How to publish iPhone Apps with Flash CS5 for beginners

After many trial/errors and with lots of support from this site, I've decided to start building some tutorials to help people get into the packager. This is the first one and, now I'll work on a usual erros handle tutorial.
Any comments and/or critics are welcome. /

It helped me a lot, exept I hav this little problem ..
I can't select the .p12 file .. it's disabled..

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  • Can we develop apps with Flash CS5

    I have a doubt, can we make iPhone apps with flash CS5?

    yes, you can but you can't use apples app store for your app without violating their tos.

  • How to publish android app with the new AIR 2.6 ?

    Please anyone can help to instruct the correct way to install the new AIR SDK?
    I work with Flash IDE and don't know how to link them...
    And another noob question, are there any differences between "AIR Android" and "Adobe AIR 2" in publish settings when I'm going to create an android app with up-to-date AIR version? I was very confused by the scenario that as long as I upgraded to AIR2.6 SDK, "AIR Android" remains 2.5 though "Adobe AIR2" will surely be 2.6?
    Much appreciated for any help.

    To create an APK package, use the ADT package command, setting the target type to apk for release builds, apk-debug for debug builds, or apk-emulator for release-mode builds for running on an emulator.
    adt     -package
        -target apk
        -storetype pkcs12 -keystore ../codesign.p12
        myApp.swf icons
    Type the entire command on a single line; line breaks in the above example are only present to make it easier to read. Also, the example assumes that the path to the ADT tool is on your command-line shell’s path definition. (See Path environment variables for help.)
    You must run the command from the directory containing the application files. The application files in the example are myApp-app.xml (the application descriptor file), myApp.swf, and an icons directory.
    When you run the command as shown, ADT will prompt you for the keystore password. (The password characters you type are not displayed; just press Enter when you are done typing.)
    You can find more details here

  • Publish iOS app with Flash CS6?

    Is it possible to publish an iOS with the new icons sizes (120px..) with Flash CS6?
    Flash removes the new icon sizes from the app.xml every time I publish my app.
    Is it possible to prevent this?
    I tried to set the app.xml to read-only but then the app will not publish.

    I was getting this intermittently.   Not a super problem.   A remove and install in iTunes gets it loaded (after you tell ITunes where it is).

  • How to update iPhone Apps with iTunes 11?

    I'm having trouble updating my iPhone Apps using iTunes. I've already transferred my purchases from my iPhone to my mac.
    I've downloaded updates for the iPhone apps, but for some reason I can't sync the updated apps to my iPhone.
    Is there an option to make sure my iPhone apps will sync from my mac to my iPhone and vice-versa?

    I clicked the Apps tab and when I'm on the Apps page, there's no checkbox or anything next to the Apps title on the page like the Music, Movies, etc pages. where do I go from there?
    I know that how we used to do it, but in iTunes 11, Apple removed the checkbox for sync Apps on the Apps page. So is there another way now to select "Sync Apps"?

  • How to send UDP message with flash CS5.5?

    I want to send a single UDP message when a button is clicked on an iOS and android device.
    Does anyone know how this is done in Flash?

    This doesn't apply directly to iOS and Android but to AS3 in general. I'm not sure how well it'll work since it is noted to be in a beta stage, but: Socket.html
    and some examples: a3b1aad8a27b0-181c51321220efd9d1c-7ffe

  • How to publish an app with editable resourse files?

    I have coded a app that has a text file included in the resourses bundle.   Is there any way I can make the resourse file editable for the users (not by retyping it but most likely overwriting the resourse file)?

    You can also copy the file from the bundle to your application's folder in the user's ~/Library/Application Support/ directory (the path is similar for a sandboxed application) - see the File System Programming Guide.

  • How to tether iphone 4 with windows pc for internet access

    please post some tips.

    If you select the Download Only, which is what I do all of the time, even with a broadband connection, once it is finished downloading, you go back to the Check for Update button in iTunes and it will detect the file there and then begin uncompressing the file and installing it. After the upgrade you will not need to restore the firmware, just restore your backup.

  • Publishing air apps with native extension with Flash CS6 on Windows

    Hi all,
    is there any trick to publish air apps with Flash CS6 on Windows?
    I tried all native extensions from devnet, but nothing work to me.
    I read on Mac is possibility to specify the iOS SDK folder in publish
    settings, but on Windows it´s missing. 
    Is there anybody who has some experiences with publishing apps
    with native extensions for iOS and Android with windows Flash CS6?
    Thanks for all advices.

