How to re-generate a scall style transcriptional replication customer proc for update?

Hi ,
Does anyone know that how to re-generate a scall style transcriptional replication customer update proc ?
For example i want to re-generate a customer update proc:
-- get article id
select artid,name,upd_cmd from dbo.sysarticles
where name='xmltest'
--artid name
--11 xmltest
SCALL [sp_MSupd_dboxmltest]
-- try re-generate customer update proc
exec sp_scriptmappedupdproc 11
-- try re-generate customer update proc
exec sp_scriptdynamicupdproc '11'
-- and all get errors below:
Msg 14156, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_scriptupdproccore, Line 217
The custom stored procedure calling the format for the update command specified in the article definition does not match the MCALL format.
Many thanks.

I am sorry - do not use this stored procedure call.
For the error
The custom stored procedure calling the format for the update command specified in the article definition does not match the MCALL format.
You should use this stored procedure - sp_scriptmappedupdproc
Tom, I am assuming that this question is for a dev environment. I am assuming you are answering a question assuming a that this is an unmanaged environment where schema changes are being made in production
with no regression testing or promotion through a dev environment.
If it truly is an unmanaged production environment (and I suspect it is) it is all bets off whether my suggestion will fix the problem or not, but it might get the user through this particular problem only to stumble on the next problem.
looking for a book on SQL Server 2008 Administration? looking for a book on SQL Server 2008 Full-Text Search?

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             s4~movetype BETWEEN '632' AND '632' ) ) AND  ( (
             S5~PLANT = <l_0plant> ) ) AND  ( (
             DP~SID_0RECORDTP = 0  ) ) ) )
        ORDER BY F~KEY_1000271 DESCENDING.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
    How do I transport the code and make it work?
    Whats the reason that the two key fields are different.
    I had transported the aggregate from development to production. Activated it and filled the data.
    What is the way out? Please help.

    Hi Sonu,
    The main task is to move the contents of the one internal table to another with some condition.
    First sort and delete the duplicate entries from the First Internal table like below : 
    sort it_tab by material ascending date_modified descending.
    delete adjacent duplicates from it_tab.
    Then move that Internal table contents to another internal table.
    Define another internal table with the same structure as you have first internal table and then
    Second Step :
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    This will fix the issue.
    Please let me know if you need any further explonation.
    Edited by: Kittu on Apr 24, 2009 12:21 PM

  • Either need ability to edit PS layer style in FC or allow for update check to the .psd file

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    I think if you poll users you will find Designers and Artists are most familiar and comfortable with Photoshop than Illustrator. That is one of the reasons I never upgraded or pushed to get the latest illustrator. Illustrator seems to not be as easy to use as Photoshop or AfterEffects. I am hoping that CS4 is identical to Photoshop for me to even consider to upgrading. I only use illustrator for the vector brush storkes it can do to paths, or to open a vector file and instantly copy and paste it as smart object into Photoshop.
    I also do not understand why every element in Photoshop can't behave like in AfterEffects. In AfterEffects every value is re-editable and stackable. Thus no need to come up with new workflow of converting to smart object as everything is smart.
    To me it seems like software development groups are siloed from each other at Adobe. I hope I am proved wrong and roundtriping become real for Photoshop as well as Illustrator. 

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    SCXI- 1180 Feedthrough Panel w/ 1302 Block
    Signal Express 2012.
    Win7 Enterprise

    I am trying to do something similar to what you mention. I trying to use a labview program with a NI PXI-8106 and NI-PXI 6251 card to send a signal to a 407 controller through the external program BNC connector.
    When trying the software I don't get any signal send or response in the actuator.
    How did you solve this problem?
    Do I need special hardware?
    Please any help is appreciated
    Mi software is attached.
    David P.
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  • How to extend Generated Idoc types?

    I want to create Idoc type ZMRESCR01 as an Extension of Basic Idoc type MRESCR01.
    I have created the Segments that I want to add to the Basic type using transaction WE31.
    When I try to extend the Basic Idoc type with transaction WE30, the error message "Action is not possible for generated idoctypes" appears.
    In Note 913901, I have read that I can extend this Basic type using transactions BDFG and BDBG, but I can't find any documentation about how to do it.
    Can you point me to any documentation or show me how to extend Generated Idoc types?
    Reward points are waiting for responses.

