How to reatain advance  in MIRO

Dear Gurus,
There is a standard rule that i will be retaining 10% on the invoiced value,when I am doing MIRO how I can post to the Vendor spl. GL.
In FB60 through Complex posting I can do. But the same is not happening in MIRO.I am in ECC 6.00

Check if enhancements :
Have exits availalbe for you to handle your validation.

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    Thank you for reply.
    I can't get it working.
    I have two reports:
    1. report:
    Name: test
    SQL: select 1 NUM, 'text' TEXT from dual;
    On advanced tab:
    ReportID: -null-
    Name: test2
    Report: Test2
    2. report
    Name: test2
    SQL: select :NUM from dual;
    Now, when I run the first report and click do right click on a row and select TEST2
    from popup menu, it navigates to the second report test2, but WITHOUT actual value
    from NUM column from first report.
    I'm using latest version of SQL Developer ( and I like reports.
    With this feature it would be even better.

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    Good Luck

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    If you need more shapes than a particular Microsoft Office Visio template provides, you have a couple of options. You can either search Visio and the Web for shapes that Microsoft has developed, or you can search the Web for shapes that were developed by
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    Best regards,
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    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • How to take reports from miro t-code please explain in a step by step manner?

    How to take reports from miro t-code please explain in a step by step manner?

    I just did as you said (I think), but it's still having the same behaviour as before (same data for all EVS in the table).
    Here´s what I did:
    In node "Detail" (cardinality 0...n, singleton set to true), which is binded to the table, I created a child node named "Column1Values" wth cardinality 1...1 and singleton set to false.
    "Column1Values" node has an attribute called "column1", of type String.
    I did the binding between attribute "column1" and the column1 inputfield celleditor in the table.
    I created an event called Column2Changed and binded it to the column2 celleditor of the table. I added a parameter called nodeElement of type IPrivateCompView.IDetailElement to this event, and mapped it to the column2 editor in the table so that I can dynamically get the nodeElement that is being affected.
    I added the following code to the onActionColumn2Changed(wdEvent, nodeElement) method that gets created in the view:
    IWDAttributeInfo attrInfo = nodeElement.nodeColumn1Values().getNodeInfo().getAttribute("column1");
    ISimpleTypeModifiable siType = attrInfo.getModifiableSimpleType();
    IModifiableSimpleValueSet<String> value = siType.getSVServices().getModifiableSimpleValueSet();
         for(int i =0; i < wdContext.nodeRFCresults().size(); i++){
    And with this, I still get the original problem... When the EVS of one row is updated, ALL other EVS of the table get also updated with the same values.
    What am I missing? Sorry Govardan, I bet I'm not seeing something really obvious... hopefully you can point me in the right direction.

  • How to configure advance payment process in sd and fi

    sap gurus,
    how to configure advance payment process in sd an fi
    how it will trigger  from sd and fi.
    and the accounting entries is also needed
    plz help me on this

    As far as my knowledge goes, this has lot to do with FI configuration for Down payments.
    Assign points if useful

  • HT4400 how do you advance to the next page with focus 40 blue

    how do you advance to the next page with focus 40 blue

    To place your own images for previous and next button you need to use the fill feature. Please check the steps below:
    1. Go SlideShow options and Uncheck Edit Together.
    2. Select the next button and click on Fill to open Fill panel.
    3. Click On Add Image and select the image you want to use. Also select the fitting type as "Scale to Fill" or "scale to Fit "and Position as "Center".
    4. Do the same for previous button.

  • How system populates price in MIRO?

    hi experts,
                   how system populates price in MIRO?  assume in my po(scheduling agreement(Me32lL)) for a  material, old price 5 INR, current price in 6 INR, so i changed the price in PO also , in MIRO system will take current price or old price?

    IN Miro Price will flow from PO history that is value after doing MIGO,
    but for the PO price basis from Info record or last PO document.

  • How to do advance payment against PO for this is there any T.code

    Lt's say for ex: Once Po is created how to pay the advance payment against PO to the vendor, for that is there any transaction code.
    Once advance payment is made against PO, again system should not allow for ammendement
    So like this to control the system what are the configuration settings need to be done please explain
    Early action in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Apply the user exit : EXIT_SAPMM06E_016
    Following Logic can be use:
    1. Validate the company code (BUKRS ) & Purchasing document type (BSTYP = F) from EKKO table for the Purchase order number (EBELN).
    2. Check the entries for the Purchase order and the item number in the Purchase order history table ( EKBE) and also Validate if there is any down payment document exists (VGABE = 4)
    3. If we find down payment doc in EKBE table then display the warning or error message as POP - UP by using functional module POPUP_TO_CONFIRM.
    Step 1: Validate Company code and Purchasing Document type from EKKO table
    Step 2: Check the Purchasing document history from EKBE table
    Step 3: Check whether any down payment exists.
    Step 4: Display popup message to user:
    Use the function module u201CPOPUP_TO_CONFIRMu201D to display the below message u201CPo cannot be changed, Down payment already exists for this PO item u201D.
    Edited by: redriver on Nov 27, 2011 10:06 AM

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    In PowerPoint you can either present an entire slide at one time or make each bulleted line in the slide appear line by line as you click the mouse button.
    I cannot figure out how to do this in Captivate. I am only able to advance an entire slide at one time.

    The easiest way would be to import the slides from PowerPoint using the high-fidelity import setting (assuming you're using Captivate 7 with a PC and a newer version of PowerPoint).
    The "all-Captivate" way is to make several full-slide transparent "buttons" that display one after the other, play for a set period of time, then pause until the next click. You'd then adjust the text box duration in the timeline, and add effects (if desired). (You could also use "continue" buttons, but full-slide buttons would better duplicate the PowerPoint behavior.)

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    I haven't tried this, but check
    How to remove basic/advanced button in inputListOfValues search dialog
    This does not have complete solution, but might give you some lead.

  • How to adjust Advance or Payment on Account against an Invoice for Customer

    I have to adjust, the Payment taken from the Customer as Advance or Payment on Account, against a particular invoice.
    How can i do the same in the system for the particular customer?
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance.
    Rachit Rastogi

    Hi Rachit,
               You can do it by Internal Reconciliation BP. Just follow the path. Go to Business Partner> Internal Reconciliations> Reconciliation--> Select the customer against which you need to adjust payment and click on reconcilation and here it will display all the Payment and invoices. Just select tick the paymnet against an On Account Payment which you want to adjust and reconcile it.......
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to configurel advance payment to vendor in  cash journal

    This is thiyagarajan,
    My client wants  to pay the advance to vendors through cash journal
    How to configure this one . its urgent please help me out..
    if u have any document pls send to my mail id   [email protected]

    Set up a new transaction for "Advance Payment to Vendor" in Cash Journal IMG.  The menu path in IMG is Financial Acct --> Bank Accounting --> Business transction --> Cash Journal --> Create, Change, Delete Business Transactions.  Transaction Code for this configuraiton activity is FBCJC2.
    Enter Company Code,  Business Transaction Type as "K" and Cash Journal Business Transaction as "Advance Payment to Vendor".  This will work if you are paying to Vendor from Petty Cash. 
    Check Receipt from Customer is supported if you take it in Cash Journal and then later deposit to Bank.  But check payment to Vendor should be handled trhough either automatic payment program or outgoing payment transaction.
    Pls reward points if you find this helpful.

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