    I sympathize. I recently found a native alert for iOS and Android that's working with Flash CS6 on Windows with AIR but not AIR You can get the ANE here:
    Haven't tried the other ones. Let us know if you decide to try them.
    The sample code they have on the page doesn't work with the native alert. Here's the code I created - it's a document class for a .fla that has one dynamic TextField and one Button component on the stage :

  • How to compile your flex application for Iphone Using Adobe Flash CS5?

    How to compile your flex application for Iphone Using Adobe Flash CS5?

    I'm so sorry, I'm not really familiar with the codes.

  • Packaging adobe air with android app in flash cs5

    I have developed a very simple app in flash cs5 and am ready to upload it to android market. However, users need adobe air to run it. Does anyone know if there is some way to package the app with air? I want to make it as easy as possible for people to run the app. Users will be prompted to download air and I can put this information on the apps page on android market but if there is some way to iclude this in the apk I'd love to know. Can't seem to find information on it on the web.

    Hum, thought so. Usually if there seems to be no answer to something on the web it's not possible!! Thanks.

  • Hi guys..I am new to this apple ipad apps development .I want to know how to change ipad apps to iphone apps with out changing design and code?can any one tell me?

    Hi guys..I am new to this apple.I have developed  ipad2 apps  . I want to know how to change ipad apps to iphone apps with out changing design and code?can any one tell me?

    You are in the wrong forum. This is a user forum. Try the developers forum.

  • Splash Screen for Android with Flash CS5.5

    How can I make a SplashScreen with Flash CS5.5 or just with AIR/AS3 codes. I need it while the App/Game is loading...
    I know that it's possible with Flex 4.5 as:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <s:ViewNavigatorApplication xmlns:fx=""
                              splashScreenImage="@Embed('splashscreen.png')" />
    But I want to do it without Flex. So can I ?
    Thank you

    i'm not sure if this is necessary anymore, but i took the advise of another user here
    the key difference is, the user stated a preloading swf needed to embed the image in order to display before the whole apk is loaded.
    Seems to be working for me anyway

  • Launch image for iPhone 5 with Flash CS6

    How do I add the required iPhone 5, 4 inch screen launch images to my build using Flash CS6. I have targeted Air 3.8 beta and there is no support for bundling the necessary images. Do I need to edit the plist or app descriptor xml file or something? Do Adobe plan to accommodate these new Apple requirments in a future version of CS6 or AIR SDK?
    Up until now I have had no problems submitting binaries to the Appstore, but as of May 1st Apple reject any binaries that are not optimized for the 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5.

    Thanks for your effort!!!Did exactly the same, but no result.I changed the version number in Flash in the airsettings to 2.1, and also tried (1.1, 2.1. 1.0.1)After that, put another version ready to upload. Select this version in the apploader.And than it tells me: This bundle is invalid. The value for key cfkbunleversion in the info.plist file must contain a higher version than that of the previously uploaded version.
    I do not want to update my app, but only the screens you see when buying the app in de store.And also the name of the developer. I changed my apple id from [email protected] into [email protected] thought if I run an update, the apple-id of the app will change.
    (I am not sure).
    Hope to hear from you.
    Newspaper want a interview because it's a creative app from the city, now I hope it will work in time...App name is: jabenjibbe
    Kind regards,Christa.
    Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 20:56:45 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Launch image for iPhone 5 with Flash CS6
        Re: Launch image for iPhone 5 with Flash CS6
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    Hey Christa,
    I'm not entirely sure what process you've gone through, but as far as uploading an update goes, it's much like uploading your original app.  You need to go to iTunes Connect first and log in, go to "Manage Your Apps" and then click on the app you want to upload an update for.  There'll be an option on the next page that says "Add a version".  You then enter the information that you need to for the updated app and click on "Save".  You'll then have the button you need to click on that says something like "Ready to Upload Binary" or something similar.
    Once you click on that, you need to open up Application Loader and then upload your updated app through that.  If you've entered the correct information in the steps above, you should be able to choose the new version number for your app from a list.  You then just submit it like you did originally.
    After that, you simply have to wait.  It's not instantaneous.  Submitting an update is much the same as when you submit an app for the first time.  It has to go through the whole review and approval process all over again.  So when you go back to iTunes Connect, you'll see for the app you've updated, there'll be a green light for the older version that's approved and currently on the App Store and an orange light for the update that's waiting approval.  Once the update has been successful, it will automatically replace the older version (if you chose that option earlier) and then you will only have the one green light, for the most recent version, on iTunes Connect and then people who have downloaded the app previously will get the Update alert in the App Store on their phone/device letting them know that there are updates available. 
    For me, the update process was reasonably quick.  It took anywhere between 3 and 5 days before the update became active on the App Store.  Hope this helps.
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  • Using Air 2.6 with Flash CS5

