How to recover the autocomplete data from a Time Machine backup?

How to recover the Safari 5.1.7 autocomplete data from a Time Machine backup on Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard)?
To solve other issues (Safari crashing sometimes when saving web pages), I selected:
Safari - Empty Cache
Safari - Reset Safari - Selected ALL - Reset
I could later on recover some Safari autofill data restoring
HD/Users/~/Library/Safari/Form Values
but other autocomplete data is missing, including the one when filling web form search fields in web pages, for instance, and also some username and password login data on some web sites.
How to restore all such data from the Time Machine Backup?

I also recovered:
What else should I recover?

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  • How to restore the second volume from a time machine backup?

    Hi guys and gals,
    I have a October 2011 MBP running OSX lion (10.7.2), with 2 internal drives (the main drive is a 120gb SSD, the optic drive has been replaced with the original 750gb HDD that came in the computer). I use the SSD for all of my system files, with the HDD being used for my user account, which has my photo and video libraries on them.
    I use time machine to backup onto a 2tb external drive. In the beggining i was not sure how time machine would handle backing up two volumes, but after doing the first few backups then checking inside the time machine folder on the EHDD I was pleased to find that it was in fact backing up both volumes.
    Now we get to the problem I have. This morning I booted up my MBP, and it took a lot longer than it usually does, then when it finally booted it had a error saying that the user "chris" could not be found. My 750gb drive was not being seen from OSX. I ran disk utility and it was visible, but was not able to be mounted as it had an error. I did the verify permissions which came up OK, then did repair disk and it said that the disk had errors and to backup, format and re-install. As the last backup was done 2 days ago and I haven't done any important work on it since then, i didn't backup as I would prefer to restore to a point before the issue happened.
    I formatted the drive and started a time machine restore, but TM will only allow me to restore the SSD. I cannot see anything anywhere that will allow me to restore the 750gb drive. If i use migration assistant to transfer the files over from the EHDD to the 750gb drive, it won't recognise my EHDD (even though i am looking at it on the desktop and can open it and open files on it). If i try to transfer the files with finder, it says that i dont have permission to do this.
    I have spent the last hour looking for a possible solution or ways of doing what i need, but keep coming up blank.
    Hope someone out there can help me

    Chris W oz wrote:
    when it comes up with the "preparing to copy message" it hits ~24000 files and doesn't go any further.
    That sounds like some sort of directory problem.  Try Repairing the backups, per #A5 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting.
    I tried importing individual folders to reduce the number of files it was transferring in one hit and it doesn't hang. THe problem is after doing my users folder my desktop has changed and there are a lot of things that are not how they should be.
    I'm not sure what you mean. 
    Are you trying to restore to your user home folder while it's in use?  That could be part of the problem, but usually you'll get a message about things being in use, locked, or protected.  
    are there hidden files in the users folder that i am not seeing?
    Probably, but if you restore a folder, any hidden files should be restored, too.  Mostly they're the .DS_Store files where the Finder stores the last position, size, etc., where it displayed the folder, so no big deal even if it's lost.
    There are a few others at the top level of your home folder, but I think they'll be recreated as necessary.
    If i transfer the whole users folder will they transfer over (even though i cannot see them)?? Is there a way to transfer those hidden files??
    Why do you think there are hidden files that are causing a problem?

  • HT201250 I had to replace the hard drive in my old MacBook. I replaced it. Installed OSX10.6. Then using the system software I reinstalled data from my Time Machine backup. On completion it asked for my password. It is not accepted. I am locked out how I

    I had to replace the hard drive in my old MacBook. I replaced it. Installed OSX10.6. Then using the system software I reinstalled data from my Time Machine backup. On completion it asked for my password. It is not accepted. I am locked out how I overcome this?
    I was already using 10.7. But only had the disc for 10.6.

    Sorry I am new to this. Am I in the right area? I am using my iPhone to make contact. I am worried.

  • How do i restore my hidden ical data from a Time Machine backup

    How do i restore my hidden ical data from a Time Machine backup?

    Use the go menu to enter any hidden folders.
    Then click on the time machine icon to restore.

  • Restoring data from a Time machine backup of a potentially corrupted drive

    I seem to be the queen of failing hard drives, heh. I'm on my third in a year, and will be addressing the root cause of these failures, of course, but right now, I'm wondering how safe it is to restore from my Time Machine backup. Here's the scenario:
    -- Drive started throwing I/O errors, detected via SMARTReporter, about 2-3 months ago. No change in how the machine functioned, all OK.
    -- I continued to back up daily to TM & Crashplan
    -- While traveling for a month (and not backing up anymore, I left TM home), the machine started acting funny. Finder freezing, etc. I decided to clear some caches (by booting into safe mode) and see what happened.
    -- This caused the HD to fail completely. Recovery mode, target disk mode, booting into single user mode and command-lining fixes, and DiskWarrior all failed to rebuild the directory. Failures were in multi-linked files/directories, the catalog file, etc.
    -- I ordered a warranty replacment drive (and a new hard drive cable for starters).
    When I got home, I borrowed another machine and just did a Verify Disk on the TM backup. It came back totally clean. So, my question is: is it safe to restore the data from my TM backup to the new drive when it arrives?

