How to recover the data from a  dropped table in production/archive mode

How to recover the data/change on a table that was dropped by accident.
The database is on archive mode.

Oracle Version. ? If 10g.
Try this Way
SQL> create table taj as select * from all_objects where rownum <= 100;
Table created.
SQL> drop table taj ;
Table dropped.
SQL> show recyclebin
TAJ              BIN$b3MmS7kYS9ClMvKm0bu8Vw==$0 TABLE        2006-09-10:16:02:58
SQL> flashback table taj to before drop;
Flashback complete.
SQL> show recyclebin;
SQL> desc taj;
Name                                      Null?    Type
OWNER                                              VARCHAR2(30)
OBJECT_NAME                                        VARCHAR2(30)
SUBOBJECT_NAME                                     VARCHAR2(30)
OBJECT_ID                                          NUMBER
DATA_OBJECT_ID                                     NUMBER
OBJECT_TYPE                                        VARCHAR2(19)
CREATED                                            DATE
LAST_DDL_TIME                                      DATE
TIMESTAMP                                          VARCHAR2(19)
STATUS                                             VARCHAR2(7)
TEMPORARY                                          VARCHAR2(1)
GENERATED                                          VARCHAR2(1)
SECONDARY                                          VARCHAR2(1)

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  • How to read the data from a sorted table

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    How to read data from the sorted tables. Please provide some examples.
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    You can read like this :
    COL1 TYPE I,
    COL2 TYPE I,
    DO 4 TIMES.
      LINE-COL2 = SY-INDEX ** 2.
                    INTO LINE TRANSPORTING COL2.
           / 'SY-TABIX =', SY-TABIX.

  • How to fetch the data from pl/sql table dynamically

    Hi All, I have the requirement of comparing two db views data in pl/sql. So, I have bulk collect the view into pl/sql table. But, the issue is, It is expecting to provide the column name for comparison. But, in my case, column name is dynamic. So, i cannot provide the column name directly for comparison.
    For eg: In my view t1_VW, i have 4 columns. stid, c1,c2,c3,c4 and similar structure for t2_vw
    my code
    TYPE v1_type IS TABLE OF t1_vw%ROWTYPE;
    l_data v1_type;
    TYPE v1_type1 IS TABLE OF t2_vw%ROWTYPE;
    l_data1 v1_type1;
    test varchar2(1000);
    test1 varchar2(1000);
    temp1 number;
    SELECT * Bulk collect into l_data
    FROM T1_VW;
    SELECT * Bulk collect into l_data1
    FROM T2_VW;
    select l_data(1).stid into temp1 from dual; -- It is working fine and gives me the value properly
    -- But, in my case, we are reading the column names from array, i am constructing the query dynamically and execute it.
    test :='select l_data(1).stid into temp1 from dual';
    execute immediate test into temp1;
    -- I am getting error as follows:
    Error report:
    ORA-00904: "L_DATA": invalid identifier
    ORA-06512: at "SYSTEM.BULKCOMPARISON", line 93
    ORA-06512: at line 2
    00904. 00000 - "%s: invalid identifier"
    - Please help me to get rid of this issue. Is it possible to construct the query dynamically and fetch the data?. If not, is there any other better approach to compare the data between two views?.

    Output should display what are all columns changed and its old value and new value.
    For eg., output should be
    C1 20 10 1
    C2 50 40 2
    C3 60 70 2
    C2 80 90 3Why no do this only via a simple sql ?
    create table a (STID number, C1 number,  C2 number, C3 number);
    insert into a values (1, 20, 30, 40)
    insert into a values (2, 40, 50, 60);
    insert into a values (3, 90, 80, 100);
    create table b as select *
    from a where 1 = 0;
    insert into b values (1, 10, 30, 40)
    insert into b values (2, 40, 40, 70);
    insert into b values (3, 90, 90, 100);
    commit;And now you can issue such a kind of select
    SELECT stid , c1, c2, c3                      
      ( SELECT a.*,
             1 src1,
             to_number(null) src2        
       FROM  a   
       UNION ALL
       SELECT b.*,
             to_number(null) src1,
             2  src2        
        FROM b
       GROUP BY stid , c1, c2, c3
       HAVING count(src1) <> count(src2)
       order by stid;I would then create a new table a_b_difference having the same structure as a or b and insert into it like this
    create table a_b_diff as select * from a where 1 = 0;
    insert into a_b_diff
    SELECT stid , c1, c2, c3                      
      ( SELECT a.*,
             1 src1,
             to_number(null) src2        
       FROM  a   
       UNION ALL
       SELECT b.*,
             to_number(null) src1,
             2  src2        
        FROM b
       GROUP BY stid , c1, c2, c3
       HAVING count(src1) <> count(src2)
       order by stid
       ;Then each time there is a difference between a column in a and its equivalente one in b (per unique stid ) a record will be inserted in this table.
    You can do more by adding the name of the table in front of each record in this table to see exactly where the data comes from
    Best Regards
    Mohamed Houri

