How to read SAP Work place Inbox (Tcode  SBWP )

I want to read the user inbox have   like  Documents,workflow items,deadline messages ,incorrect entries , after reading all those from inbox i want to forward to another user , Could any body tell me how to read info from Workplace Inbox and how we can forward to another user  ,  do we have any Bapis or Functions to do this .
I appreciate you all if you could provide me information .

Hi Pradeep,
    you can get the workitems which is sitting in SAP users workflow Inbox through the following function module.
    ACT_OTYPE          = 'US'
    ACT_OBJID          = usr_list_rs-usrid   " This variable should contain user id of *                                                                            the user
    WI_LIST            = wi_list_temp .
   For ur 2nd query, take all users id from user master table & put it in Iternal table.
Next, Put the above FM inside the loop of this iternal table. For ur convenience, Pls see the below code, definitely you will get clear picture.
data: wi_list_cons like HRWFWI_L occurs 0 with header line.
data: wi_list_temp like wi_list_cons occurs 0 with header line.
loop at usr_list_rs.
    ACT_OTYPE          = 'US'
    ACT_OBJID          = usr_list_rs-usrid
    WI_LIST            = wi_list_temp .
if wi_list_temp[] is NOT initial.
loop at wi_list_temp.
   wi_list_cons = wi_list_temp.
   wi_list_cons-OBJID = usr_list_rs-usrid.
   append: wi_list_cons.
   clear: wi_list_cons.
clear: wi_list_temp.
refresh: wi_list_temp[].
endif.  "if wi_list_temp[] is NOT initial.
sort wi_list_cons by wi_id.
    Now iternal table wi_list_cons will contain both workitem Id & user Id. Now you can easily find out that which workitem is sitting in which users SAP workflow inbox.
    Please let me know if you need any further assistance regarding this.
      Please don't forget to reward points.
Thanks & Regards,
S. Manikanda.

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    Thank you.

    For you kind of requirment you have to use tcode SWNCONFIG.
    Through SWNCONFIG you can sent workitems to external email id.(exa. lotus notus/ outlook)
    Gurprit Bhatia

  • How to include sap work item in the email sent by workflow - WS01700044

    In FSCM Dispute Management, we have a requirment to include the sap work item in the email being sent by the workflow - WS01700044.
    The underlying task in it is TS01707928. This Task sends an email to the outlook as well as work item to SAP inbox.
    We want to include Sap Work item in email being sent to the outlook.
    This will help the users to process the workitem directly from the email instead of going to SAP Inbox to process the work items.
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    Thank you.

    Sadly, I believe this will require a bit of development to make it happen. The project I'm on now...we are finding that to get it to do what we want it to do, a development to customize the email message to include all the case fields is required.

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    The simplest approach is to configure the Exchange server to allow IMAP access.  If you can't do that, you'll need to use one of the third party products that use MAPI to access Exchange.

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    There are two ways you can do that:
    A - put the budget.htm file on your server where you can link to it.
    B - on the web page add an HTML snippet with the folloiwng code:
    <iframe height="XXXpx" allowTransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="width:XXXpx;border:none" src="URL TO BUDGET.HTM FILE"></iframe>
    Set the width and height, in pixels, so that the snippet will display the entire table.
    A - open the budget.htm file with a text editor and copy all of the code.
    B - add an HTML snippet to the iWeb page and paste the code into the snippet.
    An example of both methods are near the bottom of this demo page: Tables.
    With method 1, you can edit or change the table without having to use iWeb. Just replace the budget.htm file with the new and improved version on the server. That will automatically be seen in the published site.
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              I need to acess the contents of the attachement object i need to read the container valuesof  ATTACHOBJECTS i.e the folder type , folder year etc  for passing it to the FM SO_OBJECT_READ to read the contents i need to get these values in Workflow container. so that i can pass it to the function module.

    Use any  one the Function module accoring to your requirement,

  • How to read a mail from sap inbox thru abap code?

    how to read a mail from sap INBOX thru abap code? can anyone tell me the technical approach? I NEED TO READ A MAIL and then need to pass the parameters to a bapi.
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            shahid mohammed syed

    Hi SSM,
    Did you manage to have your program working? I also have same requirement. I tried standard FM and BAPI but I always encounter authorization error when I tried accessing other user's mail. Thanks.

  • Foreign Currency Translation at Year End - How SAP Works for P&L items?