    Shouldn't be any problem.
    Boot from your SL installer DVD (hold down the C key on startup or hold down Alt/option on start and choose the installer disc).
    OK the language page (if present). From the installer screen, go to the menu bar and choose Disk Utility; depending on the OS version it may be in the Utilities menu or Tools menu.
    In DU, select your internal drive in the sidebar (the top item with the makers name and serial no.). Run Repair Disk. If that comes up as disk OK, click the partition tab. Select the partiton from the drop-down above the graphic; 1 partiton is all you need. Go to the options button and ensure that the partition scheme is GUID (for Intel Macs) or APM (for G5 and earlier) and the file system to Mac OS Extended (Journalled). Name the partiton (usually Macintosh HD), click Apply.
    When that's finished, select the new volume in the sidebar (indented to the right below the drive) and go to the Erase tab, select Security options and select zero data (one pass is more than sufficient). Click erase. That will take quite some time; probably measured in hours and dependant on the size of the drive.
    When that's completed, close DU and continue with the installation.
    Shortly into the installation process, you'll be asked if you want to migrate data from another source. Select 'from a Time Machine Backup' and follow the prompts.
    See Pondini's FAQs;
    That should leave you with the same setup as you had on the previous MB.

  • I accidentally deleted my media files from iTunes and Trash when I was trying to move the files to an external hard drive. Is there a way to restore the media files from a Time Machine backup or from iTunes Match? What are the steps to do this?

    I accidentally deleted my media files from iTunes and Trash when I was trying to move the files to an external hard drive. Is there a way to restore the media files from a Time Machine backup or from iTunes Match? What are the steps to do this?

    If you have been backing up on Timemachine.
    All you need to do is enter time machine... Then the rest is obvious.
    Find the iTunes folder and hit 'Restor'.
    If not the only way to get all your iTunes music back is to enter iTunes Store.
    On the right hand side you should see 'Purchased'.
    Click 'purchased' and there you have it.

  • I am running 10.8.2 and my Safari bookmarks keep changing to some very old bookmarks i had. I replace the bookamrks plist from my time machine backup but they automatically revert back. Please help!

    I am running 10.8.2 and my Safari bookmarks keep changing to some very old bookmarks i had over a year ago somehow. I replace the bookamrks plist from my time machine backup but they automatically revert back. I dont have a time capsule or anything so these bookmarks are obviously being downloaded over the cloud from somewhere. Please help!

    Uninstall Genieo:
    See if that makes a difference.
    DawnHerbie wrote:
    Also is Safeboot ok to use?
    Yes, it will do no harm, but it is meant for trouble shooting and you should not have to use it all the time.
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  • How do I restore iCal data from a Time Machine back-up?

    Recently, all my iCal data disappeared, possibly due my efforts to unlink iCal from Google calendars.
    I have read posts here, and have tried restoring ~/Library/Calendars in its entirety from a Time Machine back-up from about a week ago, where data definitely existed .... however, iCal remains empty. What am I doing wrong?

    Triple-click the line below on this page to select it:
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select 
    Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open with an item selected. Restore it from your backup.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.

  • How do I restore an App from a Time Machine backup?

    My computer has been acting up lately and I have tried many fixes to no avail. I finally decided to just wipe the computer and start fresh, slowly bringing back my files to see if the problem still persist. So far I have been fine. I had to go back to using Mountain Lion because Mavericks wasn't working for me. I now have a blank computer and instead of restoring with my time machine backup, I'm only bringing over necessary files. There are, however, a few apps that I need from my time machine (for example, iPhoto). Is there a way to restore just an app from a time machine back up? Since I wiped the computer, it doesn't recognize my time machine back up as a time machine back up. I don't want to pay $15 for iPhoto when I already have it sitting on a hard drive.

    If you got it by download and are still using the same Apple_ID, it is still sitting on Apple's Mac App store for re-download whenever necessary, such as after you wipe your computer.

  • Retrieving work files/data from a time machine backup off another computer

    If I create a time machine backup on one imac (imac 1) onto an external drive, I want to know if I can use this backup on another mac (imac 2) and restore or retrieve the old work files as and when required work from the external drive (time machine backup)? onto imac 2?

