How to read a passward protected excel file with the help of database connectivity tool kit

hi, i was reading an excel file with the help of database connectivity tool kit in labview 8.0
i made tabels in the excel file nand made odbc connection and specified the workbbok name.
now my problem is how to read the same file if i specife a pasword to that excel file ?

Check out this thread about opening a password-protected Excel file using ActiveX. This should take care of it for you!
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  • How to auto insert a number array with size of 20 into a named excel file with the positon is from A1 TO A20?i use lv6.1

    can you give me a example vi for it ?thanks a lot!
    how to auto insert a number array with size of 20 into a named excel file  with the positon is from A1 TO A20?i use lv6.1

    You don't need us to give you an example, as the example already comes with LV. Go to Help>>Find Examples and search for "excel". You will find an example called "write table to XL". You should note that the example doesn't do that exactly, because it writes a 2D array from 2 to N.
    You can modify the example by using only one for loop (instead of nested loops) with a 1D array or by going into the Set Cell Value and modifying it to accept a second cell value for the Cell2 terminal and wiring in a 1D array instead of the single string. If you do modify it, be sure to save it under a different name, so you don't overwrite the original.
    To learn more about LabVIEW, I suggest you try searching this site and google for LabVIEW tutorials. Here and here are a couple you can start with. You can also contact your local NI office and join one of their courses.
    In addition, I suggest you read the LabVIEW style guide and the LabVIEW user manual (Help>>Search the LabVIEW Bookshelf).
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  • I can no longer access a password protected Numbers file with the correct password. Error message only says the file "cannot be opened."

    I'm using Numbers version 3.2.2.
    Suddenly I cannot access my password protected Numbers file with the correct password. I have the correct password written down so I know I haven't made a mistake.
    The response box that pops up says that the file cannot be opened. There are no other options for me to choose from.

    Also, I tried to open it through an older version of Numbers but it sent this error message.

  • Automating the process of comparing two PDF file with the help of QTP(Automation Testing Tool)

    Can anybody help me with comparing the two pdf files with the help of QTP.I have Adobe Acrobat installed on my system and i have access to the API.
    Varun Saini

    I want to find out more about QTP and API. Maybe that is what I want to compare two mechanical drawings for differences between them. (see “More than one pdf file in one window”. Is that what you are looking to do? 9Not necessarily mechanical drawings but some other pdf).

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    I need to read data from an Excel file that may contain more then one table in a sheet. How can I read them?
    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can give me any information.

    Did you try POI from Apache?

  • Getting all types of files with the help of get_file_name function

    hi all,
    i am using Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production).
    i have used get_file_name function to the file name of all type of files
    but i am able to get only the folders when i tried like below
    :FILE_NAME := GET_FILE_NAME(NULL,NULL,NULL,'Choose a Directory',OPEN_FILE,FALSE);my requirement to get all types of files on the window(user will selects whichever way he wants)
    Can i acheive it through get_file_name or i have to go for any alternative to get the file list, so that user can select by browsing the folders.
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    in my code the select file was set to false(so showing only the directories) now i have set it to 'true'. its showing the files now.
    with the help of my above shown code i can get the full path of the file.
    is there any way to get only the file name?(other than the last occurance of '/' logic or that is only the way?)
    Please help.

  • How do I find out how many fans are there in a router with the help of CLI? Specifically cisco3845 with ios c3845-spservicesk9-mz.124-3b.bin

           I have an issue where show env o/p is as below, I suspect the FAN 1 which shows failed is not present in router, how do i find out with the help of CLI , how many fans are present in router.
    #show environment all
    SYS PS1 is present.
           Fan status: Normal
           Input Voltage status: Normal
           DC Output Voltage status: Normal
           Type: AC
           Thermal status: Normal
    SYS PS2 is present.
           Fan status: Normal
           Input Voltage status: Normal
           DC Output Voltage status: Normal
           Type: AC
           Thermal status: Normal
    AUX(-48V) PS1 is absent.
    AUX(-48V) PS2 is absent.
    Fan 1 Failed
    Fan 2 Normal
    Fan 3 Normal
    Fan Speed is Normal
    Alert settings:
    Intake temperature warning: Enabled, Threshold: 55 Core temperature warning: Enabled, Threshold: 70 (CPU: 90)
    Board Temperature: Normal
    Internal-ambient temperature = 28, Normal CPU temperature = 41, Normal Intake temperature = 22, Normal Backplane temperature = 19, Normal
    Voltage 1(3300) is Normal, Current voltage = 3284 mV Voltage 2(5150) is Normal, Current voltage = 5153 mV Voltage 3(2500) is Normal, Current voltage = 2525 mV Voltage 4(1200) is Normal, Current voltage = 1203 mV
    Nominal frequency

    This means that FAN1 has failed.
    Fan 1 Failed
    Feb 14 07:31:01.996 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:31:21.996 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:31:41.995 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:32:01.994 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported. Feb 14 07:31:01.996 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:31:21.996 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:31:41.995 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.
    Feb 14 07:32:01.994 GMT: %FAN-3-FAN_FAILED: Fan 1 had a rotation error reported.

  • Regarding : How to add a user to portal group with the help of webdynpro .

    Hii ,
    I am working on an application in which with the help of an action( Button)  we r adding a user in Ztable in R/3 , as well as  group in portal.
    The user r successfully creating in Ztable but from portal side No user is assigned to Portal group.
    I need coding solution for " How to add a user to portal group with help of webdynpro"
    Any usefull link will also do.
    Pls anyone have any solution ??
    Thnks in advance.
    Rewards r waiting for u .

    Use UME api to add user to portal group.
    Using UME API:

  • How to read data from many excel files

    I'm aquiring data continusly from several sensors, and every days file name are changed. Data are saved on xls files.
    Now, I'd like to read every data from this files and put them in a waveform. How can I concatenate all files and read the values?