    Hi All,
    I wanted to know "How SAP works on Foreign Currency Translation at year end" from Local Currency to Group Currency for P&L Items.
    I know how SAP works for Balance sheet items but am really confused with when the translation was done for P&L Items.
    We are on ECC 6.0 . Local Currency is CAD and we have 2nd Local Currency as "USD - Group Curr".
    We have set up Valuation Method - 4
    We have set up Valuation Area - 40
    For Account Determination for Currency Translation, GL accounts (Loss, Gain and B/S Adj)  were setup for the combination of Chart of Accounts, Val Area and Fin Stmt Ver.
    Sales Account Balance
    CAD (LC)        USD (2nd LC)       
    1000                   920                        
    Using tcode "FAGL_FC_TRANS", we translated our P&L items.
    Local Currency is CAD and Group Currency is USD.
    CAD 1000 and USD 920 are cumulative balances over a period of time.
    Since at the end of year CAD became stronger, exchange rate is 1.11 as an example
    Sales Account Balance
    CAD (LC)        USD (2nd LC)        Translated Value in USD
    1000                   920                        900
    System passed the following entry in USD:
    Debit Balance Sheet Adj A/c 20
    Credit Translation Gain / Loss A/c 20
    Here are the questions:
    1. How does over all translation work? - Should we get any Gain / Loss and have an effect on P&L when all accounts (P&L, B/S) are translated?
    2. How can there be a gain entry when USD value has really fallen from 920 to 900 in the current case.
    Thanks for your time.

    I had this issue too.  The entry was just opposite to what it should be.  I just flipped the accounts in table FAGL_T030TR.
    Example: 410000 is sales account which normally should have a credit balance.  Here are some entries that were posted to sales in 03/2009 and I am running FAGL_FC_TRANS at the end of the month.
    March 1, 2009 Cr. Sales CAD 1000- USD 900-
    March 2, 2009 Cr. Sales CAD  500- USD 480-
    During FC translation transaction, system takes the balance in the account for the period (if you execute it with 'Val. period balance only' checkbox checked) and not the cumulative balance.  SAP recommends translating period balance only (and not cumulative balance) for P&L accounts.  It sees a balance in LC (this again depends on the config. you have in OB22 - whether the indicator is 1 (TC as source currency) or 2 (LC as source currency for translation)) which is 1500, converts that at month end rate.  After conversion, lets say the balance is 1400-.
    In this case, we expect a credit entry on sales account
    March 31, 2009 Cr. Sales CAD 0  USD 20-
    But system was just posting the opposite.  I then flipped the accounts in FC translation configuration.  I know it is misleading.  In that configuration, system says balance sheet adjustment account, but what you should actually give there is your gain/loss account.  Our gain/loss a/c. falls in the same GL account range as the main account.  For example, for 410000, it is 410999 and for 510000, it is 510999.  We report accounts 410000 to 410999 in the same node in the FSV.
    Pl. feel free to ask further questions about this.  Pl. test in your system and correct me if my above reply is wrong.

  • How to read XML file kept on NON-SAP server using the Http URL ?

    Dear Experts,
    I am working on CRM2007 web UI. I need to read a XML file placed on a shared server location by a third party program. Then process that XML file into CRM and create a quotation using the data extracted from the file.
    All i have with me is the http URL that points to the location of the file.
    I am supposed to read the file , create quotation and at later point of time i would be asked to update the quotation and then generated new XML representing updated quotation and replace the XML file on shared server location with this new updated XML file.
    I know how to extract data from XML file into ABAP but i have no clue as to how to access the file on some other server using the http url i have and how to read it ?
    I searched on the forum and i found the codes for reading XML file that is located either on client machine OR on the Application server wheareas my file is on some other than sap application server.
    Please help me as its an urgent issue .
    Points will be rewarded for sure.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance,
    p.s. : the http url to the file location is like -->

    interesting task.
    to request the file by a http call you need to create an if_http_client object.
    More info is [here|]
    to parse the file you either have to work with the ixml packages ([info|]) or you use an XSLT transformation ([info|]).
    uploading the final file isn't so easy. if you only have http, you should write a server script to allow uploading of the new file and copying it into the place of the old file. but you definitely need the script.
    now it's your take. depending on how experienced you are in ABAP and networking this might turn out to be easy or pretty complicated.
    have fun,

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    How do I change my default "SAP Working Directory" to the one I wish ?
    At the moment default SAP Working Directory to set to the following directory.
    "C:\Documents and Settings\T51273\SapWorkDir"
    So, when ever I try to download a Report/Table Contents/Spool Request, SAP prompts me to save in the above SAP Working Directory, which is "C:\Documents and Settings\T51273\SapWorkDir". Ofcourse I can change the folder in the dialogue box, but I don't want to change the folder each and every time I download a report from SAP.
    I wish to change my default "SAP Working Directory" to "My Documents" Folder. So that from next time,
    if ever I try to download a Report/Table Contents/Spool Request, SAP should prompt "My Documents" Folder. That way I don't have to change the folder at the time of saving.
    Full Points are assigned for an answer that works...
    Thank You,