    You can't use Time Machine for Restoring on iMac 2 (if you made an TM Backup with iMac 1), but you can easily drag files from the "Time-machine-Backup-volume" in Finder on your iMac 2!

  • How can I view/copy data from one Time Capsule backup to another computer

    My MBP and MB both back up to Time Capsule. From the MBP I can see it's data on TC via my network but not the backed up data from the MacBook. How can I view and import MB data to my MBP from Time Capsule via AirPort? Thanks!

    Is the backup software Time Machine??
    You can open the TM backup as long as you haven't used profiles to backup. Or encypted it in latest Mountain Lion.
    See Q17 here.
    You should read through all the stuff about using TM.. and restore in particular.. 14-18.

  • Recovering data from partial time machine backup

    I bought an external hd to backup my macbook using time machine. During the initial backup with time machine the computer froze. I took it to the apple store and they said the hd crashed, so they replaced it.
    i had the external hd with me and they showed me how to find the files in the backups folder (using Show Package Contents) and said that I could drag and drop to restore any files i wanted.
    when i got home, i tried to copy the files from the .inprogress backup and i got error code 1426. i've tried to use migration assistant, but it doesn't recognize a partial backup. i've tried repairing the disk with disk utility. i know the files i want are there and i can even use them (i can, for example, run ms word from within the .inprogress backup file), but i can't free them from this external hd.
    any advice would be greatly appreciated

    don't know if this will work any better than doing it from finder but you can try doing it from terminal
    use the following terminal command
    ditto --noacl path/to/sourcefolder path/to/destinationdirectory
    to get a path to a folder you can drag it to the terminal window.
    make sure all the spaces in the above command are there.

  • Cannot access data from a Time Machine backup

    Hey all. This might get slightly confusing so bear with me.
    I have a back up on an external drive from Snow Leopard. I sold my computer and bought a different mac with LEOPARD. It said I couldn't restore because I don't have the version of MAC OS that the backup was created on. So I wanted to simply go into the backup drive and pick and choose what I restore. Problem is that it says I don't have the proper access right to do what I want with it.
    So, I wanted to change the access rights to it. I did the whole "Get info" and change all the privileges on it. Still a no go. I even went into the console to change the privs dice. So I even tried a program that is supposed to wipe privileges. No go. The Disk Utility doesn't even have it to where I can even do a permission repair. The option is grayed out.
    I'm running out of options here before I take it to the so called geniuses at the "genius bar" for help. Any suggestions?

    I did go out this weekend and purchased Snow Leopard. Problem is don't have enough space on my current drive to to a full on restore. So I picked a couple files to do a restore through the time machine and still the same privilege problem.
    I'm thinkin' that I should just get on the horn tomorrow with the apple care and see what they can offer. I've had some bad run ins with those techs though, because I am also technical support/sys admin. Those people HAVE to treat everyone like they are dumb. One time I got annoyed because I told him that I understood what he said and that I did A B and C. He has to talk to people that way I guess because alot of people just can't figure out an Apple system if it didn't work like they expected. lol.
    So I strayed from the topic. Funny thing about my music and movie files is I can play them through VLC, but I can't play them through iTunes. How messed up is that? SO, I can play through a non Apple program, but I can't alter it or import it to itunes. And as far as Ubuntu goes, the folders don't even show up as folders. They show up as pieces of papers. They are gone, just heavily secured.

  • How to restore all Logic files from a Time Machine backup

    I recently had to clear all of the memory on my laptop, in order to free up some room. It was running very slow, and I had far too much clutter on there. I have a MacBook, and back everything up on Time Capsule, so I've spent the past couple of days individually retrieving all of the files that I want on my computer. I naively thought that I could click on the Logic Pro application from a previous backup, but failed to realize that I have to find the drivers and other components that make up the software. Where can I locate all of these files, and how would you recommend going about restoring all of my projects, drivers, etc.? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

    Smart mailboxes are not a storage location, they are just a kind of saved search. There's not really anything to restore if you can't restore the messages.
    As to your difficulty restoring mail, see the [Time Machine FAQ|] and [Time Machine Troubleshooting|] guides. Also, try posting on the TM forums for better help.

  • HT201250 Can i restore the entire system from a time machine backup to a new hard drive ?

    If yes... does it restore EVERYTHING like it was before the crash... including Applications, emails, etc. OR i am better with a disk image to restore EVERYTHING ?

    You need to install Lion on the new drive first, and then use Setup assistant.
    After you've chosen a language and your network settings, it will take you into migration assistant, from which you can choose to tranfer information from Time Machine.
    You can choose to migrate all users and apps or just some, according to your preference.

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