    hey there all,
    here is what i am doing so far to use Air 2.6 with Flash CS5. i counts seem to find any help online with this, hope this helps someone...
    Setting Up Flash CS5
    1. replace Program FIles\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\Configuration\ActionScript 3.0\AIR2.0\airglobal.swc with the airglobal.swc in the AdobeAIRSDK\frameworks\libs\air folder of the AIR 2.6 SDK zip file (
    This lets you compile with the new SDK and use all the new API for camera roll, microphone, etc.
    2. replace Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\AIK2.0 with the AdobeAIRSDK folder in the zip file ( you downloaded from Adobe.
    now you can do a test movie in Flash CS5 and it will use the new ADL for testing in Flash (finally works with landscape!).
    for publishing, unfortunately you cant use the built-in publish for iOS. i wrote this batch file and use it (also you can write an ant task if you use FDT/Flash Builder). This is for windows 64bit...
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java" -jar C:\AdobeAIRSDK\lib\adt.jar -package -target ipa-ad-hoc -storetype pkcs12 -keystore [KEYFILE].p12 -storepass [KEY PASSWORD] -provisioning-profile [MOBILE PROVISION FILE].mobileprovision [IPA NAME].ipa [XML FILE NAME].xml [SWF FILE NAME].swf Icon_29.png Icon_48.png Icon_57.png Icon_72.png Icon_512.png Default-Landscape.png Default-Portrait.png Default-PortraitUpsideDown.png Default-PortraitLandscapeLeft.png Default-PortraitLandscapeRight.png
    i have a 64bit system so i had to specify the 32 bit JRE and use the ADT jar for packaging. now i just double-click the batch file and it compiles for iOS.
    Adjusting the app.xml File
    the yourapp-app.xml file needs some tweaks from the CS5 packager to work in 2.6:
    1. namespace has to change from
    <application xmlns="">
    <application xmlns="">
    2. the version node needs to be renamed versionNumber
    notice you need to include the leading zero if you arent using a whole number version
    ok, thats what i have so far, hope this helps...

    hey there all, for those on Windows,
    here is a compile script i put together for iOS using AIR 2.6. Copy and past this into a file named "compile ios.wsf". All you have to do is double-click and it will compile and paclage your app.
    the script assumes you have a versionNumber like: 0.4.123 it takes and incrememnts the build number (the last 3 numbers only) by one. i will imrpove this later.
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <script language="JScript">
         This file assumes you are using a 3-segment version system.
         It is not very inteligent, it just increments the last set of numbers in the
         versionNumber in the XML file by 1. !!be aware that it is not yet smart enough
         to update the second number!!
         // these properties change depending on your project
         var XML_FILE = "YourApp-app.xml";
         var SWF_FILE = "YourApp.swf";
         var IPA_FILE = "YourApp.ipa";
         var TARGET = "ipa-ad-hoc";
         var KEY_FILE = "dist.p12";
         var KEY_PASSWORD = "PASSWORD";
         var PROVISIONING_PROFILE = "YourApp.mobileprovision";
         var ICONS = "Icon_29.png Icon_48.png Icon_57.png Icon_72.png Icon_512.png";
         var SPLASH_SCREENS = "Default-Landscape.png Default-Portrait.png Default-PortraitUpsideDown.png Default-PortraitLandscapeLeft.png Default-PortraitLandscapeRight.png";
         // the location of your JRE/JDK and Air SDK files
         var JRE_BIN = "C:\\Progra~2\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java";
         var ADT_JAR = "C:\\AdobeAIRSDK\\lib\\adt.jar";
         // this stuff shouldnt need to change
         var objXML = new ActiveXObject( "Microsoft.XMLDOM" );
         objXML.async = false;
         var root = objXML.documentElement;
         var versionNumberNode = root.selectSingleNode("versionNumber");
         var versionNumberArray = versionNumberNode.text.split(".");
         var buildNumber = parseInt(versionNumberArray[2]) + 1;
         versionNumberNode.text = versionNumberArray[0] + "." + versionNumberArray[1] + "." + buildNumber;;
         var cShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
         var compileCommand = '"' + cShell.CurrentDirectory + '\\compile ios.bat"';
         compileCommand = JRE_BIN + " -jar " + ADT_JAR + " -package -target " + TARGET + " -storetype pkcs12 -keystore " + KEY_FILE + " -storepass " + KEY_PASSWORD + " -provisioning-profile " + PROVISIONING_PROFILE + " " + IPA_FILE + " " + XML_FILE + " " + SWF_FILE + " " + ICONS + " " + SPLASH_SCREENS;
         var runVal =, 1, true);
    i will see if there's time to do a shell script of OSX and an ANT script for Eclipse...

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