    You probably do not want to use a traditional waveform. LabVIEW has a Waveform Chart which inputs one point at a time. Waveform Graph inputs an array.
    I suspect that the data is stored in an array. You need to read the arrays in and build them into larger arrays. If your right click on the build array vi, you can select concantenate which will append one array to the end of the other. When you have built your giant array, just feed it to a waveform graph.
    If you need to see some example code, go to the advanced search page. It is at >> support >> advanced search (it is at the botton--click on the words). Enter excel read in the all the words field and search just the example programs. There were for hits.
    Jeremy Braden
    National Ins

  • How to list all currently open Excel files with ActiveX?

    Hello all!
    I would like to program with ActiveX a way to retrieve a list (array of strings) of the filenames of the currently opened Excel files in windows. However, I am fairly new to the ActiveX/Excel business in LV and after hours looking at the "millions" of objects in the property nodes I give up and hope some kind soul here can help me. I couldn't find any information in this forum regarding the same issue, although some were close
    I am using LV 7.1 without the Report Generation Toolkit.

    Hi KC,
    thanks for your reply. I have in fact been able to find the desired things in the ActiveX properties/methods for Excel in LabView. It took me some looong work going through the functions which I suspected to be the ones. Anyway, I post a little jpeg here of the code if someone ever needs the same functionality. What it does is that it checks how many Excel workbooks are open and controls if each of them matches the searched Excel filename, if one does, it is closed.
    List open excel sheets and close open ones.jpg ‏104 KB

  • How to read JBoss server '' file in the deployed Flex application?

    Hi, my current Flex project is using LCDS server to make call (Remote object call and Data managements services' call) to the backend Java services and consume data to render. I have defined the AMF and RTMP channels in the services-config.xml file and destinations for the Java services' in the remoting-config.xml and data-management-config.xml files.
         <channel-definition id="my-amf" class="mx.messaging.channels.AMFChannel">
                <endpoint url="http://localhost:8080/eqcFlex/messagebroker/amf" class="flex.messaging.endpoints.AMFEndpoint"/>
    As of now both the Flex application WAR file and Java services EAR files are depolyed on the JBoss server on my machine, therefore I can hardcode the endpoint URL as http://localhost:8080 in the services-config file and hit the Java services.
    But the requirement is that the Flex application WAR file needs to be deployed on JBoss servers deployed on different machines and hence the endpoint URL cann't be hardcoded in the services-config.xml file. Is there a way we can pick up the endpoint URL from the JBoss server's file so that we can dynamically create channels in Actionscript code and make call to the backend services with dynamic endpoint URL?

    But in Command prompt I found out that My properties file by name
    '' is not recognised by web.xml.My web.xml structure is
    How does web.xml "recognize" anything?
    You specify the properties file as an init parameter. Do you read it in the init method of the servlet? If so, what does the code look like for reading the properties file?
    You'll have better luck if you put that properties file in WEB-INF/classes and load it as a resource input stream from the CLASSPATH.

  • How to read and paste an image file in the Adobe Indesign document by using plugins?

    Hai i'm senthil...
    i had just now started working with Adobe Indesign plugins...
    Can any one tell me how to read an image file from the hard disk and paste that image file in a text box in the document...
    plzz send me the codings and in which file we want to attach these codings...
    thank you..

    hai art,
    thanks for ur reply...
    i tried and developed the program for pasting the image from
    the database...
    But now i want to paste 3 images in a page...
    for this i had used while loop;
    But i'm having 6 images in the database...
    when the 4th image is in reading, automatically a new page will
    be created and the 4th image will be pasted in the newly created page.. i tried and develped for creating a new page...
    But how shall i paste the 4th image in the newly created page...
    is there methods or classes?
    plzz reply...

  • How to open a password protected PDF file on the iPhone

    I've got a PDF file that is password protected and I transferred it to my iPhone using Air Sharing. When I go to open it, it asks for the password which I enter, but then it closes the program and doesn't open the PDF. Any ideas? Thanks

    Someone on another forum said you can with the app Goodreader Lite, but I haven't gotten to try it yet. I will let you know in about 45 minutes.
    P.S: Or this sounds even better -
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  • How do I create/update an Excel file using the API?

    I've successfully created a "Web Intelligence" document using the API (POST /raylight/v1/documents).  However, I need to do the same for an Excel file type and have been unable to do so.  Attached are the different steps needed to accomplish this with the UI.  I need to be able to do the same thing through the API.
    I searched through the docs but haven't found anything regarding this particular aspect.
    Does anyone have a clue? 

    Thanks for the link.  I'm using .Net and thought the process would be fairly similar.  It is indeed, however, I'm stuck with the following error when committing on the infoStore object:
    File Repository Server error :
    ErrorCode: -2147210678
    Here's the code I'm using:
    var folderID = infoStore.Query("Select TOP 1 SI_ID From CI_INFOOBJECTS Where SI_KIND='Folder' And SI_NAME='myfolder'")[1].ID;
    var infoObjects = infoStore.NewInfoObjectCollection();
    var infoObject = infoObjects.Add(CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.InfoStore.CeKind.EXCEL);
    infoObject.Title = "Book4.xlsx";
    infoObject.ParentID = folderID;
    I know the problem is related to "infoObject.Files.Add" because when I omit this statement, it works but the file has no content.
    Any idea why???  It's driving me crazy

  • How do I encript (password) a pdf file with the latest update

    I really want to know how these geeks do these, a PDF file you can't copy or edit and another one you need a password to open.
    Can I use the latest adobe update to add these features to my existing pdf files.

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean by Adobe update.
    Adobe Reader (free) cannot set security, never could.
    Adobe Acrobat ($$) can do so.

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