    A short question about transaction SO21:
    Is this a local setting, per GUI?
    Or does this affect all users?
    I have a problem opening an attachment (Mandates).
    SAP wants to save it to C:\Windows\System32\
    I see that is stated at SO21.
    If I change that to another (accessable) location, does that affect the opening of the attachment?

  • How to change process chain in SAP APO, in RSCP tcode.

    HI SAP APO Experts
    I am from SAP ABAP background, I need to change a 'AND' operator in process chain in RSCP tranaaction in SAP APO.
    I dont have any idea how to change process chain.
    Could you please help me how to change process chain in SAP APO in RSCP tcode.
    Appreciate your help or comments.

    Hi Sandeep,
    The t-code RSCP does not exist in SAP APO.  The correct t-code is RSPC. 
    Step 1:- In RSPC t-code, select the process chain which you need to change. 
    Step 2:- Double click on it. 
    Step 3:- It will display the various programmes attached to the process chain.  Go to change mode by clicking on the change indicator (Control + F9)
    Step 4:- Select the programme area where you need to do the correction or change.  Double click on it.
    Step 5:- It will take you to the programme and its selection contents.  Make the relevant changes.  You can directly carry out the change in se38 also if there is variant kind of changes for that particular programme.
    Step 6:- Once the changes are done, save the changes and press F3 button which will take you to the home page of the process chain
    Step 7:- Save again so that the change in the programme alongwith the process chain will get saved.
    R. Senthil Mareeswaran.

  • SAP CRM - How does Communication Station work?

    Hi Experts,
    Can anybody tell how the communication station work in SAP CRM?
    For example if the service agent has performed the service at the field or customer location and uses the mobile client device to confirm the service, how does the data gets synchronised with the CRM server? How the connection to the communication station work?
    Thanks a lot!

    Hello Swathi,
    Commstation sits between your mobile client and CRM server and acts as a channel of regulating  the data exchange.
    On your mobile client, the application data is saved in IDES and when you need to sync that data with the CRM server, you need to run Conntrans.
    Conntrans first connects with Commstation(which is a separate system) and then commstation allows conntrans to sync the data with Server. Commstation is basically a system which hosts a SAP CRM Transfer Service(a COM+ application).
    On your client system, the first thing that conntrans does is initialize this transfer service on commstation and then the further data exhcnage takes place.
    Commstation also doesn't allow CRM to be loaded with synchronization requests from several client machines. Imagine 1000 conntrans users sync the data with the same CRM server at the same time. Now you don't want the CRM server to be unnecessarily loaded with such sync requests. To limit this data exchange wherein only several(lets say 10) clients are allowed to sync the data via conntrans at 1 time, commstation comes in handy. As and when 1 conntrans session finishes and resources are deallocated on commstation, another client system can sync the data.
    In the dcomcnfg->COMApplications->SAP CRM Transfer Service, right click and check the properties. Resource pooling is handled via this COM application on Commstation.
    Hope that explains the function of Commstation to you

  • How to modify SAP AII XML So that i can able to work with AII DC -2.1 & 4.0

    I am new to SAP. I am doing integration work between SAP AII and Sun Java RFID Middleware. Currently Sun RFID 3.0 version supports SAP AII DC 2.1, but I am using SAP AII DC 4.0.
    When the Tag commissioning was performed, I am getting an error like "Unexpected element: ConfigureTagFilter".
    I need to know following things,
    1) Can I remove ConfigureTagFilter tag from AII XML? If possible How to do it?
    2) Is there any Compatibility mode option in SAP RFC or AII settings available, so that I can able to switch between AII DC 2.1 & AII DC 4.0 XML formats.
    Please let me know how to do this in SAP AII.
    Thanks in Advance.

    you can change the XSLT mapping in AII
    I did it for some other tools (intermec reader) that work with AII 2.1
    and now they work for AII 4.0

  • Read SAP Inbox Excel Attachment

    In my SAP inbox there is a mail with Excel attachment. Can you please let me know how to read this excel attachment. I am able to read contents but not the Excel Attachment.
    Usman Malik

    I think using FM SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1 you can read attachment content.
    Kindly check the following link:
    Thanks & Regards,

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