your calendar site here*+" scrolling= "yes">
    alternative content for browsers which do not support iframe
    In the code above you will see "add in your calendar site here". In iCal, you must have the calendar you want on your site published with mobileme. In iCal right click on the published calendar name on the left and copy the ULR to the clipboard. Back in iWeb highlight "add in your calendar site here" and paste your ULR. Make sure you leave the parentheses.
    Once you publish your website, you will see the calendar on the page you placed it on. Whenever you make a change in your iCal, you should right click on the name of the calendar and refresh.
    Whenever you update, it will automatically up date your website.

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