    I will answer my own question.
    After sending an OSS note to SAP, this is what they answered (my words):
    The error is not that in most recent releases extension of generated Idoctypes is not allowed. The error is that in previous versions it was possible to extend such Idoctypes!
    In fact, Note 913901, corrected this error. So, what you have to do if you want to extend this Idoctype is:
    1. Copy the BAPI of the method I want to extend (For me, it is BAPI_RESERVATION_CREATE) and modify it, adding the new fields.
    2. Use transaction BDBG to create a new ALE interface. Then a new Idoctype, new Inbound and Outbound Function Modules and new Message will be created for my new BAPI.
    This is the Note I created: 0001040039.
    As for the documentation on transaction BDBG, they provided me a link to the Sap help:[|].
    I hope this helps someone,
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    As the name implies, paragraph styles are not intended to be used on a unit smaller than a paragraph. Therefore if you want the TOC to be automatically generated then you need to have distinct  paragraphs... as you specify the APA style with the content and heading continuous then you will have to manually create the TOC.

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    I have UI which provide the facility to create own format by using drag and drop utility. I have also xml file which contains the data. Now task is how to automatically generate the .xsl file of the dynamically designed format for the data stored in xml form.
    If you have any idea about the solution of the above problem.
    I will thankful for any help regarding this…
    B. Kumar

    XSL stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language, and is a style sheet language for XML documents. .xsl is the extension of the XSL file.Thank you, I am aware of all that.
    When we design any format by using drag & drop utility, System has to generate the .xsl file (extensible stylesheet for the xml document).Why? To accomplish what?
    And then .xsl file is used to display the data which is stored in xml document on the webpage with designed format.So you need to define the mapping between XML and HTML? and you're hoping to do that automatically?
    That's a job for a user interface designer. Not a tool.
    In brief we need to write a parson
    which will take any designed format and generate the .xsl file for that design, to display the data which is stored in XML document.Doesn't make sense. It would make more sense if you started from a schema. Starting from an actual XML document, i.e. an instance of the schema, no, not even slightly.

  • How do I generate redemption code for creative cloud?

    how do I generate redemption code for creative cloud?

    On October 27th 2014, you have purchased two CC (one complete &one photography) under the same Adobe ID. That is the reason you are being asked for a code because under one Adobe ID only one CC can be activated(twice).
    Please contact Adobe Support or you can inbox me privately the CC order number  that you would like to cancel.
    You can also check if the host file has Adobe entry or not as if Adobe entries are there then also CC can ask for serial number. You can check the host by the followinh method.
    Creative cloud do not need a serial number. it will be using your Adobe ID on which you have purchased the creative cloud membership.
    So you need to login with your Adobe ID and password to activate the cloud membership.
    Log out & log back in of the CC Desktop App.
    In case it is not signing in successfully please try the following:
    I don't know which operating system you are working on so i am giving you some steps windows and MAC OS:
       In windows 7 navigate to following location:
       1. look out for "Hosts" file
       2. Open it with notepad
       3. Check if you have any entry for Adobe
       4. Remove the entries and try again launching any product from CC
       1. Please click on "Go" and navigate to /private/etc
       2. Open "hosts" file and check out for any entries for
       3. Remove the entries and save the file
       4.  try again launching any product from CC
      Please refer to Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number
    Hope it helps you.
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    The template is a document in itself, it is not applied to an existing document whether it is a Pages document or a Word document converted to a Pages document.
    You would need to either copy and paste content, using existing styles, or apply the styles to the converted Word document.
    You can Import the Styles from an existing document and those imported Styles can be used to override the current document's styles:
    Menu > Format > Import Styles
    The process is simplified if the styles use the same names, otherwise you will need to delete the style you don't want and replace it with the one that you do want when asked, then the substitution is pretty straightforward.

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    My requirement is to generate two different reports from NI teststand. One for the Logging of error descriptions and the other report is by default generated by the Teststand. How can i generate a txt file that contains error descriptions other than that mentioned in the default report?
    Go to Solution.

    Do you need to do that just for these two sequences but not for other sequences? I don't see a problem to use SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError. Create this callback in both sequence files and configure them to log into the same file. SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError callback is called after each step of the sequence file if it has runtime error. You can access the calling step error information via RunState.Caller.Step.Result.Error property. Take a look to attached example.
    The "other way" is useful if you need to log errors not for every step of the sequence file, but for some of them. This is more complex, because you need to create a custom step types for these steps. For the custom step you can create substeps (post-step in your case) which will be executed every time after step of this type executed. Then, this is you job to determine if error happened in the step, acces to step's error information is via Step.Result.Error property. 
    Also, be aware that step's post-expression is not executed in case of error in the step.
    Sergey Kolbunov
    CLA, CTD
    SequenceFilePostStepRuntimeError_Demo.seq ‏7 KB

  • How can I apply a new style with a snippet and make DW remove artifacts of the old style?

