How to reduce size pdf file with 10.5.8

How to reduce size pdf file with 10.5.8, I know it can be done with snow....

Look at this link.
 Cheers, Tom

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  • How to reduce a PDF file size under Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The size is now 23MB; I need it to be less than 4MB. thanks

    how to reduce a PDF file size under Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The size is now 23MB; I need it to be less than 4MB. thanks

    I've found in Pdf's many time when you go to Optimize a PDF and look at the font list there are often up to a 1/2dozen copies of a given font, say Helvetica, then that many Helvetica Bold, or Arial or Ariel Italic
    What I do ie remove from list all but one copy of each different font. often dramatically reduces the size. also something lese is Flattening images will in some cases reduce a file size. I have run into a case where it actually made a PDF Larger.

  • How to create a pdf file with CS5

    Hello, I'm new to PhotoShop CS5 and haven't figured out yet (despite two hours of trying) how to create a pdf file with pictures and texts.  Can someone please help me with this ?  The "help" button in CS5 doesn't seem to cover this question.  Nor do the FAQs.
    Thank you very much.

    Save As... Photoshop PDF.

  • How to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object"

    how to fix the .pdf file with error "invalid annotation object"

    As long as the PDF opens, then just try saving it to a new file name. There may be a preflight script that would help troubleshoot the issue.

  • How to convert a pdf file with hand-written signature?

    How to convert a pdf file with hand-written signature?

    Hi Lotus1215,
    Once the document is signed we cannot edit that document, hence convertion is not possible
    Please see the article mentioned below
    Let me know if you have any other question.

  • How I can combine pdf file with other pdf file

    How I can combine pdf file with other pdf file ?

    Or from Adobe Reader via

  • How to ZIP a PDF File with a Password Protection

    i've a pdf file with created smartforms and i want to assign a password to that pdf file but the SAP doesn't let doing that protection. So i want to create a zip file with a password protection for PDF file.
    How can i create a zip file with a password protection? Can somebody help me please?

    Check this links
    Take a look to the class CL_ABAP_GZIP
    open (top-)zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->load
          zip             = lv_zip_file_head
          zip_parse_error = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
    create sub-zip-archives which contain the files you would assign to a folder
    add sub-zip-archive to top-zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->add
            name    = lv_zip_filename
            content = lv_zip_file.
    save zip-archive
    CALL METHOD lo_zip->save
          zip = ev_zip_file.
    ABAP Development
    How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment
    Re: How to ZIP a PDF file email attachment

  • How to open a pdf file with command in WebBrowser control?

    Installed acrobat 6 or7 in my PC, then I load a WebBrowser control in IE to open a local pdf file with command line, such as "Page=3", and then open the same pdf file with WebBrowser control in other IE process, I found the command will affect other open and show operations in webbrowser. is it normal?  That is to say, When i set command "Page=3", the second time WebBrowser still open pdf with command "Page=3",I think it is bad.

    Thanks for your reply. I installed Acrobat6.0 or 7.0 in my PC, then i load a WebBrowser Control in IE by Html, then open local pdf with different command by running IE. We can get the command in this website:
    First:open local pdf with command : oWebBrowser.Navigate("G:
    07000001.pdf#Page=3&Pagemode=thumbs", null, null, null, null);
    Second:Open the same local pdf with no command:  oWebBrowser.Navigate("G:
    07000001.pdf", null, null, null, null)
    【Result】The first command "#Page=3&Pagemode=thumbs" will effect the way of showing pdf when second open. But, the phenomenon will not appear in Acrobat 8.0, 9.0, 10.0.

  • How can i manipulate pdf files with my swing application

    hi all,
    in my database i have a column (blob type) in which i want to store pdf files from swing.
    is any body have solution.
    i need it urgently.

    thanks bryano for repling.
    but i really don't know how to do.
    if you can give me a how to do or an exemple.
    plz it is really urgent.
    i have to return work as soon as possible

  • How to reduce the pdf file size?

            This is how my scenario goes...
    I have an interactive form, wherein I have a submit button that attaches the PDF form in a mail. The size of the form seems to increase drastically when it gets attached to the mail. Ratio is something like this 200KB - 1MB.
    Please give me a suggestion on this
    Sathish M

    Please go through note 905753 and 916607. This may help you.
    With regards,

  • How to setup a PDF file with photo insertion

    I am new to the PDF interactive world.
    I have recieved a document which i need to create field of text and photo insertion.
    I have figured out the text field. But i cannot figure out how to create a photo insertion field.
    I am trying to make a document for a client and the template need a photo field.
    Can someone help please

    This cannot be done with the Acrobat on the Mac. I'd recommend using FileMaker Pro. This program is relatively inexpensive and is a database to boot. If your filing out forms, its always nice to be able to collect, search, and manipulate the data. If the form has to be distributed to different users, then FileMaker Advanced might be the ticket since you can distribute runtime versions of the file.

  • How to reduce my pdf file

    I've got a couple scanned documents and all of the sudden the file got too big. How can i reduce the file?

    I do it all the time, use the Acrobat Pro "optimize" setting to set MAX dpi sampling and then save.
    Ive personally scanned in 1000s (yes) of books and always have to optimize them (theyre scans)

  • How to use PDF files with links to other PDF Files

    How to use a PDF file with links to other PDF files that have been transferred to the same folder

    Are you using a mouse, or a trackpad on a laptop? Either way, your cursor is usually an arrow, right? And presumably it's working/moving MOST of the time, otherwise you wouldn't be able to do anything?
    For example, can you move the cursor arrow to the "Annotate" tool to click on it and go into Annotate mode? If so, can you click on the text tool? If so, does the cursor change to a crosshairs? At what point can you NOT move the cursor around the screen?

  • Displaying a PDF file with adf tags

    can anyone give me some advice in how to display a pdf file with adf tags.
    many thanks

  • Name the PDF file with a field name

    I'm new to ES2 and Form creation in LiveCycle, my knowledge in scripts is very less or none i can say, if any one out there could help me out with this i'd be greateful.
    I have created a fillable PDF Form using LivecCycle ES2 and would like to know how to name the PDF file with a field value from the form when " save form " or " submit " button are clicked.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can save the form with name generated from a field's value, but therefore you will have to install a folder level script first and design a custom save button in your form.
    You cannot do this with the applications save or save as... buttons, and you also cannot rename a file on submit.
    Here's an example form and a folder level script. (Maybe to complicated fdr newbies)

Maybe you are looking for

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    I am a bit frustrated because after being connected to the 3G signal of my carrier, I would eventually be transferred to the Edge signal after a few minutes.  Is there a way to force my ipad 2 to only connect to the 3G signal?

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