  • How to load the data from a staging table to interface table

    I have a staging table having these many columns
    I want to insert data into oracle interface tables
    1st table is ap_invoices_interface which is primary
    and 2nd is ap_invoice_lines_interfaces.
    According to the invoice_id I have to insert the sum of amount in the amount column of primary table
    can anyone plz give the codes .
    any help appreciate

    you need to write pl/sql procedure or package for validiating the data and inserting.
    first u need to know wat r the mandatory colums. and write the code igiving here a simple example
    Create or replace procedure xxstg_po_vendors_int(errbuf out varchar2,retcode out number) IS
    Cursor po_cur IS Select sno,VENDOR_NAME,SUMMARY_FLAG,ENABLED_FLAG From xxstg_po_vendor;
    l_SUMMARY_FLAG Varchar(1);
    l_ENABLED_FLAG varchar(1);
    l_VENDOR_NAME varchar2(240);
    l_err_msg varchar2(240);
    l_flag varchar2(2);
    l_err_flag varchar2(2);
    Delete from Ap_suppliers_INT;
    for rec_cur in po_cur loop
    l_flag :='A';
    l_err_flag:= 'A';
    select summary_flag into l_SUMMARY_FLAG from po_vendors
    where summary_flag = rec_cur.summary_flag;
    when others then
    l_summary_flag:= null;
    l_err_msg:= 'Summary_flag Does not Exist';
    FND_FILe.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.LOG,'Inserting data into interface table'||l_flag);
    Select enabled_flag into l_enabled_flag from po_vendors
    where enabled_flag = rec_cur.enabled_flag;
    when others then
    l_flag :='E';
    L_err_msg:='Enabled_flag Does not Exist';
    FND_FILE.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.log,'Inserting data into interface table'||l_flag);
    FND_FILE.PUT_LINE(FND_FILE.log,'Inserting data into interface table'||l_flag);
    l_flag :=null;
    end loop;

  • How to retrieve the data from MDM hierarchy table using MDM Java API

    I had a hierarchy table in MDM. This table had some column say x. I want to retrieve the values of this x column and need to show them in a drop down using MDM Java API.
    Can anyone help me to solve this?

    Here is your code...
    TableId Hier_TId = repository_schema.getTableId(<hierarchy table id>);
    java.util.List list = new ArrayList();
    ResultDefinition Supporting_result_dfn = null;
    FieldProperties[] Hier_Field_props =rep_schema.getTableSchema(Hier_TId).getFields();
    LookupFieldProperties lookup_field = null;
    TableSchema lookupTableSchema = null;
    FieldId[] lookupFieldIDs = null;
    for (int i = 0, j = Hier_Field_props.length; i < j; i++) {
    if (Hier_Field_props<i>.isLookup()) {     
                                  lookup_field = (LookupFieldProperties) Hier_Field_props<i>;
         lookupTableSchema =repository_schema.getTableSchema(lookup_field.getLookupTableId());
                                  lookupFieldIDs = lookupTableSchema.getFieldIds();
         Supporting_result_dfn = new ResultDefinition(lookup_field.getLookupTableId());
         list.add(Supporting_result_dfn); hier_search =new;
    ResultDefinition Hier_Resultdfn =     new ResultDefinition(Hier_TId);
    ResultDefinition[] supportingResultDefinitions =
    (ResultDefinition[])list.toArray(new ResultDefinition [ list.size() ]);
    RetrieveLimitedHierTreeCommand retrieve_Hier_tree_cmd =
    new RetrieveLimitedHierTreeCommand(conn_acc);
    try {
    } catch (CommandException e5) {
              // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    HierNode Hier_Node = retrieve_Hier_tree_cmd.getTree();
    //method print()
    static private void print(HierNode node, int level) {
    if (!node.isRoot()) {
         for (int i = 0, j = level; i < j; i++) {
    HierNode[] children = node.getChildren();
    if (children != null) {
    for (int i = 0, j = children.length; i < j; i++) {
    print(children<i>, level);
    //end method print()
    Best regards,
    Arun prabhu S
    Edited by: Arun Prabhu Sivakumar on Jul 7, 2008 12:19 PM

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    Any help gratefully received! Steve

    If it will not turn on - you have zero chance of getting anything off the phone.

  • Satellite Pro M30 - how to recover the data?

    I get a disk read error when I try to boot my Sat Pro M30 running XP Pro, just after the In Touch with Toshiba screen.
    Using the Revovery DVD that came with the computer when purchased and entering advanced mode I'm trying to use check local Image File. It doesn't seem to find any Image file. Is it possible to recover or rebuild image file?
    There are some data I would like to recover from the HD so I'm trying to avoid reinstalling the system until I've recovered the files.
    Have tried to read from the HD using a cabinette and a new NP running Vista but it didn't work. Is there a general problem reading a XP HD from VISTA?
    Any suggestions how to recover the data would be very much appreciated!

    cabinette ? Do you mean "USB Hard Disk Caddy" ?
    To recover your data, you can connect the HDD using a USB Adapter to another PC running XP or Vista. The drive should show up as a Drive letter (such as E: Drive), and you will be able to copy the files.
    When you say "but it didn't work", what was the problem exactly?

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    How to get the data from multiple nodes to one table.examples nodes are like  A B C D E relation also maintained

    HI Indra,
    From Node A, get the values of the attributes as
    Similarily get all the node values from B, C, D and E.
    Finally append all your ls records to the table.
    Hope you are clear.

  • How to get the data from pcl2 cluster for TCRT table.

    Hi frndz,
    How to get the data from pcl2 cluster for tcrt table for us payroll.
    Thanks in advance.

    PL take a look at the sample Program EXAMPLE_PNP_GET_PAYROLL in your system. There are numerous other ways to read payroll results.. Pl use the search forum option & you sure will get a lot of hits..

  • How to get the data from Pooled Table T157E.

    Hi Experts,
    How to get the data from Pooled Table T157E.
    Any help.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Ur's Harsha.

    create some internal table similar to T157E and pass all data as per SPRAS.
    After that use internal table in your program as per the requirement.

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    Hi, Whats the deal with 11.3.1 and the Zenworks VA? Will a new VA get released and/or is it possible to upgrade the 11.3 VA that is available to 11.3.1 somehow? I have a primary server that is running 11.3.1 and I want to bring a VA in as a secondary