    I am using Dreamweaver CS5 on Windows XP SP3. My problem seems simple but the resolution remains elusive.
    Let's say I am editing pasted-in text from MS Word that DW has auto-formatted. I highlight some text and use a snippet to enclose the text in h2.
    Instead of deleting the former style and replacing it with h2, DW applies the h2, but copies the old style, enclosing nothing, and bumps it to the next line. If the old style included a paragraph tag, that throws in extra white space. For nothing at all.
    Now, this seems like a minor thing, but it's not so minor when you are trying to quickly prepare a large document with various header styles. Having to make dozens of edits that I think should be completely unnecessary becomes a real burden.
    Is there a way to enclose a bit of text in a new style with a snippet without having the old style stick around?
    Thanks for any and all replies!
    Michael Salmons

    Maybe auto-format is not the correct terminology, but DW does interpret MS Word formatting in some way,and in a way I cannot control (well, I can to a limited degree). The term that popped into my head describing this process was automatic formatting.
    I don't really want to paste in as text, then I have to touch everything. I mean, I do frequently end up touching everything in a document anyway, but if any decisions can be "automated," I like to at least give it a try.
    DW makes mostly good guesses* about Word formatting (*or whatever mechanism translates word formatting to html in DW). Even if it is just a little wrong, it saves me a lot of time. <p><strong> can be converted to <h2> faster than text that only has a CRLF to distinguish it from surrounding text.
    I'm not mixing any styles. I control the style absolutely. I would just like to know how to use snippets in a way that truly replaces the Word-suggested tags rather than preserving them for no good reason. Perhaps there is no way to do that, or I so fundamentally misunderstand snippets I am fooling myself.

  • How do I generate a Word document and a PDF from Help files?

    I am new to RoboHelp HTML, and am using version 8.  I updated some Help files, and now I want to generate output.  Here are my questions/ or the process I used:
    To compile the help, I clicked Generate Primary Layout.  Is this correct?  I noticed that the date stamp on the xpj file has not changed.  The date is still from many months ago.  (Why is that?  Should it show a recent update date?)  However, the files that I updated do reflect the dates when I made the updates.  These include art files, an hhp, and htm, js, ldb, pss, cpd files.
    To generate a pdf, I clicked Generate PDF.  I was not able to generate the PDF at first, but then, I enabled macros in Word 2007 (Trust Center Settings > Enable all macros...and clicked the checkbox, Trust access to the VBA project object model), and clicked Generate PDF.  At the end of the generation, I got this error in Word: Microsoft Office Word has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  The info you were working on might be lost.  Word can try to recover it for you.  I closed the dialog and Word generated several blank documents.  Microsoft Office Diagnostics was run and found one problem and corrected it.  Despite the error message, a pdf was generated.  (If you could give me any insight on why I got the error messages, that could be helpful to know).
    How do I generate a Word document?
    Thank you!

    Welcome to our community
    Note that RoboHelp is capable of creating a variety of layouts. WebHelp, FlashHelp, AIR Help, Microsoft HTML Help, JavaHelp, Oracle Help, ePub and more.
    Any of these layouts may be nominated as the Primary layout. So when you generate the Primary layout, you get whatever has been configured as the Primary layout.
    Only certain actions will result in a change to the .XPJ file. The actions are indicative of major changes to the project. So I wouldn't fret the fact that the date time stamp wasn't updated.
    Indeed the Printed Documentation Single Source Layout recipe is what you use to create PDF. Generally what happens is that RoboHelp creates a Microsoft Word document as an intermediate file type, then creates the PDF from that. As you might imagine, there are a host of things that can go wrong during the process. I might suggest that you first get a Word document to generate cleanly. Then once you do that, focus on PDF. I know that I typically gen a Word document and stop there. I just open Word and use Word to create the PDF.
    If you look at the properties for the Printed Documentation Single Source Layout recipe (View > Pods > Single Source Layouts then right-click the Printed Documentation layout and choose Properties) you will see that PDF, Word or both are options at the top of the dialog.
    Hopefully that gives you a nudge in the right direction.
    My fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge has excellent info on Printed Documentation on his site at Click the link below for that.
    Click here to visit Peter's site
    Cheers... Rick
    Helpful and Handy Links
    RoboHelp Wish Form/Bug Reporting Form
    Begin learning RoboHelp HTML 7 or 8 moments from now - $24.95!
    Adobe Certified RoboHelp HTML Training
    SorcererStone Blog
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